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CEC's Policies

The Recovery Program for Australia

These steps must be in taken in order. One of the steps by itself will not work.

Glass-Steagall For Australia Commonwealth National Credit Bank Blueprint for Economic Development




Implement Glass-Steagall
Banking Separation
Enact the
Commonwealth National Credit Bank Bill
Australia's Blueprint for
Economic Development

CEC Policy Initiatives

CEC on “Oil Crisis”: “Nationalise our oil & gas, raw materials!”

CEC proposes real electoral reform

Australia must act now to address global food crisis

Government Must Enact Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill 2008, Now!

Energy Policy: Save People, Industries from Climate Change Hoax

We Must Have a National Fertilizer Industry!

A national bank and grand infrastructure schemes

What Australia Must Do to Survive the Depression

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Global Warming is a fraud

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History & Culture

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Background to the Financial Crash

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