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December, 2016

December, 2016

Zepp-LaRouche: Good Grounds for Optimism—A New Paradigm in 2017!

Project Phoenix: To Raise Aleppo from the Ashes of War

Trump Rejects Anti-Putin Hysteria

Russian Ambassador Assassinated in 'Open Provocation'

A New Era for the United States: The Four Laws

Chronology: The 'Blame Russia' Operation for Election Interference Is a British Fraud

Aleppo Is Free

Russian Ambassador Assassinated in 'Open Provocation'

Aleppo: Freed from Obama's Terrorists

Syria Is About To Be Liberated— Will the British Empire's Terrorist Instrument Be Destroyed for Good?

OBOR Is Basis for Cooperation Between China and the USA

EU Oligarchy Goes Down in Flames in Italian Referendum
Reality Is the Global New Paradigm Shift; Localist Propaganda Is Dangerous!

Like Canute, The Oligarchs Cannot Stop the Tide

Hysteria Erupts in the West over Syrian Army Victories in Aleppo

City of London Tries Terror To Stop a 'No' Victory in Italy

November, 2016

Bush and Obama War Crimes Exposed—Trump Should Agree

The Name Is Hamilton, Not Rohatyn—If We're Serious about Infrastructure and Productivity

The Revolt of the Lame Ducks in Berlin: The Music of History is Playing Somewhere Else

Zepp-LaRouche Keynotes 23rd National Congress of the Association of Economists of Peru

Senator Richard Black on the Philippine's War on Drugs

Trump Victory Is Only a Reprieve of War Danger - Unless a Much More Fundamental Change Can Be Enacted<

US election: A Global Shock to A Dead System

Body Count: The Real Story of the Casualties in Syria

Glass-Steagall Immediately After Election Day: Obama Can Be Beaten

The New Suez Canal and the SC Economic Zone: A Case Study

October, 2016

Obama Weakening Rapidly vs. Putin and Xi; That Is the Nuclear War Threat

Obama's Legacy: Death, Destruction and Economic Ruin

Obama's America Has Lost; China and Russia Are Winning

The Two Paradigms in Stark Contrast

Who's using chemical weapons in Syria?

Don't Be Bullied by Obama and British Lies and Empty Threats

Bankers Who Should Have Gone to Jail are Wrecking the Economy Again

'Deutsche Bank Threatens U.S. Government with Systemic Collapse'

Interview with Senator Richard Black: Aleppo—how Americans are being lied to

From the archives: Dutch MH17 findings based on flimsy and partial evidence (PDF)

Interview with Senator Richard Black: Aleppo—how Americans are being lied to

September, 2016

A Moment of Great Opportunity, But Don't Lose It—Override The Obama Veto

Hand-to-Hand Combat Heightens in Battle To Make JASTA Law

9/11 Families, Senators Demand JASTA, Override of Veto

Pass JASTA Now Rally

China Engages UN Institutions in the Belt and Road, while Obama Tries to Provoke a War with Russia

Appeal to the United Nations General Assembly: A New Paradigm for the Common Aims of Mankind!

9/11 Memorial Concert: Mozart Requiem—Morristown, NJ

'Securing World Peace Through Embracing the Common Aims of Mankind'

The World Has Changed—Anything Can Now Happen, but Obama Must Be Ousted

Schiller Institute Leads "Living Memorial" to Victims of 9/11

The Start of An Historic Week

Senator Bob Graham: Did Saudi Royals Make a Dirty Deal with Bin Laden for 9/11?

The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, A Tour

August, 2016

The World Urgently Needs a New Financial Architecture—And a New Paradigm of Thinking

Turkey Launches Armed Incursion into Northern Syria

Iran to Become Major Player in Silk Road Belt

The 'Age of Destruction' Should Give Way to the 'Age of Re-Construction'

The German Question: Spark for the Collapse, or a Driver for World Development

With Derivatives Blowout Coming, the West Must Join Putin's World

Interview with VA State Senator Richard Black

Putin and China Set the New Agenda

Baku Summit: Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan Are Going To Finish Building the Transport Corridor

Putin Moves on Strategic Alternative to War; Trans-Atlantic Financial System Is Over the Edge

Leading German Economist Says Emergency Deutsche Bank Takeover Needed Now

What QE Hath Wrought: Financial Times Sees 'End of the World'

Obama Openly Backs Al-Qaeda Takeover in Syria

Obama Launches Yet Another Criminal War on Libya

LaRouche: Hillary is Obama's Stooge for Wars and Wall Street

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: The New Silk Road Becomes the World Silk Road

Effort To Save Euro Banks Fails—Herrhausen or Bust

RAND Corporation Report: "War with China—Thinking Through the Unthinkable"

Western Society in Collapse—New Paradigm, or New Dark Age

LaRouche: Never Forget the Lessons of Herrhausen

July, 2016

Deutsche Bank Turning into a "Zero Bank"

Global Banks Exposed as Counterparties to Deutsche Bank Derivatives

Their Day Has Come, And Gone!

It's Time to Bring the War On Terror Down on the British Empire

Now Take the 28 Pages, and Avoid the Fate of France

Helga LaRouche: Herrhausen Solution for Deutschebank to Stop War

Drama Infernale... and LaRouche's Deutsche Bank Initiative As the Only Way Out

Zepp-LaRouche: Deutsche Bank Must Be Rescued, for the Sake of World Peace!

Syria: Breaking the Syria Propaganda War

Deutsche Bank Officer Says 'Europe Is Extremely Sick,' Demands Bailout Poison

Deutsche Bank's London Operations Can Blow Out the Entire System

Hague Tribunal Finding Feeds Obama's Would-be War in South China Sea

Washington Press Conference: South China Sea Tensions Exposed as Geopolitics

Worldwide revolt against financial elite hits Australia

Financial Panic and War Cries Across Europe—Only a "Superior Shift" Can Re-Direct History

US Conference of Mayors Denounces Obama's Nuclear War Provocations

Creating a Common Future For Mankind and a Renaissance of Classical Culture

Project Phoenix—Aleppo: The Eternal City

June, 2016

Putin and Xi Stress World Importance of Their "Major Power Relationship"

Putin, Xi—Countering the war drive

Two Systems Are Before the World

'Saudi-Wahhabi nexus' targeting SE Asia

Kay: If ring-fencing works, it will be Glass-Steagall

Evidence mounts that Sydney Siege inquest is a shameless cover-up

You have the keys to stop the terror wave: use them! Subject of Debate: Enact Glass-Steagall or Raise Banks' Requirements?

Release of 28 Pages on 9/11 Becomes the Strategic Linchpin Against Terror

Pay attention to these warnings! Giant NATO exercise under way in Poland; Putin warns "fundamentals of international security" are in danger

NATO "War Games" in Baltic Could Trigger Very Real World War III

Dump Obama Now—The World is Ready To Join the New Paradigm

Asia-Pacific Region Should Be an "Inclusive Big Platform for Cooperation," Says Xi Jinping

Leading U.S. China Scholar and Official Thai Advisory Board Promote Kra Canal

Petition: The Warsaw Summit Prepares for War, It's Time to Leave NATO Now!

Interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche U.S., Europe Need New Silk Road Cooperation More Than Asia Does

Obama's "Blow Up the World" Versus Russia and China

War with China by Summer?

China and Japan Advancing Asia Paradigm With Putin's Strategic Support

Petition: The Warsaw Summit Prepares for War, It's Time to Leave NATO Now!

May, 2016

Myriad agreements at Russia-ASEAN summit promise upsurge of Eurasian development

Anti-Russian provocations wearing thin in Europe

Election scandal: Libs & ALP running coward stealth campaigns

Retired Italian General: NATO Should Stop Provocations against Russia

Russian concert at Palmyra proclaims hope of defeating evil

"Immortal Regiment" Marches to Honor Those Who Fought, and Fight, Against Fascism

U.S. Policy in Syria: An Interview with VA Senator Richard Black

White House Reiterates Cover-Up of Saudis and FBI in 9/11; Now Is the Moment to Oust Obama

Obama's CIA Director to New York - Forget About Justice for the 9/11 Attacks

April, 2016

Release the 28 Pages and Indict Obama And the FBI for their Treasonous Cover-up

Obama Out-Flanked—Do Americans Have the Courage to Drive Him Out?

The Screw Turns on Obama; Will It Be in Time?

China: We Are Prepared for Obama's War; We Can Draw a 'Red Line' To Make This Clear to Washington

Russia Continues Asymmetric Response to Obama War Drive: Test Fires Iskander Missile

Syria Peace Process Unraveling; Is Obama's Plan B Next?

A Lot of Pants on Fire: London, Saudis, Obama Exposed at Once

China Warns Western Geopolitical Lies & Ignorance about Russia Extend to China

LaRouche: Obama Wants War with China

The British Empire is Losing, But Wants to Take the World Down With It

New Impetus to Dump Dead British System Emerges

March, 2016

Terrorists attack Brussels, ISIS claims responsibility

Ecuador's President Is Right: New "Plan Condor" Is Underway Against South America

British push for end of 'BRICS fantasy'

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses the Raisina Dialogue in India

Create a Miracle: Interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Putin's "Surprise" Is His Normal Creative Practice, Which Americans Must Master

Who Is the Real Fascist—Trump, or Obama and Hillary?

China Development Commissioner: Industrial Capacity Cooperation an Important Springboard for Belt and Road

British Intelligence Hitman Crows that Brazil Crisis Marks End of the "BRICS Fantasy"

NY Times Blows the Whistle on Killer Hillary Clinton

Syria Ceasefire Holds, as Putin Policy Boxes Obama Into Cooperation

Egypt's President Organizes Egyptian Youth behind Long-term Development Plan

February, 2016

Which way is Goldman Sachs really betting?

Bust the British Empire and Go with the Eurasia Solution

Churkin: Russian Military Strategy Aimed at Defeating Terrorism

History Is Going Russia's and China's Way, Not Obama's

'Deutsche Bank in Free Fall,' Warns Handelsblatt

Soros's Lemmings in Mass Charge on China's Currency, New Silk Road

US Sect. of Defense Presents a Budget plan for World War III

January, 2016

EIR Forum at National Press Club: Only a Scientific & Cultural Renaissance Can Stop New Dark Age

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Responds to Schäuble's Call For Marshall Plan To Solve Refugee Crisis

Xi Jinping Offers Win-Win Collaboration to Arab League through the One Belt-One Road

Helga, Xi Jinping, Schiller Institute and New Silk Road Report in Arabic Newspaper

Why the Washington Post's Campaign Against Glass-Steagall?

As LaRouche Said, 'This Is Much Worse Than 2008'

Again, It's Not China: 'Bail-In' Is Taking Italian Banks Down

British Step Up Bail-in Genocide, as Markets Crumble

A New Paradigm for Mankind—Is Beauty a Political Necessity?

US prepares Philippines as base for War on China

Financial Establishment on the Crash: 'Get Ready for the Worst'

British Crown Pushing War and Genocide in 2016

Financial Mudslide Goes On

Puerto Rico's Default: It's Every Vulture for Himself

Military Review Explains the Russian View of Future War More On Russia's New National Security Strategy: U.S. Opposition To Russia as a World Power, a Polycentric World and Ukraine

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