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Stop Bail-In 2016
Warning, Hybrid Bail-In Bonds

Click here to go to the campaign page for the CEC's 2017 fight to stop bail-in—the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017

Bail-In News

Warning to Australian investors: Beware hybrid securities, aka ‘bail-in’ bonds!
CEC Media Release
8 July 2016

‘Bail-in’ update: Dear Treasurer, are you kidding?
CEC Media Release
28 April 2016

'Bail-in': They plan to steal your personal bank deposits and pensions!
CEC Media Release
22 March 2016
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Bail-in update: why did CBA need $910 million in a hurry?
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.10
9 March 2016

Glass-Steagall or bust as bail-in plan falters
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.9
2 March 2016

Plan to bail-in EU governments’ bonds will be end of sovereignty
by Craig Isherwood
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.8
24 February 2016

Glass-Steagall vs ‘bail-in’ debate heats up in Europe, USA
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.8
24 February 2016

New Zealand is Australia’s back door for bail-in
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.7
19 February 2016

Heads I win, tails you lose: derivatives gamblers concocted ‘bail-in’
by Robert Barwick
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.7
19 February 2016
VIDEO: The derivatives casino dealers who cooked up bail-in (The CEC Report)

Derivatives ‘fire accelerator’ spreads banking contagion
by Elisa Barwick
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.7
19 February 2016

Oil and gas sector a derivatives time bomb
CEC Media Release
9 February 2016

Nothing can save derivatives debt bubble—cancel it!
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.5
3 February 2016

Bail-in fiasco in Italy
Elisa Barwick, Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.5
3 February 2016

European bail-ins continue to fuel global crash
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.4
28 January 2016

Europe reels under bail-in shock
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.3
20 January 2016

New Bail-In regime in Effect: Stop Zombie Banks taking your savings and your life
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.1-2
13 January 2016

Australia already under effective bail-in regime
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.1-2
13 January 2016

Dodd-Frank prioritises derivatives in bank bail-in
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.1-2
13 January 2016

Only Glass Steagall bank separation can stop deadly bail-in
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.1-2
13 January 2016

Financial Mudslide Goes On, Bail-In Has Shut Down European Bond Markets
By Paul Gallagher
Economics Editor, Executive Intelligence Review
8 January 2016

A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bail-Ins Begin
by Ellen Brown, The Web of Debt Blog
29 December 2015

The evidence of bail-in coming to Australia

‘Missionary’ Abbott’s anti-Christian creed: banks and markets first!
30 January 2014

Reserve Bank chief endorses ‘bail-in’, expects it in Hockey’s financial system inquiry
16 December 2013

Full-page ad in today’s Australian calls for Glass-Steagall, National Bank
3 December 2013

Goose-stepping, fist-pumping Joe Hockey proclaims: austerity over democracy!
27 November 2013

‘Bail-in’ denials exposed as lies! Media, ratings agencies confirm CEC’s warning that deposit-stealing is planned for Australia
14 November 2013

'Bail-in' führer demands G20 countries enact deposit-stealing within year
1 November 2013

Bankers' boy Hockey & the foreign investment lie
23 October 2013

Isherwood: There is already a solution to 'Too Big To Fail' banks—Glass-Steagall!
12 September 2013

Two-faced Joe Hockey lied about the GFC, is lying now about your deposits
23 August 2013

The real reason Rudd delayed the election? To plot stealing our deposits at G20 summit
1 August 2013

Detroit bankruptcy—the horror of 'bail-in'
25 July 2013

U.S. moves closer to Glass-Steagall banking separation; Australia must follow
19 July 2013

The plot thickens: international deposit-stealers at FSB install key guy as Rudd's chief of staff
11 July 2013

Federal MPs covering for planned theft of all bank deposits
5 July 2013

Only Glass-Steagall can head off planned bankers' coup, genocide!
28 June 2013

Thieves in pin-stripes: Joe Hockey—covering for the banks who intend to steal your deposits?
25 June 2013

Stop Parliament from secretly legislating to steal deposits;
demand Glass-Steagall law instead

19 June 2013

Kill the BIS-APRA bank ‘bail-in’ plan before it kills you!
5 June 2013

Stealing bank deposits now official policy; if you don’t want to be robbed, demand Glass-Steagall
3 April 2013

The Cyprus option, or Glass-Steagall?
26 March 2013

FINANCIAL ALERT: What is the Commonwealth Bank hiding?
22 February 2013

Glass-Steagall News (Archive)

All you need to know about Glass-Steagall CEC March 2015 Conference

Download Glass-Steagall Now! which documents all you need to know about the policy.

Download this booklet with presentations given at the CEC's March 2015 conference outlining the solutions.

A Pecora moment awaits (PDF)

The historical proof ring-fencing will not work (PDF)

Kay: If ring-fencing works, it will be Glass-Steagall

Glass-Steagall debate rages! David Murray attacks calls to break up Big Four banks
CEC Media Release
21 June 2016

Escalate Operation Glass-Steagall—make the banks scream!
CEC Media Release
14 June 2016

Treasurer proves why Australia needs Glass-Steagall banking separation NOW!
CEC Media Release
16 May 2016

Election 2016: CEC announces Operation Glass-Steagall
CEC Media Release
12 May 2016

As bail-in scheme backfires, Glass-Steagall or bust
CEC Media Release
4 March 2016

An unlikely champion for Glass-Steagall surfaces
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.9
2 March 2016

Economist John Kay echoes CEC—separate banking from gambling
CEC Media Release
4 February 2016

Banks are using us to hedge their bets
Ross Gittins, Sydney Morning Herald
2 February 2016

Michigan State Senators introduce Glass-Steagall Resolution
28 January 2016

The casino is sinking—save us all with Glass-Steagall
CEC Media Release
21 January 2016

Washington State and South Carolina Introduce State Memorials to Congress to Restore Glass Steagall Act
20 January 2016

Why the Washington Post’s campaign against Glass-Steagall?
By Paul Gallagher, Executive Intelligence Review
20 January 2016

170 Economists endorse Bernie Sanders' call for Glass-Steagall
14 January 2016

"The Big Short" and Bernie's Plan to Bust Up Wall Street
Robert Reich
11 January 2016

Will Congress step up to a Glass-Steagall moment?
Australian Alert Service Vol.18 No.1-2
13 January 2016

Clinton and Summers are wrong on Sanders's Glass-Steagall proposal
By Robert C. Hockett, The Hill
5 January 2016

CEC Report segments addressing Bail-In:
Click to watch on YouTube:

19 February 2016
The derivatives casino dealers who cooked up bail-in

15 January 2016
1. Bankers panic in crash of 2016—keep calm and enact Glass-Steagall
2. Without Glass-Steagall, Australian bank deposits will be bailed in  (LINK)

8 January 2016
1. 2016 opens with financial bang
2. Depositor bail-in takes effect across EU, well underway in Australia  (LINK)

13 June 2014
Hungry Joe's whoppers must end! Bail-in an open secret

21 March 2014
Architects of bail-in get their banking dictatorship over Europe

14 March 2014
Bail-in legislation for Australia still pending—what's in it?

13 December 2013
Join the fight to stop "bail-in": Robert Barwick and Craig Isherwood examine the evidence of bail-in plans for Australia

15 November 2013
Bail-in emerges from the shadows

27 September 2013
Starvation increases in post-bail-in Cyprus

23 August 2013
Hockey’s lies exposed! Don’t let this banker stooge pass bail-in

27 June 2013
The bankers’ goose step: "bail-in"

21 June 2013
Derail the secret bail-in legislation train

14 June 2013
CEC's days of action to stop 'bail-in' are the first shots in battle

22 March 2013
Without Glass-Steagall, Cyprus will happen here

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