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The Libor Scandal


  • The LIBOR Is Safe Now—The Brits Are Selling It to NYSE
  • Foreign Exchange, the Biggest Market, Is Also Fixed by the Big Banks
  • Gensler Says LIBOR Still Being Rigged
  • Geithner Grilled at House Finance Committee Hearing
  • Geithner Helped Write the Rules for LIBOR!
  • LIBOR Criminals Fall Out: Treasury and BoE Point Finger at Each Other
  • Volcker-Shultz Gang Launch New Thug Operation to Protect LIBOR
  • Geithner on the Defensive
  • LIBOR Fraud Calls For Reintroduction of a Separated Banking System: Handelsblatt
  • Bernanke in Blatant Coverup for Geithner and Banks!
  • Call for Special Prosecutor for Geithner's NY Fed
  • US States, Localities Line Up Against LIBOR Criminality
  • US Hospitals Cut Services to Pay Fraudulent Interest-Rate Swap Deals
  • Baltimore-Led Lawsuit Against LIBOR Fraud Consolidating Into Nationwide Mega-Action
  • German Savings Banks President Calls for Exit from Anglo-American System
  • The LIBOR Robbery of US Cities and States
  • Case Study: Libor Crime Kills Pennsylvanians
  • LIBOR-gate Explodes: What will Obama Do About His Banker Connections?
  • UBS, Barclays Reach Immunity Deals for Cooperation in LIBOR Rate-Fixing investigation
  • Libor-Gate: Obama and Geithner Gotta Go
  • Revolt of the Cities: Eyeing Huge Lawsuits Over Libor Rate-Fixing
  • It's Not Market Rumors, It's A Meltdown
  • London Analyst: Financial System on a Hair-Trigger
  • Sen. Levin: Treasury Should Reverse Decision on Foreign Exchange Derivatives
  • Fed Governor Says 'Keep Printing'
  • Leave the Euro Debate Explodes in Portugal
  • New Book: 'Why Austerity Kills'
  • Criminal Stupidity: The Great U.S. Subprime Junk Recovery
  • Levin Hearing Demonstrates Criminal Incompetence of JP Morgan Chase
  • Then and Now: Dow Hits Record, Real Economy Crashes
  • The Fed is Bankrupt
  • Italian Election Delivers Another Body Blow to Euro System
  • Bank of England Deputy Governor Moots Negative Interest Rates
  • Krugman: Euro Austerity Policies a 'Disastrous Failure'
  • All-Out Brawl Over Hyperinflation
  • Hyperinflation Ratios Spin Out of Control; Impose Glass-Steagall Now
  • Pimco Sees Hyperinflationary Writing on the Wall
  • Argentina Does it Right: Confirms Arrest Warrant for Credit-Suisse Bankster
  • Lannutti Tells EIR: Draghi Did Not Stop MPS, Because He Wanted To Become Head of the ECB
  • RBS Severely Punished
  • Again, Financial Derivatives are Crimes; Abolish Them
  • The Ongoing Bailout: A Five-Year Assessment
  • City of London Fights to Keep Its $250 Trillion in Derivatives Trading

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