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Princess Diana—Unlawful Killing

Read the CEC's review of the movie:
‘Unlawful Killing’: Sydney festival screens suppressed film exposing Royal stonewalling of Princess Diana murder investigation
18th of September 2013

Watch the movie on youtube here.

View 4 min 36 sec excerpt of the new documentary here.

View the trailer here.

Click here to visit our tribute page to John Morgan, author of the definitive series of books on Diana's death.

Download full pamphlet here (PDF, 1.4 KB)Download CEC pamphlet: Who Killed Diana and Why?
Including: British Royals Feel Heat over Diana's Assassination;
Honouring John Morgan;
Break up Crown/City of London Criminal Financial Empire: Glass-Steagall Bank Separation Now!

Truth, Lies, Diana

CEC Media Release
19 February 2015
Did the Queen order the assassination of Diana? Australian investigation builds pressure on scandal-dogged Royals

Read the EIR article about the play
Amidst New Scrutiny Of Charles’s Saudi Ties
British Royals Feel Heat Over Diana’s Assassination

Background reading

19 Aug. 2013: Scotland Yard Is Investigating New Evidence Claiming That Diana Was Killed By The SAS

Battle Royal Shattering the British Empire, by Jeffrey Steinberg

Murder of Princess Diana Is Back in the Headlines

Murdoch's Fox TV Features EIR in Coverage of Diana Murder Film

Watch The Death of Princess Diana - Was It Murder?
June 11, 1998 EIR Talks show with Jeffrey Steinberg and Tony Papert.

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