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The Great Change

By Charles Harpur – 2 March 1850

Men of prophetic might!
Men of immortal breath!
‘Tis ye that enkindle the Spirit of Light;
For what?—a living death.

Men of the hardy hand!
Men of the sturdy heart!
‘Tis ye that harrow and harvest the Land,
For what?—an hundredth part.

Is this what God designed?
(Could God design a cheat?)
Who doth no work of body or mind,
Let not that recreant eat.

But let ennobled man,
(All being ennobled then,)
Think, toil, and feast, on an equal plan—
One Brotherhood of Men.

To make the many free,
And so absorb the few,
For such is the charter that yet must be,
When man to man is true.

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