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CEC testimony to Murray-Darling Inquiry:

Government has forfeited the right to exist!

The following text was read to the Griffith meeting of the Murray-Darling Inquiry convened by Federal MP Tony Windsor.

Good morning. My name is Glen Isherwood, I represent the Citizens Electoral Council. The Citizens Electoral Council is an Independent Political Party that represents thousands of farmers and concerned citizens, from all over Australia.

I would like to establish four main points, which I shall simply state right now, that have been elaborated in quite some detail in our New Citizen newspaper, which was also our submission to the Inquiry.

Number one: The entire so-called "science" of "ecosystems", of "river health", and of "wetlands" on which this so-called Basin reform is based, is just plain quackery. It has no more reality to it than the fraud of so-called "climate change", which is now widely discredited. Any honest duck would be ashamed of this "wetlands" nonsense.

Number two: As is acknowledged by everyone concerned, this entire process of cutting water to agriculture in the Basin, has been 100% directed by a supra-national body; the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Ramsar was founded by and is just a front for the world's two major so-called "environmental" lobbies, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). Both of these are provably British Imperial bodies, dedicated to the preservation of the still-existing British Empire, and to the looting and destruction of any sovereign nations—in this case Australia.

Number three: All environmentalism in the post-World War II period was founded by leading figures of the British Eugenics Society, and its various fronts. Thus, the openly stated purpose of the WWF and the IUCN, and their clones here in Australia, such as the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, is so-called "population reduction", namely, genocide. That is the purpose of these so-called "water reforms" in the Basin!

Number Four: It is the Citizens Electoral Council's view, that all of the so-called science, premised on arguments of 'conserving' eco-systems in a 'natural' state, independent of all human activity, as is pushed under Ramsar, and which forms the environmental objectives of the Water Act, is both impossible, and actually destructive.

Rather, the Citizens Electoral Council are of the firm conviction, that human beings, through their natural intervention into the biosphere, as is exemplified through the construction of dams and irrigation, can improve the biosphere allowing it to support more and more life.

Contrary to the environmentalist ideology, human creativity can improve nature, where nature itself never could. While we have not mastered the ability to prevent droughts, and floods, we have the knowledge and creativity to live with them, to mitigate them, and to continually increase our mastery of nature, for the good of both mankind, and the biosphere as a whole.

In light of this, Mr. Chairman, I, on behalf of the Citizens Electoral Council, recommend the following several actions be taken up by all the Committee members of this Inquiry, and by all members of the Australian Parliament:

First: Repeal the 2007 Water Act.

Second: Put in place a Farm Debt Moratorium, and Protective Measures for Homeowners, along the lines of what the Citizens Electoral Council has called for in draft legislation, titled the Productive Industries and Farms Domestic Debt Moratorium, Amelioration, and Restructuring Bill 1994 and The Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill 2008.

And Thirdly: Rebuild the Physical Economy of Australia, with a National Government Owned Bank like the original Commonwealth Bank, that can extend credit at low interest rates, to farmers and other productive industries, to finance the rebuilding and upgrading of our nation's infrastructure. This must also include new large scale infrastructure projects such as the Clarence River Scheme and the long overdue Bradfield Scheme.

To conclude, Mr Chairman, I would like to quote New South Wales Premier Jack Lang:

"The one God-given, inalienable right of man, is the right to live.

If man or woman is denied the right to work, they still retain the right to live.

The Government that fails to realise that, has forfeited the right to exist."


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