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LaRouche Youth Spearhead Bush, Cheney Defeat in U.S. Elections!<
The New Citizen  Vol 6 No 1
February / March, 2007

LaRouche Youth Spearhead Bush, Cheney Defeat in U.S. Elections!

An earthquake hit U.S. and world politics in the November 7, 2006 U.S. Congressional elections, when the Democratic Party seized control of both houses of the Congress from the crazy U.S. President George Bush and his controller, the mad-dog sociopath, Vice President Dick Cheney.

The landslide victory was orchestrated by Democratic Party statesman and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche, and the few hundred members of his underfunded, "raggedy pants elite" in the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), over sabotage by the party's top offi- cial, bankers' boy Howard Dean (whom you may remember for his wild scream when he lost his pre-selection for U.S. President in 2004). Despite Americans' widespread hatred for Bush and Cheney, the Democrats were poised to either lose the whole campaign outright, or, at best, to squeak out a narrow win in the lower house, the 435-member House of Representatives. But, in the campaign's closing weeks, LaRouche directed his LYM to intervene on hundreds of university campuses with the intent to catalyze a political "mass effect" among millions of previously apathetic youth. This campus-centred intervention sparked the huge turnout among 18-35 year olds which sealed the Democratic victory, and so the Democrats picked up 30 seats in the House—the most since 1974—and took control of the 100-member U.S. Senate, 51-49.

Almost the entire LaRouche Youth Movement from Australia was in the U.S. for the course of the campaign.

The Youth Role Documented

A dozen or so post-election analyses by different organisations all concluded that the victory was secured by the turnout of some 2 million more 18-35 year old voters than usual, who voted overwhelmingly Democratic. Only LaRouche and his LYM had campaigned among this crucial layer, as Democratic insiders admitted.

This unique LYM role on November 7 is documented in the January 5, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review magazine. Were there any doubts as to what the LYM had done on November 7, they were demolished in the December 12 special run-off election held for the U.S. Congressional seat in the 23rd Congressional District around San Antonio, Texas.

The Democratic Party would have won another 20-30 House seats had it not been for the sabotage of party boss Howard Dean, who refused to put any party money or effort into dozens and dozens of winnable races. Typical was the San Antonio race, where former Democratic Congressman Ciro Rodriguez ran against 7-time incumbent Henry Bonilla, a Republican closely allied with George W. Bush. Dean still had $6 million in his party coffers, but, not only did he not aid Rodriguez, he even ordered the university Democrats in the area not to campaign for him, nor to help a LYM squad which moved into the area to campaign for Rodriguez. Polls showed Rodriguez down by over 20% when the campaign started, but, due to his own fighting spirit and the LYM's campaigning, he steadily closed the gap. The LYM's activity inspired Bill Clinton, who is enormously popular among American youth, to come in and campaign for Rodriguez in the final days. When the votes were counted on Dec. 12, a stunned Democratic Party saw that Bonilla had been crushed, 55% to 45%.

Statistical analyses presented in that same January 5 EIR proved that, once again, the crucial margins of victory were provided by the youth vote, particularly by students from the district's campuses where the LYM had concentrated its efforts. Most of these youth had not previously known that the election was even taking place.

The November 7 election, wrote LaRouche in his article, "Johannes Kepler and the Democratic Challenge: The New Politics", in the December 8, 2006 EIR, has inaugurated an entire new era in U.S. and global politics, in which an optimistic, fighting young adult generation has emerged to prominence, a generation which is now rapidly replacing the demoralised, pessimistic Baby Boomer generation. This new generation is beginning to bring the Baby Boomers back to life, and will dominate politics for the coming 50 years.

Cheney Has to Go!

The youth-led "New Politics" have unleashed an earthquake in the now-Democratic party controlled House and Senate. LaRouche's voice echoes louder than ever in the halls of the Congress, sparking fierce bipartisan Democratic and Republican opposition to the insane Cheney/Bush war in Iraq from a Congress which had groveled before them up to November 7. The next step, LaRouche has stressed, is to impeach Cheney, and then to either impeach Bush as well, or, to at least put him under "responsible adult supervision". Only so, will the U.S. and the world be able to deal with the already-cascading disintegration of the genocidal Anglo-Dutch imperial system of "globalisation". For more on LaRouche's strategic perspective, see the excerpts from his powerful January 11, 2007 international webcast on p. 2, which was notable for its intense dialogue between LaRouche and members of the newly-elected Congress.

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LaRouche Youth Spearhead Bush, Cheney Defeat in U.S. Elections!

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