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 Saturday Morning
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Helga Zepp-LaRouche - Keynote Address
Why the universe needs us to implement Glass-Steagall

An International Strategic Briefing
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Elisa Barwick ELISA BARWICK - Nicholas of Cusa
The Nation State: Man’s Greatest Creation

How Nicholas of Cusa unfolded the principles of Christianity to unleash the 15th Century Golden Renaissance and derail the Venetian Monetary System.
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 Saturday Afternoon
Noelene Isherwood - Australia’s Nobler Manhood:
Reflections on the minds of our great leaders and statesmen—Charles Harpur, John Dunmore Lang, Daniel Deniehy, John Curtin and J.J.C. Bradfield—and their devotion to human progress.
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Gene Douglas Gene Douglas - Address
Founder and leader, LaRouche Irish Brigade

An update on the current political and economic crisis facing Ireland, the fight to stop banker austerity, and the work to implement Glass-Steagall in Ireland.
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Panel ELISA BARWICK - Nicholas of Cusa
De Visione Dei: Behold as with the eyes of God

A pedagogy looking at Nicholas of Cusa's writing, De Visione Dei (On the Vision of God). What do you think it means: "On the Vision of God"? Who is Cusa talking about? Ourselves and our own vision, or God's vision? Both? To download a PDF of Cusa's writing On the Vision of God, Click Here
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 Sunday Morning
Tim Rush Tim Rush - Glass Steagall Mobilisation Update
A briefing from the front lines of the ongoing campaign to restore the Glass-Steagall Law for the seperation of legitamate banking from speculation in the United States and what methods have been employed by the LaRouche Political Action Committee organisers in the various States and in the U.S Congress.
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Glen Isherwood Glen Isherwood - Confucius and the emergence of modern China
An Introduction to some of the concepts of the humanist Confucius philosphy that parallel those of Christianity, whilst asking the question: What kind of international relationship do we want to have today with China, and other nations more broadly? Should we stick with the current policy of geopolitics, devised by the British Empire 200 years ago? Or should we go to a higher common ground in principle, embedded deep within our cultures?
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Joanne McAndrews Joanne McAndrews ‐ The Creation of The American System of Public Credit
This presentation looks at the history of the formation of the United States Republic, the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the System of Public Credit they developed. How these ideas were further developed by Alexander Hamilton in forming the first National Bank of America following the War of Independence.
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Robert Barwick Robert Barwick - King O'Malley and Australia's National Bank
An introduction to the man known to all as King O'Malley; his fight for a National Bank and Public Credit system in Australia; the incredible work of the Commonwealth Bank in its formative years; the sabotage against the Bank by the British Empire and its Money Power who restricted the full functioning of the bank from the outset.
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 Sunday Afternoon
Craig Isherwood Craig Isherwood - A Credit System for Australia:
Lessons for today on how Ted Theodore’s fudiciary note issue proposal of 1932 could have eliminated the effects of the Great Depression and transformed Australia forever.
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Robert Barwick Robert Barwick - National Banking in World War II
How Chifley and Curtin used the Commonwealth Bank to fund the defence of Australia in WWII; Ben Chifley's fight to solidify the Commonwealth Bank's powers after WWII to maintain public credit; Robert Menzies opposition to National Banking; Jim Cairns and Rex Conner's efforts to use public credit to develop the country.
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