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Associate and Affiliate Membership

Associate and Affiliate Membership

The Citizens Party (formerly Citizens Electoral Council) is an independent political party, federally-registered with the Australian Electoral Commission. Join us as an Associate Member.

Please select from one or three-year membership.

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By Choosing membership you declare that:

Declaration (for Australian Electoral Commission registration purposes only)

1. I wish to become a member of the Australian Citizens Party;

2. I am eligible to enroll for Federal elections. (You are eligible to enroll for Federal elections if:

  • you are 17 years of age or older; and
  • you are an Australian citizen; and
  • you have lived at your present address for at least the last month.)

(British subjects who are not Australian citizens are eligible to enroll for Federal elections if they were on a Commonwealth of Australia electoral roll on 25 January, 1984.)

3. I am not a member of any other registered political party.

* I consent to this form being forwarded to the Australian Electoral Commission in support of the Party’s application for registration. (*Strike out if not applicable.)


You will be emailed the Official membership form on receipt of payment. If this form is not returned your membership will not be finalized. It is an Australian Electoral Commission requirement that the form is returned for you to be a registered member.

Please post the form to:

Citizens Party
PO Box 376
Coburg VIC. 3058

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