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NAWAPA: Building the Future
In this week's edition of NAWAPA: Building the Future, a collection of interviews on various aspects of NAWAPA's construction are reviewed and discussed. Featured in these interviews are considerations of and possibilities for its dams, canals, tunnels, and pumps, as well as potential use of water in the Southwest.

NAWAPA Interview: Water Pathogens
Water treatment experts Mark Riley and Chuck Gerba discuss considerations of the NAWAPA water management system. They address such issues as reservoir and canal water quality, and the challenges of bacterial and viral issues which be faced in the NAWAPA project.

NAWAPA Interview: Irrigation In The Southwest

NAWAPA Interview Wayne Voelz
Wayne Voelz, a Land Development Project Manager discusses the implementation of NAWAPA, from the standpoint of projects he's worked on, and its impact on the creation of new agricultural land in Arizona and the southwest.

NAWAPA Interview: on the Machine Tool Principle
Machinists Terry and Bob Kirkpatrick discuss the principle of how machine tools turn an idea into reality. This is essential for NAWAPA, where many things will need to be brought into existence that have never been seen before.

NAWAPA Interview: Dewitt Moss on Water Resources & Nuclear Power
An interview with former Idaho National Water Resources Association (NWRA) Director and Nuclear Engineer Dewitt Moss on water resources management and nuclear power.

NAWAPA: Building the Future
In this week's edition of NAWAPA: Building the Future, the evolution of the NAWAPA program through related discussions and video studies will be reviewed, and viewers will be caught up to speed on the status the U.S. economic recovery.

NAWAPA Interview: Howard Chang on Water Projects
An interview with Civil Engineer Howard Chang on the impact and scale of NAWAPA's water projects.

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