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December, 2012

EU Genocide Watch: Death Commission Established in Greek Health System

Putin in New Delhi Consolidated Russia-India Ties

Lavrov on Offensive Against Syria Regime Change, R2P

Al Yamamah Redux?

Russia Fighting To Put Off World War III Another Hour

EU Genocide Watch: Death Commission Established in Greek Health System

Obama Must Answer: Is it Your Policy to Ally with Al-Qaeda?

Regional Voices Warn: Syria Becoming an Al Qaeda Hell

Post-September 11 Dual Power Situation Intensifies in Libya

Tales of Syrian Opposition Debunked as Lies to Instigate War

Obama's Drone Shooting Gallery Exposed

More Evidence of British Involvement in Syrian Terrorism

German Government Official Fear Consequences of Western Support for Al-Qaeda

Report on Iran: Time Is Ripe for a Deal

Lavrov Blasts U.S. Sabotage of Diplomatic Efforts On Syria

Deadly "Normalization of Cruelty" In the British Health System

ARB Report is a Coverup of Obama's Alliance with Al-Qaeda

Rep. Issa Accuses ARB of Withholding information, Insists that Hillary Clinton Testify

Three State Department Security Officers Resign after Release of ARB Report

Obama "Offers" Austerity and Catfood in Latest "Fiscal Cliff" Proposal

Oust President Obama for his Alliance with al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria

Oust President Obama for his Alliance with al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria

Thermonuclear Guns of August are Upon Us: Impeach Obama Now

Leader Calls for Full Support of HCR 107 by Anti-War Forces

High-level Russian Warnings Are Part of War-Avoidance Deployments

Russia Asks: Are Patriot Missiles To Target Syria, or Iran?

Iran's Armed Forces Chief of Staff Warns of World War

Obama's Drones Have Killed at Least 176 Children in Pakistan Alone

Obama Threatens to Invoke State Secrets in Motion to Dismiss Drone Lawsuit

Construction of World's First Demonstration High-Temperature Nuclear Reactor Begins in China

Pickering Advisory Review Board Report on Benghazi to be Released on Monday

Special Christmas Message from Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Russia, Brazil, China Insist Syria's Sovereignty Must Be Respected

Food Price Hyperinflation Set to Explode Under Production Breakdown

New Goldman-Sachsist Bank of England Gov. Calls for New Hyperinflation Policy

This Week's Asteroid Toutatis Passing Earth Spotlights Question of Planetary Defense

Syrian Rebels Demonstrate for Al Qaeda, Massacre Alawite Villagers, Burn Shi'ite Mosque—and These Are the Moderates!

Benghazi Probe Will Go Ahead Full Force

Panetta Orders Patriot Missile Batteries to Turkey, Congress Not Consulted

Victor Ivanov: International Banks Need Drugs More than Drug Cartels Need Banks

House Panel Hears Push for Glass-Steagall

Susan Rice Withdraws from Secretary of State Candidacy

Tony Blair's "Dodgy Dossier" Take 2: Obama's Baby Scuds

DOJ Cut a Deal with Dope, Inc. Because Dope Is "Too Big To Fail"

EU Banking Union: A Direct Money Pipeline for Big Banks

7.3 Japan Earthquake Forecast by Russians

Obama Picks al-Qaeda-Infested Syrian Group as the Legitimate Opposition

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Is Designated as Terrorist Organization

Reported Assassin of Ambassador Stevens, Abu Ben Qumu, received Monthly Stipend from Financier of 9/11 2001

Abdel Hakim Belhadj Reportedly Key to the Attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi

Einstein and the Classical Imagination

Russian Government Denounces Marrakesh Gameplan on Syria

Rep. Walter Jones: 'We Need To Wake Up. We Need To Get Out of Afghanistan'

HSBC Avoids All Prosecution, Supposedly To Prevent New Bank Panic

Fed Policy Setting Up Community Banks for Wipe-out

Euro Fascists Launch Attack on Greek Anti-Memorandum Leader

Obama Administration to Outlaw Al-Nusra

Russia Reiterates: No Violation of Syrian Sovereignty

Obama's Clones in the Philippines Call on Japan To Prepare for War on China

International Rice Research Institute Director Warns of Food Disaster If Policies Are Not Changed

Lavrov: Russia Won't Allow a Repeat of Libyan Scenario in Syria

Columnist: Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood's "Main Enabler"

Experts Don't Believe Syria Preparing to Use its Chemical Weapons

Assad Delivers a More Credible Warning About Chemical Weapons

A Preliminary Fact Sheet: President Obama Is in Bed With al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Blasts 'Politicized' U.S. Intelligence on Syria, Raises Prospect of Obama Impeachment

U.K.'s Hague Plays 'Tony Blair' in Syrian Re-Run of Wars Past

'Iran Project' Issues New Report on Sanctions and Negotiations with Iran

Green-Genocide Advocate Lester Brown Produces New Book, Full Planet, Empty Plates, On Eve of Doha UN Climate Confab

Meeting Between Jacques Cheminade and François Hollande

Blair Pushes Overthrow of Assad

Mattis Being Replaced at U.S. Central Command; Did Obama Fire Him for Opposing War with Russia?

Moscow Times Counters War Drive against Syria

Republican Leadership Ousts Rep. Walter Jones from Financial Services Committee

US Senate Demands Syria War Plan

Obama's Ally in Libya and Syria: Al-Qaeda

State Department Delays Labelling Jabhat al-Nusra a Terrorist Organization

Fed's Hyperinflation Policy Out of Control, Becoming Irreversible

Russian Leaders in Eurasian Meetings

Obama is Shamelessly in Bed with Al-Qaeda

Obama Issues Threat Against Syria

Jabhat al-Nusra and Other Terrorists Dominate Anti-Assad Fighters in Syria

Obama Does What Rumsfeld Couldn't Do: Huge Expansion of Military Spy Programs

Press Release: How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States

Why is Obama Still in Office?

Susan Rice: Responsible for Mass Murder; Not Qualified for U.S. Public Office

Only Negotiated Settlement Based on Geneva Roadmap Has Chance in Syria

Muslim Brotherhood Targets Jordan

North Korea's Announced Satellite Launch Attempt Raises Asia Tensions

November, 2012

Pacific Nations Take Advantage of Arctic Sea Routes

Barroso At It Again: Blueprint for "Troikaization" of Europe

Obama Continues To Defend Susan Rice in the Face of Rising Opposition

Amendment Offered To Ban Military Detention of American Citizens

Tony Blair Declares "It's About Power"—British Empire Must 'Leverage' Its Global Power Through the EU

Ballistic Missile Defense, a Test of Real Partnership Between Russia and EU

Obama and Rice Dig Themselves in Deeper

Resistance Required and Justified Against the EU's Dictatorship Drive

NATO and Terrorists Work Separate Tracks To Dismantle the Syrian regime

Not Just Glass-Steagall—We Need a Systemic Change!

Germany and Turkey Disagree About Scope of Patriot Deployment

The Phony Greek Debt Deal

Benghazigate Is Not Going Away—Remove Obama!

Brzezinski: Containment Is Least Worst Option For Iran If Diplomacy Fails

Obama Defends Drone Imperialism Like Cheney Defended Torture

Obama Cancels Nuclear Free Zone Conference, Supporting Israeli Blackmail

Schiller Institute International Conference: "A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization"

Zepp-LaRouche: Only a Complete Change in Paradigm Can Avoid Catastrophe

Turkey, Patriot Missiles, & World War III

Senator McCain Calls for Congressional Select Committee on Benghazi Focusing on Obama's Role

Obama Obsessed With Keeping Drone Campaign Top Secret

Halligan: It's Glass-Steagall Now or Another Banking Bust

No Fly Zone Over Syria: Trigger Point For Larger Conflict

A Tale of Two Rices
Lyndon LaRouche Addresses November 24, 2012 Schiller Institute Conference

A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization

Argentina's President: Defense of National Sovereignty Means Ending Debt Slavery

Do You Want World War III? Learn the Lesson of 1890

Russia Warns of Strategic Implications of Patriot Missile Deployment To Turkey

Gaza Conflict Tested Iron Dome System For Larger War

Under Real Peace Conditions, the World Could Feed 12 Billion Humans

Would-be Prime Minister Matteo Renzi Calls for Glass-Steagall

Reckless Erdogan Escalates Conflict with Iraq in a Dangerous Area

Syrian Jihadis and Kurds Reject the West-shaped anti-Assad Syrian Government

Antiwar.com: "Susan Rice Is Bad News"

Preparations for Permanent War in Sahel Advance

Kucinich Seeks To Rein In Both CIA and JSOC Drone Strikes

LaRouche Assessment: We Are at a Breaking Point

Preparing the Ground for the Big Iranian Operation

Swedish Columnist Blasts "Obama the Hangman in the White House,"

Despite Obama's "Asia Pivot", Myanmar Seeks Real Industrial Development

Shadow Banking: What Wall Street & the City Are Doing with the Money-Printing

Gaza Attack Is First Phase of Israeli War Against Iran—With Obama's Complete Support

NATO Expecting Turkish Request For Patriot Missile Batteries

Cease-Fire Talks Continue as Israeli Gaza Genocide Proceeds

LaRouche Statement: Congress Must Stop Covering for Obama/Rice Lies

Obama Gives OK for Israeli Invasion of Gaza—Full Blame on Palestinians

Lyndon Replies to Russia: Thermonuclear War Threat

How Violating Orders Can Prevent War

The Morning After Obama's Bad Night

Petraeus To Congress: Benghazi Was Terorrist Attack, Known from Beginning

Day Four of Israel's Assault On Gaza

French Government Cooks Up a Fake Glass-Steagall

Britain's Mideast Cockpit: Netanyahu Launches a New Gaza War

Russia Is "Extremely Concerned"

Wall Street Haunted by Glass Steagall

Israel Launches New Genocide Against Gaza

Obama Holds Press Conference: Defends Rice and Her Lies, and Holder

Watergate in the Air

Washington State Bank: Put a "Glass Steagall-Like" Structure into Banking

NerObama Considering Sen. John F. Kerry for Secretary of Defense and Susan Rice for Secretary of State

White House Told FBI To Hold Off on Announcing the Petraeus Investigation Until After the Elections

Map of Sandy Storm Surge Shows 1.4 Million People Hit Directly

Glass-Steagall Would Remove the "Fiscal Cliff"

"Hamilton's Growth Strategy" Touted in New York Times Op-Ed

Feinstein: ''If We Have To Go to the Floor of the Senate on a Subpoena,'' for Petraeus ''We Will Do Just That''

Superstorm Sandy Week 3 in New York

80,000 Votes To End The Party System, with Kesha Rogers

British Targeting Palestinians; Is it 'War Criminal' Blair?

The Case of CIA Director Petraeus: What Did Obama Know and When?

Shake-up Continues in Russian Defense Ministry; Gen. Gerasimov is Chief of Staff

Free Syrian Army Leader: We'll All Turn Into Terrorists If the West Doesn't Help Us

How to Shape the Future: Glass-Steagall is the Lever

Petraeus Resignation About More Than Sexual Indiscretion

Rogozin: If You Want To Use Nuclear Weapons, You Must Be Insane

Iran Drone Incident Makes No Sense

New Yorkers Get Haiti Treatment

9/11-Two: Pressure on Obama Not Going Away

Beijing Youth Daily Covers LaRouche Press Conference

Austerity and Hyperinflation

Southeast Asia Says "Dam the Greenies"

Marijuana Legalization Swept In on Obama's Dopetails

Nov 7, 2012:
A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Spoils of the Libyan War Bankrolling the Syrian War

Syria: Not Civil War, Al Qaeda Assault

British Prime Minister Tours the Gulf Promoting War and More Al Yamamah Arms Sales

Greeks Face Freezing to Death This Winter

Glass-Steagall Emerging for Post-Election Period

Brooklyn Residents: "We Can't Live Like Rats Anymore"

More Voices Compare Benghazigate to Watergate; McCain Wants a Select Committee

More Lies and Obsfucation on Benghazi From the Nerobama Camp

More Revelations About Obama's Lies After Benghazi Attack

Retired General Denounces Lack of Security in Benghazi

Nerobama the Narcissist in Chief

Genocide in New York, New Jersey in Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

Who Will Be Held Accountable for Benghazi?

Issa Demands Reply to New Documents on Libyan Involvement in Benghazi

Rep. McKeon Gets Military Responses to Benghazi Investigation

Hillary's Call for "Opposition Change" in Syria Provokes International Uproar

Russia Continues to Remind the World They Are Prepared for Nuclear War

LaRouche Slams Both Obama and Romney in Return to National Press Club

Scientist Warns of Nuclear War

Pressure on Obama To Answer Questions on 9/11-Two

LaRouche's 1976 TV Appearance Shaped History: Now He'll Do It Again

Obama Stonewalls Senate Requests for Basic Information on the Benghazi Attack

Fox News Has Classified State Dept Cable Warning Benghazi Consulate Couldn't Withstand 'Coordinated Attack'

October, 2012

Lyndon LaRouche To Hold D.C. Press Conference

Lyndon LaRouche To Hold D.C. Press Conference

US State Elected Officials Push Congress To Act

More Calls for Obama to Come Clean on Benghazi

Notes on the US Nuclear Force Posture

Prospect of Ohio Election Chaos Increasing

LaRouche to Dubna University Conference

Lavrov and Brahimi Warn of Escalating Violence in Syria

Oliver Stone Attacks Obama

Sandy's Damage Comes From Decades of Economic Decline

Export Supplies of World Wheat Dropping Drastically; WTO, Calls It Good

LaRouche To Hold D.C. Press Conference: Benghazi 9/11-Obama's Impeachable Crimes

Blowback for Murders: Obama Being Stalked by '9/11', and by his Own Drones

CIA Operators Left To Die by Obama

Extreme Weather, Satellites, and Dumping Obama

Paris Kicks Out Two Qatari Diplomats for Financing Terrorist Networks

Obama Knew After Two Hours Al-Qaeda Affiliate Claimed Responsibility for Benghazi Attack

Syrian Rebels Are Using U.S.-made Stinger Missile, Says Gen. Makarov

Obama Trying To Lock-in Drone Killings

Lavrov Demands Answer from Turkey on Grounding of the Russian Plane

Is Robert Reich Trying To Smoke Out Obama

Russia's Lavrov Denounces "Big Geopolitical Remapping" of Middle East

Russia Still Upgrading Nuclear Arsenal

'They Put Nov. 6 Ahead of Our National Security'

Mexico's El Sol Covers LaRouche's Warning on Nuclear War Danger

Former US Security Officials Trying to Counter Potential Sino-Japanese War

Media Cover Russian Nuclear Triad Test

More on Organized-Crime Money Laundered into Obama Campaign

Rogers Campaign in Break-Out Mode for LaRouche Policies

On the Brink of Nuclear War, Again?

On Anniversary of Qaddafi Murder: LaRouche's 2011 statement

Prominent Russian Duma Member Warns of World War III

Putin Hails Success of Strategic Force Exercises

Expect Obama To Kill in Benghazi

Danger Continues of Obama "October Surprise" Retaliatory Stunt in Libya

Lunatics Call for U.S. Arming Free Syrian Army

Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing On Benghazi Attack

Al Qaeda's Presence in Libya Well Known, Then and Now

Obama Forces Desperate; Attempt to Incite Violence Against LaRouche

Rogozin Issues Blunt Warning On NATO's Missile Defense Plans

Al Qaeda Is a Greater Threat Now Than Before 9/11, 2001

Turkey Backs Three-Way Talks on Syria with Iran and Russia

Zepp-LaRouche on Spanish-language Russia Today TV

Obama Preparing October Surprise

Turkey Continues To Raise Tensions

State Department Fought Obama's Effort to Blame Hillary for Benghazi

Obama Soft on Legalization Because His Campaign Took Laundered Drug Money?

Obama Links to al Qaeda Forces Who Killed Ambassador Stevens

Border Conflict Between Turkey and Syria Could Blow Up to General War

Another Sign that War is Already Regional

Dempsey Talks About Prioritizing Relations With Russia, China, India

Robert Gates Warns Against No-Fly Zone in Syria

Graham and Issa Slam Obama on Benghazi Lies and Incompetence

Obama Pushes Turkey to War with Syria—and Russia

Obama State Department Stokes the Turkey-Syria Fire

Diplomatic Moves Underway to Defuse the Turkey-Syria Flashpoint

Senator Corker: Obama Must Have Known What Happened in Libya

Rand Paul Warns Romney on Threat of 'World War', Attacks Obama

Russian News Agency Highlights Zepp-LaRouche Speech at Rhodes Forum

Turkey Intercepts Syrian Civilian Airliner En Route From Russia

The Taliban Is on the Inside of the Building

U.S. and Israel Continue with War Threats Against Iran

World War III Could Start on the Syria-Turkey Border at Any Moment

Oct. 13 Webcast Invitation, 11am AEDT

Benghazi-gate Engulfs Obama

Increase Poll Numbers: Exterminate Human Race

Helga Zepp-LaRouche in Rhodes: A Vision for the Future of Humanity

Turkey's Escalating Retaliation vs. Syria Is Potential "Guns of August"

34 Highly Trained US Security Pulled From Libya Pre-9/11

Syria-Turkish Shooting Exchanges Now in Fifth Day

Hayden: Attack in Benghazi Was "Not Unexpected"

Libya Mission Needed More Security But Got Less

New Book Gives Insight Into Obama's Killer Mentality

The Friday Project

Could the Turkey-Syria Conflict Be Pretext For World War III?

Putin: NATO Deployments Threaten Russia

Sanctions Are Economic Warfare Against the People

Grounds for Impeachment: Timeline of Obama's Coverup

The Murder of a U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi Must Bring Down Obama

Intel Community Immediately Went to War vs. Coverup of 9-11

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Iran Strike a Catastrophe

British Press Insist Obama Covered Up Benghazi Attack

Reps. Call Hearing on Security Stripping of Benghazi Consulate

Continuing Calls to Discover the Truth of Benghazi Assassinations

Lyndon LaRouche Radio Interview with Patrick Timpone

Obama Lied From Day 1 re 9/11 Terror Attack

Brits Fled Benghazi in June Over Threats; Where was Commander in Chief Obama?

Pollster Blasts White House and Media for "Nine Days of Lies" About Benghazi

Obama Launches Thermonuclear War Deployment against China

September, 2012

Move against Obama: Nobody died in Watergate!

Obama & Co Covered up Assassination of US Ambassador

Washington Times Writer Calls for Obama's Removal

FBI has Failed to Gain Access to the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi

Exposé of Israeli Attack Plans on Iran Gets International Coverage

White House Was Warned in Advance of Benghazi Attack

Obama Administration Hit By Cries of 'Cover-up' on Libya

Panetta: No U.S. Unilateral Attack on Syria

Obama Threatens Death for Leakers

Putin: World Must Reject Geopolitical Games and Chaos

Lavrov Lectures Charlie Rose on Standards of International Law

Gensler Says LIBOR Still Being Rigged

IGMASS: Towards International Collaboration in the Defense of Mankind

Scripted Escalation to War at the U.N. General Assembly

More Evidence Surfaces of British-Saudi Role in the New 9/11

Senior Israeli Sources Charge Obama Is Deploying Terrorist MEK

Barack Obama Has "Poked Out the Eyes" of U.S. Intelligence in Libya and the Mideast

Press Conference Featuring Rep. Walter Jones, Lt. Col. Wilkerson, Lt. Col, Shaffer, Bruce Fein, General Joseph P. Hoar

Obama Administration Forced to Change Story on Benghazi

Ambassador Stevens' Journal Speaks from the Grave of Death Threats

Russian National TV Highlights "One Step Away From War"

Iranian General Also Warns of Edge of World War III

Syria Conflict Threatens To Spill Over Borders

Ulsterman White House Insider: Obama the Butcher of Benghazi

Russian Navy in Arctic Exercises; Strategic Implications Discussed in Russia

Calls in U.K. for Jailing Banksters

Obama's 9/11 Coverup is Collapsing

White House Cover Story Crumbles

State Dept. Tried to Hide British Security Contract for Benghazi

Kerry Continues To Cover for Obama

Pressure on Obama over Cover-up of Benghazi Killings

Press Conf. on HCR 107

"Security" at Benghazi Consulate was British SAS-linked Firm

Navy Ships on the Move

British Minister Fired for Opposing Iran Attack

Helga Zepp-LaRouche webcast Sept. 23: "An Alternative to Hyperinflation And Thermonuclear War"

Russian Parliamentarian Warns the West on Terror

Will Obama Block Congressional Hearings on Benghazi Killings, the 911-B?

Density of Military Deployments in Iran Region Grows

LaRouche: The Question is Thermonuclear World War III

Military to Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Lower Threshold for War

Netanyahu Takes to U.S. Airwaves to Escalate British Empire's War Drive

U.S. Warned Three Days Before Libya Attack; Rice Denies it

Impeach Obama for Criminal Complicity in Murder of U.S. Ambassador

Now the Hyperinflation

Obama and London Press Netanyahu To Attack Iran

LaRouche: Learn the Lessons of Libya - Remove Obama From Power Now!

Former CIA Director Hayden: Obama to Blame for Ambassador's Death

Karlsruhe ESM Ruling Disaster

World Is Well On Way to Financial Thermonuclear Blowout

Clinton Says U.S. Will Not Set "Deadline" for Attacking Iran

Aussie, US Troops Died Because of US/NATO Negligence

"Unsurvivable" Video Resonates in National Security Corridors

Russian Space Plans

LaRouche's 90th Birthday Marked By Variety of Prominent Russians

Cordesman: Any Attack On Iran Would be Disastrous For the World

Villaraigosa: Obama Made Me Do It!

British Trades Union Congress Demands, Shake Up the Banks

Obama's Drone Murder Campaign in Yemen Facilitates Jihadi Recruitment

Dempsey Did Not Consult White House Before London Remarks

President Putin: We Will Not "Budge" on Syria

Putin on Euro Ballistic Missile Defense Threat: We Have Done What We Could

Russia War Games to Prevent a Nuclear War

Netanyahu Cancels Security Cabinet Meeting

UN Rapporteur Calls for U.S. to Justify Obama's Drone Killings

"Breakwater For The Eurozone" Is Crumbling

Joint Chiefs Post Dempsey's London Challenge to Obama War Policy

Former CIA Chief Hayden Cautions Israel Against Iran Strike

Russian Weekly "Zavtra" Congratulates LaRouche

U.S. Will Not "Have Israel's Back"

Strike on Iran May Endanger Future of Israel

Obama Gives Final Immunity To Bush-Cheney Torturers

Tutu Says Try Blair and Bush for War Crimes

Bank of England Calls for Glass-Steagall at Jackson Hole

Lavrov: Those Who Incite Opposition Forces Not Working In Interests of Syria

Former Mossad Chief: 'Greatest Victory Is One Achieved without Firing a Shot."

Issa and Grassley's September Surprise

Obama's Drive Towards Thermonuclear War is the Issue

Rep. Walter Jones to President Obama: "Abide By Our Constitution"

ECB Bankers' Dictatorship To Be Formed

UN Security Council Features New Threats Against Syria, But Russia and China Render Them Impotent So Far

August, 2012

British Monarchy Deploys to Ram Through Hyperinflationary Bailouts

Huge Wheat Losses in Eurasian Grainbelt, from Hot, Dry Summer

Archbishop Tutu Says Won't Share Platform with 'Morally Indefensible' Tony Blair

Obama Tells Haitians to 'Just Die' in the Wake of Isaac Ripping Through Hispaniola

A Balkanized Middle East Set To Blow

Another Wall Street Voice for Glass-Steagall

Euro Break-Up: Getting Closer to D-Day!

Russian Government Gears Up for Next Week's APEC Summit

Zero Tolerance for Mass Killer Obama

Obama Plots Assad Regime Change in Istanbul, Berlin

Colin Powell Warns Against War against Syria and Iran; Declares Russia Is "Not an Enemy"

Non-Aligned Meeting Opens in Iran with 120 Participants

The Experts Agree : Obama is Taking us Straight to Nuclear War

Sen. Richard Lugar: U.S. and Russia Should Plan to Collaborate on Destroying Syrian Chemical Weapons if Necessary

Gen. Cartwright on Nuclear War Avoidance Strategy

First Man on the Moon Now Rests Among the Stars

Barofsky: The Economy Is the Measure, TARP Failed

Inventor of 'Quantitative Easing' Urges Adoption of Schacht's Recipe To Save Euro

Time to Get New Presidential Candidates

Apollo Astronaut Cernan Charges, Obama Doesn't Understand What America Is All About

Obama is Threatening Thermonuclear War

Russia and China Reiterate: We Will Defend National Sovereignty

Israeli Editor Points To Obama Role Behind Netanyahu's Planned Attack on Iran

Sandy Weill Weighs In Again in Glass-Steagall Battle

Eurozone at Cliff's Edge

Obama and Kerry Flaunt International Law in Arming Syrian "Contras"

New Syrian Envoy Wants Iran Included in Peace Effort

LaRouche Show Panel: 'Curiosity' Has Raised the Flag for Humanity

Time For Resolute, Decisive Action

US Ambassador in Turkey: No Decision for a No-Fly Zone Has Been Made

Israeli Commentator: General Dempsey Is a 'Responsible Adult'

100 Congressmen Tell Obama Admin. to Back Nuclear Fusion Research

Indian Prime Minister Singh Announces Mars Mission

Medvedev Reviews Failures in Russian Space Industry

Obama Throws Weight Behind Muslim Brotherhood in Purge of Egyptian Military and Media

Syrian Christian Nun: Western Media Coverage a "Fake"

Obama Operatives Intervene to Kill Glass-Steagall Amendment

A No-Fly Zone Over Syria Could Lead to Regional and World War

NATO Official: Don't Attack Iran

Curiosity Rover, Lewis and Clark Expedition... 'Only Government Can Take These Big Risks for Big Rewards'

Obama Demanded Congressional Recess as Free Hand for War

Obama Steps Up Arms Sales to Persian Gulf

Glass-Steagall is back in U.S. and Germany

Battle Lines Drawn Against Geithner and Holder

Primakov Warns of "Very Dangerous" Threat of Israeli Attack on Iran

Israeli Writer: Israel Can't Gamble with a War on Iran

"We Celebrate This Event with the Rest of Humanity"

LaRouche Democrats Shape Elections in Michigan, Washington State

Mars Science Laboratory: A Mission of Firsts

House Suddenly Votes to Adjourn under Pressure from Obama

Hoenig Says Separate Banks by Function, Not Size

LIBOR Banks Are a 'Cartel in Restraint of Trade'

Successful Curiosity Mars Landing Inspires Optimism Worldwide

Timeline - How the Obama Administration Wrecked NASA

Wildfires Continue in Oklahoma

Israeli Military Push To Stop Netanyahu's Thermonuclear War Trigger in Iran

Lyndon LaRouche: "Cooperation Among Nations Can End the Threat of War"

Russia Condemns West for Sabotage; Calls for New Envoy

Iceland Introduces Glass-Steagall

Barofsky: Hold Banksters Accountable

Banks Demand that the Fed and ECB "Try Every Last Thing They Can" to Save Their Hyperinflated Ass

Call for HSBC to be Shut Down, its Leadership Prosecuted

Threats to HSBC'S U.S. Banking License—What Will Bandar Do?

Geithner's Treasury Department Permits U.S. Funding of Al Qaeda-Linked "Rebels" in Syria

July, 2012

Glass-Steagall Now, or General Breakdown Collapse in Early August?

Spiegel Editor In Chief Calls For Banking Separation

German Finance Minister Schauble Says Universal Banks Could be Split Up

Dempsey Stands Firm Against Nuclear War

Israeli General Mofaz Says Attack on Iran will be Catastrophic

Opponents of Glass-Steagall Thrown into Psychological Disarray

Weill's Glass-Steagall Call Drives Barney "Wall Street" Frank Wild

Turkey's Syria Policy, Obama's Policy, on Verge of Collapse

Britain Threatens Syria, Lavrov Pushes Back

Game Changer: "Shatterer of Glass-Steagall," now wants it

Glass-Steagall Faction in the U.K. Attacks City of London Boss

Lavrov: US Policy Towards Syria Supports Terrorism

Putin Warns of Unending Civil War in Syria If Assad Is Removed Unconstitutionally

The Single National Program to Save the United States

Putin Warns of Unending Civil War in Syria If Assad Is Removed Unconstitutionally

Geithner Grilled at House Finance Committee Hearing

Glass-Steagall Supporter Ted Kaufman: Dodd-Frank Needs to Go

Time to Shut Down the Dope Banks!

Another Strong Voice for Glass-Steagall in Britain

Syriza Advisor Tells Argentines: We Can Learn From You

Obama's Bandar 9/11 Perfidy

Geithner Helped Write the Rules for LIBOR!

Conflicts Between Dempsey and Obama Intensify

Pro-Glass-Steagall Faction in London Blasts Dope Cartel Bankers

Foreign Intelligence Agency Behind Damascus Bombing?

Trans-Atlantic War Faction Pushes Back

HSBC, Prince Bandar, and 9/11: The Plot Thickens

LIBOR Criminals Fall Out: Treasury and BoE Point Finger at Each Other

Greeks Charge Eurozone Leaders and IMF with Economic and Social Genocide

Volcker-Shultz Gang Launch New Thug Operation to Protect LIBOR

Geithner on the Defensive

British Defense Minister Bewails the "Siren Voices'' Calling for Glass-Steagall

LIBOR Fraud Calls For Reintroduction of a Separated Banking System: Handelsblatt

HSBC, "Dope, Inc.'s Central Bank," in the Docket

Bernanke in Blatant Coverup for Geithner and Banks!

Call for Special Prosecutor for Geithner's NY Fed

CEO of Largest Reinsurance Company Demands Glass-Steagall

US States, Localities Line Up Against LIBOR Criminality

US Hospitals Cut Services to Pay Fraudulent Interest-Rate Swap Deals

Baltimore-Led Lawsuit Against LIBOR Fraud Consolidating Into Nationwide Mega-Action

HSBC Still World's Biggest Dope Bank

The LIBOR Robbery of US Cities and States

Case Study: Libor Crime Kills Pennsylvanians

German Savings Banks President Calls for Exit from Anglo-American System

The Syria Crisis: Massacres and Information Warfare

LIBOR-gate Explodes: What will Obama Do About His Banker Connections?

UBS, Barclays Reach Immunity Deals for Cooperation in LIBOR Rate-Fixing investigation

HSBC Under Multiple Investigations for Drug Money Laundering

Libor-Gate: Obama and Geithner Gotta Go

Revolt of the Cities: Eyeing Huge Lawsuits Over Libor Rate-Fixing

San Bernardino, CA, to File for Bankruptcy

"Memorandum of Understanding" Secures Spain the Greek Treatment

LIBOR Crime-Spree Blows Doors Open for Glass-Steagall

Financial Times Again Calls for Glass-Steagall

Pathetic City Defense Against "Glass-Steagallism"

Putin Defines Foreign Policy Priorities To Russian Diplomatic Corps

Financial Times Keeps Focus on Glass-Steagall

Liam Halligan Gives Strategic Message on Glass-Steagall Move in Britain

Hillary Clinton Issues Threat Against Assad

A Powerful British Faction has Aligned with LaRouche

Four More British Calls for Glass-Steagall

British Empire Decides To Eat Its Offspring

Russia Warns of "Big War" Over Syria

Another British Voice for Glass-Steagall

The Financial Times Wants "Formal Glass-Steagall-Style" Restructuring

Austrian Opposition to ESM Cites Glass-Steagall as Model

No to the Second Versailles Debt Dictatorship! Separated Banking System and New Deutschmark Now!

Lavrov: Stop Re-Interpreting Geneva Communique on Syria

Global Glass-Steagall Response to Eurozone Collapse

Ivanov Invokes Glass-Steagall, New Global Financial Architecture

Reverse ESM "Rule of the Banks," or Die

The System Itself Is Corrupt: The Case of LIBOR

Russia Makes Clear: UN Document Does Not Require Resignation of Assad

After the EU Summit: "Weimaristas" Deploy Mega-Bailouts

Italian Parliament Finance Committee Received Glass-Steagall Bills

June, 2012

Bad Day for Big Banks and Big Derivatives

Democratic Party Elders Turn Against Obama

What the ESM and Fiscal Pact Actually Stipulate

The Euro Was Intended To Destroy the Nations of Europe

Monti on Mission Impossible; Zoellick Joins Attacks on Germany

More Pressure on Germany To Cave In

It All Comes Down to Germany...

New mega-bailout of Europe means crunch-time

Issa Takes Fight to Obama

Argentina Joins The Pacific Orientation

International Webcast with Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Jacques Cheminade

Echoes of Watergate Reverberate Around Obama

Lavrov Zeros In On British Role in Confrontation Over Syria

Syria War Danger Mounts with Downing of Turkish Military Jet

China Justifiably Views Obama's Pivot To Asia As A Threat

Volcker Confesses to $2 Trillion Swindle

Appeal to Governments For Glass-Steagall Now!

White House and Volcker's Attack on Glass-Steagall

Lies Out of London Hype U.S.-Russia Confrontation Over Syria

Argentina at Rio Conference: "No" To Green Economy

Euro-Crats Hold Panicked Meetings Around The Clock

Obama's "Watergate Moment" Is Everywhere

Russian Fleet on Call in Case Needed to Protect Nationals in Syria

IMF Conditions on Spanish "No Conditions" Bailout Will Kill Spaniards, Too

As Trans-Atlantic System Collapses, Asian Nations Go to Space and Go Nuclear

Forget It: The Russians Are Not About To Change Their Tune on Syria

Glass-Steagall or Hyperinflationary Blowout

BoE Head Signals Financial Phase Change: Liquidity for Select Banks; Failure for Others

End the Euro; Implement Glass-Steagall

Will Monday Bring One, Two, or Three Systemic Explosions of the Euro System?

Flash: Britain's Ring-Fencing is NOT Glass-Steagall

LEAFLET: Obama's Watergate Moment

Hillary Spins Russian Helicopters to Syria

Spain Bank Bailout Fails in Advance: A New Speed Record

Return to Glass-Steagall Says Financial Times Op-Ed

FDIC Director Thomas Hoenig Endorses Glass-Steagall

National Security Adviser Tom Donilon Is The "Leaker in Chief''

"Rent-A-Rebels" Run Riot in Syria as Russia Stands Firm

Start What Engines, Economist?

Financial Dictatorship Expands with Spanish "Bank Bailout," as the System Prepares to Blow Out

Lavrov: Russia Shall Not Sanction Military Intervention in Syria

It's Not the Government Initiating Violence in Syria

London Rams Bank Bailout Package Down Spain's Throat

Dempsey: We Can't Plan for a Syria Intervention Without Knowing the Intended Outcome

Who Needs Derivatives?

LaRouche: Glass-Steagall Now for U.S.A. and Europe

Empire Endorses Financial Dictatorship on Continental Europe

Which Euro Break-up Will It Be: Destructive Chaos? Or Glass Steagall?

Battle Lines Harden Over Syria Regime Change War

Sergei Glazyev Calls for Long-Term Credit Perspective

Britain and Geithner Threaten Syria's Assad

Frantic Call by Cameron and Obama for "Immediate Plan" to Rescue the Eurozone

Expanding Support for Glass-Steagall

Tremonti: Weimar Is Around the Corner

Chain Reactions of Economic Breakdown in Trans-Atlantic

Panic Spreads; G-7 Finance Ministers Hold Emergency Meeting on Spain

Russian Security Council Secretary Warns Against Attacking Iran

Chinese and Russian Presidents Meet, Commit To Upgrading Their Strategic Relationship

Forgotten Man, Forgotten Bankers

Russian Federal Drug Control Service Website Posts EIR Interview

Desperate Schemes for Euro Bailout: Futile, But Criminal

Ruble Sinks, Medvedev Orders Central Bank Intervention

Spain Careens Toward Squillion Euro Bailout

As in Libya, British SAS and MI6 On the Ground in Syria

Susan Rice Calls for Actions Against Syria "Outside" UNSC

Spain Collapse Worsens; $82 billion in Flight Capital in the Month of March

Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) Joins the Call for Glass-Steagall

May, 2012

"Impeachment Candidate" Kesha Rogers Victory Invigorates Drive Against Obama

Obama Envoy Tries to Calm Euro Bank Runs

Argentine President: Rato Should Have Kept his Mouth Shut

Kesha Rogers Wins Again!

EU Commissioner Barnier: A "Banking Union" Before We Die

Bank of England Preparing for Euro Collapse

BANK RUNS! Panic & Despair or Glass-Steagall

Signs of Panic Spreading as Europeans Face Inevitability of Collapse

There Are No Contingency Plans, There is only Glass-Steagall

Russia Staves Off Syria War Mongering at UN

Spain Smashed on Markets Monday; Rajoy Appeals for Direct European Bailout of Banks

Europe is planning for breakup of euro

Europeans Developing 'Plan B' for Crash of Euro

Bankia Bankruptcy Bankrupts Spanish Government Bailout Fund

Bankia Parent Company to Rewrite 2011 Losses Over 100x

Is Bankrupt Banco Santander Preparing to Sell Brazil Branch?

Press Release: LaRouche - The Glass-Steagall Moment is Upon Us

Will Spanish Collapse Bring Down the Whole System This Weekend?

Bankia Goes Belly-Up; Bankrupt Spanish Government Steps In To Bail It Out

Blair and Obama Out To Override National Sovereignty

Tony Blair Running Obama's Re-election Campaign

Russia Tests 'Fifth Generation' Missile that Can Penetrate NATO ABM System

Call the British on Their Bluff!

Call the British on Their Bluff!

NATO Activates "Interim BMD," Tells Russia to Shove It

So, You Think You Still Have "Your Money"?

Tsipras in Paris: The Issue Is Austerity And The Debt

British are Panicked That "The Dam is Breaking" On Their Financial System

London to NATO Summit: Do Not Blink on The BDM; The Russians are "Not Militarily Significant"

Medvedev Hands Obama a Letter From Putin, at Camp David Summit

Momentum for Glass-Steagall Drives Speculators Over the Edge!

Glass-Steagall Mobilization "Impressive, If Not Adequate"

Italian Stock Market Regulator Calls for Banking Separation

Prime Minister Medvedev Repeats Warning of Thermonuclear War

Dumping Obama is the Key to Avoiding War

Banks Start Falling in Eurozone Crash

JPMorgan Chase Blowout Fuels Demands for Glass-Steagall Now

Calls for Glass-Steagall Proliferate Everywhere

The Pain in Spain, and Collapse of Eurozone

"Russia Will Not Bend to Washington's Will"

Reich, Others Forecast JPMorgan Crisis Spreading, Call for Glass-Steagall

The LaRouche Show: Rep. Walter Jones

BMD's in Europe Preemptive Targets, Warns Russian Minister

Bailouters Even More Hysterical over Greece

$2 Billion Loss At JP Morgan Chase Shows Need For Glass-Steagall

Obama Remains Unswerved in Thermonuclear Brinksmanship with Russia

NATO Makes Believe It Doesn't Notice Russian Warnings

Russian Historian Slams "Liberal-totalitarian" Practices in the U.S.

Russia Warns of Preemptive Attack on ABM

Club of Rome Launches Rehash of 1972 "Limits to Growth"

Britain's Thermonuclear War and Russia's Warning

Extinction or Existence

Putin Inaugurated; States Intention for Russia to Be "Center of Gravity for the Whole of Eurasia"

Russians Warn of Pre-Emptive Strike Against Missile Defense System

IUOE Begins NAWAPA XXI Resolution Adoption

Cheminade: "What I Will Vote For on May 6"

Japan's Foreign Minister Warns Israel on Iran War

Eliot Spitzer Calls for a Return to Glass Steagall

Texas Republican Writes Op-ed Promoting Rep. Jones's HCR 107

Dempsey: Don't Get Caught in the Thucydides Trap

Ehud Barak Restates Case for Strike on Iran

Friends of Bankrupt British Empire Keep Promising Destabilization of Russia

April, 2012

Royal Society Promotes British Monarchy's Agenda of Fascism and Genocide

Paul Ehrlich, Mentor of Obama Science Advisor Holdren, Insists on "Population Shrinkage"

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Webcast: Dialogue with Spain and Portugal

Air Power Buildup Against Iran

Wall Street's Geithner Doth Protest Glass-Steagall Too Much

London's Eurobloc Is Crumbling

Drumbeat for Military Intervention in Syria

Voice of Russia Calls Cheminade a Candidate of "Global Scope"

Bankrupt Europe? It's the Banks, Stupid!

Carter Warns Against War with Iran

EIR Interviews former UNODC Head Antonio Costa On Drugs in the World Banking System

430 Tomahawk Missiles In Southwest Asia: More than Enough to Start a War

Emergency Resolution: Glass Steagall, National Banking & NAWAPA XXI

Obama Threatens the Extermination of Israel

Spain's Banks: Beyond Bad

Has Civilization "Peaked"?

IMF Warns of Nearly $4 Tr Meltdown

Panetta Says the U.S. "Within an Inch of War" in Asia

Glass-Steagall Our Last Chance

LaRouche Candidate in France Wages War on Financial Oligarchy

'Full Crisis Mode' Returns to Spain, Full Blowout Marches Toward Europe

European Political Upheaval Means Shock Effects in United States

Spanish Debt Bomb Set to Blow

Russian Website Tells the Truth About LaRouche's Authorship of SDI

LaRouche Responds to Questions from Russia

British Taunt North Korea To Create Conditions for War, U.S. Blindly Follows

There Is No Issue Between US & Iran, Only the British

Cheminade Sets Off New Bombshell, Blasts New Attack on French Debt

Eurex: Cheminade Issues Declaration
Primakov: Russia will Not Back Down in Opposing Overthrow of Assad

LaRouche: British Move Against Russia Veto Will "Dissolve" United Nations

Obama's Conditions Doom Nuclear Talks with Iran

A Showdown Week on Three War Fronts: Iran, Syria, North Korea

Absurdity Reaches Higher than the North Korea Rocket Will Ever Go

Russian Duma Leader Pushkov Warns: BMD Plan Could Lead to "A Full Fledged War"

Is Obama Administration a State Sponsor of Terrorism?

London, Obama Escalate Nuclear Chicken-Game Around North Korea Satellite Launch

Is the Obama Administration a State Sponsor of Terrorism?

Four Deaths of Obama Opponents a Remarkable Coincidence?

Obama Orders Mass Murder, Slashing Extreme-weather Forecasting and Warning Capabilities

Obama Could Go To War to Avoid Judicial Challenges

Lavrov: McFaul 'Arrogant' in Asserting US Refusal To Bend on Missile Defense

Lunatics Push World War III as Armageddon War Against Islam

LaRouche: Obama Should Be Impeached for Attacking The Supreme Court

Lega Nord Glass-Steagall Bill Mobilization Getting Under Way

The British Role in the Japanese Hysteria

LaRouche Warns Of Danger Of North Korea Conflict

Mobilization Against N Korean Rocket is a Rehearsal Against China's

Obama Threatens Regime Change in North Korea

Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki Denounces Syria Intervention

British-Saudi-run Terrorists Active in Russia's Troubled Southern Provinces

China Warns Japan Against Take-down of North Korean Satellite

NATO Tries to Tighten Its Missile Defense Noose Around Russia, with Proffers to Ukraine

Cheminade: Look At the Present Dangers from the Standpoint of the 1930s

March, 2012

China Issues Strong Warning Against Emperor Nero's War Drive

Argentina Confronts Britain on Nuclear Weapons in South Atlantic

Greek Government Looted Universities and Hospitals To Pay Bondholders

Is Washington Using Georgia To Destabilize Southern Russia?

Russia, China Reject 'Friends of Syria' Meeting

Obama Shows the British War Game Is On

Jacques Cheminade's Ideas Are Reaching the French Population

Extinction or Survival? The Past and Future of LaRouche's SDI

Medvedev Draws the Line on Missile Defense

Brits Aim to Control U.S. Carriers in the Arabian Sea with Royal Navy Ships

LaRouche: In May Meeting with Putin, Obama Will Lose It

Defense Minister: Russia Will Develop Weaponry Based on "New Physical Principles"

Russians Curse at the British-Obama Drive for World War III

New Counter-Attack Against War Drive from U.S. Military Leaders

Medvedev Repeats November Warning

Is 'Qaddafi Treatment' Being Readied Against Assad?

The World that Awaits Obama's Removal

More Push-Back Against War from US Intelligence Community

John F. Kennedy: On the Threat to Humanity from Thermonuclear War

British Escalate Violence in Syria

Ivanov Escalates Economic Cooperation to Replace Drug Production in Afghanistan & Central Asia

More EU Genocide in Greece

>Update on Jacques Cheminade Campaign

Obama, Cameron, Netanyahu's Lies Accelerate World War Drive

Walter Jones Tells Public: Demand Judiciary Committee Hearings on Resolution 107

Danger of Foreign-Fomented War Moving from Syria into Lebanon, Warns Lebanese Leader Michel Aoun

'Put Obama on Notice:' Unconstitutional War Will Lead to Impeachment

British Daily Throws a Fit Over Cheminade's Presidential Campaign

Mass Extinctions as Shadows of Anti-Entropic Growth

Pentagon Correspondent: Joint Chiefs Warn Syria Intervention Is a Proxy War for Confrontation with Russia

Obama Commands More Power Than George III

British, Obama Escalate on Syria Crisis To Target Russia

Greece Is an Occupied Country

Obama Seeking War Plan Against Syria

After Being Forced To Come Out into the Open, White House Tries To Kill Glass-Steagall

Greek Debt Swap Passes... Or Did It?

Breaking News: Obama Put on Notice

Dempsey: Any Military Operation in Syria Would Be Very Complicated

Col. Wilkerson: Inside the Pentagon, No Desire for Striking Iran

Cheminade Presidential Candidacy Going Official Today

On the Edge of Extinction: Who Created Your Opinion?

Generals' Revolt Figure Says, "We Can Live With A Nuclear Iran"

Russia Will Not Give an Inch

Military Leaders Tell Nero: "No War of Choice With Iran"

Academician Velikhov Proposes Chilling "Wake-Up Call" for the U.S.A. and Europe

Russia the Day After

Putin Wins Russian Presidency

Provocations & Wild Fraud Claims Being Used to Dub Putin's Victory "Tainted"

Prior to Elections, Putin & Russian TV Warned of Election Provocations

The Empire's Thermonuclear War Option

China: Syria Policy Is Coercion, Weapons, Special Forces, al-Qaeda, and Revolution

Brits Detail the Non-Surrender of Asia

Russian General Cites LaRouche on Russia's Role in Blocking WWIII

Bernard Lewis, AIPAC and London's WWIII

The Republican Candidates: Committee to Re-Elect Barack Obama?

February, 2012

International Day of Action: Stop World War III

Call for Rallies for Peace on Sat. March 3
Britain, Barack, and Barak Deploy for War

2nd Round of ECB Mega-Bailouts Exceeds 1st

General Dempsey: 'Iran Is Rational'

Senior U.S. Official: We Want To 'Buy Time' in Confrontation with Iran

Rogozin Calls for "Iron Fist in Velvet Glove"

Putin Assassination Plot Revealed

China Labels Hillary's Comment "Totally Unacceptable," U.S. Is Super-Arrogant

Syria's Constitution Endorsed by 89% Voters

Putin Warns: Do Not Use Military Force Against Syria or Iran

President Clinton's Terrible Mistake

Greece Should Leave the Euro

LaRouche: It's High Time to Break Up the United Kingdom, the British Empire & the Monetarist System

Top US Nuclear Expert Tells Obama: There Is No Weapons Threat From Iran

The Cowards Who Attack General Dempsey

The Spirit of America

When Will We Throw This Bum Out? The Obama-Al Qaeda-MEK Connection

More Voices Raised for the Impeachment of Obama

Hans Blix, Robert Kelley, Colin Kahl Oppose Attack on Iran

Putin Presents Military Policy for Securing Russia's Sovereignty

Medvedev Inaugurates Strategic Missile Unit, Says Russian Strategic Interests Are Inviolable

Yakunin Speaks on Land-Bridge Perspective and Impact of Iran Sanctions

Brutish Empire's March Offensive for War

Theodorakis: The Greek Parliament Is a Junta

Disgustingly Fascist Greek Bailout for the Banks Passed

Australian Review of Military Force Posture Dovetails with Obama's Scheme for Confrontation with China

General Dempsey: Israel Should Not Attack Iran; Do Not Arm Syrian Opposition

Russia Collaborating With US Military To Stop Intervention Against Syria

Intelligence Community Focused on War Avoidance on Iran

German President Resigns

LaRouche Denounces Obama's Homicidal Hypocrisy

Who was Osama bin Laden?

British Integrated Into the US Nuclear Trigger?

Is the Anglo-American NATO Faction Allied with Al Qaeda in Syria?

Iran Is Prepared To Resume P5+1 Talks Soon

Libya: Land of Chaos and Violence

The Threats We Must Conquer

Sen. Peterlini Presents Glass-Steagall Bill in Italy

McFaul Goes Nuts

Mossad Caught Running MEK Assassinations of Iranian Scientists

Jacques Cheminade Speaks on His Presidency

Is U.S. Military Intervention Next In Syria?

Russia Today: Forces Running the US, UK, France, and Israel Have No Qualms in Risking Global Nuclear War

Syria: No Peace Without Mutual Economic Development

US Naval Exercise: Preparing for War On Iran?

Why the British Monarchy Must Have World War Now

The Ballistic Missile Submarine: Nuclear Weapon of Choice

Russia and China Veto UN Security Council Resolution on Syria

Destabilizing Russia: The 'Democracy' Agenda of McFaul & His Oxford Masters

Iran Has Not Decided to Pursue Building Nuclear Weapons

Syrian Opposition Figure Tied to British Intelligence's Anti-Russian Operations

Their Species and Ours

Russia Stands Firm Against British War Drive for Syria

Eurasian Giants Stand with Russia Against British `Regime Change' War Drive

UPDATE: Cheminade Campaign Breaks Media Prison

Putin and Shoygu Call for "Siberian Breakthrough"

A Chinese View: China and Russia Are Thermonuclear Powers; Together, We Can Restrain Those Who Want War

France: Cheminade Campaign Breaks Media Prison

UN Security Council Provocation Against Russia and China

New Solar Minimum: British Meteorological Office Briefly Bows to Reality

January, 2012

European Banks Block Iranian Grain Imports

Pentagon War Planners Aggressively Pushing for Capabilities To Be Used Against Iran

At an Impasse in Davos, Europeans Plan Pilgrimage to Beijing

Another Murder By Obama's Drones

Pitchfork Revolt Expands Throughout Italy

Central Bankers Gone Wild

Senior Russian Figure Igor Ivanov Calls for U.S.-Russian Cooperation in the Arctic

Obama, British Beat Drums of War

Big Solar Flare, Geomagnetic Storm Activity Light Up the Northern Sky, Prompt the Question of Earth Defense

Seismic Activity Increases on the Pacific Rim

Planetary Defense: It's the CME, not the EMP

Russian War Avoidance: "We Will Keep Everyone from Making Radical Moves"

Riedel: Iran Is Not an Existential Threat to Israel or the United States

Russia, China Engage Iran in War Avoidance Diplomacy

Ha'aretz: Pressure Coming from Washington to Prevent Israeli Strike Agianst Iran

David Cameron Can't Hide the History of British Colonialism

War Avoidance Efforts Intensify, but British Won't Say "No" to War

David Cameron Can't Hide the History of British Colonialism

Bankrupt British Empire Keeps Pushing to Overthrow Putin

Planetary Defense: An Extraterrestrial Imperative

Mitt Romney Versus LaRouche

Attack on Iran Would Trigger a "Chain Reaction": Lavrov

LPAC Special Report: British Subversive Operations in Russia

Top US Nuclear Expert Tells Obama: There Is No Weapons Threat From Iran

Iran Blames British Intelligence for Assassinations of Scientist in Official Letter

Sanctions Occasion Intense East Asian Diplomacy

Provocative Iran Oil Sanction Is Also "Groundless"

Israeli 'False Flag' Terror Operations Exposed

LaRouche Warns Against Hot-Heads Starting World War III

Top Russian Spokesmen Issues Warning: An Attack on Iran Threatens Our Security

Britain's Cameron Demands the Queen's War!

What Russia's Warning Means

Ranking Retired Defense Official: 200 Million Causalities in Iran War

Chinese React to New U.S. Defense Guidelines, Firmly But Calmly

LaRouche on The Stockwell Show

The Case of Alexei Navalny

Euro Banks Are All Insolvent

The Financial Crash: Europe Continues to Plunge into the Maelstrom

China Responds to Obama's Imperial War Policy

The Internet Dimension of British-Led Subversion Against Russia

One Last Chance?

Why We Can't Wait

Nerobama Announces His Imperial War Plan

Survival & Victory: Non-Negotiables

Nancy Spannaus: On Its Tenth Anniversary: An Obituary for the Euro

Famine: A Policy Fabricated in London

Jeff Steinberg: Until Obama Is Removed, We Are on the Edge of War

The Bills are Still Coming from the Vietnam War as Obama Pushes for More

Life Is A Mission

Russian-Chinese Cooperation In Siberia Moves Up A Notch With Power Deal

Neo-Cons Gnashing Their Teeth over Progress in North Korea

War Avoidance Push-Back on the Syria Battle Front

U.S. Asia 'Pivot' Provides Shift In Strategy By Asia-Pacific Nations

Obama, Hitler and Schmitt: "It is Already Happening," Warns Former CIA Officer

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