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The New Citizen Extra; John Howard's Father: A Member of the Fascist New Guard
The New Citizen Extra
May, 2004

Say No to Fascism in Australia! 

John Howard's Father: A Member of the Fascist New Guard

Australia May 20—At press conferences all over the nation on May 19, Citizens Electoral Council spokesmen released the shocking evidence indicating that Prime Minister John Howard's father had been a member of the 1930s fascist New Guard in Sydney, according to members of his own family, buttressed by evidence unearthed by CEC researchers. The Big Business-sponsored New Guard, like its fraternal bodies, the Old Guard and the Melbourne- based League of National Security, had planned to seize power from the federal Labor government of James Scullin and the NSW Labor government under Premier Jack Lang, rather than allow those governments to direct credit for job creation and the Common Good, in preference to paying debt to the City of London banks.

With a new great Depression looming today, CEC spokesmen charged that Howard is continuing the fascist tradition of his father, in ramming through draconian police- state laws, which already give the Government more power than Hitler had immediately after the Feb. 27, 1933 Reichstag fire, which the Nazis themselves set, in order to seize power. Then, the excuse was "fighting the Reds"; today, it is "fighting terrorism". In reality, such laws are to give the government police-state powers to control the population under Depression conditions, so that brutal austerity can be enforced on the Australian population on behalf of the financiers which own Howard and his government.

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The New Citizen Extra; Say No to Fascism in Australia!

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CEC spokesmen also announced that the CEC intends to mount a campaign against the latest police-state bill, the Anti- Terrorism Bill 2004, which, among other things, proposes to recognise, under Australian law, the offences under American law, which gave rise to the notorious hell-holes at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib in Iraq.

"The present Australian government is a 'beast-man' regime," charged CEC National Secretary Craig Isherwood at a press conference in Melbourne, "no different than the bestial regime of the Cheney and Rumsfeld-led neocons in the U.S." And Labor under Latham has now joined the push for a police state, Isherwood noted.

Beyond the barrage of fascist police-state laws passed over the past few years, which are far more sweeping than anything existing in the U.S. or U.K., "If you want to see the real character of the Howard government", said Isherwood, "look at its inhuman response to the recent Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission inquiry into the detention of children, which charged that such detention is 'cruel, inhumane and degrading'. Nurse Barbara Rogalla, who served at Woomera for three months, cited chapter and verse of the awful abuse to which the children were subject in her submission to the HREOC, and concluded, 'The Australian government is thereby culpable of torture of children.'

"Anyone who reads the HREOC report, along with the accompanying submissions, is forced to draw the same conclusions as Barbara Rogalla," emphasised Isherwood. "Howard and Vanstone have rejected the report and the HREOC's findings. It is time that the Australian population rejected them, beginning with this hideous new police state bill. Judging by his push for a police state, and his treatment of the most defenceless sector of our population, John Howard is indeed his New Guard father's son," concluded Isherwood.

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