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Elghi E. Segovia: THE POWER OF DEVELOPMENT, Dec. 22, 2010
Civil Engineer Elghi E. Segovia discusses his extensive experience constructing dams and other water projects in the Himalayas and South America and what we can learn from this to implement NAWAPA.

Montreal NAWAPA Conference: Arctic Development, Dec. 22, 2010
For the second of two presentations at the recent NAWAPA conference in Montreal, Quebec, Peter Martinson presents some of the potential that lies in Canada's Arctic region, including vast resources potential, which will be opened up through the construction of NAWAPA and the Bering Strait tunnel. As the Aurora Borealis should indicate, opening the Arctic really means opening the Solar System and the Galaxy to Human understanding and intervention.

British Ops in Asia: Strategic Implications of the Korean Crisis, December 21, 2010
The recent provocations on the Korean Peninsula are curious to say the least, as they seem to be local incidents. But a strategic view shows us that the British Monetary empire is up to their old tricks again, provoking destabilization attempts in Asia, and especially China, to kill any prospect for development.

NAWAPA Interview: Gary Bryant
Under NAWAPA, West Texas is estimated to receive 12 million acre feet of water for agriculture per year, a large portion of which will flow into the Pecos River. Gary Bryant, a manager of Texas' Pecos River, and water specialist for Texas A & M AgLife Extension Service, discusses some of what it is going to take to move water through the NAWAPA system, and into Texas.

Basement Interview: On What Makes Sense
Alicia Cerretani interviews Basement Research Team member Sky Shields on the issue of sense perception, as treated by Lyndon LaRouche in his latest report, "Science's Next New Undertaking: What Makes Sense?"

Modern Day C.C.C.
The building of NAWAPA necessitates the we also implement a Modern Day Civilian Conservation Corp in order to bridge the gap between our society's past knowledge and experience in productivity and today's current no-future generation.

240th Anniversary of Beethoven's Birth - A Special Musical Offering, December 16, 2010
In celebration of the 240th anniversary of the birth of the immortal Ludwig van Beethoven, we bring you a performance which members of the LaRouche movement in Germany recorded on March 25th, 2010 in Berlin, of the final choral movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D-major.

NAWAPA: Building the Future, December 13, 2010
In this episode of Building the Future, we review the completion of the first phase of our national organizing drive for NAWAPA, culminating in the December 4 regional conferences, as we set our sights on phase 2.

Biogenic Migration of Atoms: Nitrogen
The nitrogen cycle is one of the many flows that are fundamental to the biogenic migration of atoms in the Biosphere and, potentially, beyond.

The Cosmic Implications of NAWAPA
An investigation into the electromagnetic processes of our planet, as they are connected to the broader domain of comic radiation, with emphasis on the interface of these processes with life in the oceans, and the implications this holds for man in the universe, as we intervene into this dynamic through the extended NAWAPA project.

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