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Government Must Enact
Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill 2008, Now!

Statement of Purpose.

The world is presently in a far worse global financial crisis than that of the 1930s Great Depression. In this dire emergency, therefore, Governments must act to defend the Common Good, as did U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and our Federal and state governments to a lesser extent, in the 1930s.

For example, President Roosevelt in April 1933 introduced legislation to stop home and farm foreclosures, declaring that it was “national policy ... that the broad interests of the Nation require that special safeguards should be thrown around home ownership as a guarantee of social and economic stability...” One month earlier, his Bank Holiday reorganised the nation’s failing banks under Federal protection.

In the emergency caused by World War I, the Australian Federal Government passed the War Precautions Act 1916 and its Commonwealth Moratorium Regulations to stop foreclosures until 1920. In part modeled upon that precedent, every state in Australia enacted legislation during the Depression to stop home and farm foreclosures, including Queensland’s Home Purchasers Protection Act; Victoria’s Unemployed Occupiers and Farmers Act, and Financial Emergency Act 1932; and, the most effective of them all, Jack Lang’s New South Wales Moratorium Act of 19th December 1930, which, as amended, ultimately stopped all foreclosures until 1937. Additionally, the Federal Government passed the Farmers’ Relief Act, which provided £12,000,000 to the states for the relief of farmers.

The intent of all of this legislation was to protect the Common Good, as summed up in the paper, “Moratorium Legislation”, read into Hansard on November 15, 1935:

“It was not expedient in the national interest that the welfare and comfort of the community should be unnecessarily imperilled by allowing debtors to be crushed out of existence…”

All parties agreed, conservative as well as Labor.

The principles of the Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill of 2008, proposed by economist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., are urgently required to meet this present crisis, both for the U.S., and for Australia. It requires emergency action that only the United States Congress, or our Federal Parliament, has the capability to enact. This bill includes the following provisions:

  1. Parliament must establish a Federal agency to place Australian licensed retail Banks, Credit Unions and Building Societies under protection, freezing all existing home and family farm mortgages for a period of however many months or years are required to adjust the values to fair prices, and restructure existing mortgages at appropriate interest rates. Further, this action would also write off all of the speculative debt obligations of mortgagebacked securities, derivatives, and other forms of Ponzi Schemes that have brought the banking system to the point of bankruptcy.
  2. During the transitional period, all foreclosures shall be frozen, allowing Australian families to retain their homes and farms. Monthly payments, the equivalent of rental payments, shall be made to designated banks, which can use the funds as collateral for normal lending practices, thus recapitalising the banking systems. These affordable monthly payments will be factored into new mortgages, reflecting the deflating of the housing bubble, and the establishment of appropriate property valuations, and reduced fixed mortgage interest rates. This shakeout will take several years to achieve. In the interim period no homeowner or family farmer shall be evicted from his or her property, and the Australian licensed retail Banks, Credit Unions and Building Societies shall be protected, so they can resume their traditional functions, serving local communities, and facilitating credit for investment in productive industries, agriculture, infrastructure, etc.
  3. State premiers shall assume the administrative responsibilities for implementing the program, including the “rental” assessments to designated banks, with the Federal government providing the necessary credits and guarantees to assure the successful transition.

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