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A New International Credit System
National Banking

Schematic of a national bank

Draft Legislation for Australia

1. A New National Bank

In 1994, following extensive discussions with Lyndon LaRouche, the CEC composed draft legislation to re-establish the Commonwealth Bank as a national bank, with expanded powers and functions along the lines originally envisaged by King O’Malley first, and then by John Curtin and Ben Chifley. A summary of the draft bank bill is followed by the draft legislation itself.
Download PDF of Draft Legislation

2. A Debt Moratorium for Farms and Industries.....

Under globalisation, deregulation, and an unjust tax system, our hard-working farmers and industrial entrepreneurs have been savaged. They urgently need relief, in order that we can begin the process of the reconstruction of Australia’s physical economy. Toward that end, the CEC drafted the Productive Industries and Farms Domestic Debt Moratorium, Amelioration, and Restructuring Bill, a summary of which follows and then the legislation itself.
Download PDF of Draft Legislation

The Australian Ad: "An Urgent Call for a New National Bank", September 26, 2002


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