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Australian Banking Association to Senate inquiry: don’t break us up, and leave our pet regulator alone
11th of April 2019

Ex-banker Jane Hume is rigging Senate inquiry into bank separation—she must go
9th of April 2019

Why did Australia’s Treasury hold covert meetings in Europe on a banking crisis?
2nd of April 2019

Stop the veterans’ pension rip-off
29th of March 2019

Bankers cling to bubble of delusion: the Adams-Joye debate
26th of March 2019

Yes, Australia could trigger next global financial crisis!
20th of March 2019

Property bust requires urgent moratorium on home and farm foreclosures
19th of March 2019

‘Climate action’ is brutal austerity
14th of March 2019

An Australian housing and economic bust is reality—time to act
13th of March 2019

A shudder in the stateroom of the Titanic
7th of March 2019

The war on cash leaves no place to hide from ‘bail-in’
6th of March 2019

IMF demands end of democracy in Australia’s banking system, full ‘bail-in’
4th of March 2019

Insist the Senate bank separation inquiry hold public hearings
27th of February 2019

Senate launches inquiry into breaking up the banks—make a submission
18th of February 2019

Pauline Hanson introduces bill to break up the banks
13th of February 2019

Even Keating says Hayne failed on structural separation—what will Labor do?
12th of February 2019

Treasury’s dirty trick in Hayne’s report
7th of February 2019

Tell your MP: Don’t hide behind the Royal Commission snow job!
6th of February 2019

Electricity fiasco: we warned you!
31st of January 2019

City of London also nervous about Hayne report
30th of January 2019

Fish kill shows Murray-Darling Basin Authority failure
25th of January 2019

Banks struggle with bail-in capital requirements; go with Glass-Steagall instead
23rd of January 2019

Audit the Big Four banks!
18th of January 2019

China’s moon landing another giant leap for mankind
9th of January 2019

Panicked financial authorities order the banks to return to mortgage fraud—restructure the banks instead!
4th of January 2019

When RBA is talking money-printing, brace for a massive crash!
11th of December 2018

Watch Denise Brailey: Australian Bank Mortgage Fraud Explained Part II—this is the scandal that will bring down the Australian economy!
6th of December 2018

Australian Glass-Steagall would stop bank rip-offs
5th of December 2018

Governments should learn from the Victorian election—build infrastructure!
29th of November 2018

A decade to fix bank ‘culture’? Unacceptable—break them up!
28th of November 2018

Government senator confirms APRA law is ‘bail-in’—amend it to exclude deposits!
20th of November 2018

Gas pipelines should be public utilities, not private monopolies
16th of November 2018

Banks and their pollies up to usual tricks with financial advice ‘reforms’
15th of November 2018

Banks tell Royal Commission: Don’t you change us—or else!
9th of November 2018

Reappointment of APRA boss an attempt to pervert the course of justice
7th of November 2018

CEC’s program to survive economic ‘Armageddon’
2nd of November 2018

Nuclear power for South Australia a ‘game changer’
1st of November 2018

‘Break up the banks’, Australians tell the Royal Commission
31st of October 2018

Nationals senator crosses floor to support motion to break up the banks; vote unsuccessful, but major party opposition wavering
19th of October 2018

‘Box of chocolates’ fight to save Australia from TPP looting
18th of October 2018

Housing bust demands urgent solutions
17th of October 2018

More evidence that APRA can ‘bail in’ Australian bank deposits
12th of October 2018

Without Glass-Steagall we’re on a debt ‘treadmill to Armageddon’
8th of October 2018

Don’t let the Five Eyes spy on you!
4th of October 2018

Tell Commissioner Hayne: break up the banks!
2nd of October 2018

Mortgage fraud is a time bomb under Australia’s housing bubble
26th of September 2018

Learn from Australia—UK needs in-depth inquiry into banking crimes
18th of September 2018

10 years after the GFC, financial system again on the brink
14th of September 2018

Banking expert destroys Treasury arguments against Glass-Steagall
11th of September 2018

Australia’s treatment of refugees is a crime against humanity
6th of September 2018

APRA chairman misled Senate on mortgage fraud
31st of August 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Mr Caveat Emptor
30th of August 2018

Prosecuting bankers is not enough—predators must be locked out
29th of August 2018

Former ANZ director: only Glass-Steagall structural separation will solve problems in Australian banking
22nd of August 2018

Greens, experts echo Bob Katter and CEC on full bank separation
14th of August 2018

Time to go back to cheap guaranteed electricity
9th of August 2018

You can’t trust the financial regulators—they are complicit in the banks’ crimes!
8th of August 2018

Only Bob Katter’s Separation of Banks bill will stop the banks from looting your superannuation
1st of August 2018

Will Channel 7’s Sunday Night reveal the criminal connections of its anti-Putin source?
27th of July 2018

On Russia, Trump confronts same obstacle as JFK—the Anglo-American war faction
25th of July 2018

Russian meddling, MH17: the unproven allegations you’re being told are ‘irrefutable facts’
20th of July 2018

Are Australia’s Big Four banks effectively bankrupt?
18th of July 2018

OPCW reports no nerve agent used in Douma, Syria
12th of July 2018

Where is Labor on Glass-Steagall?
10th of July 2018

Why Glass-Steagall?
5th of July 2018

On foreign policy, Australia is a one-party state
3rd of July 2018

Demand tariffs will inflict more electricity bill pain
28th of June 2018

‘Does anyone seriously think that we are not sitting on the brink of disaster?’—Bob Katter MP introduces Glass-Steagall solution in Australian Parliament
26th of June 2018

Is Australia sitting on a ticking derivatives nuclear bomb?
21st of June 2018

Sudden density of warnings of financial crisis
19th of June 2018

Why Europe’s financial casino fears Glass-Steagall in Italy
14th of June 2018

Government still lying about bail-in and deposits, to protect banks from Glass-Steagall
8th of June 2018

Why all the fuss over Chinese interference? What are we afraid of?
5th of June 2018

Australian political insider issues renewed warning of ‘economic Armageddon’
29th of May 2018

CEC issues new handbook: ‘Time for Glass-Steagall Banking Separation and a National Bank’
24th of May 2018

Treasury concedes to ‘benefits’ of breaking up the banks
10th of May 2018

Australia’s bank inquiry sends shockwaves through global financial system
10th of May 2018

APRA’s wet lettuce response to CBA’s crimes betrays its complicity
3rd of May 2018

Government and banks hope royal commission storm will blow over—don’t let it
1st of May 2018

APRA blatantly props up housing bubble to rescue the crooked banks
27th of April 2018

PETITION: To the Commonwealth Parliament: Pass Australian Glass-Steagall Bill to break up the banks
24th of April 2018

Bob Katter will introduce Australian Glass-Steagall legislation into Parliament—organise your MP to second it
19th of April 2018

Banking Royal Commission is a game-changer—it must be expanded
17th of April 2018

Nations aligning behind Syria lie are driving world towards nuclear war
13th of April 2018

CEC drafts Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2018—join the fight to make Parliament pass Glass-Steagall!
11th of April 2018

A true ‘People’s Bank’ is a national bank, not the Greens’ mortgage lending scheme
10th of April 2018

Turnbull and Bishop should apologise to Russia for rushing to judgement on British lies
6th of April 2018

McCarthyism in Australia: CEC called agents of Russian influence, but who represents the national interest?
29th of March 2018

Royal Commission spotlights the mortgage fraud that could implode the banking system
28th of March 2018

The war crime of the 21st century
23rd of March 2018

Top reasons the Banking Royal Commission must investigate APRA
20th of March 2018

Banks are structured to exploit customers—the Royal Commission must investigate APRA and banking structure
13th of March 2018

The great bail-in cover-up underway
8th of March 2018

Australia plays double game, driving China containment in Washington, London
2nd of March 2018

CEC’s response to Treasurer’s ‘talking points’ on passage of APRA bail-in law
22nd of February 2018

Government sneaks through APRA ‘bail-in’ law, but fuels anti-bank revolt
16th of February 2018

The fix is in! Labor colluding with Liberals on APRA bail-in powers
13th of February 2018

If Australia’s financial system is ‘unquestionably strong’, why the need for ‘crisis resolution’ powers?
12th of February 2018

Treasury forced to answer CEC and experts on bail-in bill
8th of February 2018

US stock market part of ‘everything bubble’ that is set to blow—Glass-Steagall now!
6th of February 2018

ASIC report more proof Australia needs Glass-Steagall banking separation
1st of February 2018

Warning to MPs: More than 1,000 submissions to Senate inquiry prove Australians despise ‘bail-in’
30th of January 2018

Demand the Senate committee hold public hearings on the APRA ‘bail-in’ bill
22nd of January 2018

Australian banks in path of mortgage tsunami
19th of January 2018

APRA update: Think your bank deposits are guaranteed? Think again!
9th of January 2018

Like Australia, India under pressure to pass bank ‘bail-in’ law
20th of December 2017

Malcolm Fraser agreed with Sam Dastyari on South China Sea
14th of December 2017

APRA is the ‘monster that protects the banks’
13th of December 2017

The Big Lie exposed! Australian financial system under APRA almost wiped out in 2008 GFC
7th of December 2017

CEC of Australia at epicentre of fight to block dictatorial powers for global megabanks’ “regulators”
4th of December 2017

Turnbull caves in to demands for banking royal commission, but orders it not to investigate APRA
1st of December 2017

Europe to extend ‘bail-in’ to guaranteed deposits—don’t give crisis powers to banking technocrats!
29th of November 2017

Tell Parliament today: don’t let APRA steal our savings, break up the banks instead!
24th of November 2017

Success! APRA ‘bail-in’ bill referred for parliamentary scrutiny—have your say!
21st of November 2017

APRA ‘protects’ banks; time for bank regulation that protects people
15th of November 2017

Questions MPs must ask before they vote on the APRA crisis management—‘bail-in’—bill
8th of November 2017

Bail-in bonds ‘a ticking time bomb’
3rd of November 2017

Collapse of APRA’s property bubble has started—Glass-Steagall now!
2nd of November 2017

One month to stop APRA bank bail-in law
31st of October 2017

Stop Morrison rushing through emergency powers for APRA. Tell your MP: replace APRA with Glass-Steagall, national bank
19th of October 2017

All economic problems lead to national bank solution
17th of October 2017

New CEC petition: Global crash coming—Australia needs Glass-Steagall and a National Bank
13th of October 2017

Take back the common wealth!
12th of October 2017

Create a ‘national champion’ to solve the gas crisis
6th of October 2017

Glass-Steagall unites unions, community groups against financial looting
4th of October 2017

Corbyn and ‘old’ Labour smash neoliberal consensus in UK—which way ALP?
29th of September 2017

Don’t let Treasury bureaucrats fob off calls for Glass-Steagall
14th of September 2017

Tell your MP: dictatorial powers for APRA will not prevent a banking crisis—go with Glass-Steagall now!
12th of September 2017

You are being lied to about North Korea—there is a diplomatic solution
7th of September 2017

Four days to have your say on banking ‘crisis management’ bill vs. Glass-Steagall
5th of September 2017

Corporate debt bubble in danger
1st of September 2017

New CEC pamphlet released: ‘Who Killed Diana, and Why?
28th of August 2017

Only Glass-Steagall will save your superannuation
25th of August 2017

Tell the Treasury: Don’t ‘manage’ the banking crisis, avert it—pass Glass-Steagall now!
22nd of August 2017

Australian property bubble close to bursting
18th of August 2017

Bubble watch: mortgage delinquencies and investor losses on the rise
8th of August 2017

Europe contemplates freezing bank accounts—Glass-Steagall urgent!
3rd of August 2017

Turnbull’s Home Affairs brings British terror collusion to Australia
2nd of August 2017

Prosecute architects of murderous austerity
27th of July 2017

Empty houses destroy myth of supply and demand—prepare for a crash!
25th of July 2017

Energy austerity kills—end privatisation, RET
18th of July 2017

Save Australia’s family farms and food security: a comprehensive solution to the rural credit crisis
11th of July 2017

Electricity is a public good, not a commodity—nationalise Australia’s power supply now!
5th of July 2017

The mortal threat to Jeremy Corbyn
4th of July 2017

Of course China hopes to influence Australia—for peaceful economic cooperation
30th of June 2017

Two Australians killed by the British state’s terrorists: Turnbull must demand justice
8th of June 2017

The Manchester terror attack: the role of Prince Charles
2nd of June 2017

Mad McCain is a greater global threat than the ISIS he helped create
1st of June 2017

Resurgent Nazis in Ukraine attack opposition politicians
15th of May 2017

Greens’ banking inquiry must be a Pecora Commission
11th of May 2017

Trump confirms policy to break up big banks
8th of May 2017

Urgent! Prepare for another faked chemical attack in Syria blamed on Assad
5th of May 2017

Australia: time to get with the Belt and Road program!
4th of May 2017

The only ‘good’ debt is to a national bank
26th of April 2017

ASIC’s gutless pandering to banks is proof Australia needs Pecora Commission, Glass-Steagall
26th of April 2017

Australia sleepwalking to ‘economic Armageddon’, but ... You can help stop it
20th of April 2017

‘Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III’
12th of April 2017

Westminster terror attack: Prince Charles and Saudis must answer!
6th of April 2017

Pressure builds in USA for Glass-Steagall banking separation; when will Aus, UK catch up?
24th of March 2017

To avert a catastrophic energy crisis, keep Hazelwood open until Australia transitions to nuclear power
17th of March 2017

Steve Keen missed the derivatives threat, which only Glass-Steagall can solve
16th of March 2017

Don’t procrastinate—for the sake of Australians’ economic security, break up the Big Four banks now!
16th of March 2017

Mere mention of Glass-Steagall spooks Wall Street and London
9th of March 2017

Petition titled “Pass full-scale Glass-Steagall to break up The City’s Too-Big-To-Fail Banks!” now posted on UK Parliament website: Sign it, to change the world!
9th of March 2017

CEC’s Syria petition exposes lies of regime-change agenda
2nd of March 2017

Orchestrators of Ukraine coup now out to overthrow Trump
24th of February 2017

Stop the dismantling of Australia!
16th of February 2017

Defend taxi families from criminal Uber fraud!
10th of February 2017

UK Parliament committee blocks Glass-Steagall petition
8th of February 2017

Glass-Steagall introduced in US Congress—it’s now Trump’s move
3rd of February 2017

Coalition sticks with policies of ‘green’ economic destruction
27th of January 2017

UK government runs ‘Colour Revolution’ regime change against Trump
19th of January 2017

Support campaign to make Trump keep Glass-Steagall promise
12th of January 2017

Glass-Steagall bank separation in 2017!
5th of January 2017

UN Report disproves war crime accusation against Russia
30th of December 2016

Murray’s ‘Tulip Bubble’ comparison highlights need for Glass-Steagall
15th of December 2016

Fight attempts to white-ant AIIB
13th of December 2016

‘Global Financial System Crashing—Replace It!’
29th of November 2016

Petition to Parliament: Break up the big banks now—pass Glass-Steagall!
21st of November 2016

Global bond turmoil could be pin that pops Australia’s property bubble
17th of November 2016

Global revolt sweeps USA: Implications of Donald Trump’s election
15th of November 2016

Philippines breaks with US war drive—which way Australia?
3rd of November 2016

Government must keep Hazelwood open
2nd of November 2016

Financial sharks threaten Australia’s energy security
27th of October 2016

MH17 investigation proves a blatant stitch-up
20th of October 2016

Japanese expert’s solution for banks: Glass-Steagall, jail bankers, cancel derivatives
13th of October 2016

Yemen, Syria show up UK-Saudi-US as real ‘axis of evil’ in war on terror
12th of October 2016

Syria crisis teeters on edge of WWIII
5th of October 2016

Hard questions for Australia’s banks
4th of October 2016

Obama’s terrorist-protecting JASTA veto defeated! Saudis, British panic
30th of September 2016

Petition to Parliament: Australia must get out of Syria
27th of September 2016

Libya report proves Australia & allies are LIARS—we must get out of Syria NOW!
23rd of September 2016

Regulator confirms many Aussie investors will lose their money to save banks
22nd of September 2016

Call US embassy to demand Barack Obama not block the justice for terrorism law!
20th of September 2016

Turnbull government must demand Obama not block justice for victims of 9/11
15th of September 2016

To protect Australians from ISIS, government must address the ‘28 pages’
9th of September 2016

MPs targeted in propaganda war against Silk Road project
8th of September 2016

19th anniversary: evidence of Princess Diana’s murder presented on Australian television!
30th of August 2016

End the price gouging of natural gas: nationalise our natural resources!
25th of August 2016

To stop new terrorist attacks, join the ‘28 pages’ mobilisation!
22nd of August 2016

Bankers’ solution to derivatives danger could bring down international financial system
18th of August 2016

Nationalise CBA, Australia’s worst public rip-off
11th of August 2016

Glass-Steagall urgent as global storm brews in European banking system
9th of August 2016

Privatisation an intentional rip-off
3rd of August 2016

South Australia’s electricity crisis is a green market failure
28th of July 2016

Why hasn’t Australian media reported the 28 pages on Saudi support for 9/11 & terrorism?
26th of July 2016

To stop a near-term terror attack in Australia, read the 28 pages!
22nd of July 2016

Banks panic as both major US political parties adopt Glass-Steagall banking separation policy
21st of July 2016

Time for reality check on South China Sea
15th of July 2016

Warning to Australian investors: Beware hybrid securities, aka ‘bail-in’ bonds!
8th of July 2016

City of London’s Blairites plot coup against Corbyn
27th of June 2016

Glass-Steagall debate rages! David Murray attacks calls to break up Big Four banks
21st of June 2016

Escalate Operation Glass-Steagall—make the banks scream!
14th of June 2016

CEC election slate: Build a real future for Australia!
10th of June 2016

Pay attention to these warnings!
Giant NATO exercise under way in Poland; Putin warns "fundamentals of international security" are in danger

9th of June 2016

Are The Age editors liars, or just plain stupid?
8th of June 2016

Australia should solve the refugee crisis we helped create
31st of May 2016

New CEC Report:
The British Empire’s European Union: A Monstrosity Created by the City of London and Wall Street

26th of May 2016

Statement from CEC candidates Chris Lahy for Mallee and Jeff Davy for Murray:
Dairy emergency—Australia needs parity pricing for agriculture

23rd of May 2016

Treasurer proves why Australia needs Glass-Steagall banking separation NOW!
16th of May 2016

Election 2016: CEC announces Operation Glass-Steagall
12th of May 2016

To stop a major terrorist attack in Britain: Re-open the SFO’s al-Yamamah investigation!
5th of May 2016

‘Bail-in’ update: Dear Treasurer, are you kidding?
28th of April 2016

US Fed official speaks out: ‘bail-in’ destroys financial stability
14th of April 2016

Lights out in Tasmania’s green free-market utopia
6th of April 2016

A national bank is the solution to Australia’s budget crisis
1st of April 2016

‘Bail-in’: They plan to steal your personal bank deposits and pensions!
22nd of March 2016

Isherwood: Reject US militarisation of Australia
16th of March 2016

Dutch MH17 investigator shoots down anti-Russian propaganda
8th of March 2016

As bail-in scheme backfires, Glass-Steagall or bust
4th of March 2016

Parasites, Inc.: Infrastructure Australia plans privatisation spree
25th of February 2016

SA nuclear findings distorted by ‘market’ brainwashing
18th of February 2016

Australia’s ‘dangerous allies’ ready their forces for war with Russia, China; will we follow along?
11th of February 2016

Oil and gas sector a derivatives time bomb
9th of February 2016

Bring back DDT to eradicate Zika virus
5th of February 2016

Economist John Kay echoes CEC—separate banking from gambling
4th of February 2016

Turnbull pimps Australia to the ‘Money Power’
29th of January 2016

Global warming hoax: 2015 not so warm
28th of January 2016

The casino is sinking—save us all with Glass-Steagall
21st of January 2016

Hunter River shows watertight case for dams
15th of January 2016

British Royals & PM must answer for boosting Saudi death regime, ISIS
11th of January 2016

EU’s bank ‘bail-in’ regime heralds fascism‚ death
6th of January 2016

Prince Charles hates ISIS? Let him prove it!
17th of December 2015

Without Glass-Steagall, looming defaults spell global financial disaster
10th of December 2015

Royal climate swindler covers for terrorism & genocide
1st of December 2015

G20 accepts ‘bail-in’ swindle to prop up TBTF banks
27th of November 2015

Prince Charles and Saudi-backed terrorism: Demand answers!
25th of November 2015

Prince Charles in Australia: Anti-terror police powers deployed against Australian political party
16th of November 2015

40th anniversary of the ‘Dismissal’:
Prince Charles helped his mum overrule democracy and sack Whitlam

11th of November 2015

Nov./Dec. 2015 New Citizen: Mobilise with New Citizen against Crown’s green dictatorship
5th of November 2015

Why is Australia supporting Obama’s mad provocation of war with China?
30th of October 2015

ASIO whistleblower Mamdouh Habib detained at Istanbul airport: where’s the Australian government?
29th of October 2015

The alternative to economic collapse and war:
Zepp-LaRouche presents EIR’s New Silk Road report at Beijing symposium

27th of October 2015

Bush-Cheney redux: Obama’s killer drone program and other crimes exposed!
23rd of October 2015

Fascist policies smash Murray-Darling Basin
20th of October 2015

CEC leaders represent Australia at Eurasian Women’s Forum in St. Petersburg, promote peace through economic development
13th of October 2015

Australia must side with the opponents of ISIS, not the creators of ISIS
9th of October 2015

Is Malcolm Turnbull another Goldman Sachs hit man?
7th of October 2015

Syria could be Australia’s moment of truth: will we be independent?
30th of September 2015

If US Fed raises interest rates this week, brace for global financial earthquake
17th of September 2015

CEC’s Isherwood: “Congratulations, Jeremy Corbyn!”
15th of September 2015

Australia must become a sovereign republic
10th of September 2015

An Urgent Appeal for Action to the Heads of Government at the UN General Assembly
2nd of September 2015

Amidst explosive new revelations: Will Australia join Obama in supporting ISIS?
31st of August 2015

Phase II of the global financial crisis underway
26th of August 2015

Is Sydney Siege inquest covering for ASIO?
25th of August 2015

Facing Death: Australian Author Stands by Princess Diana Investigation
20th of August 2015

Australia must increase its carbon footprint!
19th of August 2015

CEC release wrong on Australian banks' derivatives exposure—latest figures far worse!

18th of August 2015

“People’s Quantitative Easing”: The principles behind it
17th of August 2015

How real is Commbank’s $9 bn profit?
13th of August 2015

On the brink of nuclear war—you must act!
10th of August 2015

The British Royal Nazis: It wasn’t just Edward VIII, or even Prince Philip!
4th of August 2015

‘Carbon copy’ of subprime scam will blow system, kill developing nations
31st of July 2015

60 Minutes exposes organised paedophilia among highest ranks of British elite
23rd of July 2015

CEC’s Craig Isherwood addresses Civil BRICS Forum in Moscow, Russia
21st of July 2015

MI6 disinformation division conjures new ‘evidence’ for anniversary of MH17
17th of July 2015

US Presidential candidate O’Malley picks Glass-Steagall fight with Wall Street
10th of July 2015

Global too-big-to-fail banks on notice: US Senators introduce 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act
9th of July 2015

Long live a free Greece! Let’s liberate Europe
7th of July 2015

Australian foreign policy hostage to neo-cons who want war with China
2nd of July 2015

Only solution for Greece and world is debt forgiveness, international Glass-Steagall
30th of June 2015

Economic hit man Ross Garnaut takes aim at SA
26th of June 2015

Courageous author Anne Cadwallader tours Australia to expose British Government murders in Ireland
24th of June 2015

Greece refuses to bow to Euro-dictatorship, declares debt illegitimate
19th of June 2015

Without orderly reorganisation housing bubble will destroy national economy
16th of June 2015

RET—the poverty trap deal
10th of June 2015

Australian government persecutes ASIO whistleblower Mamdouh Habib in Egypt
5th of June 2015

Australia: centre-stage for new world war, or economic renaissance?
3rd of June 2015

Isherwood: Accept China’s offer of peace through economic development
29th of May 2015

DIA documents expose British-Obama complicity in creating ISIS
27th of May 2015

ASIC bubble warning is admission Australia’s banks will crash without Glass-Steagall
22nd of May 2015

Australia should rescue and settle Rohingya refugees
20th of May 2015

Climate change is galactic!
14th of May 2015

Government releases emergency budget for crisis no-one admits
13th of May 2015

European debt brinkmanship is Sword of Damocles over global financial system
7th of May 2015

When life deals you falling iron ore prices, make steel
5th of May 2015

Mass murder in the Mediterranean—while Tony Abbott cheers
30th of April 2015

PETITION: Australia must secure its future by aligning with the BRICS in a new, just world economic order
29th of April 2015

The Anzac Legend: Will Australians finally learn their true history?
23rd of April 2015

CEC International Conference: Australia, UK must decide—join with the BRICS, or go down with London and Wall Street
15th of April 2015

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche: Despicable attempt to frame Dr. Natalia Vitrenko stinks of Nazism in the Bandera tradition—Victoria Nuland’s favourite ideology
10th of April 2015

Hockey’s deposit tax is a fraud—only Glass-Steagall will protect savings
9th of April 2015

CEC’s Isherwood:
Farewell Malcolm Fraser, champion of sovereignty and peace

25th of March 2015

China rejects geopolitics, calls on ‘isolated’ US to join AIIB
20th of March 2015

Even UK applies to join Asian Infrastructure Bank—where’s Australia?
13th of March 2015

Hockey’s Intergenerational Report nightmare proves ‘garbage in, garbage out’—transform the future through economic development
11th of March 2015

Looming signs of market crash—Australia needs Glass-Steagall, National Bank
5th of March 2015

The full court press for war with Russia is on!
3rd of March 2015

Debt fraud: Greece actually owes nothing!
26th of February 2015

Aussie banks double down on derivatives gambling
24th of February 2015

Did the Queen order the assassination of Diana? Australian investigation builds pressure on scandal-dogged Royals
19th of February 2015

Prince Charles’s Saudi associates named in new 9/11 law suit
11th of February 2015

Interest rates at red alert level: This is not a drill!
4th of February 2015

Sydney siege inquest: What role did ASIO play?
30th of January 2015

Royal butt-kisser Abbott flashes his Union Jack underwear
29th of January 2015

Just as the oil market can crash, so can the property market
22nd of January 2015

NZ has joined AIIB, when will Australia move?
20th of January 2015

New mass terror attacks? Thank Prince Charles!
16th of January 2015

France terror latest consequence of cover-up of Saudi role in 9/11
13th of January 2015

New debt crisis set to detonate—Glass-Steagall needed now!
8th of January 2015

CEC’s Isherwood on the Sydney ‘Islamist’ siege:
“Let’s ask Prince Charles what he knows about it.”

17th of December 2014

Rural debt crisis demands government action, not empty threats or promises
12th of December 2014

Murray inquiry sham leaves Australian depositors at mercy of predatory bankers
10th of December 2014

Prominent voices speak out to stop US/UK/EU push for thermonuclear WWIII
9th of December 2014

The National Bank infrastructure solution
4th of December 2014

Abolish RET and secure a real energy future
2nd of December 2014

Australia must act independently in its national interest and join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
27th of November 2014

The latest New Citizen: Join the BRICS for a Just New Economic Order!
26th of November 2014

Same ol’ TBTF banks caught rigging global foreign exchange market—Glass-Steagall NOW!
21st of November 2014

CEC takes ‘peace through development’ message to Modi event
19th of November 2014

Bail-in conspirators claim they won’t steal your deposits, only your super
13th of November 2014

World leaders call for new economic paradigm at Schiller conference
12th of November 2014

Barnaby’s agricultural Green Paper fails nation-building test
5th of November 2014

An independent Australia would join the Asian infrastructure bank, not the TPP free trade death pact
30th of October 2014

Turnbull announces plans to shut down independent media: Cui bono?
24th of October 2014

Gough Whitlam—the elected leader sacked by the unelected Queen
23rd of October 2014

Australians cannot tolerate Abbott-Hockey austerity in face of Ebola threat
14th of October 2014

Infrastructure: Hockey loots Australians, tries to sabotage new, China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
14th of October 2014

Australia: Look to Egyptian nation building
8th of October 2014

Give youth a future with nation-building jobs
3rd of October 2014

BRICS & friends at UN push development alternative to permanent war on terror
1st of October 2014

British SIS/ASIO planning a terrorist attack on Australia?
25th of September 2014

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Bombs alone won’t defeat ISIS
24th of September 2014

‘Lethally inadequate’ response to Ebola outbreak is deliberate genocide
17th of September 2014

British Oligarchy planning new 9/11 to trigger World War III?
11th of September 2014

Former PM Malcolm Fraser tells Financial System Inquiry: Australia needs Glass-Steagall
9th of September 2014

Australia tries to exclude from G20 most vocal opponent of ‘bail-in’—Putin
5th of September 2014

Hockey’s chief economist turns bank lobbyist: time to end government of, by and for the bankers
3rd of September 2014

Public floods Financial System Inquiry with 6,000+ submissions—not happy, Joe
27th of August 2014

Australia must break free of London and Wall Street, join the BRICS nations in economic development
21st of August 2014

Financial System Inquiry boss on ‘bail-in’ Australia’s depends on foreign investment, so we must conform to foreign regulations
18th of August 2014

Chronology: CEC/LaRouche warned forcefully against U.S./U.K./Aus support for jihadists in Syria which has created terrorist Islamic State
13th of August 2014

Don’t be fooled: bank ‘ring-fencing’ is NOT Glass-Steagall
6th of August 2014

CEC statement to Financial System Inquiry
30th of July 2014

Tell Financial System Inquiry: NO to ‘bail-in’ of bank deposits!
25th of July 2014

BRICS nations launch New Development Bank, strike blow at London and Wall Street
23rd of July 2014

Murray inquiry sets stage for Australian bail-in law
17th of July 2014

As European banks sink, Germany fast-tracks bail-in, but 600,000 Americans petition Congress for Glass-Steagall
11th of July 2014

“Listen to Pope Francis!” CEC issues Open Letter to the Catholic Church in Australia
9th of July 2014

Do You Support Argentina—or the Criminal Speculators?
4th of July 2014

Has Clive Palmer endorsed Al Gore’s Green Fascism?
1st of July 2014

City of London/Wall Street attack on Argentina could bring down global financial system
27th of June 2014

Hockey’s Treasury recommends ‘bail-in’ to Financial System Inquiry
19th of June 2014

Chairman Joe’s meeting confirms bail-in ‘on track’ for Brisbane G20
11th of June 2014

Who is terrified of Australia’s local councils supporting Glass-Steagall?
5th of June 2014

Time to act! Become a CEC member to fight Libs, ALP & Greens’ fascist crackdown on democracy
29th of May 2014

The economics of murder: $7 Medicare co-payment designed to stop sick seeing doctor
29th of May 2014

EIR dossier: The British are on the Hitler side in Ukraine, not Putin
23rd of May 2014

S&P are criminal fraudsters for the banks; screw their budget advice—send them to jail
21st of May 2014

Isherwood: budget cuts are not necessary—go with national banking
15th of May 2014

An effective budget solution: tax speculation 0.1%
7th of May 2014

Malcolm Fraser to Australia: become independent of empires, or be destroyed by war, soon!
5th of May 2014

To save property bubble, desperado banks return to scene of low-doc crime
1st of May 2014

Treasury knows property bubble will smash banking system—what’s it doing about it?
24th of April 2014

Appeal to stop installed Ukrainian government from starting a civil war
22nd of April 2014

Isherwood: Bank gambling is unsustainable, not pensions
15th of April 2014

Hugh White drops his mask: openly calls for World War III
11th of April 2014

Isherwood on WA farm crisis: Destroy the banks’ death grip on farmers with Glass-Steagall, a national bank, parity pricing
10th of April 2014

CEC on energy security: “Nationalise our oil & gas, raw materials!”
3rd of April 2014

CEC submission to Financial System Inquiry:
Looming property crash will smash the banks—only solution is Glass-Steagall

2nd of April 2014

We don’t need to sell off Australia to fund infrastructure, we need a national bank
28th of March 2014

Hockey gives London oversight of Australia’s ‘fixed’ financial system inquiry
26th of March 2014

Treasury still working on Australian ‘bail-in’ law—demand to know what’s in it
20th of March 2014

Dick Cheney the Svengali behind neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine; 8 Nazis in new cabinet
18th of March 2014

International banking expert warns Australian government: go with Glass-Steagall
13th of March 2014

Ukraine: Malcolm Fraser is right, Tony Abbott is deadly wrong;
Should you kiss your children good-bye?

5th of March 2014

This is not democracy! Rabbi urges Jews to flee Ukraine after neo-Nazi coup
27th of February 2014

In reply to Clive Palmer: Not ‘Quantitative Easing’, but National Banking!
26th of February 2014

Isherwood calls for emergency nationalisation to save crucial aluminium industry
21st of February 2014

Ukrainian party leader says world must name “Neo-Nazi Putsch” in Ukraine
20th of February 2014

Will the great democrat Michael Danby denounce the neo-Nazi upsurge in Ukraine?
19th of February 2014

‘When your potential enemy believes you are at war, you are at war’
14th of February 2014

Isherwood: Throw the book at corrupt unions… after the criminal banks
6th of February 2014

Western backing of neo-Nazi uprising in Ukraine a trigger for thermonuclear war
5th of February 2014

Stop the solar scam now!
3rd of February 2014

‘Missionary’ Abbott’s anti-Christian creed: banks and markets first!
30th of January 2014

Housing price bubble headed for unemployment ‘pop’
22nd of January 2014

Sir Rod Eddington, a liar and a thief
16th of January 2014

Isherwood: Australia must break with Anglo-American plans for nuclear war
10th of January 2014

Abbott won’t subsidise productive industries, but he’s heavily subsidising the banks
19th of December 2013

Reserve Bank chief endorses ‘bail-in’, expects it in Hockey’s financial system inquiry
16th of December 2013

ALP and Libs are winning their campaign to destroy Australian manufacturing—fight back!
12th of December 2013

‘Glass-Steagall’ amendment narrowly defeated in U.K. Parliament; What are Australian MPs doing?
10th of December 2013

Full-page ad in today’s Australian calls for Glass-Steagall, National Bank
3rd of December 2013

Goose-stepping, fist-pumping Joe Hockey proclaims: austerity over democracy!
27th of November 2013

Remember John F. Kennedy
50 years on, Australia’s spying crisis is a legacy of the assassination of JFK

22nd of November 2013

‘Bail-in’ denials exposed as lies! Media, ratings agencies confirm CEC’s warning that deposit-stealing is planned for Australia
14th of November 2013

Are the profits claimed by Australia’s derivatives-riddled banks real?
13th of November 2013

Lipstick on a pig: Hockey must not throw GrainCorp into ADM’s trough
8th of November 2013

China showcases nuclear deterrent to warn U.S. and allies, ‘Back off’
7th of November 2013

‘Bail-in’ Führer demands G20 countries enact deposit-stealing within year
1st of November 2013

Film exposing Royals’ role in murder of Diana on YouTube… for now
28th of October 2013

Green fascism, not global warming, is fuelling deadly bushfires
25th of October 2013

Bankers’ boy Hockey & the foreign investment lie
23rd of October 2013

Invest for a Fusion Economy!
18th of October 2013

Will 17 October be derivatives ‘Deep Impact’?
16th of October 2013

Isherwood: NO to free trade TPP; YES to cooperation with China on maritime ‘Silk Road’
10th of October 2013

‘Bail-in’ is fascism—the Cyprus catastrophe
2nd of October 2013

Budget cuts kill! Time for a National Bank
1st of October 2013

Is your money really safe in the banks?
25th of September 2013

‘Unlawful Killing’: Sydney festival screens suppressed film exposing Royal stonewalling of Princess Diana murder investigation
23rd of September 2013

Major moves to Glass-Steagall banking separation, as next financial crisis looms
18th of September 2013

Isherwood: There is already a solution to ‘Too Big To Fail’ banks—Glass-Steagall!
12th of September 2013

Vote CEC for Glass-Steagall, a National Bank and major public infrastructure
5th of September 2013

Add your voice to the public opposition to ‘bail-in’
4th of September 2013

LaRouche opposes any military action on Syria;
danger of thermonuclear war is too grave

30th of August 2013

The Syria crisis—stop British/Obama mad drive for WWIII
29th of August 2013

Rudd is Britain’s agent to turn Syria into WWIII
26th of August 2013

Two-faced Joe Hockey lied about the GFC, is lying now about your deposits
23rd of August 2013

Why is CommBank still hiding its derivatives bets?
21st of August 2013

Aug/Sep/Oct 2013 The New Citizen:
CEC releases 450,000 print-run exposing “Bail-in”—the British Crown’s Plot for Global Genocide

15th of August 2013

The real reason Rudd delayed the election? To plot stealing our deposits at G20 summit
1st of August 2013

Detroit bankruptcy—the horror of ‘bail-in’
25th of July 2013

U.S. moves closer to Glass-Steagall banking separation; Australia must follow
19th of July 2013

Rudd brings forward ETS—Enron’s Trading Scam
17th of July 2013

The plot thickens: international deposit-stealers at FSB install key guy as Rudd’s chief of staff
11th of July 2013

Federal MPs covering for planned theft of all bank deposits
5th of July 2013

Only Glass-Steagall can head off planned bankers’ coup, genocide!
28th of June 2013

Thieves in pin-stripes: Joe Hockey—covering for the banks who intend to steal your deposits?
25th of June 2013

Stop Parliament from secretly legislating to steal deposits;
demand Glass-Steagall law instead

19th of June 2013

Labor and Liberals should be afraid—time to bust up their power-sharing arrangement
7th of June 2013

Kill the BIS-APRA bank ‘bail-in’ plan before it kills you!
5th of June 2013

The British-Obama ‘anti-Glass-Steagall’ is your death warrant
30th of May 2013

Glass-Steagall breakthrough! U.S. Senator introduces bill to reinstate banking separation
23rd of May 2013

Hatred of people and industry, not science, is keeping starving cattle out of national parks
21st of May 2013

Australia without family farmers is not ‘viable’
10th of May 2013

Isherwood: Join my appeal to U.S. Congress to re-enact Glass-Steagall
8th of May 2013

The government guaranteed the banks, so guarantee WA’s wheat growers—NOW
3rd of May 2013

Jean Robinson to WA farmers: Don’t submit to murderous banks and their politicians, fight with CEC!
30th of April 2013

Did the FBI just bungle the Boston bomb plot, or did it actually create it?
23rd of April 2013

CEC represents Australia at international conference on Glass-Steagall
18th of April 2013

Stealing bank deposits now official policy; if you don’t want to be robbed, demand Glass-Steagall
3rd of April 2013

The Cyprus option, or Glass-Steagall?
26th of March 2013

Petition to Parliament: Australia Urgently Needs a Glass-Steagall Separation of Banks
14th of March 2013

Isherwood: RBA’s $380 billion bank bailout fund isn’t enough
6th of March 2013

Build out of the depression! Greece-style austerity leads only to death
1st of March 2013

Only a Glass-Steagall banking separation can stop hyperinflation and mass death
27th of February 2013

FINANCIAL ALERT: What is the Commonwealth Bank hiding?
22nd of February 2013

Demand your MP support: Glass-Steagall for Australia
21st of February 2013

From the archives: Australia needs vision, not free market-brainwashed wimps
14th of February 2013

CEC exposes Australia’s role in NATO expansion against China
12th of February 2013

Oswald a patsy for criminal negligence
7th of February 2013

Register won’t stop ‘tick and flick’ sales of Aussie land
5th of February 2013

Not one drop?
31st of January 2013

Enact the CEC’s Commonwealth National Credit Bank Bill in 2013!
25th of January 2013

Celebrate today’s 200th anniversary of the birth of Australia’s greatest poet, Charles Harpur
23rd of January 2013

Ignore witch doctor Flannery—the galaxy determines climate
18th of January 2013

More bankers cry ‘break up the banks’
16th of January 2013

Benghazi evidence mounts to impeach Obama on ties to al-Qaeda
15th of January 2013

Isherwood: Fight Australian bushfires from the air, not with hot air!
10th of January 2013

Jenny Macklin is the picture of Dorian Gray
4th of January 2013

On edge of fiscal cliff, Washington Times interviews LaRouche on economic solution
2nd of January 2013

Russia shares the treasures of Alexander the Great with Australia
27th of December 2012

U.S. patriots warn Obama: attack Syria, and face impeachment
22nd of December 2012

Isherwood: Australia must break from British-Obama push for World War III
18th of December 2012

More scientists expose climate fraud
14th of December 2012

A Preliminary fact sheet: President Obama is in bed with al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria
11th of December 2012

Top U.S. official: British-Obama lies on Syrian chemical weapons ‘preposterous’
10th of December 2012

Stop the carbon capture madness
7th of December 2012

As Australia destroys its water infrastructure,
China is completing the greatest water project in history

5th of December 2012

Australia: Expand generation capacity with nuclear power!
29th of November 2012

Abbott’s got Glass-Steagall on his mind
23rd of November 2012

Don’t be naive, Netanyahu wants WWIII
21st of November 2012

Martin Ferguson’s Energy White Paper: Power to the profiteers, death to the poor
16th of November 2012

Helga Zepp-LaRouche webcast:
Instead of War and Chaos: a Vision for Creating the Future

8th of November 2012

Isherwood: Kill the $20 trillion derivatives cancer
8th of November 2012

October-December New Citizen:
Act Now! Stop Nuclear War!

Join Lyndon LaRouche, Malcolm Fraser to promote peace; expose Hugh White, Michael Danby and the push for war!
30th of October 2012

Isherwood: Stop the madness! Save the food bowl from demolition
24th of October 2012

Lambs to slaughter
19th of October 2012

Savings guarantee ‘worthless’ in a collapsing economy
16th of October 2012

Isherwood: Greece is coming to Australia!
10th of October 2012

Malcolm Fraser: Australia heading for nuclear war
5th of October 2012

Wheat deregulation is an act of economic warfare on Australia
3rd of October 2012

U.S. patriots stand together against Obama’s war plans
26th of September 2012

Isherwood: Are Australians being whipped up to accept another war?
21st of September 2012

100 years later— Build a Trans-Australian Vacuum Maglev!
14th of September 2012

Pukallus: Campbell Newman does not have a mandate to kill people!
11th of September 2012

Isherwood: Shrinking billionaires are the canaries in the mine
6th of September 2012

Thermonuclear war is …Unsurvivable
4th of September 2012

Whitlam sacking: the Queen did it!
29th of August 2012

Pussy Rot!
24th of August 2012

Curiosity is the nature of man
20th of August 2012

Isherwood: Re-nationalise electricity and jail the criminal privatisers
14th of August 2012

‘Shatterer of Glass-Steagall’ calls for its restoration
1st of August 2012

Australian economy looted by LIBOR corruption; Isherwood: “Send them to jail!”
26th of July 2012

British faction aligns with LaRouche on Glass-Steagall
11th of July 2012

The system itself is corrupt: The case of LIBOR is the case for Glass-Steagall
5th of July 2012

June/July New Citizen: “British Crown’s Endgame: Financial Collapse and Nuclear War”
15th of June 2012

Isherwood: Nations want food, not free trade bulldust
8th of June 2012

There’s only one hope for economic recovery: build infrastructure
30th of May 2012

The financial system is finished, now!
28th of May 2012

Isherwood: Protect retirements from market meltdown
24th of May 2012

Medvedev warns: violation of national sovereignty may lead to “nuclear war”
18th of May 2012

JP Morgan Chase blowout fuels demands for Glass-Steagall now
16th of May 2012

Will May 20 mark an irreversible slide to nuclear war?
11th of May 2012

New British Royal Society report proposes genocide
4th of May 2012

Isherwood: STOP killing the Australian-made car
26th of April 2012

The Future of Australia: Develop, or Die
23rd of April 2012

Isherwood: Glass-Steagall financial protection has never been more urgent
19th of April 2012

NAWAPA XXI—an inspirational project to ensure humanity’s future
12th of April 2012

Isherwood: ‘Is Gillard making Australia a nuclear target?’
10th of April 2012

Balanced budgets for unbalanced minds
3rd of April 2012

Does the Queen’s personal bank push drugs?
28th of March 2012

Memo to Murdoch’s flunkies at The Australian: Try telling the truth for once
26th of March 2012

Netanyahu to ignite a thermonuclear WWIII?
23rd of March 2012

Isherwood: Act to save food bowl from man-made flood disaster
20th of March 2012

More U.S. patriots fight back against Obama war drive
12th of March 2012

Isherwood: A Greek debt default is good news
8th of March 2012

U.S. military comes out against WWIII
6th of March 2012

An International Day of Action:
STOP the British drive for WORLD WAR III!

2nd of March 2012


28th of February 2012

Isherwood: I support the Greek people against fascist banker tyranny
24th of February 2012

Would a restored PM Rudd take Australia to war with China?
22nd of February 2012

Obama allies with al-Qaeda against Syria; how heavily is Australia involved?
17th of February 2012

Isherwood: “The MDBA—sneaks and liars”
15th of February 2012

Celebrating genocide: World Wetlands Day
10th of February 2012

World war imminent!
6th of February 2012

Panic breaks out over Aussie banks—about time!
2nd of February 2012

Save Australia, save the world:
Destroy the greenies!

30th of January 2012

Oh what a feeling… TARIFFS
27th of January 2012

‘Ecosystems’: A Genocidal Fraud
25th of January 2012

MDBA arm-twists Basin leaders in closed door meetings, ‘community consultations’ a farce
18th of January 2012

Isherwood: Anglicans side with Satan, Prince Philip to destroy Murray-Darling Basin food bowl
13th of January 2012

Isherwood: Regulators must stop covering for bankrupt banks
11th of January 2012

Isherwood: Australian food production is a national emergency
6th of January 2012

Mossad Chief: Nuclear Iran is not ‘existential’ threat to Israel, global economic crisis is
3rd of January 2012

LaRouche: Cancel the British imperial food control laws—boost food production!
31st of December 2011

Patriots across globe mobilise against war
23rd of December 2011

Zepp-LaRouche issues international call to action to stop World War III
21st of December 2011

LaRouche: Stop the nuclear holocaust!
19th of December 2011

Australia’s economy in death-spiral binge on foreign debt and derivatives
16th of December 2011

Hillary set up to attack Putin by British agent Obama
13th of December 2011

Financial ‘perfect storm’ slams Aussie banks—time for CEC solutions
7th of December 2011

Burke lied—MDBA Plan will smash Basin regions, which is already happening
5th of December 2011

Isherwood: “Tony Burke: I challenge you to debate!”
2nd of December 2011

Support Russian moves to avert world war
30th of November 2011

Lyndon LaRouche: The British Empire’s WWIII plan must be stopped this weekend!
28th of November 2011

Isherwood: Stand with the nurses against government mass murder
25th of November 2011

Isherwood: Defeat the Crown’s plot for genocide—Save the Murray-Darling Basin food bowl!
21st of November 2011

Obama makes Australia a nuclear target
16th of November 2011

You’re losing your super because you were meant to—it’s a Macquarie scam
11th of November 2011

LaRouche: Remember Iraq! Stop Iran attack, nuclear WWIII
9th of November 2011

Isherwood on MF Global: Investigate ASIC, ban derivatives, NOW!
8th of November 2011

LaRouche: Brits and their puppet Obama plan WWIII in Middle East
4th of November 2011

Isherwood: Queen’s union-busters are looting Qantas and Australia—nationalise the airline
2nd of November 2011

British Crown unleashes Hitler policies to save monetary empire
27th of October 2011

Does the Queen intend to kill you?
Read the latest New Citizen: “Defeat the British Crown’s Green Fascist Dictatorship”

20th of October 2011

Mass strike spreads to Wall Street
7th of October 2011

LaRouche webcast: Only hope for world economic recovery is Pacific region
3rd of October 2011

LaRouche: Putin-Medvedev move ‘first step on road to new Pacific-centred recovery’
27th of September 2011

Gillard uses Fabian terror methods to dictate carbon tax
22nd of September 2011

Explosive update on 9/11 10 Years Later: Lloyd’s sues Saudi Arabia for funding 9/11
16th of September 2011

10 Years Later—the real story of 9/11
13th of September 2011

Lyndon LaRouche international emergency presidential address:
Remove Obama, enact Glass-Steagall & international credit system

9th of September 2011

Climate change ‘models’ ignore cosmic rays
2nd of September 2011

Australia: Go vacuum maglev!
30th of August 2011

Banks fear collapse ‘within weeks’
26th of August 2011

Isherwood: Save Australia’s steel industry—‘protection all round’
23rd of August 2011

Aug./Sept. New Citizen demolishes Charles Darwin:
Greenies caused the global economic collapse

19th of August 2011

Breakdown crisis out of control: Helga Zepp-LaRouche issues urgent appeal for a global Glass-Steagall system
16th of August 2011

London orders S&P downgrade to orchestrate bailout
12th of August 2011

A trans-Atlantic call for emergency solution to the present global breakdown crisis
9th of August 2011

Australia must increase its carbon footprint!
5th of August 2011

Green fascists Turnbull and Carr spew against LaRouche, CEC
3rd of August 2011

Emergency statement on U.S. debt deal
2nd of August 2011

LaRouche warns of new 9/11
27th of July 2011

‘Climate science’ priest issues death threat
20th of July 2011

Labor traitor Gillard plans ‘kill the people’ bank
12th of July 2011

Ditch the Queen and her carbon tax
1st of July 2011

Ross Garnaut: economic hit man
29th of June 2011

Isherwood: Qantas following Ansett? Nationalise it
24th of June 2011

Aussie households feel Greek pain—Glass-Steagall NOW!
21st of June 2011

Isherwood: Ash cloud proves need for maglev!
17th of June 2011

Locking up Australian fisheries is a crime against humanity
15th of June 2011

Isherwood: Gillard/Greens aren’t saving cows, they are pushing genocide
10th of June 2011

John Hewson, running dog for the City of London
7th of June 2011

Nazi collaborator Soros behind Carbon Cate’s ‘tax me’ ad
1st of June 2011

Strauss-Kahn falls in Olympian brawl over bailout—go with Glass-Steagall!
27th of May 2011

Isherwood: Flannery Climate Commission report is a galactic fraud
26th of May 2011

Queen’s Climate Commission carbon copies fascist WBGU report
24th of May 2011

Mortgage delinquencies, bank crisis signals GFC Mark II—enact HBPB now!
20th of May 2011

Burke won’t say how many Aussies will be eliminated
18th of May 2011

To save the food bowl and stop the carbon tax—Fight the Queen!
13th of May 2011

Brits reveal global green fascist “master plan”
11th of May 2011

Open letter to the Anglican Church by CEC National Secretary Craig Isherwood:
Does the Anglican Synod advocate genocide?

5th of May 2011

The Greens Intend Mass Murder
3rd of May 2011

Isherwood: Only Glass-Steagall will stop hyperinflation
28th of April 2011

Isherwood: End free trade now, stop economic looting
21st of April 2011

Glass-Steagall: British bankers’ greatest fear again before U.S. Congress
19th of April 2011

Isherwood: Government must fund real science, not climate hoax
15th of April 2011

Food production being slashed:
CEC Weekly Report exposes British attack on Aussie food security, sovereignty

13th of April 2011

Rupert Murdoch—the Queen’s petticoat
8th of April 2011

The Queen’s carbon tax is designed to kill
5th of April 2011

Isherwood on government funding of greens: “Cut it out!”
31st of March 2011

LaRouche: Mankind must confront extinction threat
28th of March 2011

March/April New Citizen:“War Against the British Empire!”
23rd of March 2011

Japanese wake-up call: It’s time for mankind to take charge of earthquakes!
18th of March 2011

Mass strike is a global revolution against the British Empire!
16th of March 2011

Isherwood: Declare parity prices for farmers and knock Coles and Woolies out
8th of March 2011

Memo to Tony Abbott: Bob Brown’s not the Queen behind Gillard’s carbon tax
4th of March 2011

Isherwood: Apply Angelides lesson to save Aussie economy from banking meltdown
1st of March 2011

CEC Chairman blasts British Crown conspiracy to shut down the Murray-Darling Basin
18th of February 2011

Isherwood: Say ‘NO’ to Gillard’s death panel
16th of February 2011

Ross Garnaut: economic hit man
11th of February 2011

SA Government to crush forestry communities for British Empire banks
8th of February 2011

Tony Windsor unmasks himself as a fraud
3rd of February 2011

LaRouche was right: U.S. inquiry finds financial crisis avoidable and unnecessary
1st of February 2011

Isherwood to Gillard: Rebuild the nation with a national bank
27th of January 2011

Isherwood declares “War of National Liberation against the British Empire”
24th of January 2011

The Glass-Steagall principle: Floods decimate food production—farm debt moratorium NOW!
14th of January 2011

Big dams: has Tony Abbott joined the CEC?
11th of January 2011

Genocidalists impose water restrictions on food producers during flood
7th of January 2011

Isherwood: Blame flood damage on greenie/free market British imperialism
5th of January 2011

Banks in conspiracy with MDBA for mass foreclosures;
CEC demands farm debt moratorium to protect farmers from banks

21st of December 2010

Swan raids pensions to shore up banks
17th of December 2010

Green vandals lay waste with ‘environmental flows’
14th of December 2010

Banking system may not make it to Christmas
10th of December 2010

Food bowl executioner gone—now let’s get rid of the judge and jury
9th of December 2010

Save the food bowl!
Mobilise with CEC’s New Citizen exposé on Murray-Darling genocide plot

7th of December 2010

Isherwood: “These aren’t scientists, these are whores!”
2nd of December 2010

Joe knows the banks are stuffed, but only the CEC will act
29th of November 2010

Soros escalates ‘war for dope’ down under
23rd of November 2010

Brits demand end of sovereignty—for Ireland and the world
19th of November 2010

CEC/LYM rip Abbott’s mask on Murray-Darling
17th of November 2010

Banks are desperadoes—lock ’em up!
11th of November 2010

Isherwood: Murray-Darling is another British imperial land-clearance; i.e. genocide
9th of November 2010

Global production breakdown threatens billions of people—
World needs expanded Murray-Darling Basin food bowl!

3rd of November 2010

Emerson blurts out: It’s LaRouche!
29th of October 2010

Murray-Darling Basin Authority covers for depopulators’ role in basin shutdown
26th of October 2010

Isherwood: Hockey’s bank bashing a smokescreen for busted banks; national bank the only solution
22nd of October 2010

British Crown/City of London orders Murray-Darling Basin Authority to depopulate Australia
19th of October 2010

Bank of America ‘pulls the pin’ to explode financial grenade
12th of October 2010

Murray-Darling shutdown interferes with nature; who benefits?
8th of October 2010

Hyperinflation is the policy
6th of October 2010

Pritchard echoes LaRouche: The breakdown of the world system is here!
30th of September 2010

Rudd-Gillard increased home owners grant to make housing more expensive

24th of September 2010

And the winner is…
‘Overpopulation’: Dick’s Myth

22nd of September 2010

Isherwood: Reject Anglo-Dutch oligarchy’s ‘life’ tax
20th of September 2010

Don’t swallow the Greens—they come out brown
14th of September 2010

Learn the real cause of the financial crisis, and why it ain’t over
9th of September 2010

Cyber-attack won’t stop CEC
7th of September 2010

Publicity-hungry Dick Smith raises bumper sticker prize to $1,000
2nd of September 2010

Do you really want a vision for Australia?
31st of August 2010

Those deadly, green Nazi solar panels
26th of August 2010

$500 award* for best Dick Smith bumper sticker

24th of August 2010

How to vote CEC on Saturday
19th of August 2010

Isherwood: How much did the taxpayers pay for what Kelvin didn’t say?
18th of August 2010

When financial vultures circle, the end is nigh
17th of August 2010

CEC censored by ABC in population debate
13th of August 2010

$6 billion and bankrupt!
12th of August 2010

Dick rallies to Kelvin Thomson’s cry: “Down with Australia!”
10th of August 2010

Sydney to Newcastle high-speed rail:
Get real, go maglev

6th of August 2010

Australia should join in a NAWAPA-led world recovery
4th of August 2010

Melbourne’s Malthus cuts the power to Victorians
30th of July 2010

Policy Statement
27th of July 2010

Isherwood to Kelvin Thomson: Don’t be thin-skinned—you’re the one who wants to get rid of Australians
23rd of July 2010

Gillard—Australia can’t sustain her!
20th of July 2010

Bubble trouble: Australian housing most unaffordable in the world!
14th of July 2010

America’s breakdown gives lie to ‘recovery’
9th of July 2010

Dracula’s bank
5th of July 2010

Financial emergency pushes Germans to Glass-Steagall; LaRouche says two weeks to act!
1st of July 2010

PM Gillard, take notice:
“Sustainable Population” actually means genocide

29th of June 2010

Rudd falls in global mass-strike; who’s next?
24th of June 2010

Financial lies are a confidence trick
22nd of June 2010

Australia beware: Clock ticking to June/July financial explosion; Global options are fascist austerity, or Glass-Steagall
18th of June 2010

Financial system headed for late June/July blowout
15th of June 2010

Kick out the Anglo-Dutch raw materials cartel
11th of June 2010

Wind “power” is a fraud
7th of June 2010

More demands for Glass-Steagall
4th of June 2010

CEC spoils ‘kill-off-the-people’ parade
2nd of June 2010

The Spanish banking system is a goner; London is next
31st of May 2010

Isherwood: Ban derivatives, to defend the nation
28th of May 2010

May-June New Citizen:  Federal election 2010—
CEC campaigns to crush “population control”/genocide agenda

26th of May 2010

Don’t fall for super tax phony “debate”—
Nationalise Australia’s resources

24th of May 2010

“The world stands on the edge of a sudden overnight collapse”
21st of May 2010

Glass-Steagall gets the world’s attention—what’s Rudd doing?
19th of May 2010

Isherwood: It’s hyperinflation vs. Glass-Steagall
17th of May 2010

British force ‘1923 solution’ on Europe; remember what happened next? Only hope is Glass-Steagall
13th of May 2010

Anglicans put their faith in genocide
11th of May 2010

LaRouche webcast: “The Greatest Crisis in Modern History”
Sunday 9th May, 3am Australian Eastern Standard Time
Only Glass-Steagall reform can rescue world economy

7th of May 2010

LaRouche to Australia: Once Obama’s impeached, join in the recovery!
5th of May 2010

ETS goes down with Goldman Sucks
28th of April 2010

Goldman Sucks fraud rife through whole system—Australia too
23rd of April 2010

Nationalise resources to stop Rio-BHP iron ore extortion
20th of April 2010

‘Dr Death’ can’t fix health care
16th of April 2010

Housing shortage faked to drive up prices;
Isherwood demands HBPB

13th of April 2010

Genocide is Australia’s current Population Policy
9th of April 2010

Obama joins Britain’s Afghan ‘Opium War’;
withdraw Australian troops—Isherwood

6th of April 2010

British plot Obama assassination to hijack mass strike;
Australian revolt terrifies British mouthpiece Murdoch

29th of March 2010

Isherwood: ACF a noxious pest
26th of March 2010

Isherwood: Shut down the Rothschild/Inter-Alpha looting of Australia
23rd of March 2010

Obama cancels Australian visit out of fear of LaRouche
19th of March 2010

LaRouche webcast to ‘out’ finished financial system
11th of March 2010

Health “efficiency” means murder
9th of March 2010

LaRouche candidate wins in mass-strike boilover
4th of March 2010

Warning signs increase, nearing ‘Ides of March’
2nd of March 2010

First ‘stimulus’, now brutal austerity:
How far will Rudd go to bail out British banking system?

26th of February 2010

Anti-nuclear Rudd betrays the future
19th of February 2010

City of London demands more war and terror to save nature
16th of February 2010

Barnaby wrong about Australia’s debt crisis—it’s worse!
12th of February 2010

CSIRO report earns a “G” for Genocide
10th of February 2010

Why the central bankers are meeting in secret
8th of February 2010

Australia Unshackled: Defeating the British Empire!
5th of February 2010

Property hype signals next wave of crash
2nd of February 2010

Central bankers plan end of sovereign nation-states
28th of January 2010

An Australian republic is about true sovereignty—not an Aussie ‘head of state’
25th of January 2010

Asia’s nuclear renaissance leaves Australia in dark ages
21st of January 2010

Abbott joins Prince Philip’s green genocide army
19th of January 2010

Re-establish a true national bank
14th of January 2010

Isherwood: Australia & India should cooperate on thorium nuclear power
11th of January 2010

Obama: Tantamount to treason
8th of January 2010

“Lies, damned lies, and ‘global warming’ statistics”
6th of January 2010

A new year's revolution: Build the high speed Australian ring rail
31st of December 2009

Debt volcano swells before eruption
29th of December 2009

Nation-states committed to economic survival defeat British depopulation scam
21st of December 2009

Copenhagen chains Prometheus to murder mankind
17th of December 2009

British admit: Copenhagen intends genocide‚ World Government
14th of December 2009

Murdoch & Australian Government panic over LaRouche‚ CEC
12th of December 2009

Isherwood: Reject green fascism—go with LaRouche solution
9th of December 2009

Craig Isherwood webcast:
Australia’s mission, in a Pacific-centred world

7th of December 2009

LaRouche webcast: The Real Change is Coming
2nd of December 2009

Queen flexes muscle to demand Copenhagen genocide treaty
1st of December 2009

Beware the mass strike! ETS chaos reflects popular rage
27th of November 2009

Isherwood: Who would have thought? British genocidalists are liars too
25th of November 2009

U.S. commercial real estate set to crash bigger than sub-prime; Australia should brace for the tsunami
23rd of November 2009

British ‘Lady’ whines Aussies are revolting on climate change
18th of November 2009

LaRouche webcast: The Great Change of 2009
13th of November 2009

Fight for a Real Republic
11th of November 2009

In Memory of Brian Francis McCarthy 1939-2009
Citizens Electoral Council National Chairman 2006-2009

5th of November 2009

The West Australian newspaper: pooper scooper extraordinaire
4th of November 2009

Isherwood: “What aren’t you telling us, Treasury Secretary Henry?”
29th of October 2009

British monetarism turns public health into mass murder
26th of October 2009

Russia-China cooperation a step closer to LaRouche’s Four Powers agreement
22nd of October 2009

October/November New Citizen: Finally! The Real History of the Settlement of Australia!
20th of October 2009

LaRouche was right! Fuse lit for economic explosion
13th of October 2009

Goldman Sachs’ Turnbull dances to British carbon trading tune
13th of October 2009

The LaRouche Plan: Launch a blue-collar recovery now!
8th of October 2009

Vale Lance Endersbee (1925-2009): Humanity loses a champion
2nd of October 2009

Oracle speaks, major parties gush, economy tanks
30th of September 2009

LaRouche hyperinflation warning: Fed money printing is criminally insane
28th of September 2009

CEC was right, Rudd lied: Australia’s “sound” banks almost collapsed in Oct. ’08
24th of September 2009

Populate or Perish: Australia needs 50 million people plus!
21st of September 2009

Growing mass strike contradicts Obama/Rudd “recovery” spin
16th of September 2009

Save farmers from Great Barrier Reef swindle
10th of September 2009

Bailout feeds household debt crisis—go with HBPB
8th of September 2009

Isherwood: Growth?! For whom?
3rd of September 2009

Isherwood: Stench of corruption behind AWB “sting” demands Pecora Commission
1st of September 2009

Bushfire inquiry covers up fuel reduction failure
25th of August 2009

Nuclear kicks Renewables’ butt!
20th of August 2009

LaRouche breaks “out of the box”
18th of August 2009

CEC censored for calling it genocide
14th of August 2009

U.S. health care revolt part of global mass-strike; Rudd beware!
13th of August 2009

August/September New Citizen:
Climate change crusaders are genocidalists—are you?

11th of August 2009

Wayne Swan spits on Ben Chifley’s grave
4th of August 2009

LaRouche Webcast, “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor”:
Economic collapse by October 12-15

31st of July 2009

Rudd policies on people’s bank, free trade, health:
It’s not Labor, it’s fascism

30th of July 2009

You can call it genocide
28th of July 2009

LaRouche calls for Obama’s impeachment for Nazi health care
23rd of July 2009

Isherwood: Australia needs a space program
21st of July 2009

CEC issues call for grand hospital reconstruction plan
16th of July 2009

Declassified documents prove Saudi-British nexus behind 9/11
13th of July 2009

Super lost to Gore’s hot air
11th of July 2009

A true “people’s bank” is a national bank
8th of July 2009

Obama backs coup against Honduran constitution; what’s Rudd’s position?
7th of July 2009

What planet are you on, Mr Rudd?
1st of July 2009

LaRouche: Bankruptcy for the system, not the people
29th of June 2009

GetUp targets Australian youth for Soros Orange Revolution
25th of June 2009

Isherwood: Government policy will kill swine flu victims
23rd of June 2009

New DVD: Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill: The Only Solution
16th of June 2009

World Government is real aim of global warming swindle
12th of June 2009

Green-collar jobs are for a new Dark Age
9th of June 2009

Bligh beware: Privatisation scam will be investigated by a future Pecora Commission
5th of June 2009

God doesn’t need to save the Queen—she’s got Barnaby
4th of June 2009

How much money will cash-strapped Tasmania save by legalising euthanasia?
29th of May 2009

Scientists proclaim climate change is natural
27th of May 2009

Grafton floodwaters would save Murray-Darling—build the Clarence Scheme!
25th of May 2009

LaRouche Youth Movement nails Rudd’s cover-up on cause of economic collapse
21st of May 2009

Great Southern fiasco should be included in Pecora Commission
19th of May 2009

Isherwood: Stop killing pensioners to prop up banks
13th of May 2009

Is Defence White Paper a boost for BAE Systems?
7th of May 2009

Swine flu forces issue of financial reorganisation, emergency rebuilding
5th of May 2009

Isherwood: Only HBPB will avoid a million unemployed on the streets
1st of May 2009

LaRouche webcast—‘The other shoe will now drop’
29th of April 2009

May/June 2009 New Citizen:
Isherwood launches street campaign for Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill

27th of April 2009

Goodbye Global Warming, hello to the Ice Age!
23rd of April 2009

When will our government begin to govern?
21st of April 2009

Australia needs real infrastructure, not virtual reality
16th of April 2009

Australians beware! Stimulus is “Behavioural Economics” kookery
14th of April 2009

Isherwood: Rudd’s ‘mortgage relief’ plan is a fraudulent imitation of the Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill
6th of April 2009

The “Golden Rule”—whoever owns the gold (or iron-ore, coal, aluminium etc) makes the rules
2nd of April 2009

G-20 schemers pushing a world IMF dictatorship
31st of March 2009

LaRouche emergency address to the President and the people
27th of March 2009

Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill campaign geared up to stop bankruptcy Tsunami
26th of March 2009

LaRouche: Latest bailout swindle just one more Keynesian fascist swindle that could bring down Obama’s Presidency
24th of March 2009

Rudd goes bananas
20th of March 2009

Isherwood: Prosecute a real war on drugs, or get out of Afghanistan
18th of March 2009

Isherwood: Do not turn bushfire inquiry into Royal Cover-up
12th of March 2009

LaRouche: Is George Soros a modern Rumpelstiltskin?
10th of March 2009

Nature craves more carbon dioxide
6th of March 2009

Derivatives ‘elephant’ crashing ‘Four Pillars’ banks
3rd of March 2009

Isherwood: Double the tariffs, save the economy
27th of February 2009

Isherwood: Economic clowns are making our laws
24th of February 2009

‘Neo-liberal’ Rudd covers for the banks
20th of February 2009

Stimulus won’t work—implement HBPB & National Bank now!
13th of February 2009

Isherwood: Government greenies & cost-cutters killed more on ‘Black Saturday’ than arsonists
11th of February 2009

Storm Financial a case for an Australian Pecora Commission
6th of February 2009

Feb./Mar. 2009 New Citizen:
CEC launches drive for bankruptcy reorganisation, “Pecora Commission”

3rd of February 2009

Government responsibility lies with low-income homeless, not bank shareholders
30th of January 2009

Isherwood: Real Labor would create a people’s bank, not a “Rudd Bank”
27th of January 2009

LaRouche webcast: Time to start listening
22nd of January 2009

Isherwood demands Australian “Pecora Commission” to investigate financial crimes
20th of January 2009

Pravda reports “Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age”
16th of January 2009

Are Cheney and his London backers pushing broader war in Southwest Asia?
12th of January 2009

Isherwood: Australia must go nuclear!
8th of January 2009

Isherwood: Australia should demand Israel stop its ‘insane’ attack on Gaza
6th of January 2009

LaRouche advances New Bretton Woods in India & Europe
19th of December 2008

Isherwood: Rudd condemns Australia, on a lie
16th of December 2008

Negative equity explosion demands Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill
12th of December 2008

Isherwood: Rudd stimulus a ‘drop in the wrong bucket’—stimulate infrastructure!
10th of December 2008

Anti-Defamation Commission defends old Nazi
5th of December 2008

British hand behind Mumbai terror
4th of December 2008

Isherwood: Adopt protectionist policy to survive global economic crisis
1st of December 2008

LaRouche’s Nov. 22 warning: The British will attempt to assassinate President-Elect Obama
25th of November 2008

CEC releases Nov/Dec New Citizen
Isherwood: “We have the only solution”

24th of November 2008

Isherwood: Thanks to Howard, current crisis is worse than Great Depression
19th of November 2008

G-20 farce means “Doomsday”
17th of November 2008

Religious Right swaps neo-con crusade for global warming crusade
13th of November 2008

Isherwood: Government should take over ABC Learning, North-South railway
7th of November 2008

LaRouche: Obama election settles less than nothing
7th of November 2008

Nov. 17 could be “black, black Monday” unless G‑20 establishes LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods
3rd of November 2008

Craig Isherwood: Rudd be warned—only LaRouche’s ‘New Bretton Woods’ will avert a dark age
31st of October 2008

Isherwood’s national video address: A “Call to Arms”
28th of October 2008

Isherwood: Tremonti’s right—LaRouche authored “New Bretton Woods”
22nd of October 2008

Isherwood: Major parties must dump Rudd, Turnbull to save the Nation!
20th of October 2008

LaRouche: Any New Bretton Woods must revive Peace of Westphalia
17th of October 2008

CEC’s Isherwood: “Rudd, Turnbull are liars, pathetic incompetents!”
16th of October 2008

LaRouche: “Bankers are lying through their teeth—cancel all derivatives!”
13th of October 2008

You can’t save the banks by hyperinflating the money supply
9th of October 2008

Rudd copies Bush, while G-14 nations turn to LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods
7th of October 2008

LaRouche: Bush may use military force to suppress bailout opposition
2nd of October 2008

Hope for world as American people crush banker bailout scam
30th of September 2008

LaRouche: There Is a Plan B!
29th of September 2008

Special notice to all recipients of CEC media releases:
Force Parliament to enact HBPB now!

25th of September 2008

Paulson demands banker dictatorship, but world debates LaRouche solution
24th of September 2008

LaRouche: Governments must meet to plan New Bretton Woods now
22nd of September 2008

LaRouche: More bailouts could blow out the whole system...
The planet needs a new financial architecture

18th of September 2008

Banks Crashing Worldwide—Only LaRouche Knows What to Do!
16th of September 2008

ABC honcho threatens CEC State Secretary Jean Robinson
15th of September 2008

Grain cartel stooge attacks CEC over single wheat desk
12th of September 2008

Garnaut’s only “compromise” is with genocidalists
9th of September 2008

U.S. Government’s unlimited bank bailout desperate, futile, & ‘tantamount to treason’
8th of September 2008

ABC Country Hour fears airing CEC’s agriculture solutions
5th of September 2008

Government sabotages family farmers, food security in AWB extortion
2nd of September 2008

Rudd turns to fascism as economy collapses
1st of September 2008

Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill will solve WA housing crisis
29th of August 2008

Save Australia from murderous climate change policies
27th of August 2008

LaRouche: World War III closer than U.S. elections
22nd of August 2008

Genocidal Emissions Trading Scheme must be stopped
21st of August 2008

LaRouche: Putin was right, he acted to prevent World War III
13th of August 2008

LaRouche denounces ‘Obama's Godfather’ George Soros behind attempt to start World War III in the Caucasus
11th of August 2008

Aug./Sep. New Citizen: Time for LaRouche solution to financial meltdown
4th of August 2008

CEC celebrates 20 Years of fighting the British Empire
31th of July 2008

CEC on “Oil Crisis”:
“Nationalise our oil & gas, raw materials!”

22nd of July 2008

Did the U.S. banking system nearly melt down last week?
21st of July 2008

CEC proposes real electoral reform
18th of July 2008

Economic Hit Men push global warming genocide plan
17th of July 2008

Taxpayer bailouts won’t avert a “run” on Australia’s banks
16th of July 2008

Australia must break with London and support international action against food, fuel speculation
11th of July 2008

Appeal to reason: Don’t fall for British lies—again—on Zimbabwe
9th of July 2008

Financial meltdown enters new accelerated phase
4th of July 2008

Garnaut’s prescription to shut down Australian economy ignores 31,000 scientists
2nd of July 2008

Citizens Electoral Council retains registration in WA
28th of June 2008

Dismantled single wheat desk damns family farmers, starving millions
26th of June 2008

Rudd should heed warning of Irish “NO” vote to British imperial Europe
23rd of June 2008

Australian super losses just beginning; experts echo LaRouche’s August warning
21st of June 2008

Single desk bill will kill family farms, people
14th of June 2008

Taxpayers gouged to bail out banks
12th of June 2008

Smith tells FAO, “Let them die”
4th of June 2008

Food policy memorandum: Kill the WTO; double food production
2nd of June 2008

Worldwide revolt against free trade
28th of May 2008

World responds to LaRouche call to double food production, dump free trade
21st of May 2008

Australia must act now to address global food crisis
19th of May 2008

Going, going.... How soon before an Australian bank collapses?
14th of May 2008

LaRouche declares war: British free trade is starving the world
9th of May 2008

LaRouche: World must double food production
7th of May 2008

Oil heading for $200+ per barrel—dump “free” market hoax now!
3rd of May 2008

Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill urgent:
Debt-trapped families squeezed out

30th of April 2008

Fascist Iemma’s “Public Funding” scam targets you!
26th of April 2008

Mass-starvation looms from world food shortage:
Rudd policy to shut down food production in Murray-Darling Basin is genocide

16th of April 2008

Macquarie Bank a gone bunny?
4th of April 2008

Tibet “crisis”—British move to disrupt LaRouche’s “Four Power Alliance”, unleash world war
1st of April 2008

Earth Hour: Turn out your lights for World Wide Fascism (WWF)
28th of March 2008

Iemma attacks LaRouche, pushes fascism
27th of March 2008

DOOM HAS STRUCK!: Three Steps to Survival
25th of March 2008

It is not a housing crisis, it’s a systemic financial crisis
17th of March 2008

Death Treaty now in force
14th of March 2008

LaRouche Webcast: “Averting Doom”
12th of March 2008

Time for Rudd to admit global financial crash behind housing crisis
5th of March 2008

Deepening mortgage, banking crisis demands Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill
29th of February 2008

Corporativist financiers back fascist takeovers in Europe, U.S., Australia
20th of February 2008

Freezing weather exposes global warming swindle
11th of February 2008

Rate hikes trigger foreclosure tsunami: Federal Government must intervene!
7th of February 2008

LaRouche calls for new credit system to save U.S., World
31st of January 2008

LaRouche warns of imminent hyperinflationary blowout
24th of January 2008

Jan. 18 LaRouche webcast: “Six months into the greatest financial crash ever”
17th of January 2008

Six months into global financial crash—Are you ready to listen to LaRouche yet?
20th of December 2007

Scientists expose fraud at Bali Conference
17th of December 2007

Cheney stymied on Iran war . . . for now
6th of December 2007

China endorses LaRouche's call to solve global monetary crisis
28th of November 2007

Which Australian Bank will crash first?
23rd of November 2007

Mobilise to implement LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill
20th of November 2007

Bankers go for Green genocide
16th of November 2007

Only Cheney's impeachment will avert Iran attack
13th of November 2007

Interest rate rise won't fix financial crisis; only LaRouche's HBPA will save Australian families, farms
7th of November 2007

The CEC Senate Preferences: Fighting Green Genocide
5th of November 2007

CEC issues Nov/Dec New Citizen: U.S., Australia Must Defeat British Empire!
30th of October 2007

Global debt crisis is the issue in the Federal Election
23rd of October 2007

CEC announces candidates for 2007 Federal Election
17th of October 2007

CSIRO & Bureau of Meteorology push global warming scam
3rd of October 2007

October 1 to escalate financial chaos
1st of October 2007

Only debt moratorium, water infrastructure will address drought crisis
28th of September 2007

LaRouche: The only thing worse than raising interest rates is lowering interest rates
20th of September 2007

LaRouche: System is ready to blow now
13th of September 2007

Is a major Australian bank about to collapse?
7th of September 2007

LaRouche issues emergency statement re financial meltdown
3rd of September 2007

Mobilise for LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act
1st of September 2007

Australia must look at LaRouche’s Homeowners and Bank Protection Act
27 August 2007

Financial Crash Is On!: Nations Must Turn to LaRouche
20th of August 2007

Parliamentary report devastates 'Global Warming' scam
15th of August 2007

The real story behind Howard’s Murray-Darling water legislation
13th of August 2007

Central Bankers Say, "Let It Blow!"
9th of August 2007

LaRouche: The Financial System Has ALREADY Collapsed!
1st of August 2007

Was Bracks forced to resign?
28th July 2007

LaRouche webcast to address Cheney threat of new 9/11, hedge fund meltdown
24th July 2007

ABC hatchet job fails to suppress global warming truth
23rd July 2007

LaRouche Youth Movement calls for Australian BAE investigation
13th July 2007

Find out why man-made Global Warming is a fraud! Watch The Great Global Warming Swindle
10th July 2007

LaRouche welcomes US-Russia collaboration
6th July 2007

Exposed: BAE Systems & 9/11
2nd July 2007

Fascists takeover U.S.: WaPo's Cheney feature echoes LaRouche analysis
25th June 2007

LYM Debate Challenge (Global Warming)
20th June 2007

Scandal of the century rocks British Empire
18th June 2007

BAE scandal: the end of Cheney and friends?
15th June 2007

Russia and China declare war on globalisation!
13th June 2007

Putin judoes new U.S. war provocation
12th June 2007

LaRouche to Italian Senate: Cheney drives U.S. to self-destruction
7th June 2007

The Rules for Survival
6th June 2007

Yen carry trade set to end?
5th June 2007

LaRouche: WWIII or four-nation alliance?
25th May 2007

LaRouche Youth declare: Nationalise Our Resources
17th May 2007

Demand media cover real "truth" about global warming
14th May 2007

Mortgage meltdown escalates, invokes LaRouche approach
8th May 2007

New Arctic ice cap story is a hoax
3rd May 2007

U.S. housing collapse threatens world financial system
3rd May 2007

LaRouche Youth Movement push U.S. Democrats to impeach Cheney
1st May 2007

Bering Strait conference in Moscow hears from LaRouche
26th April 2007

Articles of Impeachment filed against Cheney!
26th April 2007

Australia must follow India's lead with mass desalination
23rd April 2007

Vice Chair of IPCC Breaks Global Warming Consensus
23rd April 2007

Global Warming hoax exposed!
28th March 2007

LaRouche Youth Movement Leader Gives Stirring Address to Texas State Democratic Party Convention
14th June 2006

LaRouche Updates His Warning on Cheney Plans For Preventive Bombing Against Iran
6th June 2006

LaRouche Warns of Cheney Plans to Launch Iran Strike in June
25th May 2006

LaRouche Warns of Netanyahu Terror Attacks
20th March 2006

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