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December, 2015

'Bail Ins' Mean Deadly Bank Blowout Is On Us: What Must We Do?

Euro Banks Are Blowing Out; Dodd-Frank 'Bail-In' Means Americans Will Be Killed To Salvage Them

Make Sure There Is a New Year: Dump Obama and Wall Street!

Puerto Rico's Governor Charges Wall Street, Vulture Funds Control U.S. Congress

The Junk Crash and the Economic Collapse

Seymour Hersh Indicts Obama Again—This Time on War against Putin and Arming ISIS

The Breakdown of Wall Street Is Irreversible—Only the FDR Policy Can Prevent a Collapse into Hell

Puerto Rican Default Looms

Gerasimov: Russia Develops In Response To Threats

Kerry to Lavrov and Putin: Assad Can Stay

The Financial Crash Is On: Only a Transatlantic Policy Revolution Can Avert Disaster

This Week: Shut Down Wall Street, No More Suicides!

NATO Has Moved to a War Footing Against Russia

Obama's Backing for ISIS Led to San Bernardino

Is Turkish Invasion of Northern Iraq a Prelude to Bigger Action?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Japanese Business Leaders on Urgent Need for World Land-Bridge To End War & Tyranny of Geopolitics

Putin Nails Obama, and LaRouche Drives it In

November, 2015

US Representative Warns of Nuclear War from U.S. 'War To Overthrow Assad'

India Blasts COP21 as Carbon Imperialism; Other Attacks on Global Warming Hoax Flourish in U.K., Africa

Developing Countries' Leaders Are Attending COP21 Only to Shield Their Countries from Sacrifice on the Altar of Climatism

At Commonwealth Meeting—Trudeau Is Obama's and the Queen's Pony for Global Warming; India Says, No Deal

Prince Charles and Saudi-backed terrorism: Demand answers!

NATO Member Turkey Downs Russian Su-24 Bomber; Russian General Staff Responds with New Measures

Dump Obama or Face Thermonuclear War of Extinction

LaRouche: Obama Organized an Act of War

Cameron Goes To Paris To Run Its War Policy

Royals Take Personal Lead of UN COP21 Climate Hoax

After Paris: expose and bring down the architects of international terror

Obama is Down, Time to Drive Him Out

In the Wake of Paris: Release the 28 Pages Now!

Putin Has It Right: Obama is Pushing Thermonuclear Armageddon

Why Won't the NYT Publish Obama's 'Drone Papers', which Prove Our President is a Murderer Who Must be Removed?

The United States' Mission Lies on the New Silk Road

Echoing Helga LaRouche, German Claims "China Builds, Europe Just Watches"

World Trade, U.S. Industry Keep Contracting

Don't Call Obama a Murderer, or You may be Next

A Resolution To Defend Billions of Lives: WE SAY NO TO PARIS COP21

COP21 'Bulldozer' Can't Silence France's Climate Skeptic Weatherman

October, 2015

Washington, D.C. EIR Forum: Ending Permanent Warfare and Financial Panic

Obama Sent U.S. Destroyer into Chinese Waters

Obama Continues To Be 'President of Economic Collapse'

U.S. Senator Mike Gravel Denounces Obama's Drone Wars

Bernanke: Don't Do Glass-Steagall; You'll Shut Down Wall Street

Obama Can and Must be Ousted This Week

Obama: "I'm really good at killing people"

British Lash Out in Defense of Their Man Obama and Wall Street

LaRouche Mobilizes to Shut Down Wall Street, As Bankers Shriek: "The System Is Cracking"

Zepp-LaRouche Presents EIR's New Silk Road Report at Beijing Symposium

September, 2015

Modi Tells Ban Ki-moon that Poverty, Not Carbon Emissions, Are Primary

German Government Rejects Obama, Joins Russian Position on Syria

Xi: China to Give $2 Billion More to Poor Nations, Build 600 Foreign Assistance Projects

China Reminds the World that the UN Charter Must Be Defended as Product of the Victory over Fascism

Modi Tells Ban Ki-moon that Poverty, Not Carbon Emissions, Are Primary

German Government Rejects Obama, Joins Russian Position on Syria

Xi: China to Give $2 Billion More to Poor Nations, Build 600 Foreign Assistance Projects

China Reminds the World that the UN Charter Must Be Defended as Product of the Victory over Fascism

The Evil, Lethal Underside of Human Population Control

Fed Makes Error Based on Lie

Jeremy Corbyn Chooses Pro Glass-Steagall John McDonnell as Chancellor of the Exchequer

BIS Forecasts for This Week a Debt Earthquake by Any Other Name

Sen. Mike Gravel at the United Nations: China's Policy Offers Solutions to Obama's Disasters

European Leadership Network Issues Renewed Call & More Signers on Urgent Call for NATO-Russia Dialogue to Avoid War

Schiller Institute Conference: Creating A Peace Paradigm, A New Era For Mankind Where We All Become Truly Human

A Month of World Decision Centered in Manhattan

UN Documents War Crimes of Obama's Operatives

Obama Walks into Putin Syria Trap

Former NATO Military Committee Head General Kujat Calls for 'Grand Alliance with Russia' To Stop the War in Syria

Western-Launched Wars Exposed as Cause of Terrorism and Refugee Stream

Putin Turns the Flank

Greek Refugee Tragedy: More Than Tenfold Increase So Far This Year Alone

LaRouche: Putin Can Change the Game with Syria Intervention

Is Russia Preparing Military Intervention to Back Assad in Syria?

Syrian Human Rights Group Details ISIS Use of Chemical Weapons

Zepp-LaRouche: Urgent Appeal for Action to the Heads of Government: The UN General Assembly Is the World's Last Chance!

August, 2015

German 'Free Thinkers Association' Warns against Nuclear War

Jürgen Todenhöfer: Remove Leaders Who Created War and Misery for Millions of Refugees

Shut down Wall Street!

LaRouche: The Trans-Atlantic System Is Over; Replace it Now

Zepp-LaRouche Address to S. Korea Silk Road Conference: "A New Era of Mankind Where We Become Truly Human"

Do You Have the Guts to Face the Truth—And Act in Time?

An Insane President Will Launch Nuclear War in August; What Democrats Must Do to Prevent It

An Interview with Paul Driessen, Author of "Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death"

The Guns of "Late" August

Ukraine At the Edge of a Major New 'Spiral of Violence'

CEC release wrong on Australian banks' derivatives exposure—latest figures far worse!

Zepp-LaRouche on Sputnik Radio 'Hiroshima: There was no reason for this bombing'

Russia Calls Out Obama For His Killer War Drive, Military and Economic

The Eerie Quiet Just Before the Outbreak of Total War

Call to Stop the Immediate Danger of World War III!

Zepp-LaRouche on Sputnik Radio 'Hiroshima: There was no reason for this bombing'

Egyptian President El-Sisi Opens New Suez Canal, "A Gift for Humanity, for Development, for Building..."

Obama Syrian Warfare Policy Confronted on Illegality At Pentagon and State Department Briefings

Obama Launches War in Syria; Russia Warns of Consequences

The Human Race is in Danger of Extinction

Obama Escalates In Syria; Stars and Stripes Runs Accurate Warning

July, 2015

Putin Prepares Russia for War; Shuts Down U.S. NED

To Stop World War III, Hillary Must Expose Obama's Benghazi Lies

Hillary Clinton Must Tell the Truth About Benghazi, and Bring Down Obama Before He Unleashes the Guns of August

The British Empire Is Crumbling, The Way Is Clear for a New Global Era

New Scottish Referendum in the Works

Poland Won't Join "Burning" Eurozone

Tony Blair Signals British Monarchy Breakdown Crisis

Tony Blair Desperate To Stop Glass-Steagall Leader

The Coming "Interruption" of the British Monarchy

British Royal-Nazi Links Go Viral; How Long Can the Monarchy Survive?

Railroading of Greece Is Moving Fast, To "Save Eurozone"

Who Will Implement the New Greek Program?

British Queen Ordered Schaeuble's Greek Crackdown; Here are Her Next Orders for Obama

Only Glass Steagall Can Save Europe From Fascism and War

IMF Leak Spurs Firestorm Over Debt Deal

Varoufakis Details EU-ECB Plot To 'Humiliate' Greece

"Hillary, of All People, Should Remember"

British Monarchy Imposes Policy of Genocide Against Greece

Sweep Aside the Madness of the Bankrupt System; Mobilize for Glass-Steagall!

Tsipras Takes On Eurofascists in European Parliament

Greeks Say "No, There's a Limit to the Tyrant's Power!" Now What are We Going To Do?

Zepp-LaRouche Interviewed on Russian Radio: Reject Geopolitics and Cooperate with BRICS

What the Green Movement Doesn't Understand - Only Creativity is Sustainable

The World Looks to Greece

AP Shames Merkel on Greece; LaRouche Urges Story Be Spread

LaRouche: Regime-Change Assault on Greece Will Backfire; It's the Trans-Atlantic System that is Set To Explode

The Primakov Policy

Tsipras: Referendum Not about if Greece Stays or Leaves Euro

Predator 'Institutions' Knew Their Offer to Greece Was Made To Fail

LaRouche: The Trans-Atlantic Financial System Is Bankrupt, Not Greece

Sarajevo for the Euro

Tsipras's Combative Statement on Bank Holiday

A Day in the Euro System's Breakdown Crisis

June, 2015

We Are All Greeks! Europe Only Has a Future With the New Silk Road

LaRouche on the Greek Crisis: The Only Way out of This Mess

Britain, The Empire of Evil, Pushes Genocide and World War

There's Man-Made Global Warming, in Hell: But What Nations Will Agree To Go There?

Schellnhuber: Satanic British Empire Agent

Debt Truth Commission: All the Troika Debt Is Illegitimate

Tsipras Is Ready To 'Say the Big No'

Putin Announces Deployment of 40 New ICBMs This Year 'Capable of Overcoming Any Missile Defense Systems'

A Major Development: Tsipras To Meet President Putin at St. Petersburg

Obama Fails Again to Ram His TPP Fast-Track Package Through Congress

On Razor's Edge: The Case of the Satanic John Schellnhuber

Sleepwalking to Thermonuclear World War III

Lavrov Warns Against "Militarist Rhetoric" On INF Treaty

Transdniestria: The Next Flashpoint for War Against Russia

House Blocks U.S. Training of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Germany: A New Flank To Dump Obama And Stop War

Helmut Schmidt: Russia Needed at Summit, and China and India

BRICS vs G7 - Two Paradigms for the World

Decision Day for Humanity: The U.S. Must Return To Its Founding Principles And Join The BRICS Alliance Now

Wall Street Hates O'Malley, and He Welcomes Their Hatred

Obama Under Far Greater Pressure on '28 Pages' with Senate Bill S.1471

Rand Paul Announces S.1471 to Declassify 28 Pages at Packed Capitol Press Conference; Media Explodes

NATO Publishes Exercise Schedule: Cover for a Surprise Attack on Russia?

Czech General Proposes Nuclear War To Defend Baltics From Russia

Helga Zepp-LaRouche on "The Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge"

Bill To Declassify the 28 Pages to be Introduced in U.S. Senate

May, 2015

BRICS Momentum Spreads, History Will Be Made

The Euro is Over; The Austerity Rejected, What about the U.S.?

China's Ambassador to Britain: "It's an Opportunity, Not a Threat"

Any Greek Deal Has To Include Debt Reduction

'No Liquidity!' Global QE Bubble Is Finished

Declassified DIA Documents Can Bring Down Obama Now

New Benghazi Documents Show Obama Lied to the American People and Should Immediately Be Impeached

The Planet as a Whole: A Race between the BRICS and the World War Party

Kerry Threatens War in Korea, as Modi Offers Development

Macedonia 'Maidan' Is Attempted London Attack on the Whole BRICS

Kerry: Use of Force by Poroshenko Would Be Destructive of Minsk Agreement

Seymour Hersh Article Screws Obama, Saudis on Bin Laden Death

Senate Dems Shoot Down Obama's TPP Fast Track Authority

Rousseff Under London and Washington Pressure

Brits and EU Plot Another Libyan War under "Humanitarian" Garb

Russia Invites Greece To Join BRICS Bank

"Who We Fight"

A Scandal Aims To Stop World War; A Scientific Idea Aims To End Killer Droughts

'Silk Road Lady's' Campaign Intensifies: U.S. and Europe Must Join the BRICS

German-Russian Dialogue in Baden-Baden Hears Zepp-LaRouche

A New Paradigm for Civilization (video)

Two Systems are Before the World

April, 2015

Catholic Groups, Vatican Charge: the TPP Violates "the Common Good" and Human Dignity

Stop the Obama Murders

Mediterranean Migrant Murders: the Legacy of Obama-British Imperial Wars

Murder in the Mediterranean

The Obama Murders

Top US, Russian Retired Generals: "How to Avert a Nuclear War"

Dr. Natalia Vitrenko: Facing Terror under a Kiev Regime 'Both Nazi and Fascist'

LaRouche: Obama is a Disease Disguised as President; Remove him now!

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on Obama

Debate on 'Who Started the Libyan War' Rages in Italy

Vitrenko Describes Physical Threats, Exposes Sophistry of the Ukrainian Parliament's "Neo-Nazi" Laws

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Highly Successful EIR Event in NYC

LaRouche: If anything happens to Natalia Vitrenko, Victoria Nuland must be held responsible

PSPU Leaders Appeal to Poroshenko to Veto Pro-Nazi Laws in Ukraine

Ukraine Officially Adopts Nazi Ideology

Obama Actions Driving the World to the Brink of General War

Tsipras Tells TASS: 'Greece Can Work as a Bridge Linking the West and Russia'

The BRICS, Led by China, Are Making a Scientific Revolution; It's Time to Rid the U.S. of the Culture of Degeneracy

LaRouche Warns: With P5+1 Deal, Who Will Curb Saudis and Bibi?

New Perspectives on US's Western Water Crisis

March, 2015

China Presents Action Plan for 'One Belt, One Road'

International Schiller Institute Event: The BRICS Option

With the World Ridiculing Obama, It's Time to Dump Him and the Whole Bush League

Chinese Reiterate Offer to U.S. to Join In Developing the World

Saudi Arabia Launches Massive Terror Bombing of Yemen

LaRouche: Our Policy is Glass-Steagall and an Alliance with the BRICS

LaRouche Defines the Standard for a Qualified US Presidential Candidate

Vernadskian Time: Time for Humanity

Consolidate the Strategic Shift: Dump Obama

Major European Nations Join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Three World Leaders Intervene Against War and Economic Disintegration

How to Stop the Empire's Short Fuse To Nuclear War and Financial Blowout

Countdown to War, or the BRICS Alternative

LaRouche to Greece: Call the EU's Bluff, Join the BRICS

Showdown Looms on Greek Debt Bomb and NATO War on Russia

LaRouche Denounces Frameup of Putin for Nemtsov Murder; Calls Out Obama

Meeting the Threat of War from a Higher Standpoint

Murder of Russian Opposition Leader Nemtsov "Smells Like Nuland"

The Fall of Zeus

February, 2015

LaRouchePAC Livestream from Houston, TX: Ending the Age of Austerity—Join the BRICS' Mass Movement for Development

The Zeus Option for General Depopulation of the Planet

Operation Zeus: Showdown

Rep. Walter Jones Provides Clarity of Leadership on Congressional War Powers

London and Its Neo-Nazis Are Pushing Hard for World War

Greece Owes Nothing to Britain's Criminal Banking Syndicate

Debt Fraud: Greece Actually Owes Nothing!

HSBC's Biggest Allies: Obama & Loretta Lynch

Senior Statesmen Call to Step Back from Brink of WWIII

Wake Up: We are Closer to World War Than in 1962!

Nuland's Nazis

From a Fragile Peace Agreement to a New Renaissance?

LaRouchePAC Statement in Support of Greek "Breath Of Dignity" Rally

Human Creativity: The Fight That Can Change 'The Inevitable'

If You are Slaves of London and Wall Street, You Will Have Global War

LaRouche: "Their Arrogance Will Lead to Their Demise"

Put the British Empire to Rest, or Face World War

The Saudi Role in 9/11, the Story that Won't Go Away

Obama's Policy on Ukraine Places the World on a Fast Track to Thermonuclear War

Are These Guys Clinically Insane? No, They're From Wall Street

London Directs IMF Policy of War Loans to Ukraine, No Credit for Greece

LaRouche: Bankrupt Wall Street and Join the BRICS in Creating a New Global Credit System

EIR: Convene a European Debt Conference for 2015

January, 2015

LaRouche Demands Shut Down of Wall Street Before Its Collapse Triggers Thermonuclear Armageddon

Take the U.S. Economy from Bankrupt Wall St., Create Federal Credit for Growth & Employment

LaRouche Hails Stunning Greek Electoral Repudiation of Troika

Europe Announces Bailout: The Desperate Drive for War

LaRouche Warns: Wall Street's Growing Desperation Is Fueling Global Thermonuclear Showdown

Morgan Stanley Begins Wall Street Commodity Derivatives Wipe-out

Saudis Stay in Spotlight

New York Schiller Institute Event: Economic Justice is an Inaelienable Right

LaRouche's Four Laws and Bankruptcy of Trans-Atlantic System Featured in Russian Zavtra

Swiss Central Bank Leaves the Sinking Ship, Drops Parity with the Euro

China Dwarfs Itself

New York Schiller Institute Event: Economic Justice is an Inaelienable Right

Swiss Central Bank Leaves the Sinking Ship, Drops Parity with the Euro

China Dwarfs Itself

More Reports on Need To Release '28 Pages'

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Banking System

Londonistan's Children Take Credit for Paris Mayhem

Gorbachov: Danger of Nuclear War Over Ukraine

Natalia Vitrenko Issues Appeal to UN, World Leaders, on Yatsenyuk's Nazism

Profiles of Paris Terrorists Links to Londonistan

Tear Down the British Empire

Press Release: Congressmen Demand Obama Release Suppressed 28 Pages of 9/11 Inquiry Report; Up Pressure on U.S. Senate

Major Terror Attack in Paris

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: "End-Game Is On: More Outreach!"

Neo-Cons, Anglophiles Go Berserk, Call for War on North Korea

Great Enthusiam for Jan. 8-9 China-Celac Summit

Wall Street Puts the 'Debt' in Debtonator

To Ring in the New Year With a Bang: Wipe Out Wall Street

CNN Interviews Bob Graham & Terry Strada on Declassifying 28 Pages

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