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Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Media Release  18th of December 2012

Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary
PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058
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Isherwood: Australia must break from British-Obama push for World War III

NATO’s deployment of Patriot missiles in Turkey dramatically heightens the danger of global thermonuclear war, Citizens Electoral leader Craig Isherwood warned today. “The Australian government must end its support for regime-change in Syria, and any plans to strike Iran, which the British and Obama are using to provoke this danger of world war,” he demanded.

NATO, under which Australian forces fight in Afghanistan, has approved Turkey’s request for Patriot missiles to be stationed along its border with Syria, on the pretext of a defence against possible attacks from Syria. However, Patriot missiles are not used against the shells and rocket-propelled grenades that are the likely fire from Syria, but against missiles and aircraft.

According to the Russian daily Kommersant, reported in the 17 December Russia Today, a Russian diplomatic source said, “Turkey has explained its request to NATO as exclusively related to its need to defend itself from a possible attack from the Syrian army. But there could be a second motivation for this action, which is a preparation for military strike against Iran.”

Iran’s armed forces chief General Hassan Firouzabadi warned officers at a military college on 15 December that the deployment of the Patriot missiles was intended to create a world war. “The Patriot (missiles) are threatening,” ISNA news agency reported him saying. “Each one of them is a black dot on the map, (setting the stage) to create a world war. The Western countries seeking to deploy the missile batteries on the Turkey-Syria border are devising plans for a world war. This is very dangerous for everyone, and even for the future of Europe,” he said. “A veteran military man and analyst can easily see this and predict the future.” Firouzabadi recalled the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, when U.S. President John F. Kennedy withdrew NATO missiles from Turkey in exchange for the Soviets withdrawing from Cuba, to avoid nuclear war.

That same day both the Russians and Chinese fired a diplomatic shot across NATO’s bow, emphasising their firm opposition to the British-Obama regime-change plans in Syria, which plans now include openly working with the al-Qaeda terrorist network, and are making any peaceful resolution impossible. Russian President Vladimir Putin joined Brazilian President Dilma Roussef in a joint communiqué from Moscow insisting that a ceasefire and dialogue between the Syrian government and all opposition forces under the terms of the June 30 Geneva Accord is urgent, and also insisting that on the basic principles of international law, “The Presidents of Brazil and Russia affirm their adherence to the sovereignty, independence, national unity and territorial integrity of Syria.” The same day China delivered the same message through its Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei, who reiterated that China is watching changes in the Syrian situation closely, and urged all parties in Syria to immediately declare a ceasefire and start a political transition process on the basis of the Geneva Accord.

U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche’s Political Action Committee (LPAC) issued a 16 December policy statement which exposed the British imperial game behind this escalating danger of world war. The statement reads:

“As Lyndon LaRouche correctly forecast over a year ago, the murder of Qaddafi while he was already in custody, indicated an intent to move quickly toward a thermonuclear showdown with Russia and China, using the crisis in Syria for that purpose. The British Empire is trying to blackmail Russia and China into submitting to the Queen’s anti-sovereignty, anti-progress, green agenda and collapse, along with the trans-Atlantic economies, which are in meltdown mode and heading toward potentially ungovernable chaos.

“Russia and China have refused to back down, so now NATO has decided to equip Turkey with Patriot Missiles, supposedly for defense, but everyone knows, including the U.S. Senate, that this will lead to a no-fly zone, which is the beginning of war. Russia has a significant naval base in Syria, and does not support the replacement of Assad with Al Qaeda terrorists, so military action in this theatre will not be Turkey vs. Syria, but NATO (read U.S.A.) vs. Russia. That is the end of civilisation, and perhaps the extinction of life on this planet.”

Isherwood concluded, “Russia and China are no longer willing to tolerate the British-Obama drive to shred respect of national sovereignty from international law, through wars based on lies about WMDs, and jumping in and out of bed with al-Qaeda terrorists.

“To date Australians have tolerated their government’s involvement in the British war agenda, but this time the consequences are deadly serious—thermonuclear world war. I say to the Australian people, if you don’t want World War III, stop tolerating our government’s involvement in this agenda, and join the CEC’s fight to stop it.”

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