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December, 2013

LaRouche On Zeus, Prometheus and the Fight Against Serfdom Today

Russia Moves to Contain Global Terror, Will the U.S. Join them?

Russia's Glazyev on Ukraine: Threat of War & the Alternative

China and Asia Look to the Future in Space

LaRouche: It's the End of the Old Imperial System

Science & Christmastime

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Welcomes U.S. Court's Ruling to Investigate Saudi Role in 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Gaia Spacecraft Launches: Promising a New Dynamic, 3-D Map of our Galaxy

Federal Appeals Court Overturns Saudi Immunity, Allows lawsuits Against Kingdom to Proceed

IMF Blasts Ukraine, Demands It Freeze Its Citizens

Bernanke Worked Out 'Tapering' with Wall Street

Impeach Obama Before His Bail-In Starts Thermonuclear War

The Revolt of the Judges

Putin: Ukraine would have Become "Agricultural Appendage" of EU

Bob Graham Interviewed on Saudi Connection, As Saudis say they'll 'Go it Alone' on Syria

Bernanke: 'Still Buying Assets at High Rate'

LaRouche Demands Selloff of Fed's Toxic Assets

Bernanke: 'Still Buying Assets at High Rate'

"Leading" Democrats For Wall Street

China's Next Step

Russia Shores up Ukraine against EU Blitzkreig

US Senator Graham Calls for Release of 28-Pages and Full Investigation of Saudi Role in 9/11

Chinese Officials Declare the Chang'e-3 Mission a Success; Accelerate the Future Timetable

House Resolution Calls for Civil Action Against Obama for Violating the Constitution

Top-Level Meeting Tuesday Of Ukrainian And Russian Leadership

China's Lunar Success "Moons" Obama!

Establishment Figures Warn of Thermonuclear War

Icelandic Bank Executives Sentenced To Jail

"The Volcker Rule Won't Work"

Bipartisan 21st Century Glass-Steagall Legislation introduced in U.S. Congress

Backlash Against Volcker Rules, Glass-Steagall Raised

Momentum Builds for Release of Saudi-9/11 28 Pages

LaRouche: "If It's War or Revolution That You Want, Then Go Along with This Fake Volcker Rule!"

Rogozin: Russia Will Respond To Any Attack with Nuclear Weapons

New Obamacare Plans Penalize, Harm the Chronically Ill

Stop Interference in the Internal Affairs of Ukraine!

Wall St. Genocide: Judge Rules To 'Bail-In' Detroit Workers' Pensions

Reps. Jones & Lynch Mobilizing for Release of 28 Pages, showing Saudi Link

Hersh Article Part of Institutional Move vs. Obama & Rice

Kammenos Calls for Glass Steagall; New Deal and Marshall Plan

After Detroit Bankruptcy Ruling, Pensions are Targeted for Slashing

War of Words Continues Over China's East China Sea Air Defense Zone

The Unfinished Mission of Nelson Mandela

'Delayed Glass-Steagall' Amendment Narrowly Defeated In U.K. House of Lords

Kesha Rogers Files for Texas Democratic Primary for Senate

Jacques Cheminade: For the Sake of Nelson Mandela Let Us End the Hypocrisy, and Fight in His Image

US State Lawmakers vs. Wall Street Clashed at NCSL; Banksters Freaked Against Legislators Over Glass-Steagall

LaRouche: 'The Time Has Come to Bankrupt Wall Street'

Yanukovych in China Signs Agreements

NSA Program for Tracking Cellphone Locations Revealed

Congressmen Jones and Lynch Introduce Resolution for Obama To Declassify 28-Pages of 9/11 Report

International movement on Glass-Steagall

Ukraine developments

"Bail-in" Strikes Pensions in Detroit and Illinois

Brawl in Britain over Snowden Disclosures

LaRouche's Thoughts on Ukraine

Ukraine Update
Another Warning of 'Repo' Debt Crash

In Euro-Wide Repression: Spain Plans Draconian Fines

Faber: 'We are in a massive speculative bubble'

When Will Germany Re-Orient Towards the East?

Iran Begins Talks With Russia For Building More Nuclear Power Plants

South Korea Calls For Strategic Talks with the U.S., China and Japan to Address the East China Sea Dispute

November, 2013

'Wall Street On Parade': Clarity on Glass-Steagall

OECD Chairman Says Financial Status Today Just Like 2007

New Bank Debt Bubbles Head for Crash

50 Years Behind; The President from The Future

Pope Francis Calls for Ending Tyranny of An Economy Which "Kills"

Europe is Dying

Antonio Maria Costa: No Legalization of Drug Trafficking, Indict the Banking System!

Emergency Statement by Lyndon LaRouche

P5+1 Reach Interim Deal With Iran

NY Judge Says Government Had Hand In Creating Mortgage Mess By Glass-Steagall Repeal

China and India Plan To Reduce Dollar Dependence

Chinese Economists: "If the U.S. Stopped Printing Money, It Would Benefit China"

How the U.S. Economy Has Been Destroyed Under the Obama Presidency

Scowcroft and Brzezinski Stress Ending Iran Crisis

Obama Decides to Train Al-Qaeda

White House Meeting With State Insurance Regulators Another Bust for Obama

Physician Mark Shelley on Capitol Hill: Why Congress Must Act: People Are Dying

LaRouche: Potential lies in Trans-Pacific

"Will US Government Really Throw Millions of People Off Food Stamps?"

Obamacare is a Plan to Kill Young and Old Alike for the Queen

Kerry's Egypt Visit Spotlights Split with White House

Obama Down, But Not Yet Out

LaRouche's Statement on the Philippines in the Wake of Super-Typhoon Haiyan

Israel and Saudi Arabia Plot Joint Military Strikes Against Iran

More Spy Revelations About Targeting of Traveling Diplomats

Daily Beast Publishes Political Obituary for Prince Bandar

New Glass-Steagall Resolution Introduced for Winter Meeting of NCSL

U.S., Russia Optimism On Iran Nuclear Talks Despite Israeli Sabotage

Egypt and Russia Sign Military Relations

The Coming U.S.-Russia Flank Against the Heroin Plague

Obama Facing Democratic Rebellion over Obamacare

Wall Street and Glass-Steagall Are the Issue for the Democratic Party

Warren Says Time To Take On Wall Street with Glass-steagall Is Now

Obama in Office Is Biggest Threat to Lives; U.S. Public Hospital System Being Destroyed

LaRouche rep. Speaks on Philippines Disaster

Putin in Seoul: Huge Step for Peace and Development

No Lending With Fed Hyperinflation Policy

Insurance Companies Move in on Obamacare Operations

Obama Stole SNAP Funds for Michelle's "Leave No Child's Behind Left" Program

P5+1 Negotiations Advanced By New IAEA-Iran Cooperation Framework Agreement

Iran Nuclear Talks to Resume on November 20

Overlapping Sovereignties, the TPP, and Corporatism

10,000 Dead from Typhoon in One Philippine City Alone

Cities Along the Silk Road Prepare for Economic Belt

Iran Talks Turn South

Tens of Thousands of Greeks Are Starving

Silk Road On Putin-Park Agenda

254th birthday of Friedrich Schiller

More Greeks to Freeze to Death

Portugal's Defense Minister Demands Rewrite of `Social State' Constitution

Layoffs Troika-Style: Riot Police Storm ERT Headquarters

Steady Drumbeat to Reverse Air-Sea Battle

LaRouche: Wipe Out Wall Street's Genocidal Health Insurance Companies

Leahy: NSA Is the Greatest Threat

Glass-Steagall Re-Introduced in Icelandic Parliament

Obama Sabotage of Geneva II Meeting

China Pursuing Asymmetric Military Strategy and War Games, To Deter U.S.

China, Russia Increase War Preparations In Response to Anglo-American War Threat

Bail-in is Admitted to be probable trigger

German Prominents Sign Call In Support of Snowden

Healthcare access Denied: ObamaCare gets worse

Evans-Pritchard Warns that Overvalued Euro Can Destroy E.U.

The NSA: The Global Vacuum Cleaner that Sucks up Everything

People Die as Congress Postures—End Insurance Companies' Control of Healthcare: Pass H.R. 676

October, 2013

  • Glass-Steagall or Mass Genocide
    NSA Spying on Foreign Leaders: Of Course Obama Knew

    Poverty Has Doubled in Five Years in Italy

    Insurance Cancellations: What Did Obama Know, and When Did He Know It?

    Under Glass-Steagall, U.S. enjoyed nearly 50 years of prosperity

    Under Glass-Steagall, U.S. enjoyed nearly 50 years of prosperity

    Historic LaRouche-Gallagher Dialogue "To Close the Door on a Fifty-Year Dark Age"

    Pro-Manufacturing Senators: Return to Glass-Steagall and the FDR Paradigm

    Obama Cutting Food for 47 Million Americans

    Bank of England Head Carney Hangs Out His Shingle: Financial Cancer Welcome Here

    Silk Road Perspective Creating Broad Regional Motion

    "Easy-Kill" Emanuel Trotted Out to Defend Nazi Obamacare

    U.N. Syrian Envoy Urges Iranian participation in Geneva II Peace Conference

    Historic LaRouche-Gallagher Dialogue at Sare Town Meeting, "To Close the Door on a Fifty-Year Dark Age"

    New Turkish Tunnel Opens Way for 'Iron Silk Road'

    Greeks Could Go To Jail for Criticizing Europe

    Glass-Steagall Campaign in Italy

    On the Eve of War—Glass-Steagall Now Would Change Everything

    Wall Street Wants A Pound Of Your Flesh, And Obama Is Giving It To Them!

    Federal House Finance Agency Reaches Separate Deal with JPMorgan Chase on Mortgage Fraud

    Asteroid Defense Taken Up At UN General Assembly, No Mention of SDE

    How Obama First Got the Stache—They Plan to Kill You

    Crisis Countdown: Nazi Economics and the Bail-In/Bail-Out Plan

    Irish Protest Savage Cuts: "Gas Us, It's Quicker"

    Prince Bandar Threatens US; Another 9/11 Coming?

    Obamacare Genocide in Action: What is Already Underway

    Fears Over House Impeachment of Obama Raised by Rep. McDermott

    Ban on Chinese Space Researcher Reversed

    LaRouche Movement Representatives Speak at Anti-Bail-In Seminar in Cyprus

    Glass-Steagall Pressure Forces Moves Against JP Morgan, Wall Street

    Swiss Author: Our Anti-Oligarchical Tradition Is the Basis for Glass-Steagall

    Cavalcade Of Silk Road Projects Continues; South Korea Takes Lead With "Silk Road Express" Lyndon LaRouche: Stop Genocide Against American Citizens!

    Obama Signals: He's Ready to Ally with GOP's Ryan for Killer Entitlement Cuts

    More Calls for Obama's Impeachment

    New Near-Earth Asteroid Discovered, Russian Offical Again Calls for Defense of Earth

    LaRouchePAC Glass-Steagall Ad In DC Daily With Over 40 Signatures

    Default Is Not the H-bomb, It's the Trigger

    More Evidence that Obamacare Is Killer

    Obama's Genocidal True Colors Come Out in Budget Showdown

    Obamacare Debacle Is Intentional—Not From 'Glitches;' Millions of Poor Excluded

    Obama's Entire Health and Economic Policy Is Intentional Genocide

    Sanity, or Genocide by Sequestration?

    Obama and Congress Set to Sell Out American People

    Five Years Later: Red Cross, Caritas Warn of Europe's Descent into Hell

    Is London Running Wetworks in Argentina Aimed at President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner?

    The EU Introduces "OTC" Bailouts

    LaRouche PAC Gears Up National War on Wall Street

    Kennedy Refuted Malthus, Just Before His Assassination

    Xi Speech Expresses Grave Concern Over World Economic Crisis

    Bank separation introduced into Swedish parliament third year in a row

    LaRouche: Banksters Are Lying; Glass-Steagall Will Solve This

    Secret IMF Documents: 2010 Greek Bailout Was a Bankers' Bailout

    APEC Meets, Without Obama, to Pursue Growth

    National Ignition Facility Moves Closer to Laser Fusion

    U.S.-Russian Progress on Planetary Defense as Meteor Skims Earth

    Obamacare and Critics Blast Sick Who Are "Too Costly"

    President Xi Conducts High-Level Diplomacy With ASEAN Neighbors

    China & Russia Strengthen Nuclear Cooperation With Argentina

    Dr. Mahathir, Xi Jinping propose "Zheng He Association"

    "Smash-mouth" Reid Keeps Democrats in Line Behind Government Shutdown

    LaRouche: Behind The Shutdown & Debt Ceiling Swindle Wall St. Orders Obama To Kill Glass-Steagall

    Real Panic Coming from the Top of the Oligarchy

    Terror and chaos in Southwest Asia

    Russian Source Exposes Chemical Attack As a Saudi 'Black Op'

    Two French MPs Urge the U.S. Congress To Pass a New Glass-Steagall Act

    Glass-Steagall Debate in Switzerland

    Russia Plans a Manned Moon Base

    Russian Railways: Trans-Siberian Development Key Task, but Rail Freight is Shrinking

    Obama Wanted Government Shutdown-And Probably Default As Well

    Government Shutdown Careens Toward Oct. 17 U.S. Debt Blowout

    The Troika's Political Coup Continues in Greece

    Lavrov doubts the West will bring the Syrian opposition to the negotiations

    Wall Street Is Out To Kill You With Hyperinflation

    Technological Advancement Is Sovereignty: Argentine President

    Russian Nuclear Reactors Installed on Floating Plant

    Obama Meets Netanyahu: War Party Rides Again

    September, 2013

    Former Bank of England Official Warns Against Bail-In

    Wall Street Journal Denounces Europe's Anti-Fascist Constitutions

    Bundestag Members Interested in "Real Bank Separation"

    JCS Speech on "No Long Wars" Represents High-Level Consensus

    "Barack Obama is a goddamn liar"; Intelligence Veterans' Reactions to Obama

    Isn't It Time To Call Saudi Bluff On 9/11?

    Iran President Hassan Rohani's Diplomacy in the U.S.

    Troika Treatment for Greece, Spanish Way

    EU Has Created a 'Weimar' Greece

    Austrian Candidate Frank Stronach: `Reintroduce Glass Steagall'

    Markov: Russia Must Stop US Aggression

    Is the takeover of Syrian opposition by Salafist terrorists complete?

    Urgent Appeal to the UN General Assembly

    Iran's President in UN Speech: 'Hope for the Better' to Redefine Global Relations

    China's Asia-Pacific 'Space Pivot''

    John F. Kennedy vs. the Empire

    UN General Assembly: Obama vs. Sovereignty

    Glass-Steagall Brawl in Switzerland, Resolutions and Hysteria

    NY Delegation Bill Defending 9/11 Families Right to Sue Saudi Arabia

    A New, Huge Potential Fine for JPMorgan Chase's Bubble Crimes

    The Case for a Select Committee To Investigate Benghazi

    Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Says Syria Ready To Accept Ceasefire If There Are Peace Negotiations

    Syria Turns In Its Initial Chemical Weapons Declaration

    Obama and Holder: Drug Pushers for the Queen

    Iranian President Rouhani's Diplomatic Opening Reflects Global Shift Against the Empire's Agenda

    Obama Lets Off JPMorgan Chase, Again

    11th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology Meets in Spain

    50 Years Ago JFK Proposed Joint U.S./U.S.S.R. Mission to the Moon

    Saudi Bankrolling of Al-Qaeda Well Known to U.S. Government

    Assad Vows Full Commitment To Getting Rid of Chemical Weapons

    Russia Blocks War Resolution; Demands Full Investigation of Rebels' CW Use

    Russian Expert Decodes Info On Shells Found In Syria By UN Inspectors

    As Obama Crumbles, More Voices Are Heard for Glass-Steagall

    Dempsey Backs Syria Framework

    Lavrov—UN Chemical Weapons Report Incomplete

    Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Helicopter

    Swiss Parliament Glass-Steagall Vote Sends The World a Powerful Signal

    BIS Veteran Says Global Credit Excess Worse Than Pre-Lehman

    Kerry-Lavrov Deal Could Lead To Geneva II

    Obama Failures Increase With Loss of Summers Nomination

    New York Times Op-Ed: "Overpopulation Is Not The Problem"

    Representative Walter Jones Again Urges Declassification Of Full 9/11 Report

    Lavrov, Kerry Reach Agreement On Syrian Chemical Weapons

    Swiss Parliament Glass-Steagall Vote Sends The World a Powerful Signal

    Lehman Bankruptcy Administrator Calls for Glass-Steagall

    President Putin Outflanks Obama Again, with Open Letter to the U.S. Population

    More Military Leaks Discredit Claims Assad Used Chemical Weapons In Ghouta

    Elizabeth Warren: Glass-Steagall Is The Slingshot That Can Bring Down Goliath

    Evidence of Syrian Rebel Use of Chemical Weapons Continues to Accumulate

    Obama Is Being Ridiculed by his Friends and His Foes as Incompetent & Crazy

    Obama/Kerry/McCain Syrian "Curveball" Source Fired for Lying

    "9/11 Widow Speaks Out" on Saudi Funding of Terrorism

    On 9/11 Anniversary: Obama is Foiled

    A Politically Crumbling Obama Takes Up Russian Proposal to Avert Military Strike Against Syria

    Where the Russian Initiative Came From

    Global Warming Fraud Continues to Unravel

    Crush Obama's Transpacific Partnership!

    Pope Francis: War Is Always A Defeat For Humanity

    Paul Craig Roberts: Obama Regime Worse than Nazi Germany and Stasi Communists

    Obama and Powers Declare End of UN and International Law

    Military Opposition Soars Against Obama's Syria War

    Calls In Russia, Ukraine, Central Europe For Putting Obama On Trial For "Crimes Against Peace"

    Obama and Kerry Lying About Syria

    Iran Foreign Minister Warns: Beware Syria Trap Set by Radicals

    Pope to G20 Leaders: "Lay Aside the Futile Pursuit of a Military

    Russian Forces Went on High Alert at Israeli Launch

    Was Obama's Intercept Evidence Faked?

    US Senate Committee Debates Obama War Resolution

    Syria: Warnings of General War

    International Law Expert Boyle: Impeach Obama on Sept. 9

    Examiner.com—"Strike on Syria Could Spark Pacific Thermonuclear War"

    Russia 'Absolutely' Unconvinced by Syria Chemical Attack Claims

    China Slashes At Obama Syrian Missteps

    Obama's Resolution for Congress

    Kucinich: Obama's Case for War: "Cynicism and Willful Misrepresentation"

    Dempsey Letters Make Clear: Any Military Action in Syria is an "Act of War"

    The Economist Appeals to Obama for Elimination of Assad

    August, 2013

    Obama's Timetable for Launching War Was Set Back

    Putin Ridicules Obama's Chemical Attack Claims

    Did Saudi Prince Bandar Give Chemical Weapons to the Syrian Opposition?

    Doctors Without Borders: Don't Use Our Medical Report "As a Justification for Military Action"

    LaRouche: "No Military Action In Syria; Thermonuclear Danger Too Grave"

    Pre-war Disinformation Proliferates from London

    Zepp-LaRouche: Intervention in Syria Could Lead to the Extermination of Civilization!

    Ferment In Congress Against Obama War Policy

    Congress: Stop Thermonuclear War—Throw Obama Out, Pass Glass-Steagall!

    British Parliament Recalled Early Over Syria Crisis

    Assad "Not So Stupid" as To Use Chemical Weapons Near Damascus, Says Syrian Kurdish Leader

    Syria and Iran: Automatic Escalation to World War III?

    Lavrov at Emergency Press Conference on Syria: West Is on a "Dangerous and Slippery Path"

    Gen. Ivashov, Russian Anti-Globalist Leaders Issue Appeal against Syria Intervention

    "Drinking More Koolaid: Where Is the Proof in Syria?''

    Powering the Future: Fusion

    Were Chemical Weapons Shipped from Libya to the Syrian Opposition?

    Le Figaro Confirms CIA-Trained Opposition Forces Invaded Syria From Jordan

    Marc "Dr. Doom" Faber Warns of Crash and World War III

    Obama's Economic Team Is in Shambles

    The Nuclear-Thermonuclear NAWAPA XXI

    Fed Minutes' Message: 'We're in Trouble'

    U.K. Government Raid on Guardian "Symbolic"

    FBI Hiding Thousands of 9/11 Documents in Tampa Office

    Jamie Dimon Lied About Australia Not Needing Glass-Steagall

    JP Morgan Crimes Pile High

    U.S. Green Party Calls for Glass-Steagall

    Obama's "Missing 90 Minutes"

    Egypt Seizes Weapons Sent From Libya to Muslim Brotherhood

    Brother of Al-Qaeda Leader Arrested in Egypt

    New York Times: The Cash Committee

    Scotland Yard Investigating New Evidence Claiming Diana Killed By SAS

    Life and Death Issues Confronting Mankind At This Moment

    Bust the London Riyadh Global Terror Axis

    Credit Suisse Traders Boast: "We Created The Bail-In"

    Congress: Between Two Rocks and a Hard Place on NSA Spying

    War Over Glass-Steagall at Conference of State Legislatures, Across US

    What's Up at the Fed?

    FINMA Officials Call for Wall Street Help

    Egypt Erupts into Violence, Heralds Dark Days Ahead

    EIR's Paul Gallagher Replies to Jamie Dimon

    Queen's Depopulation Gang Is Mobilized Under Banner of "Global Food Security"

    Gen. Dempsey's Urgent Mission to Israel

    Advocates Speak on Glass-Steagall at US State Legislators' conference

    Swiss Authorities Admit Global Bail-in Scheme: $650 Billion Deposits Can Be Seized To Save Two Swiss Banks

    Big 6 US Banks Have Stolen More than $30 Billion from Local Governments

    Obama Is a Lame Duck—A British View

    Russian Media Cite LaRouche Warning of Nuclear War

    Wall Street Mafia In Desperate Drive To Stop Glass-Steagall

    Detroit—Arsenal of Democracy, Or Test-Case For Fascism

    The Massive Looting of the Greek Population

    Saudi-British Objective To Move Brotherhood Militancy from Egypt to Syria

    Glass-Steagall Resolution Introduced In California

    Xinhuanet Publishes Interview with Lyndon LaRouche

    Obama Terror Hype

    Growing Recognition that Only Glass-Steagall Can Stop the Detroit Template of Fascist Economics

    Rep. Wolf Raises Questions Role of Benghazi CIA Annex Running Guns to Syria

    Wyden Points to "Serious Violations" in FISA Spying Program

    Greenwald-Snowden Expose NSA Total Internet Spy Program

    Wall Street Crimes: Assault on Cities Proceeding--Pontiac, Harrisburg, et al.

    July, 2013

    Detroit Facts: End Wall Street's Theft of Pensions: Re-enact Glass-Steagall

    Detroit Requests Congressional Hearing; Swaps Costs May Be Worse

    JPMorgan Chase and the "Enron Model"

    Cyprus: Soaring Unemployment and Recession

    Troika Policies Devastate Southern Europe

    What Greek Bailout? 98.5% Went Straight To the Banks

    We Need a New Pecora Commission! Disband the Financial Services Committee

    U.S. Cities Have $126 Billion in Retiree Health Care Costs That They Can Jettison, With the Help of Obamacare

    Glass-Steagall: The Last Chance

    Glenn Greenwald: New NSA Revelations Prove Snowden Was Right

    After Detroit, London Demands Smashing All Public-Employees Pensions, Healthcare

    Kill, Kill, Kill. BIS Campaigning to Cut Pensions and Health Care

    Detroit: Pensions or Derivatives? Glass-Steagall Would Have Made the Choice

    More Evidence of How the British Looted Detroit to Death

    Who Needs a Constitution? Greek Government To Legislate by Decree

    Euro Crisis Will Strike Back with Full Force in Autumn

    Kaptur Speaks on Congress Floor for Glass-Steagall

    US National Farmers Organization (NFO) Press Release in Support of Glass-Steagall

    Detroit Leader Lamar Lemmons III in Washington, D.C. To Fight for Glass-Steagall

    Ed Asner: Letter In Support of Restoring Glass-Steagall

    LaRouche Warned You About the Doom of Detroit in 2005

    The "Detroit Template" and the "Cyprus Template": A Tale of Two Cities

    Glass-Steagall Raised in Hearing on Wall Street Control of Commodities

    JPMorgan Chase in California 'Enron' Crime Spree

    NEW VIDEO: Detroit—Test Case For Genocide

    Ward Links Glass-Steagall Fight to Detroit Bankruptcy

    Glass-Steagall "Battle of the Books"

    How Wall Street Pays Off US House Finance Committee Freshman

    Detroit is Too Big to Fail: Crush Wall Street, Not The American People

    JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs Under Investigation

    NY Judge Dismisses Most LIBOR Suits

    U.S. Military Spokesmen Urge Caution On Escalated U.S. Involvement In Syria

    Thuggery Put Through Dodd-Frank and Killed Glass-Steagall in 2010

    The Ugly Face of JP Morgan Chase Exposed in Texas

    Wall Street Controls the U.S. Congress and Treasury Secretary

    US Debate on Glass-Steagall Expands

    Rep. Conyers Calls for Hearings on Detroit Bankruptcy

    Pecora Commission Targets Then and Now

    NBC Freaks Out over Glass-Steagall

    Jimmy Carter Supports Snowden Disclosures

    Dr. Mahathir Blasts Obama's Secret TPP Imperial Deal

    The EU Is the Best System for Genocide

    NSA/GCHQ Spying Inspired by Carl Schmitt

    Ex-Justice Department Attorney Blasts Obama, says, "We're on the Road to Fascism"

    Bernanke Before the House

    Congress Must Unite Against Wall Street—Restore Glass-Steagall Now

    Sen. Angus King: Glass-Steagall—It's Not Regulatory. It's Structural

    Coverage of Glass-Steagall Fight Reaching Full Throttle

    Paul Craig Roberts: 'The Unspoken Truth: Coup d'Etat in America'

    Glass-Steagall Fight Heats Up

    Italian Trade Union Confederation Calls for Banking Separation

    The Queen's Genocidal Liverpool Care Pathway Scrapped

    New Video: A Revolution in the Science of Water

    Wall Street, Obama Freak Over Building Glass-Steagall Momentum

    Congress Turns Up Heat on TBTF Banks

    Has Snowden Become Obama's Osama?

    Rumors Israel Attacked Syria July 5

    Barnier's Bank Resolution Scheme Attacked as "New Enabling Act"

    Snowden Cites Nuremberg Principle

    Bill Gates's Microsoft in Bed with NSA

    Syria Opposition Killing One Another

    The Bush Family's British Fascism

    Morsi, Himself, Was Trying To Mount a Coup

    Senate and House Vote Down Obama's Arming Syria Rebels; He Gives Them the Finger

    Snowden, On His Patriotism

    Democracy, Erdogan-Style

    The LIBOR Is Safe Now—The Brits Are Selling It to NYSE

    Saudis Further Cement Their Control of the Syrian Opposition

    US FISA Court "Has Quietly Become Almost A Parallel Supreme Court," Issuing Secret Rulings

    Egypt on Shaky Path to Interim Government

    Russian President Putin Warns That Egypt Could Head Towards Civil War

    Tony Blair Calls For Intervention in Syria

    Egyptian Army Acted with Precision

    British Empire Threatens Islamist Chaos in Egypt

    Moscow Wants UN To Expose the British-Saudi-Qatari Gun-Running through Libya

    Paul "Population Bomb" Ehrlich Issues the Latest Royal Society Decree for Genocide

    Egyptian Army Moved Against Morsi Over His Call for Military Intervention in Syria

    JCS Martin Dempsey Interviewed on U.S. Policy on Egypt

    "Don't Believe Your Deposit Is Safe—It Isn't"

    Commit to Winning the War

    LaRouchePAC to the U.S. Congress: Obama Gun-Running to Syria Is Already Happening

    Fourth Glass-Steagall bill introduced in Italian Parliament by 48 Senators

    Portugal's Government Teeters at the Edge of the Abyss, a Casualty of Reality

    Egypt's Morsi Rebuffs Army Ultimatum, Sets Own Course

    EU Bailout Policy Is World War III Policy

    Biggest Protest in Egyptian History Puts Ultimatum to Morsi

    Opposition To Arming Syrian Rebels Growing In U.S. House

    Putin Offers Snowden Asylum

    Bond Markets' Steady Slide Slowed By Fed Hyperinflation

    Helga Zepp-LaRouche to San Fransisco Conference

    Schiller Institute San Francisco Conference Resolution

    NSA Spying Revelations Rock Europe

    Obama In South Africa: The 'stache Again

    Former UK Chancellor Lawson for Glass-Steagall

    June, 2013

    Downgrades Show: EU Destroying Cyprus and Greece

    Big Banks Fight Glass-Steagall To End in Delaware as Bills Gain Traction in D.C.

    Responsibility of the People of the U.S. To Once Again Save the World from Fascism

    LaRouche Prominent in Soweto Demonstration; "Obama as Hitler" Theme Captured by World Media

    EU Finance Ministers Decide: Cyprus Treatment for All

    Top Global Management Consultancy Calls for Shock Financial Asset Wipe-Out, Which "Requires an Environment Last Seen in the 1930s"

    Bipartisan House Opposition in Secret Hearings, Blocks Arming Syrian Rebels

    Rep. Jones Threatens Impeachment

    US Regulators Recommend Glass-Steagall To Congress

    Most Senior British MP Demands Glass-Steagall

    Strong Reactions Against BIS Call for Fascist Austerity

    "Very Little Anyone Can Do," About Snowden, At This Point

    Lyndon LaRouche Declares: Only Preemptive Bankruptcy Action Against British Can Save The United States

    J.P. Morgan: Fascists Then, Fascists Now

    The Return of Austrian Fascism

    Are the Market's "Feral Hogs" Trying to Break the Fed?

    Jones Introduces HCR40: Initiating Syrian War Without Congress Is "Impeachable"

    Fascism in the United States

    BIS Calls for Replacing QE with More Fascist Austerity

    Sean Stone Interviews Paul Gallagher on Glass-Steagall

    Putin Speaks Against Bail-ins During St. Petersburg Economic Forum

    "No Exit" Is Existential for the Fed: Bullard Forecast Higher QE Coming

    Britain's GCHQ: "Worse Than the NSA"

    Feb. 17th Brigade Commander Confirms Libyan Weapons Supplied to Syria

    JP Morgan Chase Smoked Out in Delaware

    The Voice of London in Washington—JPMorgan Chase

    Global Markets Plunge as the Reality of the Trans-Atlantic Bankruptcy Overshadows Bernanke's Antics

    The Real Targets of the NSA Spy Program

    Putin Does Not Budge on Syria at G-8; Obama in Big Trouble

    Obama Arming Al Qaeda Against Assad

    Dempsey Rejected Kerry's Call To Bomb Syria

    China Insists on a Political Solution to Syria

    Another Bank Bail-In, In London

    J.P. Morgan Says Post-WWII Anti-Fascist Constitutions Are Obstacle To Reimposing Fascism

    Iran To Send 4,000 Troops to Syria

    Who Authorized Preparations for War on China?

    Mayor of London: "It would be madness to arm the rebels"

    Experts Have Reason to Doubt Obama's Chemical Weapons Claims

    Anglo-American Surveillance Targeted Russian Delegation at 2009 G20

    Confirmation: Obama Decided Weeks Ago To Arm Syrian Opposition

    Russia Compares Obama's Lies About Syria to Iraq

    Made in London: The Syria Trigger for World War III

    It's Not Market Rumors, It's A Meltdown

    London Analyst: Financial System on a Hair-Trigger

    Republican Legislators Join ACLU Against Obama's Coup

    Obama Opts For World War III Against Dempsey's Opposition

    Sen. Levin: Treasury Should Reverse Decision on Foreign Exchange Derivatives

    Hague Trip to Washington Compared with Blair Crawford TripsBefore Iraq Invasion

    Foreign Exchange, the Biggest Market, Is Also Fixed by the Big Banks

    Japan's Upper House Adopts Bail-In Rules

    Truthout: Time to Bring Back Glass-Steagall

    US citizens 'Are Subjects Once Again'

    Fed Governor Says 'Keep Printing'

    Snowden Revelations Have Just Begun

    Israeli Firms in Middle of NSA Spy Scandal

    Calls Grow Louder for DNI Clapper To Be Ousted

    Fed Governor Says 'Keep Printing'

    Leave the Euro Debate Explodes in Portugal

    Greenwald Shatters White House Talking Points

    Briefing on Desperate State of Obama Presidency

    LaRouche: Impeach Obama Now or Face Overt Dictatorship

    NSA Surveillance Whistleblower Identifies Himself

    Troika Headed for Divorce Court?

    WHO Warns of Epidemics in Syria and Neighboring Countries

    Derivatives Are First in Line for Bail-Outs and Bail-Ins

    EU Commission Prepares Scheme for Bail-Ins To Be Run by Brussels

    Obama Is Spying Illegally on Multiple Daily Activities of Every Innocent American!

    Obama Names Blair-Soros Stooges Rice and Power to NSA and UN Posts

    From Date-Rape to Forced Bail-In: The Case of Spain's Bankia

    BIS Publishes A Proposal for a 'New, Simplified' Bail-in Stealing Scheme

    FED's Yellin, Following Bernanke, Says No Glass-Steagall Return

    Holder: Sacrificial Lamb for Obama?

    May, 2013

    An Israeli Grenade in British Hands Could Start World War III

    Al Nusra Caught with Sarin Gas in Turkey

    Fight on Banking Separation in EU Parliament Committee

    Humans Not Responsible for "Global Warming"

    An Israeli Grenade in British Hands Could Start World War III

    Rand Paul: Don't Help Syrian Rebels

    The British Monarchy Controls the Bailout Process

    LaRouche, Schiller Institute Conference Featured in Russian Weekly "Zavtra"

    Anglo-Dutch Empire Is the Structure of Evil and The Only Real Enemy Of Mankind

    Sources Warn of War Danger Around Israeli Provocations Over Syria

    Russian Officials: S-300 Missiles in Syria Can Cool the "Hotheads"

    Obama Has Coordinated a Major Arms Airlift to Syrian Opposition Since At Least Early 2012

    The Queen's Bail-in Policy: The Intent Is Genocide

    Glass-Steagall Resolution Introduced in New York State Assembly!

    European Parliament Committee Adopts EU Commission Fascist Bail-In Scheme

    Brits Go All Out to Sink US-Russia Syria Conference

    Leaked IMF Report on Outrageous Cyprus Bail-In

    Draghi Exposes Himself as Empire Agent, Once Again

    Pope Francis on the "Poverty of Unemployment" and the Failure of "the System"

    Jim Rogers: U.S. Poised For Major Crash

    Kill Dodd-Frank Before It Literally Kills You!

    Dodd-Frank Kills: How The U.S. Joined International Bail-In

    IRS Targetting Scandal Traced To 2008 Obama Campaign

    Dodd-Frank, Isn't That Part of Goldman Sachs?

    Glass-Steagall Reverberates in the U.S. Congress

    European Parliament Member Writes Harkin, "We Need a Glass-Steagall Solution"

    Syrian Government Will Attend Geneva II Conference in June

    "Support for Syrian Rebels Is Immoral," Says Va. Senator Black

    "You Are Funding the Allies of Al Qaeda," Says Rand Paul

    Bernanke Says "No Way'' on Glass-Steagall

    Anti-Bank Investigator to Spanish Elite: Stop Being Asses; Implement Glass-Steagall

    Russians Welcome Glass-Steagall Fight

    US National Farmers Union Congratulates Harkin and Kaptur for Glass-Steagall Legislation

    Anti-Euro Brawl Breaks Out in Spain

    Doctors Strike, Front Line Against Troika's Greek Genocide

    Harkin's S.985 Continues to Stir Optimism... And Now Counterattacks

    Sir Bill Gates Explains His Genocidal Calculus

    "Middle Class Has to Become Obsessed" With Passage of Glass-Steagall

    Ban Ki Moon, Lavrov Advance International Conference on Syria

    Senator Harkin Introduces S. 985 To Reinstate Glass-Steagall

    Pope Francis Denounces "Cult of Money" that tyrannizes the Poor

    Tuscan Glass-Steagall Resolution

    Obama White House Circling Wagons To Fend Off Growing Scandals

    The Queen of Green Speaks to Parliament

    Warning to Obama: Watch Out for the CIA on Benghazigate

    New York Times Publishes Report by Authors of "Austerity Kills"

    Media Having a Field Day Exposing Obama IRS and Benghazi Scandals

    Benghazi Fallout: The Dam is Breaking

    LaRouche's Leadership and Courage of Walter Jones on 9/11 Scandals Featured in Media Reports

    A Review of LaRouchePAC's Week of Action

    EIR's Tony Papert On Tony Blair, the Queen, and the Modern British Empire

    Benghazi Hearings Expose Obama Cover-up, but Only Touch on Critical Policy Issue

    U.S.-Russian Move To Hold New Syria Conference

    Former Reagan Ass't Secretary of Defense Backs Up JCS Opposition to Syrian War

    Utah's Largest Cancer Clinic System Is Sending Away Medicare Chemo Patients

    Obama and Syrian Rebels Pitch a Fit Against Carla Del Ponte

    Huckabee: Obama Will Be Ousted over Benghazi

    More Asymmetric Warfare Targeting Iran?

    Gen. Dempsey: China Is More Concerned about U.S. ABM Systems than North Korea's Threats

    LaRouche Comments on Syria, Benghazi-Gate Breaking Developments

    Syrian Rebels Used Sarin Gas: UN Human Rights Investigator

    Will GOP Go After the Real Benghazigate and Bring Down Obama?

    Toward a Bill of Impeachment of President Barack Hussein Obama

    Helga Zepp-LaRouche: The 'Fake Anti-Euro Party': Anti-Euro on the Outside, National-Monetarism Inside

    Examiner.com Promotes Glass-Steagall Week of Action

    European Commission Forecasts the Doom Cyprus Faces

    Swiss Regulators Confirm: Bail-In is to Prevent Bank Separation

    FOMC Announce More Hyperinflationary QE in Tandem with ECB

    Ted Kaufman and Thomas Hoenig Press for Glass-Steagall at AEI

    Pope Francis Exposes Slave Labor Driven by Financial Profits

    Opposition to a Syrian Adventure Is Escalating

    AUDIO: An Urgent Appeal for Glass-Steagall from Helga Zepp-LaRouche

    The British Empire's New Concentration Camps

    Cyprus Demonstrators Denounce the "New Colonialism"

    Basic Questions Remain Unanswered in the Boston Bombing Case

    Benghazi Whistleblowers Step Forward in Preparation for Oversight Hearings

    Cyprus Parliament Agrees to EU/IMF "Deal of Enslavement"

    Call for Congressional Hearings into "Cyprus" Plans for U.S.

    Russian Civilian Jet Comes Under Attack Over Syria

    April, 2013

    New Book: 'Why Austerity Kills'

    Former British Ambassador To Syria Demands End To Regime Change Policy

    Lavrov in Foreign Policy Magazine: NATO Takes Universal Military Posture

    British RUSI Institute Calls for Restoring Empire "East of Suez"

    Sources Warn Chemical Weapons Claims Aim To Draw the U.S. Directly into War

    Tsarnaev Bombs Too Sophisticated To Have Been Internet Amateur

    Italian Lega Nord Draft Bill for Banking Separation

    Warning from Inside the Southern European Concentration Camp

    LaRouche: "Obviously, McCain is Not What He Once Was"

    Putin Addresses Boston Marathon Bombing

    9/11 Investigation Re-opening

    Glass-Steagall Recurring Theme in Financial Press

    "The FBI Should Be Investigating Crime, Not Inventing It"

    German Government Advisor Predicts End of Euro

    Bank "Zombie Foreclosures" Loot Homeowners, Cities, States

    Geochange Journal Publishes LPAC's "Planetary Defense" Report

    After Boston Marathon Bombings Time to 'Re-Interpret' The Constitution

    Russian Warnings About Tsarnaev

    Cypriot President Denounces Using Cyprus as Guinea Pig for Deposit Theft

    Dempsey Advances U.S.-China Military Relations

    McCaul-King Letter Implicates Obama In Intel Failures

    A Counter-Terrorism Drill Reported Before Boston Marathon

    Criminal Stupidity: The Great U.S. Subprime Junk Recovery

    Insurance Firms and Charities in Cyprus Will Suffer Deposits Haircut, Says Central Bank

    Did FBI Just Bungle Boston Bomb Plot, or Actually Create It?

    FBI Tracked Terror Suspect For 3-5 Years

    Russian warnings on Boston bombers ignored

    Jeffrey Sachs Now On Record for Glass-Steagall

    Greece's Economic Free Fall Continues

    Entire Boston Area Was in Lockdown, WMD plan invoked

    LaRouche Responds on Boston

    Hoenig: Roosevelt Enacted Glass-Steagall, Stability and Growth followed

    Cyprus Official: Occupiers Used Moral Equivalent of Atomic Bomb

    Obama's Fed Appointee: No Glass-Steagall; We're Set to Steal Your Money Instead

    UN Panel of Experts Final Report on Libya Concludes Qatar and UAE Deliberately Violated UN Arms Embargo

    Trail of 9/11 Is Heating Up

    Obama Supplied Mercenaries To Kill Qaddafi

    FBI Releases Few Details About Boston Marathon Bombings

    Rogozin, at London Embassy, Calls for Defense Against Asteroids

    Italian MEP Claudio Morganti Calls Again for Glass-Steagall at European Parliament

    Ohio Cancer Clinics in "Precarious" Straits Under Obama Medicare Chemo Cuts

    Frankfurt Schiller Conference Resolution: 'Either Glass-Steagall, or Chaos and Genocide'

    LaRouche Was Right, Obama Means Genocide!

    IMF, ECB Desperation: Hyperinflate, Bail-In, Whatever it takes!

    9/11 Review Commission Act Introduced

    Bank of England's Andrew Haldane Praises Glass-Steagall

    The Glass-Steagall Fight in the U.S.

    Daisuke Kotegawa : Lost Two Decades for the EU and U.S.A.?

    Updated Fact Sheet: Obama's Saudi Connection

    Obama Asked Saudi Arabia To Arm Libyan Opposition

    Did Obama Want the DIA Report On North Korea Exposed?

  • Mario Soares Calls for Portugal to Default, A La Argentina

    Financial Oligarchy Wants the Gold in Your Teeth

    The Suffering of Greek Children Increases

    Rogozin Urges Putin to Place Asteroid Defense on G-20 Agenda

    Mounting Demand for the Truth About Benghazi

    Obama Out, Glass-Steagall In!

    Two 'Be Practical' Glass-Steagall Knock-offs Shortly in US Senate

    Russia Eyes Exploring Entire Solar System

    Things Calm in North and South Korea—What Is the Hype in the West?

    Soros Calls for Germany To Leave Eurozone

    Euro Ecofin Plots Next Step in Quantitative Stealing

    IMF Says QE Is Not Inflationary

    Glass-Steagall Mobilization Sweeps US

    War Rhetoric Around Korean Peninsula Concerns Russians

    EC 2011 Discussion Paper On the "Bail-In" Tool: A "How-To" Manual for Deposit-Stealing

    The Ugly Underbelly of Obama's Policy of Allying with Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda

    Finance Writer Ellen Brown Demands Passage of HR 129

    Despite QE, The Eurozone Bank Crisis Keeps Growing

    Obama Blasted For Killer Austerity

    FLASH: Maine House of Representatives Passes Glass-Steagall Resolution

    Triple 'Poverty' Suicide Shocks Italy

    New EU Law Will Steal Depositor's Money

    The Economist Delights in the Bail-In, But Denounces the Bad Timing

    The Dog-Faced Queen Gets a Genocide Bonus

    Maine State Senator John Patrick Issues Press-Release: "Reinstate Glass-Steagall"

    Rumor Leads To Run on Cypriot Cooperative Banks

    "Japan Sets Course for Hyperinflation"

    High-Velocity Collapse in Cyprus

    It's the British and Obama Who Want War in Korea

    Voices in Washington for Sanity in Korea

    Japan Has Been Sucked Into WWIII

    Cyprus Joins Greece Economy In Free Fall

    Troika Memorandum for Genocide: Poverty-Stricken Cyprus Can Bail Out Eurozone

    LaRouche Movement Puts Glass-Steagall in International News

    State Senate of Maine Passed SP 465 by Acclamation, Telling Congress "To Reinstitute The Glass Steagall Act"

    Quantitative Stealing:
    Coming Soon to a Bank Near You

    Quantitative Stealing—A Chronology

    Canadians in Uproar Over Proposed Stealing of Their Deposits

    Get Glass-Steagall, Forget Dodd-Frank

    Bank of England Assumes Dictatorial Powers

    Drumbeat To Leave the Euro

    Cypriot Finance Minister Resigns

    Euro-Russian-U.S. Experts Warn of Nuclear War Threat

    "Too Big To Close": Those Who Voted For Dodd-Frank Are In on Deposit Robbery

    Sacrificing Depositors, Cyprus Bailed Out the EC/ECB!

    Eurozone Next Systemic Crisis

    Cyprus Robbery Writing on the Wall Also for Germany

    European Commission has Planned to Use Deposits to Bail-in Failing Banks Since June 2012

    Death in Cyprus—Are You Next?

    Response of Chantal Hughes to Question on EC June 2012 Bail-In Proposal

    March, 2013

    British Empire Strategizes on Saving Their System by Killing YOU

    Cyprus Is Only the Beginning

    European Central Bank Official Confirms the Cyprus "Template"

    Russia Says It Will Oppose Giving Syria's UN Seat to the Opposition

    Documentation: Highlights of the Bank of England/FDIC Paper

    Spanish Bank Deposits Seized, Cyprus-Style

    Austerity Becoming #1 Killer in Europe

    Jacques Cheminade: 'Cyprus Can Be the Grain of Sand That Changes History'

    Cyprus Situation Far from Settled

    Uncertainty in Eurozone after Cyprus Deal

    Cyprus Must Consider Leaving Euro

    Congressman Walter Jones Addresses Schiller Institute Conference

    LaRouche: Glass-Steagall or Die—The System is Already Dead

    Eurozone Bank Crisis is Back on; Now Depositors are Robbed in Spain

    Second Cyprus Deal: A Bank Robbery with a Geopolitical Aspect

    US: Six New Glass-Steagall sponsors

    Current Missile Defense Policy Bears no Resemblance to Reagan SDI, but Drives the World to Extinction

    Schiller Conference Presents A New Paradigm: Using the SDI Principle Today to Save Mankind

    The Power of Ideas: LaRouche's SDI Changed the World

    Daisuke Kotegawa Warns West of Self-Destruction of the Banking System

    Cyprus' President In Brussels For Last Minute Negotiations

    Will Cyprus Stay in the Euro or Not?

    Former Cyprus Central Banker: The EU Has Decided To Disintegrate

    Brits Warn of End of Euro and Possible Strategic Confrontation over Cyprus

    Syriza and Independent Greeks Form 'Front' To Support Cyprus

    Cyprus Gives Foretaste of Life Without Money

    Cypriots: Let's Leave the Euro

    It's Obvious to Some: Wall Street Is in a Panic About Glass-Steagall

    Families of 9/11 Victims Revive Saudi Case

    Cyprus Banks Remain Closed, May Open Next Week—or Not at All

    ECB Threatens Cyprus with Liquidity Cutoff

    NATO Is Prepared To Get Engaged in Syria

    Hacked Blumenthal Memo to Hillary Clinton: Saudi's Funded 9/11/12 in Benghazi

    Cypriot parliament rejects Euro bank robbery

    Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal Next

    U.S. Carries Out Nuclear Bomb Exercises over Korea

    Lyndon LaRouche on Spanish-language Russia Today Television

    Former Reagan Ambassador Lambastes Missile Defense Project

    Icelandic Parliamentary Committee Unanimously Passes Bank Separation

    CYPRUS: The Great Euro Bank Heist—And 'International Bank Run'

    Yakunin: Cyprus action 'Damaging to Russia-EU Relations'

    Euro Bank Collapse is Back Underway

    Hagel Announces Cancellation of Fourth Phase of European BMD Plan

    Levin Hearing Demonstrates Criminal Incompetence of JP Morgan Chase

    Russia's Offer to The U.S. On Missile Defense and Scientific Cooperation in Space: A Timeline

    North Korea Wants A Peace Treaty, Says Former Ambassador Don Gregg

    Glass-Steagall Melee Intensifies

    IMF Report: European Banking Sector Is "Unstable"

    Bank of England Governor Warns Return To High Inflation Could Be 'Scary'

    U.S. Preparing Syrian Drone Strikes?

    Brits, Russia Clash on Arming Syrian Opposition

    Two Leading Democratic Party Figures Agree with Rand Paul

    Bloomberg Story Indicates Intense Motion Around Glass-Steagall

    Europe and Russia Finalize Cooperation on ExoMars Missions

    West Ignoring Russia's Call for Global Cooperation in Planetary Defense

    Top Chinese Officials Again Strike at Inflation Dangers

    Bundesbank Girds Against Hyperinflation

    Russian Federation Council Calls For International Anti-Asteroid Program

    Russian Federation Council Calls For International Anti-Asteroid Program

    Eight New Co-sponsors for US Glass-Steagall bill

    Troika's Insane Policy

    The Chavez Legacy

    Aftershocks Reverberate Following Rand Paul's Filibuster

    More Attacks on Obama's Drone Killings

    Dallas Fed's Fisher Again Calls for Banking Separation By Function

    EU Scorched Earth Policies Spark Demonstrations Across the Balkans

    Rand Paul: "My Filibuster Was Just the Beginning"

    Wayne Madsen: The Big Bamboozle Author Philip Marshall Suicided By Black Ops Team

    Who Came to Support Rand Paul's Filibuster?

    Hit the Queen's Saudi Flank: The 9/11 Cover-Up

    ECB "Automatic Pilot" Plan For Italy Has Started

    More Warnings of Euro Disintegration

    Wyden: "New Political Movement ... Across Party Lines" Behind the Filibuster

    Open the Saudi File on the Sept. 11th 2001 Attack NOW!

    Barroom Brawl Over QE Policy Continues; ECB and Bank of England Sit Tight

    NATO Should Halt Its Expansion Drive, Russia Says

    Draghi: Bubble? What Bubble?

    Eric Holder: Criminal Charges Against Large Banks Would "Hurt the Economy"

    Rand Paul Declares Victory; Holder Sends Two-liner

    New "Nightmare Superbug"

    LaRouche: There Can Be No Concessions to the President's Defiance of Law

    Walter Jones Demands End to Unconstitutional Drone Use

    Obama's Lawyer Eric Holder Stonewalls at Senate Hearing

    Italy's President Napolitano Works On a New Technocratic Government

    Then and Now: Dow Hits Record, Real Economy Crashes

    Trans-Atlantic QE Soars

    Assad Strongly Condemns US and British Terrorist Support

    Holder Responds on Obama's Right To Kill Americans on US Soil: "Yes We Can!"

    Greek Budget Cut by One-Third

    Ben's Money-Printing Continues to Blow Hyperinflation Bubbles

    Evans-Pritchard: "Brave Ireland Is the Poster-Child of EMU Cruelty and Folly"

    Argentine President Challenges World Leaders: Will You Let A Handful of Financial Predators Crush Entire Nations?

    Bank of England's QE Policy Produced Same Disastrous Results As Fed

    Woodward's Charges Against Obama White House Won't Go Away

    Syria's Assad Slams Great Britain for It's 'Tradition of Bullying and Hegemony'

    Putin: Russian Military Must Be Prepared To Face Destabilizing Threats

    Russia, Syria and Iran Condemn U.S. Intention To Aid Syrian Rebels

    Libyan Govt. Resumes Funding Ansar al-Sharia, Assassins of U.S. Ambassador

    Grillo: New Italian Movement Will Expand To "All Democracies"

    "Arab Spring" in the Making for Italy?

    French Weekly: Bernanke Has Transformed Fed into Giant Ponzi Scheme

    Glass-Steagall Resolutions in 11 of 50 US States

    Russian Advisor on NATO Warns U.S. ABM Is Designed To "Destroy Russia"

    February, 2013

    The Italian Shock to the Euro

    Tony Blair: I Was Right on Iraq, and We Must Do It Again in Syria and Iran

    Sen. Corker to Bernanke: Is the Fed Insolvent?

    Victory for South Dakota Senate Concurrent Resolution 6

    LaRouche PAC Releases Draft Legislation to Restore the Original Bank of US

    The Fed is Bankrupt

    Italian Election Delivers Another Body Blow to Euro System

    Bank of England Deputy Governor Moots Negative Interest Rates

    Krugman: Euro Austerity Policies a 'Disastrous Failure'

    British Empire Killed More People than Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Hitler, Stalin

    Rogozin Again: SDE Can Unite Mankind

    Astronomers Go On Offensive For Anti-Asteroid Programs

    New LaRouchePAC Video Documents the Reality: Glass-Steagall, or Genocide!

    Helga Zepp-LaRouche Interviewed in Greek National Daily Hellada

    All-Out Brawl Over Hyperinflation

    Vienna UN Space Meeting Calls for Anti-Asteroids "Road Map" by June

    Obama Sends Troops to Niger

    Rogozin Writes Medvedev on SDE; Medvedev Publicly Moots the Concept

    Daily Beast on "Asteroid Apocalypse"

    More Warnings of the Blowout of Which LaRouche Warned on Feb. 15

    Cheminade's Statements on Syria Reported in Russia

    More Alarms in the Fed over Hyperinflation Policy

    Glass-Steagall Resolution Introduced in South Dakota with Majority Support

    Russia Calls for International Cooperation to Defend Earth

    UN Security Council To Be Presented with Call To Act Against Asteroids

    Europe: A House of Cards

    Glass-Steagall Resolution in Maryland

    Italy: Mediobanca Forecasts Ungovernability, ECB Bailout

    Celebrate 80th Anniversary of FDR's 1933 Inauguration and Remember Glass-Steagall, London Professor Says

    75 French Economists Blast Bank "Reform" Draft, Call For "Strict Separation of Banking Activities"

    'Split the Banks' Says OECD Director

    China Daily: "The World May Have To Endure A Currency Flood"

    In Italy, Too, Money-printing Feeds Recession, Lending Collapses

    Planetary Defense: The Energy-Flux Density Factor

    Russian Calls for Defense of Earth

    Ex-Federal Judge Says Drone Kill Court a "Bad Idea"

    Brennan Refuses to Answer Key Questions on Drone Killings

    Time for a Paradigm Shift - Starting with Glass-Steagall

    Russian Academician: Asteroid Could End Humanity

    Saudi-Backed Sectarian Killings Paralyze Iraq and Pakistan

    Hyperinflation Ratios Spin Out of Control; Impose Glass-Steagall Now

    "Helicopter" Bernanke Earns His Nickname Again, at Moscow G-20 Meeting

    Economic Secretary to the U.K. Treasury regrets repeal of Glass-Steagall

    More Attention to SDE

    Her Majesty's Canadians Are Trying To Stop NAWAPA

    LPAC's Deniston on the Asteroid Flyby: 'We're Flying Blind Through Solar System'

    Preliminary Report on Russian Meteorite Strike

    US Senator Raises Glass-Steagall in Senate Banking Hearing

    Taibbi Nails Too-Big-To-Jail Banks and DOJ Protection Racket

    Latest Iran Bomb Threat Story Is Worthless Hype

    Military Circles Begin Push-Back on Obama's Indifference and Lies

    Evidence Grows of Brennan's Saudi Ties, 9/11 Coverup Role

    Benghazi 9/11 Was Worst CIA Security Breach Ever

    Senate Filibuster Threat Shakes Benghazi Information Out of the White House

    Cheminade on French National TV Demands Glass-Steagall-Style Banking Separation. Has a War on Finance Begun?

    Cheminade on French National TV Demands Glass-Steagall-Style Banking Separation. Has a War on Finance Begun?

    Polls Show a Major Shift in Support for Obama's Impeachment

    Obama's Finance Secretary-Designate Rejects "Anachronistic" Glass-Steagall

    Sr. Draghi, in a Normal Country You Would Be Facing Charges

    GOP Leadership No Longer Holding Back on Obamagate

    Pimco Sees Hyperinflationary Writing on the Wall

    "Greece Is Facing a Humanitarian Crisis"

    Argentina Does it Right: Confirms Arrest Warrant for Credit-Suisse Bankster

    A Vernadskian View of the "Earth From Space"

    Obama the Obstacle to Glass-Stegall

    Dirty Wars Film Traces Obama's Kill List

    A Review of "Benghazi: The Definitive Report"

    ECB Insists on Cyprus Bank Bailout

    Senator Says No Confirmations Without Answers on Benghazi

    New Book "Benghazi: The Definitive Report", Targets Brennan and Obama

    16-Page Memo Reveals Obama Adopted Blair Argument to Justify Drone Policy

    Brennan and Obama, British-Saudi Assets?

    Obama: MIA During Benghazi Attack

    Proof Obama's European Missile Defense System Is Aimed At Russia

    NATO Missile Defense Forcing Russia To Take Countermeasures

    Ex-Senator: If We Abandon Our Constitutional Principles We're No Better Than Anyone Else

    Pacific Tensions Being Ratcheted Up

    LaRouche: Time For Full Congressional Probe of Obama drones/Benghazi coverup

    Brennan's Lies about U.S.-Saudi Drone Attacks on Yemen Exposed

    Barofsky Demands "Kill the Geithner Doctrine

    Tremonti: Monte dei Paschi loans "A Devastating Scandal"

    Chinese General Warns Against U.S.-Japanese War 'Trap'

    Lannutti Tells EIR: Draghi Did Not Stop MPS, Because He Wanted To Become Head of the ECB

    RBS Severely Punished

    "Argentina Should Leave the IMF," Argentine Senator Proposes

    Resolution For Glass-Steagall Introduced into Pennsylvania General Assembly

    Lavrov Denounces NATO Interventionism at Munich Conference

    Obama Says, "I Am the Law: Accusor, Judge, and Executioner"

    White House Pounded on Right-to-Kill-Americans Policy

    Todenhoefer: End the Cynical Pact with Al-Qaeda!

    Rep. Jones Issues Dear Colleague Letter on HCR 3

    AUGUST 1914, FEBRUARY 2013

    Osborne Says Govt. Legislation Will Electrify The 'Ring Fence'

    The Bankers Are Not Happy With Osborne's Announcement

    Again, Financial Derivatives are Crimes; Abolish Them

    Secret Rules Characterize Obama's Reign

    Rasmussen at Wehrkunde: NATO Moving into Asia-Pacific After Afghanistan

    Constitutional Lawyer Blasts Obama and Israel for Violating International Law with Syria Attack, Drone Kills

    Russia Commemorates 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad

    Washington Post Praises Draghi, Pushes Fascism

    The Ongoing Bailout: A Five-Year Assessment

    Lavrov Denounces Interventionism, Wants Clarity from NATO

    The Flavour of the Day: Much Heavier War Talk Against Iran

    Israeli Strike on Syria Raises Danger of Regional War Spreading

    Enlightened Democraties Don't Bail Out Banks and Impose Austerity: Icelandic President Grimsson

    Cameron in Libya, Algeria: British Policy, American Muscle

    Israeli West Bank Occupation Constitutes War Crimes

    City of London Fights to Keep Its $250 Trillion in Derivatives Trading

    Barclays Under Investigation for Qatar Fraud

    January, 2013

    Chaotic "Bank Restructuring" Debate In Europe

    Israel Bombing Raid in Syria, Threatens New Invasion

    Oversight Letter to Hillary Clinton Launches Investigation of Benghazi

    Russian Commentary Highlights Jihadist Threat to Russia, in Connection with Syria

    More Than 70 Young Men Assassinated in Aleppo for Refuals To Fight for al Qaeda

    Obama Confrontation Sharpening Over DC Court of Appeals Ruling

    D.C Appeals Court to Obama: YOU ARE DONE!

    Italian Finance Minister Grilli: Bail Out MPS Bank To Prevent Systemic Collapse

    Defense Minister, Chief of Staff Present "Defense Plan" to Putin

    New Website: Forum for a New Paradigm

    New Website: Forum for a New Paradigm

    Iceland Wins Case Against Inter-Alpha Bank Bailout

    Rep. Frank Wolf Promotes Bill for House Select Committee on Benghazi Attack

    Rep. Frank Wolf Promotes Bill for House Select Committee on Benghazi Attack

    Two-Thirds of U.S. Physicians get Orders from a "Boss" on Who, and How to Treat

    New York City Schiller Conference Unanimously Endorses Rep. Walter Jones Call to Mobilize For HCR 3 and HR 129

    Obama's Recess Appointments and Claims of Ruling Without Congress Were Just Like Hitler, LaRouche Said

    More Reactions on Court Ruling on Obama's Violations of the Constitution

    U.S. To Provide Refueling, Transport to French, as French Forces Take Airport in North Mali

    Ivanov: World Financial System Is "Major Beneficiary" of Drugs

    After Hillary Clinton Testimony, Benghazi Just Won't Go Away

    UN Investigation of U.S. Killer Drone Program To Move Forward

    Love-fest at Kerry Confirmation Hearings Disrupted By Reality

    Congressional Hearings Fail to Address Policy Issues Behind Benghazi

    Algerians Report: Some Algeria Attackers Are Placed at Benghazi

    Hillary Clinton: What Difference Does It Make?

    Debate On Hyperinflation Can No Longer Be Contained

    Is Northern Africa Slated To Become Another Afghanistan?

    Cameron's Policy of Perpetual War in Northern Africa: British Brains, American Muscle, and Saudi Money

    Al-Qaeda Terrorism in Northern Africa Set to Spread to Europe

    Algerian Prime Minister Sellal Briefed Press Jan. 21, on the Hostage Crisis In Amenas, Stressing National Sovereignty

    David Attenborough Again Demands: Depopulate the Planet

    How Many People Died for Your Green Consumer Fix

    End Obama's Alliance With the Assassins of Benghazi

    Helga Zepp-LaRouche: German Banking Associations Want to Keep Dancing on the Titanic

    A Tale of Two Second Inaugurals

    Putin Reported to Solicit Alternative Economic Policy From Academy of Sciences and Sergei Glazyev

    New York Times Admits: Qaddafi Was Right

    Dallas Fed's Fisher's Break-Up-the-Banks Makes Waves

    Geithner in Fed-BOR Scandal As Well As LIBOR

    Algerian Terrorist Assault Crushed by Algerian Army - 32 Terrorist and 23 Hostages Dead

    U.S. Banking System Derange: $3 Trillion Later, No Lending

    Candidate Tremonti on Glass-Steagall

    Dallas Fed President Calls for End to Bailout of "Shadow Banking"

    "Reinstate Glass Steagall Act" Agreed by Tea Party, Move On

    Support of Glass-Steagall in Media

    Algerian Hostage-Taking Planned Long in Advance To Destabilize Algeria

    Russia's Gerasimov Scores Patriot Deployments in Turkey

    The Empire is Always Greener

    FDIC Vice-Chair Thomas Hoenig: Remove the Safety Net from Non-bank Activities, Return to Glass-Steagall Framework

    Update & Background on Glass-Steagall

    Dissent Growing About Hyperinflationary Money-Printing as Risks from "Quantitative Easing" Grow

    Greenland's Premier Responds to EIR on Arctic and Bank Separation

    Queen's White Glove Hides Iron Fist Rule over 'United Kingdom'

    Greek Government Surrenders More Sovereignty to Troika

    Halligan Breaks Glass-Steagall into the Mainstream Media

    More Voices for Glass-Steagall, Some Surprising

    Will U.S. Repeat Libya Operation in Mali?

    Washington Worries Terrorists May Not Be Able To Topple al-Assad

    Sen. Wyden Letter to CIA Director-nominee Brennan Seeks Legal Opinions on Killing of Americans

    Liam Halligan: Glass-Steagall 'Seems Quickly to be Building a Head of Steam'

    Republican Senators Release List of Unanswered Questions on Benghazi

    LPAC-TV Interview with Mother Agnès-Mariam on the Crisis in Syria

    Deputy Emir of the LIFG Appointed Libyan Deputy Defense Minister

    Italian Consul's Car Fired on in Benghazi

    Worldwide Glass-Steagall Legislative Initiatives

    2013: The Year Of Glass-Steagall

    Russia Again Insists: No Regime Change in Syria

    Geopolitics Behind Anti-Syria Campaign

    Retired Admiral Demands Answers on Benghazi Attack

    Mortgage "Settlements" Protect Mortgage/Derivatives Fraud

    Dr. Mahathir Blasts Obama's "Regime Change" Colonialism

    Debate on U.S. Counter-Terror Policy Threatens To Break Out

    To Counter Obama Administration's Widening Missile Defense System, Russia and China Agree To Cooperate

    Bailout Queen: Geithner's Replacement Jack Lew No Friend of Glass-Steagall

    Another Argument for Glass-Steagall: "Secrets and Lies of the Bailout"

    Former Obama Advisor Blasts Obama Drone Strikes

    Fresh Diplomatic Efforts Focus on the Syrian Crisis

    National Geographic Confronted by LPAC on Its Oligarchy Mobilization Against Food & Water—NAWAPA, Murray-Darling Basin

    Iran's HispanTV 'Nexo Latino' Interviews Lyndon LaRouche

    Mystery Solved: Obama Used Al-Qaeda's "Talking Points"

    Is Netanyahu-Barak "Intelligence" Being Used To Set Up U.S. for Another Yellowcake Scandal, This Time in Syria?

    Asteroid Apophis's Jan. 9 Fly-by Won't Be Its Closest

    Hyperinflation: Basel Bankers Authorize 'Lehman Model' for Surviving Next Crash

    China Slams U.S. and EU On Hyperinflationary Easing

    Business Consultant Continues Calling for Glass-Steagall

    Nature Conservancy Hates NAWAPA and Human Race

    International Red Cross Chief Warns Britain, Europe Face Youth Revolts

    City of London Insider Lord Flight Calls for a "Full Glass-Steagall" Separation of Banks

    Obama Orders Stratcom Study of How to Neutralize China's Nuclear Weapons

    Green Kills: The Guatemala Case Study

    Britain Wants Bloodbath to Continue in Syria

    Obama's Strategic "Allies" in Libya are Training the Syrian Jihadis

    IMF Attempts a 'Nuremberg Defence' for Crimes Against Humanity in Greece

    Forbes Magazine Among More Calls for Glass-Steagall

    Tremonti Pulls a Gambit on Monti

    Brzezinski: There Are Better Options For Dealing With Iran Than War

    Patriot Batteries in Turkey Ready By Late January

    Bill to Reinstate Glass-Steagall Reintroduced in 113th Congress

    Science As A Matter Of Truth

    British Government Pays LIFG Leader $3.2 Million

    Nuland Responds to EIR: We Are Still Interested in Cooperation with Russia on Missile Defense

    Russian Warships Head for Anti-Terror Exercise Near Syrian Coast

    UPDATED FACT SHEET on Obama/al-Qaeda Alliance

    Al-Qaeda in Iraq Unleashes Mass Bombing Wave

    US Professor: "Let's Give Up on the Constitution"

    Who Will Save the Minorities in Syria?

    Cockburn Continues Exposure of Lies about Syria

    Washington Times Publishes Two-Part Interview with LaRouche

    Glass-Steagall, A New Credit System, & NAWAPA

    Vernadsky Jubilee To Be Celebrated Worldwide in 2013

    Warning to Obama by Rep. Walter Jones, et al., Publicized in Russia and Ukraine

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