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Bail-in updates

Secret IMF Documents: 2010 Greek Bailout Was a Bankers' Bailout
Former Bank of England Official Warns Against Bail-In
Wall Street Journal Denounces Europe's Anti-Fascist Constitutions
Credit Suisse Traders Boast: "We Created The Bail-In"
FINMA Officials Call for Wall Street Help
Swiss Authorities Admit Global Bail-in Scheme: $650 Billion Deposits Can Be Seized To Save Two Swiss Banks
Big 6 US Banks Have Stolen More than $30 Billion from Local Governments
Kill, Kill, Kill. BIS Campaigning to Cut Pensions and Health Care
The EU Is the Best System for Genocide
Barnier's Bank Resolution Scheme Attacked as "New Enabling Act"
Ex-Justice Department Attorney Blasts Obama, says, "We're on the Road to Fascism"
"Don't Believe Your Deposit Is Safe—It Isn't"
EU Bailout Policy Is World War III Policy
Downgrades Show: EU Destroying Cyprus and Greece
Big Banks Fight Glass-Steagall To End in Delaware as Bills Gain Traction in D.C.
Responsibility of the People of the U.S. To Once Again Save the World from Fascism
EU Finance Ministers Decide: Cyprus Treatment for All
Top Global Management Consultancy Calls for Shock Financial Asset Wipe-Out, Which "Requires an Environment Last Seen in the 1930s"
Strong Reactions Against BIS Call for Fascist Austerity
The Return of Austrian Fascism
Are the Market's "Feral Hogs" Trying to Break the Fed?
BIS Calls for Replacing QE with More Fascist Austerity
Fascism in the United States
Another Bank Bail-In, In London
J.P. Morgan Says Post-WWII Anti-Fascist Constitutions Are Obstacle To Reimposing Fascism
Japan's Upper House Adopts Bail-In Rules
Derivatives Are First in Line for Bail-Outs and Bail-Ins
EU Commission Prepares Scheme for Bail-Ins To Be Run by Brussels
From Date-Rape to Forced Bail-In: The Case of Spain's Bankia
BIS Publishes A Proposal for a 'New, Simplified' Bail-in Stealing Scheme

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