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Special Feature: The background to the "Swine-flu" crisis

Flu: Don't let paranoia rule
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LPACTV: Franklin Roosevelt and Public Health

Increasing air humidity may help control H1N1 spread   By Mohd Peter Davis
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Pandemic Alert, End Obama Cover-Up: Infrastructure Now!
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Swine Flu in New Pattern: Will It Turn Deadly?
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World Health Meeting: British Push Free Trade for Viruses (PDF)
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LaRouche's triple curve function, which maps the divergence between the physical and monetary economies; Mexicans queuing up for hospital

The Genocide Policy Behind The Influenza Pandemic (PDF)
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Crash Anti-Pandemic Program: Rebuild Nations, Public Health, Food Production
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LaRouche Was Right: Austerity Policies Will Cause Pandemics
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Flu Pandemic Coming
21st Century Science & Technology feature from 2005

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Aust Govt. signals fascist healthcare cuts to save system
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Other articles, updates and videos on this subject

LaRouche Activist Confronts CDC Flu Ventilator Rationing "Ethicists" As Hitlerian

It's Not Disease that's Destroying Ukraine—and the World—It's the British Empire

LaRouche: Obama Government is Lying about Swine Flu Vaccine

Breakdown of H1N1 Vaccination: Big Swiss Drugmaker's Delays Deals Another Blow

Obama Declares H1N1 Emergency

California Nurses Set One-Day Strike Over H1N1 Unreadiness

Public Health Job Losses Are Threatening H1N1 Vaccination Ability

A/H1N1 Flu Hits Southern U.S. Very Hard

A/H1N1 Virus Will Kill 'Millions'—UN

Three Swine Flu Deaths in France; WHO Says Not Enough Vaccine to Go Around

Northern Hemisphere "New Flu" Peak Could Be In 6 to 8 Weeks

H1N1/09 Flu Maxes Out U.S. Hospital Capacity

Pandemics Expected to Boost "Life Settlements"-Based Securities Market

H1N1/9 Virus Spreads Quickly in U.S. Universities

Obama Washes His Hands of the Flu

WHO Director: Swine Flu Pandemic Requires Preparedness, Not Triage

H1N1 Coming Back to U.S.

Preparedness for a Pandemic? Stop the Hospital Closures!

Swine Flu's Direct Mortality Rate is a Hundred Times Worse than Seasonal Flu

Grim Reaper Finds U.S. Swine Flu Preparations Adequate

Opposing Vaccination: When The Lancet Becomes a Killer Tool for the Royals

Euthanasia Champion Attacks Swine Flu Vaccine, Supports Obama "Death Boards"

The Soros Machine that Bought Obama is Running Campaign to Stop Vaccine Use

U.S. "Spoonbenders" Mobilize Against Flu Vaccination

U.S. Hospital Base Disintegrates

Meanwhile, Pandemic Brews

Ezekiel "Karl Brandt" Emanuel: Old People Should Die in a Flu Pandemic

Pandemic Within a Pandemic: Flu Vaccine Production in Trouble

In Britain, Flunacy

LaRouche: See A/H1N1 Pandemic in Dynamic of Condition of Planet as Whole

New Mexican Outbreak of AH1N1 Virus is "Imminent

Flu Pandemic Intensifies in Both Hemispheres

Obama Flu Summit Calls for Tiddly Winks Contingency Plans

US Public Health Shutdown; Flu Pandemic Spreads

Drug-Resistant H1N1 Indentified In Asia

Animal Studies of New H1N1 Show More Severe Lung Symptoms Than Seasonal Flus

LPACTV: Swine Flu Update

UK May Have over 100,000 New Flu Cases a Day by August

Flu Show 1918-like Concentration of Severe Pneumonia in 20-44 yo's

Beware of British Anti-Vaccination Operation

Obama Copies Bush Flu Policy: Go F** Yourself!

Pandemic Update: Prince Philip's Flu

Swine Flu Most Virulent Among Young

U.S. Center for Disease Control Acknowledges 1 Million U.S. Flu Cases, and no Let-Up

CDC Study: 500,000 in NYC Could Have Swine Flu Already

Sebelius Spells Out Obama Health Policy: Go-Slow for Anti-Flu Funding; Go Fast for Death

Pandemic Update: Prince Philip's Flu is on the March

Obama, Stop Covering UP the Swine Flu!

Pre-Condition for Pandemics: World Food Production and Nutrition Levels Collapsing

U.S. Death Rate From Infectious Diseases Soared As Economy Tanked

Obama Administration: No Bio-Defense Infrastructure fo the Flu Pandemic

Pandemic Alert, End Obama Cover-Up: Infrastructure Now!

Swine Flu in New Pattern: Will It Turn Deadly?

Swine Flu in New Pattern, Experts Say

World Food Crisis Creating 4 Million New Hungry People A Week

WHO Declares Phase 6

Brits Caught Pushing Genocidal Delay in Flu Vaccine Production—Again

Pasteur Institute Calls for Immediate Mass Flu Vaccination

WHO "very close" to declaring phase 6—global flu pandemic

Brawl At The World Health Organization Over Criteria For Pandemic Declaration

Cutbacks in Public Health Staff Leaves U.S. Open for Influenza Pandemic

London Grabbing Scarce Flu Vaccines To Save British Elites

Dutch Commit Fraud, Piracy Against Public Health

Brazil, Others, Battle For Public Health Rights Over Pharmaceutical Cartel

U.S. Legislator Drafts Resolution Condemning Administration Health Care Policy

Dump Behavioral Economics And Ramp Up Vaccine Production!

British (Hitler) Model For Orszag's Health-Care Demolition

British Tell WHO Meeting: Bring On the Flu Pandemic!

Facebook And Twitter Spreading "Swine Flu Parties"

WHO And Vaccine Producers Refuse To Prepare For New Spanish Flu

LPACTV: The Roots of the Swine Flu

LaRouche: There Is No Evidence That This Is Not a Return to the Spanish Flu of 1918

Video excerpt from LaRouche's April 28 webcast, "The Other Shoe Will Now Drop":
LaRouche Addresses Question on Swine Flu

LPACTV: It's Globalization, You Swine!

Epidemic Proves Evil of Globalization

LPACTV: The Real Cause of the Swine Flu

Demands For Physical Emergency Measures

Globalization is a Cause of Influenza Epidemic

Flu: Looted Central America Vulnerable

WHO Declares Level 5 Influenza Pandemic Alert

LaRouche on: "Straight Talk Live", Ohio

LaRouche on Flu Epidemic: "What's the mystery?"

Swine Flu in America Symptomatic of Holocaust Potential

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