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International mass strike is on!

LPACTV: The Dynamics of Mass Strike

LPACTV: Wir Sind Das Volk: We Are The People!

May 8, 20101 Webcast, Q11 & 12: Dynamics and the Human Mind

Rogers Victory in Texas Congressional Election Puts Impeachment on the Agenda

Kesha's Victory by Lyndon H. LaRouche

LaRouche Delivers A Bloody Nose to the British Empire!
By Jeff Steinberg Read it here

LPACTV: Is the President Going Mad...?

LPACTV: Obama Lies

Sorry Mr. President, Mass Strike Is On

LPACTV: Mass Strike Has Obama on the Run

From the Streets of America: The Mass Strike Revolt Is On!
By Jeff Steinberg Read it here

The most unfailing herald, companion and follower of the awakening of a great people to work a beneficial change in opinion or institution, is Poetry. At such periods there is an accumulation of the power of communicating and receiving intense and impassioned conceptions respecting man and nature. The persons in whom this power resides, may often as far as regards many portions of their nature have little apparent correspondence with that spirit of good of which they are the ministers. But even whilst they deny and abjure, they are yet compelled to serve, the Power which is seated on the throne of their own soul ... they are themselves perhaps the most sincerely astonished at its manifestations, for it is less their spirit than the spirit of the age.
Percy Bysshe Shelley, A Defence of Poetry, 1821

Click here to read about Obama's Nazi health care plan, the leading trigger of the current mass strike.

Updates on this subject:

Mass Strike Rattles Incumbents

Mass Strike Continues to Hit the Allies of Wall Street

Americans Turn to LaRouche in New Phase of Mass Strike

Viagra Can Only Get You So Far...

Mass Strike Spreads to Campuses; Protests Against Budget Cuts Sweep Nation

Nerobama in Rapid Self-Destruct Since Massachusetts

The Mass. Election: Not Republican, Not Democrat, But "The People"

Will Nero now murder Seneca?: The Charade is Ending

LaRouche: The Crisis of the Nero Presidency

Mass(.) Strike Ending the Flight of the Obama "Albatross"

After Health Vote, Will Congress Survive the Mass Strike?

Mass Strike Wave Hits California Campuses

Mass Strike Nails Congress at Town Meetings: "You Work for Us!" "What Kind of Health Care Do YOU Have?"

Rachel Brown To Take On Bailout Barney Frank

Shocking Defeat for Obama As Mass Strike Overwhelms Polls

For Head-in-Sand Senators, the Mass Strike Is Over

Hell Hits Detroit: LaRouche Plan Now!

20 Years Later, the Mass Strike Has Spread From DDR to U.S.A.

Signs Of The Dark Age: Mob Scene In Detroit; Budget Chaos In Illinois

Town Meeting Ferment Continues

Americans Respond to LaRouche's Warning: "Tell Us What to Do"

The Season of A Twentieth Anniversary: NOW, OCTOBER!  by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

White House Boasts It Can Ignore Mass Ferment, As Long As Insurance and Drug Companies Are Onboard

Mass Strike Simmering Over the Weekend

Obama To Spend the Next Three Days (Over)Exposing Himself

"Bailout Barney" Fantasizes that GOP Should Repudiate LaRouche

Boehner: We're in the Middle of a Political Rebellion in America

American People Are Revolting Against Financial Oligarchies

Millions Involved in U.S. Mass Strike

Warning to Obama: Beware Walking In the Footsteps of Honecker

Of Protest Crowds and Czars

Mass Strike Rally Outdraws Obama

Labor Day Rallies and Other Mass Events Continue Uproar Against Washington

Obama At the Crossroads: The Unitary Executive Issue

Cracks in the White House Facade

"The Big Winner in August Was LaRouche"

"Wir sind das Volk"—20 Years Ago

The Curtain Has Been Pulled on Wizard of Oz

Obama Going to Congress Is Move of Desperation

Obama: Hitler in the Bunker

Obama Moustache Seen Around World Again

Town Hall Meetings Draw Thousands

Obama To Address Congress

LPACTV: Is the Democratic Party Dead?

Mass Strike Closes August With a Bang

Will Obama Jump on the LaRouche Lifeboat?

Mass Strike Ferment Continues in US

Is The Democratic Party Already Dead?

New York Times: "EZ Kill" Emanuel Damaged Goods due to LaRouche

Washington Post Fails To Reinstate "Don't Mention LaRouche" Code

McCain Defends Charge of "Death Panels"

The Genie Is Out of the Bottle

Daschle to Obama: Get Out Of Sight! OTC: Morning Update August 24, 2009

Obama on the Ropes, As His Nazi Health-Care Scheme Crumbles

Plot To Kill President Obama; Shadows of British Intelligence

Veterans Administration Already Promotes Life Not worth Living

Expect Radical Changes Over Next 2 Weeks

British Cover LaRouche on NICE

LPACTV: The British Are Bad For Your Health

Press Hysteria Over LaRouche - Today's Grid

LYM Takes Lead At Barney Frank Town Hall Meeting

LYM Organizer Confronts Barney Frank At Town Hall Meeting

Blair's Circles React to LaRouche Breakout

Obama Team Scrambles

Mass Srike Process Expands With Town Meetings

ADL Boogyman is FBI Agent Provocateur

British Erupt Over U.S. Health Campaign

Dick Armey: LaRouche Behind Mass Protests

More Uproar at Town Hall Meetings

LPACTV: To Whom It May Concern...

Guns Appear at Arizona Obama Event

Obama's Health Care "Coalition" Continues to Shatter Into a Million Pieces

Coverage of LPAC Organizing to Stop Obama Hitler Continues

LPACTV: Debra Freeman Washington, DC Political Update

British Continue to Freak Out About U.S. Health Care Campaign

The White House Has Pulled Down its Flag

Congressional Letter Demanding 'No IMAC' Is Bipartisan, With 75 Signers

LaRouche Breaks Containment

British Come Forward To Defend Their System

Brits Staggered As Obama's Health Care Reform Falters

Brits Staggered As Obama's Health Care Reform Falters

Surgeons Attack Obama's Lying Statements

Congressional Resistance Mobilizes Against IMAC 'T-4' Board

Obama's Montana Event—Eyewitness Report

Nero Has Lost His Nerve

Obama'stache LaRouchePAC Poster Hits International Media

US Media Covers LaRouche

LaRouche's National Spokeswoman Interviewed Live On BBC

For Opportunistic Reasons, The British May Assassinate Obama

Washington Times: LaRouche Originated Obama-Hitler Poster

LPAC puts Senator Cardin on the Spot

Pelosi holds "Let them Eat Cake" Dem Party

Financial Times: It's "Ludicrous" to Accuse Our Boy Barack of Pushing "Euthanasia"

Author Hits "Obama's Euthanasia Mistake"

LPAC's Obama-stache on German TV

Do Not Believe A Word Obama Utters

Lyndon LaRouche Speaks on "Mass Strike"

Pelosi Goes Psycho Calling Opposition "Un-American''

OTC: Morning Update August 13, 2009

OTC: Evening Update August 12, 2009

OTC: Morning Update August 12, 2009

OTC: Evening Update August 11, 2009

Scared Citizenry Asserting Inalienable Rights

LPACTV: Lyndon LaRouche Speaks on "Mass Strike"

Lyndon LaRouche Speaks on "Mass Strike" (text)

OTC: Morning Update August 11, 2009

OTC: Evening Update August 8, 2009

Real Politics Have Reawakened!

Violence at Town Hall Meetings Committed by SEIU

The Mass Strike Explodes Congressional Town Meetings

The President and Legislative Branch Have Gone Into Hiding

LPACTV: Between Now and October

Mass Strike Process Overruns More Congressional Town Hall Meetings

Obama Freaks Out At LaRouche Attack on His Nazi Health Care Policy

Obama Doesn't Like His Moustache!

Soros-Backed, Big Pharma Join Forces for Obama's Nazi Health Reform

OTC: Evening Update August 7, 2009

Sen. Cornyn Demands That Obama Stop Compiling an Enemies List

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