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New Document Save Australia's wheat industry!

Listen to an emergency address by Jean Robinson, regarding the WA wheatgrowers crisis

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10th of May 2013

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30th of April 2013

CEC Resolution to save family farms rejected by WA crisis meeting

The 15 April WA Crisis in Agriculture Meeting held at Merredin ended abruptly without planned consideration of resolutions of action to solve the crisis, after the presence of real solutions, provided by a strong CEC organising contingent, made certain that no sham solutions would be accepted. The CEC attempted to submit the following resolution, but it was refused by event organisers. Click here for a report of the CEC's intervention on the CEC Report.


This meeting hereby resolves to demand of the Commonwealth and State Governments that they immediately implement action to guarantee Australia's food security, by a debt and foreclosure moratorium on family farms and small businesses.

The government must ensure that the banks—which have run up enormous foreign debts and have dangerously exposed themselves to $20 trillion in Derivatives speculation—are not allowed to dig themselves further into their self-inflicted financial crisis by withdrawing credit from the family farmers who are the cornerstone of the nation's agricultural industry and food security.

With a moratorium in place, the Government must enact measures to protect essential banking services, including deposits and lending to family farmers and small business, from the consequences of the banks' reckless unregulated speculation.

These measures should include:

1. Completely separating normal banking of holding and lending deposits, from risky speculative banking. Complete separation can only be achieved through structural changes such as the successful U.S. Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.

2. A debt moratorium to reorganise the unpayable debt to free food production from usury.

3. Establishing a new Commonwealth National Credit Bank modeled on the original Commonwealth Bank and/or State Government owned banks that will direct public credit into long-term investments in strategic industries such as agriculture and into desperately needed physical economic infrastructure. This must be done in order to revive Australia's collapsing industrial base and economy.

This is the last chance to save regional Australia, its economy and culture, our national food security, and re-establish our nation’s sovereignty.

Only the people elected to our Federal and State Parliaments have the authority and power under our constitutions to legislate these urgently needed reforms.

Cowards use the excuse that they can’t do anything.

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