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The New Citizen Extra; The great derivatives crash:"Mother of All Bubble" Exploding, Political Earthquakes Under Way
The New Citizen Extra
June, 2005

The great derivatives crash:

"Mother of All Bubbles" Exploding, Political Earthquakes Under Way"

It's time to wake up and listen to the Universe! It's speaking in no uncertain terms and even U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has heard its rumblings. This week he confirmed Lyndon LaRouche's forecast that a financial tsunami would hit global hedge funds. What he did not say, which only LaRouche has the foresight and guts to say, is that the hedge fund blow-out is likely to explode anytime between mid-June and mid-July.

The Australian of June 8th began: "The world's most powerful banker has added his voice to the growing chorus of warnings about hedge funds," and The Age began, "It would be better for all concerned if the Leader of the Free Market at least pretended he knew what was going on." These were only two of many newspapers which began to report what LaRouche and EIR have been warning about for weeks.

In typical Green-speak understatement, the financial oracle told a June 7 International Monetary Conference in Beijing, that the hedge fund industry, "After its recent very rapid advance could temporarily shrink and many wealthy fund managers and investors could become less wealthy". He warned that many investors would be disappointed by their hedge fund experience and that, "The economic and financial world is changing in ways that we still do not fully comprehend." What is going on "is without precedent." He even admitted that it may well be that some sort of permanent change has taken place, that things really are different this time.

Despite these Delphic admissions, Greenspan typically poured cold water on talk of systemic risk saying, "So long as banks and other lenders to these ventures are managing their credit risks effectively, this necessary adjustment should not pose a threat to financial stability." But, how could they possibly manage their risks effectively, when, as Greenspan himself admitted, they don't comprehend what is happening?

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The New Citizen Extra; The great derivatives crash:'Mother of All Bubble' Exploding, Political Earthquakes Under Way

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Now, the problem is, as secretly worried as Greenspan and others may be about the demise of the hedge funds, the real crisis exists in the physical economy, not the useless speculative casino. This life and death reality was evidenced with the announcement this week by GM that they would axe another 25,000 jobs and close several more plants. Forecasts already abound of a chain-reaction of bankruptcies among parts suppliers and other firms. And George Bush and Dick Cheney are totally useless and incompetent when it comes to understanding this financial crisis. They are only interested in looking after their Enron mates or jump-starting a new war. These lunatics have gone off the deep end! Even some Republicans and institutional types, who knew Cheney years ago when he was at the White House or in Congress, have said they had no idea at the time that he was such a fanatic and dangerous extremist.

"It is absolute insanity to allow these closures to take place," said LaRouche when briefed on the latest GM developments: "There is an alternative, but it requires action by the Congress, without opposition from the President. We have to do this reorganisation now, as I've indicated before. It would be immoral not to. And any person who opposes it has to be an immoral person. Whenever you consider the effect upon, not only these people, but their families, the nation, and the effect on the pensions. It's dishonourable behaviour in the extreme, and the US government must act. We declare war. We've warned against this, and nothing has been done so far. We understand what the problems are, but we have to get much more muscle behind this, so that the Congress has the sense of authority to act. We've got to save this thing."

It is precisely because people must have a sense of optimism that there are viable solutions that can be implemented, that these and other related dramatic changes taking place in the world, will be addressed by Mr. LaRouche in an International Webcast held live at 3.00am on Friday June 17th Melbourne time on www.larouchepub.com and www.larouchepac.com . The Webcast will be archived and should be available by about midday Friday, so tune in as soon as you are able. A full written transcript will also be available from the CEC office within 24 hours, so call and order a copy on 1800-636-432.

Also, as part of the CEC's efforts to bring the financial crisis and LaRouche's New Bretton Woods solution to the political leaders of Australia, we will be presenting in excess of 12,500 NBW petition signatures collected by our many supporters, to the Federal Parliament next week. This will follow hot on the heels of many letters to, and meetings with, MPs in their electorate offices by our supporters, and will also coincide with a bunch of meetings with MPs in Canberra. The entire Youth Movement will spend two full days saturating Government departments in the capital with the latest enclosed New Citizen Extra, which is perhaps the most explosive and strategically relevant publication we have ever produced. Make sure to read this as a priority and order extra copies to get to institutional leaders and concerned citizens in your area.

Finally, you must NOT stop collecting NBW signatures, as the text of our petition has been slightly restructured for each individual State, and we are planning to submit thousands more signatures to each State Parliament within a few months. Please call your State Secretary for copies of your new State Petition Form, or alternatively, call the national office on 1800-636-432.


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