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Fight for a true Republic!

2013: 200th anniversary of Australia's national poet Charles Harpur's birth! Click here.

Great Australian political figure: John Dunmore Lang

Features on Australian History

  • The fight for an Australian Republic: From the First Fleet to the Year 2000 (Original CEC research document, 74 pages)
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         Purchase a copy here

  • SPECIAL REPORT: The True History of the Founding of Australia

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Defeat the Synarchy—Fight for a National Bank!

  • The 1930’s Synarchist assault on Australia
  • STOP the British Crown Plot to Crush Australia's Unions

  • Video: Old Labor vs the British Money Power
    Click here to view Labor vs the Money Power

    Other articles:

  • An ANZAC memorial: Lest we forget, the cost of being ‘British’
  • Daniel Deniehy: Building a Republic, citizen by citizen
  • Winning the war: Douglas MacArthur and the victory in the Pacific
  • WWII Miracles of Production and Supply
  • A national bank to stop fascism [PDF] [HTML]
  • LaRouche and Chifley On bank nationalisation
  • International perspectives on the fight for independence, national banking:

  • Hamilton Counsels Congress: Rediscover Your Powers
  • Find out more about Alexander Hamilton, the American visionary upon whose methods King O'Malley modelled his original conception for the Commonwealth Bank.

  • A Matter Of Principle: Alexander Hamilton’s Economics Created the U.S. Constitution
  • VENICE and LEIBNIZ: The Battle for a Science of Economy

  • The Oligarchical Principle

    Click here for more on national banking and a new international credit system

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