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History and Culture

Know Your Enemies: The Synarchy

The Synarchy in Australia
The Synarchy in Australia


Neurologists Belatedly Recognize Violent Videos' Perverse Effects on Adolescents

International Fascism: Microsoft Will Kill More Youth than Hitler

What Shouldn't be Alarming to Those Arming: Video Games Add to Soldiers' Trauma

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Ban Killer Video Games And Internet Violence!

LaRouche: ‘The Denver Killings are Part of a Pattern of New Terrorism’

I'll "Beat Cho's High Score"

Assassin Gamer Slays 16-year old in Switzerland

Hitler's Birthday: A Favorite for New York Video Game Terrorists

"World of Warcraft" Behind Brutal Child Murder in Houston

Update: Studies Show Violent Video Games Worse than AIDS

German Psychotherapists Demand Ban on Computer Killer Games

Two Nazi Youth Kill 'For Fun'. Bill Gates Might Know Why

Finland School-Killer: "It's in the Game"

Young Suicide Bombers Come to the West

"Most Violent Video Game Ever"

LaRouche : What is the new violence? (PDF)

LYM presses Virginia Tech panel on role of violent video games

Virginia Tech Killer Was Another Video-Game Fanatic

Wake Up to the Danger of the `New Violence'

Violent Video Games Are Mass-Murder Simulators

In the Wake of the Erfurt Tragedy: Return to Classical Education, Now!

Violent Video Games Reward Children for Killing People

Interview: Craig Anderson The research is in:
Violent videogames can lead to violent behavior

The Cheneyites And The Killer-Trainer Lobby

Australian video game violence

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