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Curiosity can save mankind!

  • The Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Mars
  • LaRouche Show Panel: 'Curiosity' Has Raised the Flag for Humanity
  • 100 Congressmen Tell Obama Admin. to Back Nuclear Fusion Research
  • Curiosity Will Drive Us to Understanding a New Mars
  • Curiosity Rover, Lewis and Clark Expedition... 'Only Government Can Take These Big Risks for Big Rewards'
  • "We Celebrate This Event with the Rest of Humanity"
  • Mars Science Laboratory: A Mission of Firsts
  • Successful Curiosity Mars Landing Inspires Optimism Worldwide
  • Timeline - How the Obama Administration Wrecked NASA


    The Curiosity of Man
    The recent, successful landing of the Mars Rover, Curiosity, on the surface of Mars, spells doom for the likes of President Obama, and anyone else who promotes an anti-science, anti-human policy.

    LPAC Weekly Report - "Optimism Can Bring Us Victory"
    Science research team members discuss Obama's true intentions about NASA, and the prospects of setting up an asteroid and comet defense system. Lyndon LaRouche argues that we need a credible political pathway to victory in order to achieve our space exploration goals.

    LPAC Weekly Report - Curiosity into the Future!
    Science Research team members give a preliminary overview for the Curiosity Mobile Science Lab, and the future for what this can mean for defense of our planet from large object impacts.

    The Economic System August 6, 2012 Curiosity May Have Saved Civilization
    The landing of the Mars rover Curiosity has triggered a wave of optimism in the American population now that mankind is firmly established on Mars. This is a vindication for mankind and science versus Obama!

    Mars & Curiosity: Interview with Marsha Freeman
    Interview with Marsha Freeman on the historical significance of the Mars rover 'curiosity' landing, and where we go from here. Read her recent article here: Curiosity Will Drive Us to Understanding a New Mars.

  • Curiosity: the landing

    Curiosity: experiments

    LaRouche has long campaigned for a manned mission to Mars. Watch this video to find out why

    A manned mission to Mars

    Our Extraterrestrial Imperative - The Mission

    Kesha Rogers' victory launches the rebirth of a Mars colonization policy!

    Mars: The Next 50 Years
    By Marsha Freeman

    LPACTV: From the Moon to Mars—The New Economics

    From the Moon to Mars: The New Economics - Part II

    The Destruction of NASA

    Helga Zepp-LaRouche Proposes Space-Driven Recovery

    Basement Mars Project Discussion

    Colonizing Space With Fusion Propulsion

    LaRouche: Begin Now on a Mission to Mars

    Updates on this subject:

    Mining the Moon: An Interview - July 20, 2011

    REAL: Bringing Back Manned Space - May 1, 2011
    Newly introduced House Resolution 1641 correctly demands that U.S. leadership in manned space exploration not be a thing of the past. But despite how crucial this vision for the future is, without the Glass Steagall now, and without kicking out Obama, continuing the very nation itself were impossible, let alone fulfilling our extraterrestrial imperative.

    Basement Class Series, Moon-Mars Economics, part 7

    Basement Class Series—Moon-Mars Economics, pt 6

    Basement Class Series—Moon-Mars Economics, pt 5

    Basement Class Series: Moon-Mars Economics Part 4

    Basement Class Series: Moon-Mars Economics Part 3

    Basement Class Series: Moon-Mars Economics Part 2

    Basement Class Series: Moon-Mars Economics Part 1

    NASA Lunar Probe Creates New Crater; Scientists Look for Water

    Can We Afford Not To Colonize Mars?

    Man's Imperative is To Go from the Moon to Mars, Argentine Aerospace Engineer Says

    The Solar System is" Full of Water!" New Results, From the Moon and Mars

    Space in the Market

    Congressmen Agree Space Exploration Will End Without More Funding

    Will Congress Save the Space Program?

    Missions Are Being Prepared to Go to Mars

    International Cooperation Speeding Up October Chinese Mars Launch

    India Plans Mars Mission by 2015

    Sixteen Astronauts Say, 'Back to the Moon, Asteroids, Mars, and Beyond'

    LPACTV: Basement Simulcast Discussion on Orbit of Ceres Project

    NASA Invited Russia for Joint Flight to Mars

    Michoacan, Mexico: A Tale of Two Futures

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