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New Document The Heavenly Voice

By Charles Harpur 25 July 1846

Through the discord and din of Error and Sin,
And down through Time's dubious shadow, there falls
A Voice as of one to another that calls;
And I know it is Love's by the words of the song—
"Why must You tarry in darkness so long?"

'Tis the question of Love as she singeth above,
By the River of Bliss that eternally rolls
The mirror of happy and purified Souls;
There she is singing, and this is her song—
"Why must You tarry in darkness so long?"

In the depths of Despair her voice, even there,
Pleads still, like a mother's when warning her child,
Round the heart grown defiant and faithless and wild;
But charged are its tones then, and listen, they say—BR> "Ah, will You wander forever away?"

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