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Media Release  10th of December 2012

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Top U.S. official: British-Obama lies on Syrian chemical weapons ‘preposterous’

The same apparatus which knowingly lied in 2002-2003 that Iraq had planned to use “weapons of mass destruction”, in order to justify an invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, is at it again. This time, however, not everyone is willing to be suckered by the British-orchestrated lies. The former chief of staff to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (US Army-ret.), for instance, has just denounced as “preposterous” the present British and U.S. claims that Syrian President Assad is preparing to use chemical weapons against his own people.

Wilkerson was Powell’s chief of staff when Powell was set up to present to the U.N. on 5 February 2003 the fraudulent “evidence” of Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction (Wilkerson prepared the graphics Powell used in his presentation to illustrate the claims later revealed to be entirely fabricated, by a source called “Curveball”). Powell later called his presentation—based upon evidence supplied by Tony Blair’s government—“the worst mistake of my career.”

In an interview with Russia Today 8 December Col. Wilkerson sharply rebuffed the charges that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons against its own population. Wilkerson’s remarks appeared as U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague escalated the WMD propaganda about Syria in comments to reporters on the sidelines of the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ 8th Annual Regional Security Summit in Manama, Bahrain (which was also attended by Australia’s Kevin Rudd, himself a veteran of the WMD lies from 2002-03).

Replaying the two-card trick that Tony Blair and George W. Bush played in 2002-03 to “confirm” each other’s “intelligence”, aka lies, that Saddam had WMD, Hague backed up Obama’s 3 December histrionics on Syria’s chemical weapons, by telling reporters that he and the Obama administration had seen proof that the Syrian regime is assembling chemical and biological weapons.

When pressed on the specifics of the evidence, Hague resorted to the same well-worn ruse from 2003—“intelligence sources”: “We absolutely cannot be specific about that because clearly those are intelligence sources that these things come from,” he blustered. “But we have seen enough evidence to know that they need a warning and they have received that warning.”

Col. Wilkerson told Russia Today, “I would be highly skeptical of any of the intelligence rendered by the $140 billion-plus U.S. intelligence community as to weapons of mass destruction in possession of another country. Period. …We have known for years that Syria has chemical weapons stockpiles…the fact that President Assad will be moving them around and preparing for use against his own citizens within his own territory, I frankly find preposterous…” Wilkerson denounced as “politicised intelligence” the charge that the Syrian government is contemplating the use of chemical weapons, and warned that this is “preparing the ground to intervene in Syria”. He also raised the prospect of impeachment of President Obama in this context. Colonel Wilkerson appeared on a panel Sept. 21, with U.S. Congressman Rep. Walter Jones and Executive Intelligence Review magazine’s counterintelligence editor Jeffrey Steinberg, to discuss Jones’ House Concurrent Resolution 107, which reasserts the Constitutional authority of Congress alone to declare war unless the United States is itself directly attacked, and states that any President who illegally circumvents Congress—as Obama did in Libya and seeks to repeat in Syria—will face an article of impeachment.

Also on 8 December, U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche, the founder of Executive Intelligence Review magazine, observed the glaringly obvious, that it makes no sense for Assad to use chemical weapons in an “internal” conflict, against an enemy that, although largely foreign, is dispersed to a significant degree within the Syrian population itself: “There is no reason why, and no advantage, no purpose, for Syria to be sucked into that sort of thing,” he said.

The Citizens Electoral Council’s October-December 2012 New Citizen newspaper exposes the Brits and Obama’s larger war agenda against Russia and China, to which end Syria and Iran are proxies. The New Citizen also profiles Kevin Rudd’s ally in pushing WMD lies in 2002-03 to convince the Australian Labor Party to support the Iraq war, federal MP Michael Danby, and Danby’s connections to the most rabid neo-con warmongers in Britain, the U.S. and Israel.


December 7 The CEC Report

Robert Barwick is joined by CEC leader Craig Isherwood for the December 7 The CEC Report, the weekly half hour political and economic update of the CEC’s fight to save Australia from economic collapse. The report is now posted on our website, and ready for you to view.

This week’s CEC Report covers:

  1. U.S. Congress debates the only pathway from economic doom
  2. Has Obama lit the Syria fuse for WWIII?
  3. Dump green frauds, go with nuclear power, featuring guest expert Jeremy Beck.

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