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A Modern Famine is the British Policy
November 26th, 2011
The unholy trinity of war, pestilence, and famine, are the tools by which the British empire would destroy any opposition to their failed system. By adopting the system of British free trade, the so-called first world is now ripe to suffer the worst famine civilization has ever known.

Global Food Shortage—Interview with EIR's Marcia Merry Baker
Interview with Executive Intelligence Review's Agriculture Economist, Marcia Merry Baker, on the current global food crisis which threatens to strike as soon as this winter. Baker goes through the immediate global contingency measures that must be taken now to thwart such a crisis, as well as a long-term perspective for food production fit for a space-faring species like ours.

Hungry? - Interview with Marcia Merry Baker on the Status of Food Supply
Sept. 22, 2011
Interview with EIR online agriculture economist, Marcia Merry Baker, detailing the current severity of the shortage in availiable food and the dark age conditions we should expect if we don't stop the continued crimes of Obama, speculators, and so called environmentalists.

Humanity Is In Mortal Danger!
Instead of Wars of Starvation, Let Us Double Food Production

Endorse Helga Zepp-LaRouche's call to double world food production

Mobilization to Double Food Production

"British Imperial Free Trade Doctrine" At a Dead End

British Crown Assaults Canadian Wheat Board in Grab for World Grain Control (PDF)

Cartels Crush Wheat Board in Australia (PDF)

The British Empire Threshes The Australian Wheat Board (PDF)

Mobilise with the CEC to double food production!
  • Endorse the food crisis statement online. (We will send you a complimentary "Food Crisis pack.")
  • Contact your federal and state MPs (Click here for Federal MP contact details), as well as state and federal agricultural ministers listed on the back of the flyer (Or click here), and your local council. You can also contact PM Kevin Rudd’s office on (02) 6277 7700 or fax to (02) 6273 4100.
  • Contact local farm organisations, and water and infrastructure related bodies.
  • Forward our email media release, “Australia must act now to address global food crisis” to your entire email address book and any other emails of local organisations that you can collect. Send the emails into us so that they will receive regular updates. Post our release on any websites that allow for it.
  • Collect endorsement signatures on the statement which is in the flyer, fax a copy to your MPs and send the originals to us.
  • Circulate extra copies of the flyer. (Click for printable flyer) Leave them on the counters in shops, waiting rooms, servos, hand them out at busy places, or put them in letterboxes. If you need extra copies click here.
  • Organise protest rallies. It is important that not only the agricultural sector do this, but city people too—this crisis will affect both farmers and eaters!
  • Contact your local media to cover this issue, particularly our call, and write letters to the editor.
  • If you are not already a member, join the CEC here, or call us on 1800-636-432.

Aid Agencies Beg Food for 15 Million in East Africa; World Food Program Resorts to Triage Rations

Inaction on Food Crisis Is Leading to Genocide (PDF)

Italy: The Nation vs. the `Britannia' Faction

Mr. Sarkozy: Pull Down the Tower of Babel; Go for the Europe of the Fatherlands

British Establishment Freaks Out Over Tremonti Proposal! What Does All This Mean for the U.S. Election Campaign?

Former Shell Executive: "I Tell You There Is No Shortage."

Egyptian Daily Promotes Helga's Demands for Doubling Food Production as President Mubarak Heads to Rome

Background: “British free trade and famine”

Japanese Reject British

The End of Free Trade: Revolt Begins Against British Policy

Officials Back Helga LaRouche's 'Double Food Production' Call

Japan's Fukuda Moves Towards RIC Alliance: Pushes African Development and Doubling Rice Production

Egypt's Mubarak Denounces Biofuels - Will Take It to FAO

The Food Story: Globalization Kills

Is The Food Shock Shocking Congress Awake?

Hillary Clinton Responds to Global Food Crisis at South Dakota Farm Rally

Genocidal Prince Philip On the Food Crisis: "Too Many People"

Michel Barnier calls for an “international New Deal” to Feed 9 Billion

What Happens If You Cancel Biofuels Tomorrow?

FAO Head Calls for Doubling World Food Production

Showdown Set for June FAO Food Summit, Over Gorey Policy to "Let Them Starve"

To Defeat Famine: Kill the WTO

Prince Philip's WWF, the New Hitler

Tremonti Attacks Al Gore, and Calls for a New Bretton Woods

But, Al Gore Hasn't Broken Ties with Genocide...

Indian Food Consumption Going Down

Famine: The British Genocidal Food Policy Worldwide Hunger Catastrophe!

World Grain Markets Not Functioning

Argentine Agricultural Committee MP Head: Double Food Output

Rice Cartel - For Development, Not Price Gouging

Hungry for the Solution? Grow more Food

Nations Begin To Defend Food Rights Against British Empire’s WTO (PDF)

Four Continents Hit Criminality of Biofuels (PDF)

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