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Including: Westminster Terror Attack: Prince Charles and Saudis Must Answer!;
The Manchester Terror Attack: a New Peterloo Massacre?;
What Would Percy Bysshe Shelley Advise Jeremy Corbyn?

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9/11, ISIS, and the Anglo-American/Saudi Terror Nexus

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  • Bush-Obama 9/11 Cover-up Paved Way for Rise of ISIS
  • Charles of Arabia: The British Monarchy, Saudi Arabia, and 9/11
  • British-Saudi Bank Cartel Alleged to Finance Terrorism
  • Saudi Bankrolling of al-Qaeda Well Known to U.S. Government
  • How al-Qaeda is a British-Saudi Project

    17th December, 2014
    CEC’s Isherwood on the Sydney ‘Islamist’ siege:
    “Let’s ask Prince Charles what he knows about it.”

    From the national headquarters of the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CEC) in Melbourne, CEC National Secretary Craig Isherwood today issued the following statement on the hostage-taking at the Lindt Chocolate Café in central Sydney.

    Our sympathy and prayers go out to the family and friends of those who were tragically killed or injured, even as we are thankful that the situation did not end much more gruesomely. But if we are not to witness an endless, escalating series of such events we must go well beyond prayers, to understand the dynamic which drives “international terrorism”.

    First of all, I would call attention to the CEC’s 25 September 2014 press release titled “British SIS/ASIO Planning a Terrorist Attack on Australia?”, which forecast precisely such an attack. It opened: ...

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    25th September, 2014
    British SIS/ASIO planning a terrorist attack on Australia?

    As things presently stand, a near-term terrorist attack upon Australian soil is almost guaranteed. Why? Is it because there are so many terrorists out there, whether home-grown or returning from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or elsewhere, such that at least “one lone wolf” is bound to “slip through”? No! It is because the British Crown and the City of London, which control the British and Australian intelligence services, intend for such an attack to occur. And, right on cue, legislation now pending in the Australian parliament will grant virtual immunity to any Australian officials who orchestrate or participate in such an attack.

    Think back. The ever-escalating “war on terror”, in the main, dates from the 11 September 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. That event was used to justify the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and then of Iraq in 2003, which in turn unleashed the spiral of mayhem throughout that region that has continued ever since. Yet, a virtual avalanche of revelations since 9/11 (see below) demonstrate that the events of that day were orchestrated and financed by Saudi Arabia, with the connivance of dirty U.S. and British intelligence agencies. ...

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    9/11 and the campaign to declassify the "28 pages"

    More on the British-Saudi role in 9/11

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