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Global Warming is a Fraud

For more information, see the website of 21st Century Science and Technology Magazine, here.
Global Warming Fraud Continues to Unravel

David Attenborough Again Demands: Depopulate the Planet

How Many People Died for Your Green Consumer Fix

Royal Society Promotes British Monarchy's Agenda of Fascism and Genocide

Paul Ehrlich, Mentor of Obama Science Advisor Holdren, Insists on "Population Shrinkage"

The Fraud of Anthropogenic Climate Change (PDF)

New U.S. Studies Confirm Earlier Russian Reports of Weakening Sun, Possible New Ice Age

The truth behind "population stabilisation"
The ACF Comes Out of the Closet for Genocide

Media Release: Don’t swallow the Greens—they come out brown

Media Release: Those deadly, green Nazi solar panels

Media Release: Wind “power” is a fraud

Media Release: ETS goes down with Goldman Sucks

Media Release: Isherwood: ACF a noxious pest

Media Release: Anti-nuclear Rudd betrays the future

Media Release: CSIRO report earns a “G” for Genocide

Media Release: Abbott joins Prince Philip’s green genocide army

Media Release: “Lies, damned lies, and ‘global warming’ statistics”

Copenhagen: They Tried Nazis At Nuremberg, Didn’t They?
by Nancy Spannaus Read it here

Interview: Lord Christopher Monckton
The Queen, Copenhagen, And ‘Climate Change’
Read it here

Interview: Martin Durkin
The Greens Are a Sinister Movement
Read it here

Media Release: British admit: Copenhagen intends genocide‚ World Government

Interview: Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner
Claim That Sea Level Is Rising Is a Total Fraud
Read it here

Media Release: Isherwood: Reject green fascism—go with LaRouche solution

Lord Monckton Blasts Climate Hoax In "Russia Today"

LaRouche: The Green Issue Is The Core Of All The Genocide

Hackers Expose Climate Change Hoaxers Lies and Conspiracy

Prominent Russian Solar Scientist: We Should Fear Deep Temperature Drop, Not Global Warming

Media Release: Goldman Sachs’ Turnbull dances to British carbon trading tune

Love Your Carbon Dioxide

Media Release: Save farmers from Great Barrier Reef swindle

Indian Scientists Call UN Glacier Retreat Claim Unscientific

Media Release: Nuclear kicks Renewables’ butt!

Media Release: CEC censored for calling it genocide

Media Release: August/September New Citizen:
Climate change crusaders are genocidalists—are you?

Carbon Trading is Hitler-style Genocide!

Global Warming is a Fraud!

Media Release: You can call it genocide

Media Release: Super lost to Gore’s hot air

Hey Buddy, It's Cooling!

Media Release: World Government is real aim of global warming swindle

Interview: Lord Christopher Monckton
Destroying National Sovereignty: The Real Face of 'Global Warming' Read it here

Media Release: Green-collar jobs are for a new Dark Age

Cap and Trade Is Genocide (PDF)
Read it here

Media Release: Goodbye Global Warming, hello to the Ice Age

London Cheers Suicidal Decision on CO2
EPA Rubber Stamps British Green Genocide Lunacy: Declares Carbon Dioxide a Pollutant

LPACTV: Goodbye Global Warming

LPACTV: Afraid of Nuclear Power?

LPACTV: Radiation—Be Careful What You Wish For

Media Release: Nature craves more carbon dioxide

Lord Monckton Strikes Back Against Blair's Global Warming Scam Read more...

  • LPACTV: Nancy Pelosi's Economic Recovery Program
  • Australian Heat: It's the Sun, Stupid
  • The Non-Science of Wind Energy
  • The Myth of Nuclear "Waste"
  • The Astounding High Cost of ‘Free’ Energy

    Media Release: Pravda reports “Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age”

    LPACTV: The Cold Truth About Climate Change Watch it here...

    LPACTV: The Ingenious Work of the Lowly Little Chlorophyll Watch it here...

    Do You Know How Bad Climate Models Are? Read more...

    Is Nature Warning Us of a New Ice Age?
    by Laurence Hecht Editor-in-chief, 21st Century Science & Technology
    January 14, 2009 (LPAC)--Global warming fears aside, all students of climate science know that the Earth is presently in an Ice Age and has been for approximately the past 2 to 2.5 million years. This Ice Age has been characterized by successive advances and retreats of a glacial ice sheet, originating in Greenland and extending across the northern portions of the North American and Eurasian continents. Read more...

    650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

    31,000 U.S Scientists reject global warming theory

    More holes in the Global Warming "Consensus": A Chronology of 2007

    Media Release: Isherwood: Rudd condemns Australia, on a lie

    Media Release: Religious Right swaps neo-con crusade for global warming crusade

    Media Release: Garnaut’s only “compromise” is with genocidalists

    Media Release: Save Australia from murderous climate change policies

    Media Release: Genocidal Emissions Trading Scheme must be stopped

    Media Release: Economic Hit Men push global warming genocide plan

    Media Release: Garnaut’s prescription to shut down Australian economy ignores 31,000 scientists

    Army Research Scientist Says Global Warming Is Caused By Solar Activity, Not Man-made CO2

    Global Warming Is Over! Now Let's Save Humanity

    Media Release: Earth Hour: Turn out your lights for World Wide Fascism (WWF)

    Global Warming: Science vs. Nonsense (PDF)

    How The Green Fascist Movement Was Created

    The Nazi Roots of the House of Windsor

    Tinny Blair Blares For Prince Philip's Global Eco Fascism

    Media Release: Death Treaty now in force

    Atmospheric CO2: It's the Oceans, Stupid

    Freeze Gore's Convenient Lies: The Ice Pack Is Expanding!

    Media Release: Freezing weather exposes global warming swindle

    New Senate Report Debunks Al Gordo's Global Warming Consensus

    The Big Arctic Melt: All Hype and Scare (PDF)

    Lord Monckton Calls Global Warming Hoax the Third UN-Backed Mass Slaughter

    Media Release: Scientists expose fraud at Bali Conference

    Media Release: Bankers go for Green genocide

    Media Release: The CEC Senate Preferences: Fighting Green Genocide

    Media Release: CSIRO & Bureau of Meteorology push global warming scam

    Media Release: Parliamentary report devastates 'Global Warming' scam

    Media Release: ABC hatchet job fails to suppress global warming truth

    LaRouche Webcast: Implications of the Gore Hoax For International Policy

    A U.S.A. Drowning in Its Gore? The Great Luddite Hoax of 2007

    The Fraud of Global Warming: True C02 Record Buried Under Gore

    Australian scientists reveal fraud of anthropogenic global warming

    An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore Jumping Into the Ocean Could Wipe Out Manhattan

    House of Lords Inquiry in 2005 Called to Shut Down IPCC

    Is there really a consensus about Global Warming?

    Australian Geologist: Global Warming is Hysteria

    Global Warming Won't Spread Malaria (PDF)

    The Road to Hell Is Paved Green (PDF)

    Gore's Policies Keep Africa in the Dark

    Australian LYM Nails Gore's Global Warming Swindle

    EIR's Record on the Front Man of the Global Warming Hoax: The Gore Dossier

    The 'Carbon Trade' Swindle Behind Global Warming Hoax

    See the Film That Pops Gore's Bubble

    Climate Campaign Is a Diversion; Real Danger Is Financial Meltdown

    Gore Climate Change Swindle Exposed on European Tour

    CO2: The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time (PDF)

    What Really Causes Climate Change? (PDF)

    Cosmoclimatology, Kepler, and Moon's Model of the Nucleus

    EIR interviews with scientists appearing on The Great Global Warming Swindle

    British Ch. 4 documentary originally screened in March, 2007, produced by Martin Durkin.

    Arctic Climate Expert: Gores Film Is Science Fiction

    Don't Bet on Man-Made Origins of Global Warming

    Gore's Policies Keep Africa in the Dark

    Global Warming won't spread malaria

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