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Are you sick of Liberal and Labor lying to you? Join the CEC as a member today!

        John Curtin would be rolling over in his grave to see today's ALP grovelling at the feet of the same Synarchist financiers which established the Liberal party! Everybody knows the two major parties have become identical in policy, because they are run, funded, and their policies are written, by the same behind-the-scenes controllers. (See April 2004 New Citizen for details.)

        The only party on the Australian continent today that is fighting to defend the General Welfare, the common good, of all Australians, as "Old Labor" used to, is the CEC. However, the political establishment has designed prohibitive criteria, making it as difficult as possible for independent parties to register with the Electoral Commission, often making it nigh impossible for the party name to appear on the ballot. You can help us remain registered, by joining the CEC as a member, providing the numbers needed to overcome the establishment's roadblocks. Join the only truly mass-based political party left in the country today!

To become a member of the Citizens Electoral Council:

Join online here.

Alternatively, print out the form, fill it in and post it with a cheque or money order to:
CEC Australia PO Box 376 Coburg Vic 3058.
Or, call 1800 636 432 for account details for bank transfer.

Type of Membership:

  • Associate—$20 for 12 months
  • Low Income*—$15 for 12 months
  • Student*—$15 for 12 months
  • Unemployed*—$15 for 12 months
  • Pensioner*—$15 for 12 months
  • Family**—$30 for 12 months
*Proof of low income, student, unemployed or pensioner status may be requested.
**Price for two members. Add $10 for each additional family member.

All members receive the Australian Alert Service newsletter, once a month, once they have returned their membership form. The Alert gives new members an introduction to the breaking international and Australian news they need to know about, as well as reports on CEC activities.

Click on the state for membership form:


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