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The British Crown, historically known in Australia as "The Money Power", is rapidly moving to cut the world's population to 1 billion people or so, which is all its collapsing world economic system can support. Rather than adjusting the system to meet the needs of the people, they aim to reduce the population to meet the needs of their system.
Knocking out Australia's food bowl, the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB), is a crucial part of not only depopulating Australia, but the world too—given that the Basin feeds around 60-80 million people.
If Australia goes along with this insanity, not only will we wipe out countless farmers and rural towns, we will be complicit in genocide on a worldwide scale. Read more of the detail below, and join the CEC to stop this plan in its tracks.

  • National Geographic Confronted by LPAC on Its Oligarchy Mobilization Against Food & Water—NAWAPA, Murray-Darling Basin
  • Watch the feature DVD:
    'Ecosystems': A Genocidal Fraud!
  • Download flyer:
    'Ecosystems': A Genocidal Fraud!
  • Download flyer:
    The Plot to Shut Down the Murray-Darling Basin Food Bowl:
    "Ecosystems" are a Genocidal Fraud!
  • Download flyer:
    'Ecosystems' are a Myth!
  • Download flyer:
    Isherwood: Defeat the Crown’s plot for genocide—Save the Murray-Darling Basin food bowl!
  • Download the Oct/Nov 2011 New Citizen:
    "Defeat the British Crown's Green Fascist Dictatorship" which shows how the Queen and Prince Philip used their power to force Australia to accept green fascism.
  • Download flyer:
    A Question for Queen Elizabeth:
    Why do you intend to murder 6 billion of the world's presently living 7 billion human beings, including 13-16 million Australians?

  • Download flyer:
    To save the food bowl and stop the carbon tax—Fight the Queen!
  • Download flyer:
    Brits reveal global green fascist "master plan"
  • Download Food Crisis flyer
  • Read about the Rizza report—Banks conspire with MDBA to shut down Basin
  • Download Dec/Jan 2010-11New Citizen, with the article 'Land Clearance' in the Murray-Darling basin—British Genocide in the 21st Century, here.
  • Download four page flyer:
    British Crown/City of London Orders Murray-Darling Basin Authority to Depopulate Australia, here.
  • Read the CEC article from August 2007, warning of the consequences of passing the 2007 Water Act.
         Download the 8 page New Citizen newspaper containing that article, here.

    CEC's campaign to stop the Murray-Darling Basin shutdown

    Click here to view updates on MDB fight on the Weekly Report

  • Australia Unshackled: Murray-Darling Basin fight update (Jan. 30)
  • CEC Public Statement to Murray-Darling Investigation:
          Video report.

  • LaRouche PAC Update:On the Ground from Australia, December 22, 2010
    Report from Glen Isherwood of the Citizens Electoral Council, on their fight to build NAWAPA and expose the lies of the British Empire and WWF linked environmentalists in Australia.

  • LaRouche PAC Update: International Front Against the British Empire - Australia, November 26, 2010
    As the British run Inter-Alpha Group of Banks collapsed, the British are still on the attack pushing genocide policies like the massive reduction of Australia's "Food Bowl" in an effort to reduce their population. Citizens Electoral Council member Glenn Isherwood gives the on the ground report.

  • What Opposition? Members of the Australian LaRouche Youth Movement put Tony Abbott on the mat following Echuca MDBA meeting (video).
  • CEC sets agenda for MDB fight at Narrandera
  • Video update from Echuca, by Glen Isherwood
  • 'MDB Fraud' forces farmers to face flaws in their Culture (Echuca report)
  • Address to the nation from Craig Isherwood: The history of the British genocidal "land clearances" planned for the Murray-Darling Basin
  • Privy Council smarting as CEC's MDBA interventions intensify (Sydney, Forbes, Dubbo & Bourke)
  • CEC continues to slam British source of MDBA depopulation plan (Brisbane)
  • How many will die if MDBA plan goes ahead? MDBA refuse to answer (Narrabri, Moree, St George, Goondiwindi & Dalby)
  • The Mass Strike: First they wanted to tax CO2, now they want to TAKE YOUR FOOD AWAY! (Shepparton, Deniliquin & Griffith)


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    Media Releases

    Isherwood: Defeat the Crown’s plot for genocide—Save the Murray-Darling Basin food bowl!
    21st of November 2011

    Does the Queen intend to kill you?
    Read the latest New Citizen: “Defeat the British Crown’s Green Fascist Dictatorship”

    20th of October 2011

    Burke won’t say how many Aussies will be eliminated
    18th of May 2011

    To save the food bowl and stop the carbon tax—Fight the Queen!
    13th of May 2011

    Food production being slashed:
    CEC Weekly Report exposes British attack on Aussie food security, sovereignty

    13th of April 2011

    Isherwood: Declare parity prices for farmers and knock Coles and Woolies out
    8th of March 2011

    CEC Chairman blasts British Crown conspiracy to shut down the Murray-Darling Basin
    18th of February 2011

    Tony Windsor unmasks himself as a fraud
    3rd of February 2011

    Isherwood declares “War of National Liberation against the British Empire”
    24th of January 2011

    The Glass-Steagall principle: Floods decimate food production—farm debt moratorium NOW!
    14th of January 2011

    Big dams: has Tony Abbott joined the CEC?
    11th of January 2011

    Genocidalists impose water restrictions on food producers during flood
    7th of January 2011

    Isherwood: Blame flood damage on greenie/free market British imperialism
    5th of January 2011

    Banks in conspiracy with MDBA for mass foreclosures;
    CEC demands farm debt moratorium to protect farmers from banks

    21st of December 2010

    Green vandals lay waste with ‘environmental flows’
    14th of December 2010

    Food bowl executioner gone—now let’s get rid of the judge and jury
    9th of December 2010

    Save the food bowl!
    Mobilise with CEC’s New Citizen exposé on Murray-Darling genocide plot

    7th of December 2010

    Isherwood: “These aren’t scientists, these are whores!”
    2nd of December 2010

    CEC/LYM rip Abbott’s mask on Murray-Darling
    17th of November 2010

    Isherwood: Murray-Darling is another British imperial land-clearance; i.e. genocide
    9th of November 2010

    Global production breakdown threatens billions of people—
    World needs expanded Murray-Darling Basin food bowl!

    3rd of November 2010

    Murray-Darling Basin Authority covers for depopulators’ role in basin shutdown
    26th of October 2010

    British Crown/City of London orders Murray-Darling Basin Authority to depopulate Australia
    19th of October 2010

    Murray-Darling shutdown interferes with nature; who benefits?
    8th of October 2010

    Grafton floodwaters would save Murray-Darling—build the Clarence Scheme!
    25th of May 2009

    Mass-starvation looms from world food shortage:
    Rudd policy to shut down food production in Murray-Darling Basin is genocide

    16th of April 2008

    The real story behind Howard’s Murray-Darling water legislation
    13th of August 2007

    Was Bracks forced to resign?
    28th July 2007

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