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A new concept of Infrastructure



The Nuclear-Thermonuclear NAWAPA XXI

Emergency Resolution: Glass Steagall, National Banking & NAWAPA XXI

Click here to download NAWAPA XXI--PDF

Nawapa XXI
Download PDF pamphlet here.
This report is written as a proposal for action, to be immediately undertaken by elected officials of government.
It is written as a handbook for patriots who seek to re-establish the United States as a leader in science, technology, and industry.
It is written for those who seek to restore a vigorous use of the powers which have been rightly bestowed upon our institutions of government in order to act in the interests of the nation.
In this report, you will find a plan described in detail to:
• Employ millions in productive labor and restore U.S. manufacturing.
• Re-establish water, food, and power security for North America, establish a continental system of drought and flood control, and develop new infrastructure corridors involving most of the continent.
• Restore the U.S. system of public credit.
• Demonstrate man’s ability to improve on nature.
This edition is a working document, to be followed by a second based on input from qualified professionals. Send comments and suggestions to NAWAPAXXI@larouchepac.com

Click here to view the video

November 24th, 2011 • 12:00 PM
The true story of the fight for NAWAPA, spanning the 60s and early 70s, as told through the words of Utah's Senator Frank Moss.

NAWAPA: 1964 Pre-Release Interview
Oyang Teng and Michael Kirsch, both of whom helped to produce the upcoming LPAC feature film, "NAWAPA 1964", discuss the film's content and its implications for the current fight to make NAWAPA a reality.

JFK Speeches Toward a Nation Wide TVA
To better understand the significance of NAWAPA 1964, LaRouchePAC presents to you the memory of JFK, by means of six speeches on the subject of national resources. In this period of national amnesia, and on the eve of general war to which our nation is being dragged by this same amnesia, remember our last expression of national pride, John F. Kennedy; remember through these films a legacy which is your own, even if you are unaware of that fact.

A Tour of NAWAPA
Any economic recovery of the United States depends upon the immediate implementation of the NAWAPA program. The LaRouche PAC Basement Team presents a four part breakdown of the NAWAPA mega-project.
For a 3-D interactive map of the NAWAPA project, click here.

NAWAPA'S Continental Implications
By utilizing the natural topographical and climatological features of the north American land mass for mankind's engineering of an improved environment, NAWAPA embodies planetary development. However, beyond the scope of the NAWAPA system itself, when we look at the full implementation and construction of the NAWAPA system, including the logistical support and needed supply lines, the management of resources in related areas, and new continental scientific studies, the need for this approach to economy stands out in full.

The Extended NAWAPA Project: A Eurasian Case-Study
A discussion of the implications for the USA's NAWAPA project for greater Eurasia.
"Implementing NAWAPA in the United States can catalyze a planet-wide era of biospheric engineering. A project similar in principle to NAWAPA for Central Asia, referenced by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, is the central case study presented here."

NAWAPA: The Lost Art of Bioengineering
Humankind’s harmony with nature is his ability to raise it to higher and higher levels of organization, and consequently our actions harmonize nature’s ability to be raised to higher and higher levels by man. This brings our species closer to completely managing the biosphere as a whole, increasingly giving us the power and ability to leave this planet in search of taking our graceful art of Bioengineering to remote distances. NAWAPA will be our first step in accomplishing that goal.

Building NAWAPA: a Discussion with Experts
The people of the united states who should be running policy must now fight for this NAWAPA policy, a policy which would guarantee a change toward an increase in the power of our economy and guarantee a reversal of the total collapse of the technological potential of the United States. For this purpose, view and take part in this discussion with relevant experts around the country, as to what kind of transformation, and process, is involved in the implementation, and future effects of the design for the North American Water and Power Alliance.

Interactive NAWAPA Map launched

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LPACTV—The 21st Century TVA: NAWAPA

NAWAPA: The Tennessee Valley Authority
of the 21st Century

NAWAPA from the Standpoint of
Biospheric Development

Weekly Report with Lyndon LaRouche,
Aug. 4, 2010

Weekly Report with Lyndon LaRouche,
July 28, 2010

Excerpt: LaRouche announces NAWAPA project

Basement Roundtable on NAWAPA

NAWAPA, Biogenic Migration & Water (PDF)

OTC: LPAC's program for anthropogenic climate change

Least-Action, Evolution, and NAWAPA

Special OTC Basement Roundtable on NAWAPA

NAWAPA: Water for Life

Unemployment and NAWAPA

Why Green Plants Hate Solar Cells: An Interview with Sky Shields

OTC Interview—NAWAPA: The Platform Economy

NAWAPA Interview: Irrigation In The Southwest

NAWAPA Interview Wayne Voelz
Wayne Voelz, a Land Development Project Manager discusses the implementation of NAWAPA, from the standpoint of projects he's worked on, and its impact on the creation of new agricultural land in Arizona and the southwest.

NAWAPA Interview: on the Machine Tool Principle
Machinists Terry and Bob Kirkpatrick discuss the principle of how machine tools turn an idea into reality. This is essential for NAWAPA, where many things will need to be brought into existence that have never been seen before.

NAWAPA Interview: Dewitt Moss on Water Resources & Nuclear Power
An interview with former Idaho National Water Resources Association (NWRA) Director and Nuclear Engineer Dewitt Moss on water resources management and nuclear power.

NAWAPA Interview: Howard Chang on Water Projects
An interview with Civil Engineer Howard Chang on the impact and scale of NAWAPA's water projects.

NAWAPA Interview: Mark Riley on Biosystems, December 4, 2010

NAWAPA Interview: Dr. Howard Chang on Water Projects, December 4, 2010

NAWAPA Interview: Joseph Montgomery on The Future of Geology, December 3, 2010



Introduction to NAWAPA XXI
Michael Kirsch introduces the new LaRouchePAC Special Report: NAWAPA XXI. This report is written as a proposal for action, to be immediately undertaken by elected officials of government. It is written as a handbook for patriots who seek to re-establish the United States as a leader in science, technology, and industry.

NAWAPA XXI Overview: Section I
March 26th, 2012 • 8:07 AM
Principal author of the just released special report, NAWAPA XXI, Michael Kirsch, continues his elaboration of the future-oriented NAWAPA policy, in this overview of Section I of the report. For the introduction video, click here.

NAWAPA XXI Overview: Section II
April 2nd, 2012 • 10:29 AM
Principal author of the just released special report, NAWAPA XXI, Michael Kirsch, continues his elaboration of the future-oriented NAWAPA policy, in this overview of Section II of the report.

NAWAPA XXI Overview: Section III, Public Credit Principal author of NAWAPA XXI, Michael Kirsch, continues his elaboration of the future-oriented NAWAPA policy, in this overview of Section III of the report, titled "How NAWAPA XXI Will Restore the U.S. System of Public Credit." For the introduction video, click here.

NAWAPA XXI: Dear Ron Paul Supporter
As a continuation of the overview of Section III of the NAWAPA XXI Special Report, Michael Kirsch turns to specifically address the supporters of Ron Paul.

How We Built NAWAPA XXI: Generations
The First Episode of the "How We Built NAWAPA XXI" series, the record of the generation that built the largest project in the history of our continent. Episode I: Generations.

NAWAPA XXI Animated Overview
Drawing heavily from our special report, the NAWAPA XXI Animated Overview introduces the overall purpose and function of the project.

NAWAPA XXI - Impact on Industry
April 30th 2012 • 9:36AM
Drawing heavily from our special report, "NAWAPA XXI - Impact on Industry" highlights the amount of resources and machines needed to build the project. Go to the NAWAPA XXI homepage for more details. Click here for the animated overview.

NAWAPA XXI Slideshow Presentation
Principle author of the NAWAPA XXI Special Report, Michael Kirsch presents an in-depth overview of the NAWAPA XXI plan. Join us and organize for NAWAPA XXI today!

NAWAPA XXI: Water & Agriculture
May 12th, 2012 • 10:20 PM
Drawing heavily from our special report, "NAWAPA XXI: Water & Agriculture" goes through the amount water that will be transferred to the Southwestern U.S. and its impact on agriculture. Go to the NAWAPA XXI homepage for more details. Click here for the animated overview.

Discussion: NAWAPA XXI & Public Credit
Michael Kirsch, principle author of NAWAPA XXI, sits down with Paul Gallagher of EIR to discuss the details of how to fund such a project as NAWAPA XXI, and the urgent need to implement Glass-Steagall as its first step.

NAWAPA XXI - Feature
This is the executive in-depth 30 minute tour of NAWAPA XXI, produced for water specialists, farmers, policy makers, and others who will be able to put their weight behind this life-like vision of the future.

The Extended NAWAPA Project: The Possibilities of Africa
Africa is full of potential, but only mankind attaining political and moral maturity, can allow it to come fourth. This video introduces a few key infrastructure projects for Africa, which are ready to be built along side the NAWAPA and the Eurasian Landbridge. And it will be good.

The Extended NAWAPA: Arctic Development
As was presented elsewhere on this website, the NAWAPA program, if seen correctly, represents the choice to take responsibility for the destiny of all life on Earth, and it is a foretaste of what is yet to come, the managed extension of life into the rest of our solar system and beyond, a future that can only be ushered in by man. This relationship of man to nature was known to Vernadsky as the Noosphere. On this occasion, we shall investigate further this relationship, as it is expressed in the development of the Arctic.

Taming the Darien Gap
Here we present another extension of the global NAWAPA program and the completion of the world land bridge: the bridging of the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia, and the development of economic platforms for South America more generally. This particular project has been under attack by the British Empire's lackeys for most of the 20th century; similar to the Bering Strait connection, it represents a potentially unique economic singularity which they wish to suppress.

Taming the Darién Gap: Interview
Ed Hamler interviews Meghan Rouillard on the next project in the Extended NAWAPA Program: The Darién Gap.

North to the Future: Trans-Arctic Sea Routes
We review the impulse among leaders from around the Arctic, including Russia, Alaska, and nations in Scandinavia, to shift the maritime center of gravity of the planet from the Atlantic Ocean, and shipping channels such as the Suez Canal-- which has always been a geopolitical choke point for British imperial policy-- towards the fabled Northeast Passage, or Northern Sea Route. Recent expeditions have proven that shipping from Europe to Asia via the north pole is substantially faster and economically cheaper than the conventional routes through the Atlantic.

The Extended NAWAPA
LPAC presents a picture of how the NAWAPA concept will manifest across the globe. We take a look at four crucial case studies: Africa, Central Asia, Ibero-America and the Arctic.

The Cosmic Implications of NAWAPA

Biogenic Migration of Atoms: Nitrogen

Nuclear Power: An Inside Story
Remember when the United States was once a leader in nuclear power development? ..What happened?
Here we present the inside story, told by four experts representing the top levels of nuclear technology, who lived through the intentional shutdown of nuclear power in the United States.

Interview with Transportation Engineer Dr. Wen Cheng
Dr. Wen Cheng discusses how magnetic levitation works and the importance of a maglev transportation system from the standpoint of NAWAPA. Stay tune for more.

NAWAPA and Biospheric Engineering
Click here for the transcript.

Our Extraterrestrial Imperative An interview with Dr. Joan Vernikos
Dr. Joan Vernikos, former head of NASA's Life Sciences Division (1993-2000), and a member of the National Academy of Sciences Space Studies Board, discusses the importance of manned space flight, from the standpoint of nearly 50 years of experience in the field of space biology.

NAWAPA Interview: Water Pathogens
Water treatment experts Mark Riley and Chuck Gerba discuss considerations of the NAWAPA water management system. They address such issues as reservoir and canal water quality, and the challenges of bacterial and viral issues which be faced in the NAWAPA project.

NAWAPA Interview: Dam building

Tom Hanley, Oregon based Civil Engineer, discusses considerations for dam building in the NAWAPA project.

NAWAPA Interview: Maglev Technologies

Maglev expert Elwin Hennis discusses the prospects for Maglev technology.

NAWAPA Interview: Hal Cooper on World Landbridge

LPAC-TV interviews American Rail Engineer Hal Cooper, who was also featured in NAWAPA: A Discussion with Experts, on the related proposal for a world land-bridge of high speed rail and related infrastructure corridors. Among other things, Hal discusses some of the nodes of the world land bridge yet to be completed, including the Darien Gap and Being Strait connections.

NAWAPA Interview: Construction Approach

More NAWAPA interviews here.

NAWAPA: Building the Future
In this week's edition of NAWAPA: Building the Future, the evolution of the NAWAPA program through related discussions and video studies will be reviewed, and viewers will be caught up to speed on the status the U.S. economic recovery.

NAWAPA: Building the Future
In this week's edition of NAWAPA: Building the Future, a collection of interviews on various aspects of NAWAPA's construction are reviewed and discussed. Featured in these interviews are considerations of and possibilities for its dams, canals, tunnels, and pumps, as well as potential use of water in the Southwest.

NAWAPA: Building the Future (4)

NAWAPA: Building The Future (5)

NAWAPA: Building the Future, Dec. 13, 2010

For Lack of NAWAPA... - July 2, 2011

Redefine the concept of Green page


Map of NAWAPA: North American Water and Power Alliance

'Infrastructure' does not merely signify a supplementing of the development of production and communication; it represents the developing foundation on which the progress of the power of production depends: the development of the powers of production are dependent upon the advances in technology in infrastructure." --The Folly of Chronic Wars, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

How we conceive of the role of infrastructure in the coming decades will thus play a determining role as to the successful recovery of society today from the collapse currently underway. The lack of proper investment in, not only maintaining our existing infrastructure, such as water systems, locks and dams, rail corridors, and power systems, but also in promoting the application of higher levels of technology to new more advanced forms of infrastructure, has created the basis for the collapse now being faced. Accordingly, with the establishment of a new global credit system, a key phase of the LaRouche Plan for economic recovery involves massive investment into new modes of infrastructure.

These new modes of infrastructure will usher in a shift in Mankind's relationship to the Biosphere and Lithosphere. With projects such as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), redistributing vast amounts of water across almost every North American river basin, Mankind will be transforming not only the local characteristics of regions, but will be beginning to take into his hands fundamental relationships that the Earth as a whole has to solar and cosmic radiation. Only by such relationships becoming conscious objects of thought (and domains of action) will Mankind prepare for the deeper challenges which must be overcome as we expand our places of habitation and exploration out into the Solar System.

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