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        Since the mass media deliberately black out the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, to prevent them from gaining support, it is up to YOU to make sure as many people in your area as possible have access to our literature. The primary vehicle to get these ideas out on the Australian continent, en masse, is the New Citizen newspaper.
        Through the New Citizen distribution, particularly through one-on-one organizing, we can and must re-awaken the sense of self that makes Australians renowned across the world as innovators. Despite our many problems as a colony of the British Empire, we consciously chose the greatest republic in history—the United States—as our model, and, in the establishment of the Commonwealth Bank and in other ways, effectively implemented aspects of this pro-American outlook. For instance, the very fact that we once had a highly-successful national bank, and that everyone knows it, in fact many living today have a clear memory of it, is an incalculable advantage to re-awaken Australians to what we once were. In conjunction with LaRouche, we now have the chance to fulfill the dream which John Dunmore Lang and his associates fought for, to create the "United States of the Southern Hemisphere". (Click here for more info on the real history of Australia).
        The pathway toward this end is to create a growing density of LaRouche's ideas, per capita and per square kilometre. We have to recruit more support in every federal electorate across the country. That way we can increasingly cover the entire country with EIR readers, some of whom will in turn go out and organize in their local areas. That visibility is both crucial to recruit more again, but also to establish CEC in the minds of more and more of the population as the only truly mass-based movement in the country.


        Here are some ideas for distribution of the New Citizen newspaper, which are published every six weeks or so in the hundred thousands of copies per issue:
  • Letterboxing
  • Hand them out to foot traffic at busy intersections or railway stations.
  • Leave a copy in waiting rooms of doctors or dentists surgeries, mechanics, or any other offices.
  • Ask your newsagent if he will stock them or insert them into other newspapers. Alternatively you can contact your local paper and they will have it inserted for a fee.
  • Australia Post will put papers folded in thirds and bundled into hundreds, through the mail for you (at a price), or you can organise this through your local mail run.
  • Drop copies off to local churches, ethnic groups, Rotary, etc, social or sporting clubs. Most of these types of places would have areas that papers could be left—not too many in case someone decides they don't like them and throws them out—or they can be given out personally (always a better approach where possible). Handing them out after Friday prayers at the local mosque, or church on Sunday is also a good idea.
  • Leave them with the other papers in truckstops, cafes, University cafes, or anywhere other free literature is left. Laundromats are another place people look for something to read.
  • You can ask local shop owners to leave them on the counter, or drop them into the police station, ambulance, or hospitals. You can leave them for the teachers and principal at schools.
  • Look out for stop work meetings, protests at work sites, or get to know the shift changes at mines or auto-parts plants, factories, etc. so you can hand out to workers. Also demonstrations or rallies.
  • Salvation Army, St Vinnie's and other charities or crisis centres might take copies.
  • Give one to your bank manager, accountant, or financial advisor. Be prepared to answer their questions about derivatives!
  • Leave them in the car, so wherever you go, you have your eye open for opportunities, and always have some on hand.

        To obtain bulk copies of the New Citizen please call 1800 636 432 or fill in the form here.

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