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Irrigated crop circles in Libya.

"In my mind itís a simple task, the only thing stopping it is politics. Thatís the only thing stopping it being done. Thereís no technical reason why this canít happen."
óMohd Peter Davis, agricultural scientist at the Institute of Advanced Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia, July 6, 2010, speaking at a CEC Meeting in Brisbane.

  • Developing Northern Australia for 100 Million People
    Watch the video of Mohd Peter Davis, Craig Isherwood and Jan Pukallus, from the July 6, 2010 Brisbane meeting.

  • Review of Developing Northern Australia for 100 Million People
    By Doug Mitchell

  • How Developing Countries Can Produce Emergency Food and Gain Self-Sufficiency (PDF)
    by Mohd Peter Davis and N. Yogendran

  • Malaysiaís Agricultural Breakthrough, and Nuclear Desalination, Can Feed the World (PDF)
    By Mohd Peter Davis

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