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Energy Policy: Save People, Industries from Climate Change Hoax

Man-made global warming is a fraud. The so-called scientific “consensus” is a lie, designed to steamroll governments into adopting brutal policies that will shut down farming, manufacturing and energy industries, and kill millions of people. Numerous scientists the world over have publicly disputed the idea of man-made global warming, yet they are by-and-large blacked out of a media blizzard dominated by global warming entrepreneur Al Gore and his hand-picked ambassadors, such as Australia’s Tim Flannery.

Gore, and Flannery, and their many fellow-thinkers like HRH Prince Philip and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), are united by one agenda: to reduce the world’s human population. This has been the agenda of the British Empire’s aristocratic elite ever since the British East India Company’s paid employee, Parson Thomas Malthus, first penned his great overpopulation lie in 1798, An Essay on the Principle of Population. As Abraham Lincoln’s economics adviser Henry Carey observed, the British East India Company invented the lie of overpopulation, as something on which they could blame the evils of their economic system of free trade. Wherever the British imposed free trade, such as 17th and 18th Century India, mass starvation ensued, which the British overlords always blamed on “overpopulation”, as they continued to extract their loot.

In 1902, the famous British futurist author and Fabian Society founder H.G. Wells advocated population reduction as a policy in his book, Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress Upon Human Life and Thought. Wells foreshadowed a world government (akin to Tim Flannery’s proposed Commission for Thermostatic Control) called the “New Republic”: “And how will the New Republic treat the inferior races? How will it deal with the black? How will it deal with the yellow man? How will it tackle that alleged termite in the civilized woodwork, the Jew?... And for the rest, those swarms of black, and brown, and dirty-white, and yellow people, who do not come into the new needs of efficiency? Well, the world is a world, not a charitable institution, and I take it they will have to go. The whole tenor and meaning of the world, as I see it, is that they have to go. So far as they fail to develop sane, vigorous, and distinctive personalities for the great world of the future, it is their portion to die out and disappear.”

“The new ethics will hold life to be a privilege and a responsibility, not a sort of night refuge for base spirits out of the void; and the alternative in right conduct between living fully, beautifully, and efficiently will be to die. For a multitude of contemptible and silly creatures, fear-driven and helpless and useless, unhappy or hatefully happy in the midst of squalid dishonour, feeble, ugly, inefficient, born of unrestrained lusts, and increasing and multiplying through sheer incontinence and stupidity, the men of the New Republic will have little pity and less benevolence…The men of the New Republic will not be squeamish, either, in facing or inflicting death, because they will have a fuller sense of the possibilities of life than we possess. They will have an ideal that will make killing worth the while; like Abraham, they will have the faith to kill, and they will have no superstitions about death.”

Thanks to the global warming fraud, Wells’ spiritual heirs among modern population–reduction advocates have seized on a way to achieve their aims—carbon emissions reduction. The issue with reducing carbon emissions has nothing to do with the financial cost; put simply, carbon dioxide is a natural by-product of energy consumption, and if energy consumption is scaled back, people will die. They will die of starvation; they will die of poverty-related diseases from contaminated water, poor food sanitation etc.; they will die of otherwise-controllable natural disasters that could have been contained by appropriate infrastructure; and they will die from extreme heat and from extreme cold. Those most vulnerable are the world’s poorest people, in Africa, India, and China; nations which have already been told by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that they have to cut back on rice production because of its methane emissions, even though 850 million people in the world face starvation.

Energy Policy

The Citizens Electoral Council will stop any measures to reduce energy consumption, whether they are in the form of carbon taxes, emissions trading schemes, or government regulations, such as limits on land-clearing for agriculture. Existing measures to treat carbon dioxide as a pollutant, and to reduce energy consumption will be reversed. Australia will withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, and any further international climate change conventions.

The CEC will develop an energy policy for Australia, which emphasises the rapid adoption of the new energy sources that are genuine technological advances on existing sources, as measured by energy density. Whereas solar and wind power are backward leaps from oil and coal, being of a far inferior energy density, nuclear fission and in the future nuclear fusion will be giant technological leaps forward. In terms of energy density, one cup of uranium, is the equivalent of a mountain of coal.

Energy Density for various sources
Megawatts per square metre
Solar–biomass .0000001
Solar–Earth surface .0002
Solar–near-Earth orbit .001
Fossil 10.0
Fission 50.0 to 200.0
Fusion trillions
Australia is excellently-positioned to take advantage of the nuclear revolution: we have over one-third of the world’s easily-mined uranium, and more importantly, have the world’s largest deposits of thorium, which has the benefit of not being suitable for nuclear weapons. By combining Australia’s uranium supply with the latest technology in meltdown-proof reactors, the pebble bed-MHTGR, and taking advantage of our enormous coastline, Australia could develop a network of power plants that simultaneously produce electricity, industrial heat, fresh water through desalination, and the beginnings of a hydrogen economy, in which hydrogen takes over from oil as the primary resource.

This will then set Australia up for the next step in energy technology—nuclear fusion, which will generate much greater amounts of energy than even fission, by replicating the same nuclear reaction which occurs in the sun. The advent of fusion energy opens up enormous technological opportunities, including the production of man-made resources as mined resources run short. One brilliant invention that has already been patented, waiting for the development of nuclear fusion, is called the fusion torch: a super-heated plasma furnace attached to a fusion reactor, into which all the daily garbage of a city can be dumped, where the material at the atomic level will become disassociated into its component atoms, and spat out as pure elements of the component atoms—silicon, iron, etc..

This is an optimistic vision of the future of mankind, for which our children can be excited. This will recapture the dream of conquering space, whilst simultaneously solving the economic problems on earth. It will create a future in which the sacredness of human life will be honoured and preserved. It is this, not the genocide of the oligarchy, which is mankind’s true destiny.

Source: “The Surprising Benefits of Creating a Star.” U.S. Department of Energy, 2001.
This diagram of a fusion tokamak reactor shows the magnets, the magnetic field lines, and the charged particles of plasma that follow the magnetic field lines, spiralling around the tokamak. The magnetic field “contains” the plasma where the fusion takes place, at temperatures of 100 million degrees C. or more.


Source: Bernard J. Eastlund and William C. Gough, “The Fusion Torch: Closing the Cycle from Use to Reuse,” Washington, D.C.: Atomic Energy Commission, May 15, 1969 (WASH-1132).
With fusion torches (also called high-temperature plasma torches), we will be able to process and separate any material—low-grade ores, waste, sea water, or anything else—into its component atomic species, obtaining pure isotopes from an arbitrary feedstock, making possible almost 100% recycling of materials.


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