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Webcast 09.30.2011 - Live National Address
Lyndon LaRouche delivers his live National Address. How would a real President respond to the potential constellation of leading powers? Russia has dealt a strategic blow to the British Empire, led by Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev.

Q1 - The Basis of the Credit System
How is it that the process of building physical wealth is the basis for a restoration of our credit as a currency?

Q2 - NAWAPA and the Trans-Pacific Orientation
NAWAPA coheres with the initiatives coming our of Russia, but also represents the colonization of the arctic, as well as our interaction with cosmic radiation and the prospect of man in the galaxy.

Q3 - Energy-Flux-Density and Economy
An elaboration on the question of energy-flux-density and economy, from the standpoint of the evolution of species. How human beings can follow the example of creative evolution by the biosphere, willfully.

Q4 - Man in the Galaxy, or Man Under Obama?
The counterpoint between the prospects for mankind in the galaxy under a trans-Pacific orientation, and what we have here in the United States with Obama still in office.

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