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Background to the Financial Crash

New Phase of GFC nears

  • Major moves to Glass-Steagall banking separation, as next financial crisis looms
  • BIS Veteran Says Global Credit Excess Worse Than Pre-Lehman


    Bankers Who Should Have Gone to Jail are Wrecking the Economy Again
    World Braces for Next Financial "Storm"
    Tremonti Warns Against New Crisis and Bail-In, Calls for Bank Separation
    Former BIS Chief Economist: Banking System Threat "Worse Than 2007"
    Faber: 'We are in a massive speculative bubble'
    OECD Chairman Says Financial Status Today Just Like 2007
    New Bank Debt Bubbles Head for Crash
    Crisis Countdown: Nazi Economics and the Bail-In/Bail-Out Plan
    Wall Street Is Out To Kill You With Hyperinflation

    New international bail-in regime means global financial dictatorship!

  • 'Bail-In' Means Collapse of British Financial Empire
  • Mobilise now!
    Kill the BIS-APRA bank ‘bail-in’ plan before it kills you!

  • Kill Dodd-Frank Before It Literally Kills You!
  • Dodd-Frank Kills: How The U.S. Joined International Bail-In

    See our bail-in page for more!


    Brits Keep Trying To Dump Bail-In On The Rest Of The Trans-Atlantic World
    Bail-in is Admitted to be probable trigger
    Bank of England Head Carney Hangs Out His Shingle: Financial Cancer Welcome Here
    Wall Street Wants A Pound Of Your Flesh, And Obama Is Giving It To Them!
    The EU Introduces "OTC" Bailouts
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    Detroit Bankrupcty: A Model for Fascism

  • NEW VIDEO: Detroit—Test Case For Genocide
  • Detroit is Too Big to Fail: Crush Wall Street, Not The American People


    Detroit—Arsenal of Democracy, Or Test-Case For Fascism
    Wall Street Crimes: Assault on Cities Proceeding--Pontiac, Harrisburg, et al.
    Detroit Facts: End Wall Street's Theft of Pensions: Re-enact Glass-Steagall
    Detroit Requests Congressional Hearing; Swaps Costs May Be Worse
    After Detroit, London Demands Smashing All Public-Employees Pensions, Healthcare
    Detroit: Pensions or Derivatives? Glass-Steagall Would Have Made the Choice
    More Evidence of How the British Looted Detroit to Death
    Who Needs a Constitution? Greek Government To Legislate by Decree
    LaRouche Warned You About the Doom of Detroit in 2005
    The "Detroit Template" and the "Cyprus Template": A Tale of Two Cities
    Ward Links Glass-Steagall Fight to Detroit Bankruptcy
    Rep. Conyers Calls for Hearings on Detroit Bankruptcy

    Cyprus crisis: model for bail-in regime

    The tiny country of Cyprus in the Mediterranean could be the loose thread that unravel the entire global financial system. Read the details below.

  • The British Monarchy Controls the Bailout Process
  • The British Empire's New Concentration Camps
  • British Empire Strategizes on Saving Their System by Killing YOU
  • European Central Bank Official Confirms the Cyprus "Template"
  • Quantitative Stealing—A Chronology


    LaRouche Movement Representatives Speak at Anti-Bail-In Seminar in Cyprus
    Cyprus: Soaring Unemployment and Recession
    Congress Turns Up Heat on TBTF Banks
    The Queen's Bail-in Policy: The Intent Is Genocide
    European Parliament Committee Adopts EU Commission Fascist Bail-In Scheme
    Leaked IMF Report on Outrageous Cyprus Bail-In
    Draghi Exposes Himself as Empire Agent, Once Again
    Jim Rogers: U.S. Poised For Major Crash
    European Commission Forecasts the Doom Cyprus Faces
    Swiss Regulators Confirm: Bail-In is to Prevent Bank Separation
    Cyprus Demonstrators Denounce the "New Colonialism"
    Cyprus Parliament Agrees to EU/IMF "Deal of Enslavement"
    Call for Congressional Hearings into "Cyprus" Plans for U.S.
    Warning from Inside the Southern European Concentration Camp
    Bank "Zombie Foreclosures" Loot Homeowners, Cities, States
    Cypriot President Denounces Using Cyprus as Guinea Pig for Deposit Theft
    Insurance Firms and Charities in Cyprus Will Suffer Deposits Haircut, Says Central Bank
    Cyprus Official: Occupiers Used Moral Equivalent of Atomic Bomb
    IMF, ECB Desperation: Hyperinflate, Bail-In, Whatever it takes!
    Financial Oligarchy Wants the Gold in Your Teeth
    The Suffering of Greek Children Increases
    Click here for more.


    Cyprus Template: Bail-In vs FDR
    Dennis Mason sits down with EIR's Paul Gallagher to discuss the differences in approach under FDR, versus the bail-in crime of today.

    The Cyprus Template: "Your Money AND Your Life"
    As the story of the Cyprus Template for world financial reorganization unfolds, it is now becoming totally clear that British Empire's policy is “your money and your life.” Dennis Small of EIR reviews recent intelligence tracing the now infamous Cyprus "bail-in" policy back to a December 2012 BoE/FDIC report, and all the way to Dodd-Frank.

    A Report from Italy • The Cyprus Template
    As the news spreads that the 'bail-in' scheme is a template for the rest of the transatlantic nations, including the United States, warnings from abroad continue to come in from Europe: reinstate Glass-Steagall or the people will perish. In this interview, Claudio Celani, Deputy head of the Italian LaRouche movement, provides a picture from Italy.

    A Report From Germany • The Cyprus Template
    The Chairwoman of the North Rhine-Westphalia bueso party in Germany, Kasia Kruczkowski gives an account of the stark resemblance to 1923 Germany and the Bailout of the Euro in Cyprus. German patriots are rallying to stop the replay of history.

    The Cyprus Template is Global
    Dean Andromidas of Executive Intelligence Review magazine, discusses the unraveling situation in Cyprus and why this is already a European wide and global crisis. Glass-Steagall cannot be put off a minute longer.

    Cyprus Template: The Case of Spain
    An interview with Dennis Small of Executive Intelligence Review, on how the Cyprus model is being applied to the rest of the Eurozone: in particular, to Bankia in Spain.

    Cyprus: A View From Europe
    With the situation breaking minute to minute in Cyprus, LaRouchePAC interviewed members of the European LaRouche Movement. The Eurozone crisis, now centered on Cyprus, is the clearest signal of the move to the new money system as Lyndon LaRouche forecast on February 15, 2013.

    2013: It's Glass-Steagall or die!

  • Click here to read Why Australia urgently needs a Glass-Steagall banking separation.
  • Cancelling the monetary system without Glass-Steagall is genocide: LaRouche
  • A Bailout was Never Possible: The Intent is Genocide (PDF flyer)
  • Bank of the United States Legislation (video presentation)

    See Glass-Steagall page for more

    Libor-rigging and related scandals

  • Libor: Not a Scandal. A Funeral.
    The real story surrounding the news that the London Interbank Offering Rate was manipulated is that the financial system that mechanism is a part has died, and a return to the Glass-Steagall Act in both London and the United States is the first step to replacing that system.


    Federal House Finance Agency Reaches Separate Deal with JPMorgan Chase on Mortgage Fraud
    Glass-Steagall Pressure Forces Moves Against JP Morgan, Wall Street
    A New, Huge Potential Fine for JPMorgan Chase's Bubble Crimes
    Obama Lets Off JPMorgan Chase, Again
    Marc "Dr. Doom" Faber Warns of Crash and World War III
    JP Morgan Crimes Pile High
    What's Up at the Fed?
    JPMorgan Chase and the "Enron Model"
    JPMorgan Chase in California 'Enron' Crime Spree
    JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs Under Investigation
    NY Judge Dismisses Most LIBOR Suits
    The LIBOR Is Safe Now—The Brits Are Selling It to NYSE
    Click here for more on the LIBOR scandal and related market-gaming.

    See British Empire page for LaRouche was right about HSBC

    Australia's banks are not immune!

    Australian bank derivatives as at June 2016. Click to enlarge (PDF)

    (Click image to enlarge.)

    Australian bank derivatives as at June 2016. Click to enlarge (PDF)

    (Click image to enlarge.)

    Australian bank derivatives as at June 2016. Click to enlarge (PDF)
    (Above) Australian bank derivatives skyrocketed by $6 trillion for the last quarter, ending June 2016. This is the biggest quarterly rise ever seen! Total derivatives now equals $38.3 trillion. Derivatives blew up the system in 2008—brace yourself for a meltdown of Australia's banks! (Click image to enlarge.)

    Banks' profit growth disproportionate to real economy.
    (Above) The profits of Australia’s Big Four banks have effectively doubled since the 2008 global financial crisis, but in an economy that has only marginally expanded; only the growth in the banks’ frenetic gambling in derivatives matches their declared profits.

    Australia's Gross Foreign Debt to Sept. 2011

    Download as PDF

    Australian Banks' Derivatives. Updated (2011-2012)

    The derivatives exposure of Australia’s big four banks, contrasted to Assets and Deposits, as disclosed in their 2012 Annual Reports. The one exception is CBA, which stopped disclosing its derivatives exposure after its 2011 Annual Report. The CEC asks the question: What is CBA hiding? (Click here for more)

    Australian Banks' Derivatives. Updated (2010-2011)

    Download as PDF

    (Above) Australia's banks' combined exposure to toxic derivatives obligations has climbed to $20 trillion.
    Click here for more.

    (Above) The collapse of the property bubble will force a sharply downward revaluation of CBA’s lending assets, of as much as $150 billion, or even more (dotted line). Take that away from its balance sheet, and it is bankrupt.

    (Above) Protect the deposits from the derivatives: The trillions in derivatives puts bank deposits at risk,
    but without Glass-Steagall the government is forced to support both.

    The Cause of the Financial Crisis

    LaRouche's famous Triple Curve Function.

    Hyperinflation: A Graphic Presentation by Dennis Small
    Executive Intelligence Review editor, Dennis Small, shows the onset of hyperinflation with graphs published in the LPAC leaflet "A Bailout was Never Possible: The Intent Is Genocide," and Lyndon LaRouche's 1995 triple-curve forecast.

    Who Needs Derivatives?

    Foreclosure Scandal Exposes Systemic Derivatives Fraud! By John Hoefle

    Dracula's Bank (Macquarie)

    John Hoefle: Dump Bernanke Before He Destroys The Dollar!

    LaRouche's Triple Curve in Action

    LaRouche: Triple Curve and Healthy Economy are Mutually Incompatible

    LPACTV: Hyperinflation & LaRouche's Triple Curve

    Escalating Panic Over Continuing Dollar Collapse

    We Must Return To Glass-Steagall Standard

    Real Panic In Virtual Reality

    Morgan Stanley Endorses Global Fascism

    Wall Street Insanity: Cooking The Books With "Re-remics"

    What Will Happen When Fed Stops Buying Trillions in Treasury Bills?

    On the Edge of October; Fuse Is Already Lit

    Bernanke’s Money-Printing Is Hyperinflationary

    Bankers Move to Perpetrate Another Gigantic Fraud

    Pandemics Expected to Boost "Life Settlements"-Based Securities Market

    LPACTV: Just A Reminder

    LPACTV: Between Now and October Alexander Hamilton’s Typical Prosperity Function

    LPACTV: John Hoefle On the Triple Curve

    LPACTV: Rosa Luxemburg and LaRouche's Triple Curve

    The Reality of the Collapse Destroys the Fantasy of Recovery

    The Activity In the Market: Maggots Feeding Off The Corpse Of A Dead System!

    System in Liquidation Panic: Time To Talk Physical Economy, by John Hoefle

    LaRouche: Put the System Into Bankruptcy Now, You Damn Fools! by John Hoefle

    On Oil Prices, Senators Want Truth, Not Soros

    Posturing in the Congress: Ankle-Biting the Genocidalists

    Background to the oil price hoax

    What really creates inflation?

    LaRouche Declares: Paulson Is 'F**king Incompetent'

    Bailouts and Corporativism, or Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Foolish Fed’s Rate Cut Pumps Hyperinflation (PDF)

    The Debt Crisis Moves to Center Stage

    Congress Quits Without Action, Leaves Foreclosure Tsunami Rising Everywhere (PDF)

    Banks, Investors Are Chewed Up by The Caymans Crocodiles Called SIVs (PDF)

    The System Is Dead; Now What? (PDF)

    Debt is not an Asset

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