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A new global Glass-Steagall

Glass-Steagall is the indispensible first step to global economic recovery. It will immediately halt the onset of hyperinflation, remove government committment from toxic debts, end too-big-to-fail, and force separation of commercial banking functions from investment banking functions.

Glass-Steagall for Australia

Petition to Parliament: Australia Urgently Needs a Glass-Steagall Separation of Banks
The CEC has launched a petition to the Commonwealth Parliament, calling for immediate legislation to enact a Glass-Steagall-style banking separation in Australia, to protect deposits and essential banking services from looming financial shocks.
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Download a PDF copy of Glass-Steagall Now! (3mb).
The London and Wall Street-centred world financial bubble is today far larger than in 2008. To avoid a financial collapse and a likely new world war, we must cancel the bubble: split the "too big to fail" megabanks into speculative investment banks (with no government protection), vs. normal banks which invest in the real economy. The CEC’s new pamphlet, Glass Steagall Now!, tells you exactly how to do it.

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Table of contents:
Letter of Transmittal
1. Stop the Bail-In/Bail-Out Plot against Australians
2. Joe Hockey: Flunky for London and Wall Street
3. Without Glass-Steagall, Australia's Banks Will Crash
4. Australia's Real 'Big Four': HSBC, JPMorgan, National, Citicorp
5. The Glass-Steagall Solution
6. Glass-Steagall Legislation Pending in Major Countries
– The U.S. 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act
– U.S. Support for Glass-Steagall
– Europe Debates Glass-Steagall
– Leading Bankers, Economists, Legislators Call for Glass-Steagall
7. Summary of Draft Legislation for an Australian National Bank
8. The Economic Recovery Program: Great Water Projects, Maglev Rail, Nuclear Fission Power
9. Mankind's Future: Thermonuclear Fusion
A. The Bail-In Plot against Australians: The Evidence
B. The ABC's of Bail-In: What You Must Know
C. Pope Francis vs. the "Free Market": "Thou Shalt Not Kill"
D. The LaRouche Record on the Financial Crisis
E. The Disastrous History of Australia's Banking Deregulation

Why Australia urgently needs a Glass-Steagall banking separation
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Media Release
21st February, 2012
Demand your MP support: Glass-Steagall for Australia
The Citizens Electoral Council has this week issued a new pamphlet on the urgent need to break up Australia’s big four banks through a Glass-Steagall-style banking separation.
Glass-Steagall for Australia explains how only by enacting a local form of the U.S. Glass-Steagall Act’s strict separation between deposit-taking commercial banks and risky investment banks, can the government protect both depositors and the functionality of the nation’s financial system from looming financial shocks.
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Craig Isherwood: Urgent Appeal to Representatives and Senators of the U.S. Congress

Bankers Who Should Have Gone to Jail are Wrecking the Economy Again

Dodd Frank: the anti-Glass-Steagall

LaRouchePAC Glass-Steagall Ad In DC Daily With Over 40 Signatures

  • Thuggery Put Through Dodd-Frank and Killed Glass-Steagall in 2010
  • Dodd-Frank Kills: How The U.S. Joined International Bail-In
  • Kill Dodd-Frank Before It Literally Kills You!
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    2013: It's Glass-Steagall or die!

  • Major moves to Glass-Steagall banking separation, as next financial crisis looms
  • Wall Street Mafia In Desperate Drive To Stop Glass-Steagall
  • AUDIO: An Urgent Appeal for Glass-Steagall from Helga Zepp-LaRouche
  • Frankfurt Schiller Conference Resolution: 'Either Glass-Steagall, or Chaos and Genocide'
  • Cancelling the monetary system without Glass-Steagall is genocide: LaRouche
  • A Bailout was Never Possible: The Intent is Genocide (PDF flyer)
  • Hyperinflation: A Graphic Presentation by Dennis Small
  • New LaRouchePAC Video Documents the Reality: Glass-Steagall, or Genocide!

    12 January, 2013
    Worldwide Glass-Steagall Legislative Initiatives: An International Overview

    Trans-Atlantic alliance for Glass-Steagall

    1st August, 2012
    ‘Shatterer of Glass-Steagall’ calls for its restoration
    The former boss of giant U.S. bank Citigroup, Sanford (Sandy) Weill, who possesses a giant wooden plaque listing his accomplishments which includes the line, “The Shatterer of Glass-Steagall”, has shocked the banking world by calling for its restoration.
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  • A Powerful British Faction has Aligned with LaRouche
    It is almost impossible to overstate the strategic significance of the fact that an important group within the top echelons of the British Establishment have come to the conclusion that Glass-Steagall is the only survival option open to them. The July 3 Financial Times editorial endorsement of Glass-Steagall has been followed, over the past 48 hours, by a series of further endorsements by leading figures ...
  • The Principles to be Considered: A NEW LIFE-TIME FOR OUR SOCIETY
    On The Fourth of July, 2012, the voices of some of the most respected figures referenced by the British press in London, had shocked the politically sentient circles of the planet, with the publication of a report whose source has included the members of a circle of public figures from among the most highly respectable, relevant circles of Great Britain. Those voices had announced that some crucial elements of that famous empire’s leading press had suddenly called for wiping out the nominally richest British banks in the world, in order to rescue both Britain and the United States from a terrible catastrophe. The relevant British proponents had proposed cooperation between the United States and Britain on this specific account.
  • Glass-Steagall Understood: The Space In Which To Live
  • The London Turn-a-bout: THE ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPTION
  • Lyndon LaRouche Responds to Britain (video)
    Lyndon LaRouche issued the following remarks regarding the breaking developments coming out of Britain and their proposal that the United States join them in establishing a classical Glass-Steagall banking reorganization of the transatlantic financial system immediately. ...
  • Libor: Not a Scandal. A Funeral.
    The real story surrounding the news that the London Interbank Offering Rate was manipulated is that the financial system that mechanism is a part has died, and a return to the Glass-Steagall Act in both London and the United States is the first step to replacing that system.


    See Financial Crash page for more on "Bail-in", Detroit, Cyprus and the Libor-rigging scandal

    See British Empire page for LaRouche was right about HSBC

  • The Glass-Steagall Four: "We need to rein in 'too big to fail' banks"
  • Nearly 600,000 Sign for Glass-Steagall; Petitions Delivered to U.S. Senate
  • Glass-Steagall Continues To Stay in the Headlines
  • Warren Says Either Glass-Steagall or Too-Big-To-Fail; Slams Holder on Bank "Prosecutions"
  • Tremonti Warns Against New Crisis and Bail-In, Calls for Bank Separation
  • US Machinist Union's Pres. Calls for Glass Steagall, "National TVA"
  • Liam Halligan: There Is an Overwhelming, Pressing Need for Glass-Steagall
  • Elizabeth Warren Pushes Bipartisan Glass-Steagall Versus Wall Street
  • Prins: Break Wall Street, Enact Glass-Steagall
  • Nomi Prins: Reinstate Glass-Steagall
  • Halligan: Glass-Steagall Debate Re-Opened in Britain
  • Glass-Steagall or Thermonuclear War
  • Glass-Steagall Repeal Opened the Gates of Hell
  • Eight New Signers on the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act of 2013
  • Another Hearing, Warren Scores Another Point for Glass-Steagall
  • World Council of Churches Called for Global Glass-Steagall
  • "The Volcker Rule Won't Work"
  • Bipartisan 21st Century Glass-Steagall Legislation introduced in U.S. Congress
  • Backlash Against Volcker Rules, Glass-Steagall Raised
  • Bipartisan 21st Century Glass-Steagall Legislation introduced in U.S. Congress
  • Backlash Against Volcker Rules, Glass-Steagall Raised
  • LaRouche: "If It's War or Revolution That You Want, Then Go Along with This Fake Volcker Rule!"
  • 'Delayed Glass-Steagall' Amendment Narrowly Defeated In U.K. House of Lords
  • US State Lawmakers vs. Wall Street Clashed at NCSL; Banksters Freaked Against Legislators Over Glass-Steagall
  • International movement on Glass-Steagall
  • 'Wall Street On Parade': Clarity on Glass-Steagall
  • New Glass-Steagall Resolution Introduced for Winter Meeting of NCSL
  • Wall Street and Glass-Steagall Are the Issue for the Democratic Party
  • Warren Says Time To Take On Wall Street with Glass-steagall Is Now
  • Glass-Steagall Re-Introduced in Icelandic Parliament
  • Under Glass-Steagall, U.S. enjoyed nearly 50 years of prosperity
  • Pro-Manufacturing Senators: Return to Glass-Steagall and the FDR Paradigm
  • On the Eve of War—Glass-Steagall Now Would Change Everything
  • Glass-Steagall Pressure Forces Moves Against JP Morgan, Wall Street
  • Swiss Author: Our Anti-Oligarchical Tradition Is the Basis for Glass-Steagall
  • Bank separation introduced into Swedish parliament third year in a row
  • LaRouche: Banksters Are Lying; Glass-Steagall Will Solve This
  • LaRouche: Behind The Shutdown & Debt Ceiling Swindle Wall St. Orders Obama To Kill Glass-Steagall
  • Real Panic Coming from the Top of the Oligarchy
  • Two French MPs Urge the U.S. Congress To Pass a New Glass-Steagall Act
  • Glass-Steagall Debate in Switzerland
  • Bundestag Members Interested in "Real Bank Separation"
  • Austrian Candidate Frank Stronach: `Reintroduce Glass Steagall'
  • Glass-Steagall Brawl in Switzerland, Resolutions and Hysteria
  • As Obama Crumbles, More Voices Are Heard for Glass-Steagall
  • Swiss Parliament Glass-Steagall Vote Sends The World a Powerful Signal
  • Swiss Parliament Glass-Steagall Vote Sends The World a Powerful Signal
  • Lehman Bankruptcy Administrator Calls for Glass-Steagall
  • Elizabeth Warren: Glass-Steagall Is The Slingshot That Can Bring Down Goliath
  • Jamie Dimon Lied About Australia Not Needing Glass-Steagall
  • U.S. Green Party Calls for Glass-Steagall
  • Life and Death Issues Confronting Mankind At This Moment
  • War Over Glass-Steagall at Conference of State Legislatures, Across US
  • EIR's Paul Gallagher Replies to Jamie Dimon
  • Advocates Speak on Glass-Steagall at US State Legislators' conference
  • Glass-Steagall Resolution Introduced In California
  • Growing Recognition that Only Glass-Steagall Can Stop the Detroit Template of Fascist Economics
  • Glass-Steagall: The Last Chance
  • Kaptur Speaks on Congress Floor for Glass-Steagall
  • US National Farmers Organization (NFO) Press Release in Support of Glass-Steagall
  • Detroit Leader Lamar Lemmons III in Washington, D.C. To Fight for Glass-Steagall
  • Ed Asner: Letter In Support of Restoring Glass-Steagall
  • Glass-Steagall Raised in Hearing on Wall Street Control of Commodities
  • Glass-Steagall "Battle of the Books"
  • The Ugly Face of JP Morgan Chase Exposed in Texas
  • Wall Street Controls the U.S. Congress and Treasury Secretary
  • US Debate on Glass-Steagall Expands
  • NBC Freaks Out over Glass-Steagall
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    Background on Glass-Steagall

    Only Glass-Steagall Can Stop the Financial Rot
    When JP Morgan Chase owned up in early May, 2012, to a derivatives blowout of at least $3 billion, a chorus of voices around the world immediately demanded the return of Glass-Steagall, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt's 1933 banking regulation. From its enactment in 1933 to its repeal in 1999, the Glass-Steagall Act (named in the U.S. style after its Congressional sponsors, Senator Carter Glass and Representative Henry Steagall) forbade any cross-ownership between Wall Street's investment banks, and the deposit-insured commercial banks which held the savings of the American people. The Glass-Steagall "firewall" quarantined the daily financial affairs of the real economy from crisises on Wall Street, and put a brake on the Wall Street investment banks, which knew they would not be bailed out.
    Following the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall, directed by U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, the Wall Street investment banks had a free-for-all, snapping up commercial banks to gain access to their huge deposit base. JP Morgan Chase is one such example: JP Morgan had been one of America's most powerful investment banks, while Chase Manhattan was one of the biggest commercial banks. The banks, bloated through such mergers, became "too big to fail", holding the American people hostage to the financial crimes of Wall Street: unless the banks were to be bailed out of their derivatives losses, their collapse would wipe out the savings of millions of depositors.
    The February 2011 findings of the official U.S. investigation, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC), the so-called Angelides report, blamed the post-2007 crisis on the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall and the 2000 deregulation of derivatives, declaring, "The greatest tragedy would be to accept the refrain that no one could have seen this coming and thus nothing could have been done. If we accept this notion, it will happen again."
    The LaRouche movement in the United States has been mobilising during the past five years for a return to Glass-Steagall. The Angelides report reflected growing momentum in that direction. In April 2011, Democratic Representative Marcy Kaptur introduced into the U.S. Congress a bill to reinstate Glass-Steagall; her bill, House Resolution 1489, has 62 co-sponsors. (President Obama's allies in Congress blocked two previous attempts, including one co-sponsored by former presidential candidate John McCain.) Glass-Steagall is front and centre of the political debate in debt-stricken Europe, where dozens of political figures, legislative resolutions, and media have called for application of a separation of banking functions.

    Press Release, May 26: LaRouche - The Glass-Steagall Moment is Upon Us

    JP Morgan Chase blowout fuels demands for Glass-Steagall now
    11th of May 2012

    Calls for Glass-Steagall Proliferate Everywhere

    Emergency Resolution: Glass Steagall, National Banking & NAWAPA XXI

    The Seven Necessary Steps Toward Global Economic Recovery

    EMERGENCY RESOLUTION: Glass Steagall Now!

    Glass-Steagall Legislation Introduced into US Congress, again

    Text of Congressional call for Glass-Steagall

    The Science of Glass-Steagall, January 26, 2010
    The matter of Glass-Steagall far exceeds any mere discussion of money, or even re-organizing the banking system. Glass-Steagall gets directly at the substance of mankind's ability to willfully exert his creative powers over the universe to increase his ability to exist. Indeed this is the basis for understanding economic value. Here we take the case of Iron Ore deposits and the oxygen crisis as a pedagogical case in point.

    New York Dialogue With LaRouche—
    The Science Behind Glass Steagall

    Feature: The Takedown of Glass-Steagall

    The Takedown of Glass-Steagall: Trailer

    Emergency Relief to the Population, Now!
    Implement Glass Steagall now, so we can provide the necessary credit for a recovery and emergency relief.

    Glass Steagall: The Enemy of Inter-Alpha
    The British Empire is what we wish to see wiped out with the reimplementation of Franklin Roosevelt's Glass Steagall Act.

    Australia needs its own Glass-Steagall (pdf)

    LPACTV: On FDR & Glass-Steagall

    To Restore Glass Steagall: Dump Barney Frank Now!

    Jeff Steinberg On the Repeal of Glass-Steagall (video)

    Jeff Steinberg On the Repeal of Glass-Steagall, Part 2 (video)

    To Save Our Nation Congress Must Pass Glass-Steagall & Shut Down Derivatives Now!

    The fight to reinstate Glass-Steagall (pdf)

    LaRouche on the Record: Glass-Steagall or Die (video)

    From the Archive: Firewall Then, Glass-Stegall Now (video)

    From Our Archives: Restore the Glass-Steagall Now!

    Harley Schlanger Interviewed on the Glass-Stegall Act (video)

    May 8 Webcast Q5 - The British vs Glass-Steagall (video)

    May 8 Webcast Q7 - Glass-Steagall and the Present Crisis (video)

    Interview with Congressman Walter Jones on Afghanistan & Glass-Steagall
    LPACTV DC Correspondent Ardena Jones interviews Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) about his views on withdrawal from Afghanistan and his support for Marcy Kaptur's bill, HR-1489, to Restore Glass-Steagall.

    LPAC Interview: The Credit System with Cody Jones
    Ed Hamler sits down with Basement Team Researcher Cody Jones to discuss the true nature of the United States Credit system.

    The Ontology of the Credit System
    October 9th, 2011
    Basement Research Team Director, Sky Shields gives an in depth description of the Credit System and why Mankind as a species requires such a policy.

    Click here for more on what a credit system is.

    Previous organising on Glass-Steagall

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