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LaRouche Leads Global Fight vs. Synarchist Bankers
The New Citizen  Vol 5 No 9
July, 2006

LaRouche Leads Global Fight vs. Synarchist Bankers

July 4—This issue of the New Citizen is devoted to exposing the international cabal of financiers and corporate cartels now pushing for world fascist rule under the rubric of "globalisation". Known to U.S. and other national intelligence agencies as the "Synarchy", this crowd installed the fascist régimes in Europe during the 1920s and 1930s, and would have secured world fascist rule during the 1940s, had not President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) mobilised the United States as the "arsenal of democracy" to win World War II.

At the end of the war, Roosevelt established the Bretton Woods international monetary system, which was designed to end colonialism, and also, through tariffs, fixed exchange rates and national banking, to establish a system of collaborating, perfectly sovereign nation states worldwide. The Synarchists have destroyed that Bretton Woods system, and now intend to eliminate nation states themselves, through "privatisation" (the theft of national infrastructure) and globalisation.

U.S. statesman and physical economist Lyndon H. La- Rouche, Jr. is leading a global fight to defeat the Synarchy by establishing a "New Bretton Woods" monetary system. The American Revolution of 1776- 1789 established the United States as the first perfectly sovereign, national-banking centred nation state in history, one whose Constitution was devoted to the "General Welfare" of all of its citizens, and which was the "Beacon of Hope" and Temple of Liberty for the rest of mankind. For those historical/ cultural reasons, no other nation besides a mobilised U.S. has the potential strength to defeat the Synarchy. Toward that end, La- Rouche is leading a titanic fight inside the Democratic Party, to kick out the Synarchists such as Lazard investment banker Felix Rohatyn, who own a part of the party because of their financial power, and return it to the party of FDR.

On June 9, LaRouche gave an international webcast in which he outlined a strategy to defeat the Synarchy, the opening portion of which you will see on page 2. (The full webcast on DVD may be obtained from the CEC for free.) As you will see from the accompanying articles, the parallels between the Synarchy's attacks on the U.S., and their attacks on Australia are remarkable, though lawful, given that "old Labor" was inspired for its fight for national banking and for the Common Good by what the Americans had done. In the U.S., as in Australia, the Synarchy is destroying the auto industry, and particularly its vital machine tool sector; smashing the trade unions and lowering the living standards of most of the population; ripping up and/or selling off vital infrastructure in water, rail, energy, health and education; and attempting to establish a police state.

The pillars of the Synarchy, such firms as Rio Tinto, Royal Dutch Shell, and Felix Rohatyn's Lazard, have systematically looted Australia, as well as the U.S. Our April 2004 New Citizen "named the names" of the entire Synarchist apparatus in Australia, from its early 1930s sponsorship of mass fascist armies in Sydney and Melbourne through its establishment of the Liberal Party, into the activities of those firms and families today. You will see, for instance, that the pro-Hitler Robert Menzies represented Shell in Australia in the mid-1930s, whose boss Sir Henri Deterding, was a key funder of Hitler and a key figure in the Synarchy. In fact, the Synarchy tried to install Menzies as prime minister of Britain during World War II, to replace the Rooseveltallied Churchill in order to make a deal with Hitler. And from that 2004 New Citizen, as well as this one, you will see that the family of Prime Minister John Howard have always been toadies for the Synarchy. Nor is it surprising that the infrastructure-looting Macquarie Bank, whose activities are also exposed in that earlier New Citizen, is partners with Lazard, the Synarchy's flagship.

Powerful though it is, the Synarchy can be beaten. If you want a future for yourself, or for your children, then you must join the LaRouche-led global battle to defeat them.

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