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23rd of April 2012

The Future of Australia: Develop, or Die

The Citizens Electoral Council is today escalating its fight to rescue Australia from economic collapse, by launching an official Resolution, for formal endorsement by local government councils, chambers of commerce, branches of trade unions and political parties, other organisations and individuals. The text of the resolution is as follows:

The Future of Australia: Develop, or Die


The presently ruling policies of globalisation, privatisation, deregulation and free trade, together with the enforcement of “environmentalist” policies so radical that they are best described as “green fascism”, are plunging the vast majority of Australians—along with most of the rest of the world—into poverty and misery; destroying our once-great nation; and eliminating any meaningful future for our children,

Be it therefore resolved:

  1. That the entire body of “globalist” economic reforms introduced by the Hawke-Keating regimes beginning 1983 and relentlessly extended since then, be scrapped, together with all the equally-murderous, radical environmentalist legislation enacted since that time;
  2. That this nation return to the traditional protectionist, well-regulated form of agro-industrial economy under which we once flourished, typified by the agreement in outlook between “old Labor” as exemplified by ALP prime ministers John Curtin and Ben Chifley, on the one hand, and Country Party leader and longtime Trade and Industries Minister John “Black Jack” McEwen, on the other;
  3. That we must re-regulate our national financial system upon two essential pillars:
    1. the immediate separation of sound commercial banking which benefits the average Australian, from the speculative merchant banking activities which have grown like a cancer under financial deregulation, both in this country and worldwide and which have largely caused the present, ever-deepening global financial crisis; the well-known precedent for such a separation is the 1933 U.S. Glass-Steagall Act, which President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used to bring his nation and the world out of the Great Depression, and whose adoption is presently being debated in numerous countries around the world;
    2. the immediate re-establishment of a new, government-owned national bank to provide credit for urgently needed great infrastructure projects as the engine to drive a great new renaissance in our agro-industrial, physical economy; we must have a sovereign Australian national credit system, not a London/Wall Street-controlled monetarist system, to enable us to secure the well-being of all Australians instead of just the privileged few, as under the present, monetarist system.
  4. That we, the undersigned, will exert our utmost efforts to bring these reforms into reality, NOW!
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Point 1

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Point 3(b)

A National Bank and credit system

A New National Bank
In 1994, following extensive discussions with Lyndon LaRouche, the CEC composed draft legislation to re-establish the Commonwealth Bank as a national bank, with expanded powers and functions along the lines originally envisaged by King O’Malley first, and then by John Curtin and Ben Chifley. A summary of the draft bank bill is followed by the draft legislation itself.
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Point 4

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