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NAWAPA Interview: The Dakota Canal, November 24, 2010
Ed Ross, former MN state hydrogeologist, discusses NAWAPA's Dakota Canal, which will bring 11 Million Acre Feet of water per year to the Dakota's and supplement the Mississippi River flows.

NAWAPA Interview: Construction Management
Warren Plugge, Construction Management Professor at Central Washington University, discusses the role of construction management in organizing the building of NAWAPA.

NAWAPA Interview: Hal Cooper on World Landbridge
LPAC-TV interviews American Rail Engineer Hal Cooper, who was also featured in NAWAPA: A Discussion with Experts, on the related proposal for a world land-bridge of high speed rail and related infrastructure corridors. Among other things, Hal discusses some of the nodes of the world land bridge yet to be completed, including the Darien Gap and Being Strait connections.

NAWAPA Interview: Maglev Technologies
Maglev expert Elwin Hennis discusses the prospects for Maglev technology.

NAWAPA Interview: Dam building
Tom Hanley, Oregon based Civil Engineer, discusses considerations for dam building in the NAWAPA project.

Nuclear Power: An Inside Story
Remember when the United States was once a leader in nuclear power development? ..What happened?
Here we present the inside story, told by four experts representing the top levels of nuclear technology, who lived through the intentional shutdown of nuclear power in the United States.

Interview with Transportation Engineer Dr. Wen Cheng
Dr. Wen Cheng discusses how magnetic levitation works and the importance of a maglev transportation system from the standpoint of NAWAPA. Stay tune for more.

NAWAPA and Biospheric Engineering
Click here for the transcript.

Our Extraterrestrial Imperative An interview with Dr. Joan Vernikos
Dr. Joan Vernikos, former head of NASA's Life Sciences Division (1993-2000), and a member of the National Academy of Sciences Space Studies Board, discusses the importance of manned space flight, from the standpoint of nearly 50 years of experience in the field of space biology.

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