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"Bail-in"—the British Crown's Plot for Global Genocide

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The Evidence of a Bail-In Law Planned for Australia

     After five years of budget-sapping “bail-out” packages for the international banks and unlimited money-printing by the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bank of England and European Central Bank under megatrillion-dollar “quantitative easing” programs, the global financial oligarchy has now hoisted the banner of “bail-in” for their terminally ill Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions (G-SIFIs). Banks in trouble from gambling with derivatives will no longer be “bailed out” at government and taxpayer expense, so the line goes, but “bailed in” by docking their own shareholders and creditors, including depositors. As shown by the Cyprus confiscation template and the involuntary conversion of ordinary depositors into shareholders in Spain, “bail-in” means unlimited stealing from businesses and the population. Major international forums like the G20 have been stampeded into endors ing the “bail-in” model.

     The Financial Stability Board of the financial oligarchy’s Bank for International Settlements also deems it essential for every major nation to adopt individual enabling legislation for bail-ins. Australia is no exception, but the FSB’s minions hope you won’t find out about it beforehand. Even members of Parliament have difficulty obtaining information from government financial institutions about the status of this legislation. But the FSB confirms that it is “in train.” The documents cited below illustrate the bankers’ intense push for an Australian bail-in law during 2010-13.

Stop "bail-in" mobilisation!

Download the Aug/Sept/Oct 2013 New Citizen, "'Bail-in'—the British Crown's Plot for Global Genocide" (Preview here)

Download the April/May/June 2013 New Citizen, "Do You Intend To Die For The Banks?" (Preview here)

Download mobilisation flyers/media releases to take to your MP, bank manager, local media, or to distribute:

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30th of January 2014

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16th of December 2013

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3rd of December 2013

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27th of November 2013

14th of November 2013
‘Bail-in’ denials exposed as lies! Media, ratings agencies confirm CEC’s warning that deposit-stealing is planned for Australia

1st of November 2013
'Bail-in' führer demands G20 countries enact deposit-stealing within year

23rd of October 2013
Bankers' boy Hockey & the foreign investment lie

12th of September 2013
Isherwood: There is already a solution to 'Too Big To Fail' banks—Glass-Steagall!

23rd of August 2013
Two-faced Joe Hockey lied about the GFC, is lying now about your deposits

1st of August 2013
The real reason Rudd delayed the election? To plot stealing our deposits at G20 summit

25th of July 2013
Detroit bankruptcy—the horror of 'bail-in'

19th of July 2013
U.S. moves closer to Glass-Steagall banking separation; Australia must follow

11th of July 2013
The plot thickens: international deposit-stealers at FSB install key guy as Rudd's chief of staff

5th of July 2013
Federal MPs covering for planned theft of all bank deposits

28th of June 2013
Only Glass-Steagall can head off planned bankers' coup, genocide!

25th of June 2013
Thieves in pin-stripes: Joe Hockey—covering for the banks who intend to steal your deposits?

19th of June 2013
Stop Parliament from secretly legislating to steal deposits;
demand Glass-Steagall law instead

5th of June 2013
Kill the BIS-APRA bank ‘bail-in’ plan before it kills you!

New international bail-in regime means global financial dictatorship!

Thuggery Put Through Dodd-Frank and Killed Glass-Steagall in 2010

Lyndon LaRouche Declares: Only Preemptive Bankruptcy Action
Against British Can Save The United States

J.P. Morgan: Fascists Then, Fascists Now

Kill Dodd-Frank Before It Literally Kills You!

Dodd-Frank Kills: How The U.S. Joined International Bail-In

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