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December, 2011

British Writing Obama's Script for Syrian Trigger for World War III

LaRouche: Cancel the British Imperial Food Control Laws—Boost Food Production!

Israeli Mossad Chief: Nuclear Iran Not an Existential Threat

Drumbeat for War Continues

Large Iranian Naval Maneuvers Continue

Self-Developing Systems and Arctic Development: Economics for the Future of Mankind

Asian Countries Continuing to Develop Strategic Bloc

LaRouche Reiterates: War Danger Coming Exclusively from the Brutish Empire

Iran Naval Maneuvers on the Eve of Likely War

Food Charities Warn of Worsening Hunger in the U.S.

British Tools Escalate Attack on Syria

Russia Undermines Operations To Topple the Syrian Government

ECB Bank Bailout Sinks Sovereign Debt—Intentionally?

Obama's White House Again Demands Regime-Change in Syria

Former Military and Government Officials Warn of "Disastrous Military Confrontation" If Diplomacy with Iran Is Not Renewed

U.S. Generals Assert War-Avoidance Policy

U.S. Top Brass Stand Firm Against Nuclear War; Remove Obama Now, While There's Still Time To Prevent It

CFR Member Says It Is Time To Attack Iran

Libyan Terrorists in Syria Are British Plants

Britain's Vassal State Threatens War Against Iran

Barak Pushed War Dossier In D.C. Visit

Brits Maneuver to Sabotage Russia's War Avoidance Initiative for Syria

Russian Missile Troops Commander: Russia Could Be Dragged into Nuclear War

The Strategic Situation Now
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

What Happened With Barack and Barak?

China and India Support the Russian Resolution on Syria

Obama Meets with Barak, Brags of Full Support Against Iran

Medvedev Counters Obama's Arrogance

Un-Constitutional Defense Bill: It's Obama, Stupid!

Stop The Nuclear Holocaust!

A world at its wits' end: THE END OF THE WORLD'S WARS!

Russia Tables UN Security Council Resolution on Syria as War-avoidance Move

Russia, China Oppose British Hit on Syria

Pakistani Punjab University Leader Kamran Warns of Threat of WWIII

Col. Wilkerson Slams Obama and Warns of Iran War

Bolton Targets Russia, China in Iran War Drive, as War Talk Escalates in Israel

London's Gorbachov Continues Offensive Against Putin and Medvedev

Nemtsov Talks Violence, in Looking to Next Stage of Russian Protests

Only a Two-Tier Banking System and a New D-Mark Can Ensure Mankind's Survival!

Behind the Targetting of Hillary: Obama, Gorbachev and Susan Rice

Telegraph Gloats Over Doom of Europe

EFSF-ESM, ECB, Eurobonds, the IMF, or "National Debt Funds"?

Drive for European Fascism

Russian Ambassador to NATO, Rogozin, Speaks Up

Playing with Fire: Destabilizing Russia

British Intention for World War III Has Not Been Stopped

Israel Plans Second-Strike Use Of Nuclear Weapons Against Iran

S&P Puts Eurozone on Credit Watch

Zepp-LaRouche Issues International Call to Action to Stop World War III

British Intention for WWIII Has Not Been Stopped

Obama BMD Program Threatens Russia and China

Israel's Barak Still Wants To Bomb Iran

Why The Iranians Hate The Brits, Part 2

Iran Downs A U.S. Drone

Israel's Struggle Against Thermonuclear Armageddon

Dagan Forms "Strategic Alliance" Against Netanyahu's and Barak's War Drive

Russia and China Blast UN Human Rights Council for Attempting to Start War on Syria

U.S. Nuclear Bombs in Turkey

China Warns Against Air-Sea Battle

EU and Washington Build Transatlantic Hysteria Against Syria, Iran, and At Large — Drive for WWW III

LaRouche: "We're Right on the Edge of Thermonuclear War"

The War in Iran Has Already Begun

Lyndon LaRouche Offers Some Tactical Advice to Europe's Bankers, on Their Death Bed

November, 2011

Medvedev Takes Next Step to Defend Russia

LaRouche on Pakistan Aggression

China and Russia Condemn U.S. for Killing of Pakistani Soldiers

British Embassy in Tehran Stormed by Protestors

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff on War-Avoidance Mobilization

U.S.-EU Summit Plots Further in War Push

'Humanitarian Corridors' for Brits Should Eurozone Collapse?

Medvedev's Statement of Grave Strategic Reality

Ships from Russia's Strategic Northern Fleet Head for Mediterranean

Iran Vows Missile Strike On NATO Site In Turkey If Attacked

A world at its wits' end: THE END OF THE WORLD'S WARS!

Britain's Syria Game-Plan Still On Track

Former Iranian Diplomat: British Empire Is Behind Policy of Conflicts and War

Not Just Another Water Project: New Film on the Untold Story of NAWAPA

Following British Lead, Obama Declares Sanctions on Iran

Lavrov Points to Loss of Western Economic Influence as Cause of War Drive in Middle East

IAEA Report Falling Apart, Brits Escalate Propaganda

Britain Shoots First

More Admissions that Obama is Nuts

Status of Obama Crisis

Syria-Arab League Standoff Continues

Saif Gaddafi Capture Aided By MI6?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Issues International Call to Action to Stop World War III

We Must Dump Obama and Avert Thermonuclear War

Ivanov Cites Glass-Steagall in Washington

CEC Nails Obama for World War, Millions See "Impeach Obama" Message

Repeat of Libyan Scenario Underway Against Syria

Russia Warns of "Civil War" in Syria

Obama Sends the Marines to Australia to Counter China

Interview: Former CENTCOM Commander Warns of Grave War Danger

The Revolt of the Generals Against Iran War

Obama Asia Tour Has Only One Purpose: War with China

Is the US Conducting Covert Military Operations Inside Iran?

Rail Line to Yakutsk Completed; Medvedev Commits to Northern Railways

Suspension of Democracy in Italy and Greece Signals Oligarchy's Drive For War

Obama's China-Bashing at APEC sets the Stage for War

Iran: Asymmetric War Has Already Been Launched

LaRouche: To Stop World War III, Obama Must be Removed from Office Now

Death Squads Reign In Obama's New Libya

Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski, A Scientist Who Fought For Truth

Italian Government Officially Resigns

Tony Blair in Italy to Promote World War III?

Arab League Votes To Suspend Syria

Obama To Announce "Permanent and Constant" U.S. Troops in Australia

Greece Names Banker Prime Minister

Brits Demand: ECB Must Print Money 'Like There's No Tomorrow'

Russia Knows It's in the Crosshairs

Information in the IAEA Report Came from the U.S., France, and Britain

Russian Conference Endorses LaRouche's Global Glass-Steagall

EU Setting Up Bankers' Dictatorship in Greece

"Germany Must Take Initiative Against Threatened War Against Iran"

Russia Set To Launch Mission to Mars

Toward A Bill of Impeachment Of Barack Hussein Obama

Obama's Plan Is To Start Global Nuclear War

The Only Relevant Discussion is Obama's Removal

EU Destroys Greece; Italy Is Next

Long Live a Free Greece!

Syrian Professor: Fight Around Syria Is in Reality a Fight Between U.S.-Britain-France and Russia-China-India

October, 2011

EU Commission Setting Up "Reichsprotektorat" in Greece?

There Is No Line That Nero Won't Cross

LaRouche: 'Nero" Obama is Going For Fascism

Obama's SS Legion

More Evidence Obama Ordered Qaddafi Assassination

Qaddafi was an Expendable Imperial Asset

Obama Has Blood on His Hands

There is No Coverup; There's Only Cowardice

Pass Glass Steagall Now, or You're Doomed

Financial system steps closer to the brink

Iran Bores a Hole Through Obama's Sloppy Efforts to Pull a Coup

Hey #OWS, Glass-Steagall is Your #1 Priority

From the Archives: Rohatyn, Shultz, Cheney 'Privatization' Scheme to Wreck U.S. National Security

From the Archives: Private Armies, Captive People

Northern Command and Obama's British-Coup Against the U.S.

Hillary Clinton: America's Pacific Century

Will U.S. orient to Atlantic or Pacific?

London Has Only One "Economic" Policy: A Hitler-Style Coup in the U.S.

The Case of Iran & Obama's Private Armies

Putin's Visit to China Consolidated Bilateral Relations

H.G. Well's Nightmare Stalks the World Again

Obama a "Stranger to his Own Government"

"Will Obama Kill You?"

The Order of the Day Is Not To "Try," But To Succeed

1,150 US Locations Planning "Occupy Together" Events

Cheney Spoonbender Urges Military Coup

Occupy Wall Street Demands Glass-Steagall

The Cheney-Obama Cabaret

Portugal Bailout Is Already Failing

September, 2011

LaRouche to Present Patriotic Solution for U.S., World

Alaska Lt. Governor Lauds Russian Plans for Joint Arctic Development

Ulsterman's "White House Insider" Proves Obama's Clinical Depression

China Details Up-Coming Tiangong-1 Mission

Obama's Clinical Depression

Medvedev Fires "Sub-Prime" Kudrin

China Welcomes Putin Announcement

Greek Opposition Looking Towards Russia

Lyndon LaRouche Congratulates Vladimir Putin: "First Step on the Road to New Pacific-Centered Recovery"

The World Has Changed: This Is Our Moment

Glass-Steagall Debated In China

Putin Will Run For President!

London 'Independent' Reports Greece Will Write Off Half Its Debt

Geithner/Obama Rail at Europe and China over Financial Meltdown

G-20 and IMF in Fantasy Land as World Financial System Crumbles

China, Japan and Brazil On Euro Crisis

Argentine President Blasts IMF at U.N.

LaRouche: 1923-Style Collapse Underway On a Global Scale

Fed Announces Another Bailout, Over Weak Republican Protest

Malaysia paper: LaRouche and Glass-Steagall

The Game is Over: Papandreou Considering Referendum on Euro Exit

China and Russia Need Technological Cooperation

Future of Manned Deep Space Exploration

Geithner's Fiasco in Poland Reverberating Across the Atlantic

Swiss Fight on Glass-Steagall Out In the Open

Why Obama Should Withdraw

Greece: Default, By Default

Bank of America Considers "Nuclear" Option

Time to Shut Up and Listen to LaRouche

LaRouche: Obama In A Meltdown; He's The Loser Of The Century

Geithner Failed In Poland: Our Policy Is Now On the Table

A Specter Haunts Europe: It Is Called "Orderly Bankruptcy"

LaRouche Demands: No More Bailouts!

Geithner to Recommend TALF-Style Bailout for Europe

Obama Unleashes Endless Fed Funds to Bail Out Europe's Goner Banks

Poll Shows Majority of Germans for D-Mark

Denmark's New Prime Minister Will Consider Glass-Steagall

Ingredients Emerge For Dark Age in America

Obama Has Arrogated Powers of British King

Call for Referendum in Germany: Return to D-Mark

Prince Philip: Reduce World Population Now!

Panic is On: It's the Banks that Demand to be Saved

Chaos Before The Crash At G7 Finance Ministers' Summit

Gerry Adams Calls for a New Deal, Tells the British To Leave Ireland

Geithner Calls on Europeans To Hit Printing Presses

ECB Resignation Shakes European Politics

Italy Under Siege by ECB and Highly Placed Traitors

Obama's Criminal Negligence is Real Disaster

An X-Class Solar Flare Erupted on Tuesday

Talk of the Drachma and Default Openly Mooted in Greece

Obama's 50-state Negotiation Is To Give Banks a Free Pass

Black Monday on European Markets

Obama Assailed From All Sides on Jobs

U.S. Post Office Going Under

The Oligarchical Principle

"Secrets of 9/11" to Air

Storms and Earthquakes Threaten Major Catastrophes

Trying To Save the Euro Is Like Roasting Snowballs

Obama and Disaster Relief: Malicious Neglect

Obama vs. Citizens in Severe Storms

Wild New Euro Banking Bailout Plans Meet Strong Opposition in Germany

More Severe Weather is On the Way

August, 2011

Possible Large Earthquake Warning for Tokyo

Obama Returned from Martha's Vineyard Only to Contrast with Bush on Katrina

Henkel Calls for Germany, Finland, Netherlands, and Austria To Leave Euro

Obama's High Crimes and Misdemeanors: Completing Bush and Cheney's Post-911 Fascist Coup

Obama's Clinical Insanity

Schiller's Call for a Debt Moratorium

Go For Nawapa, Or Plan To Do Without Food!

The Intention Of Nato In Libya Was Regime Change, Charges Mbeki

Bernanke Weighs In Behind Dictatorship at Jackson Hole

Hurricane Irene Furthers British Imperial Genocide

In a Post-NAWAPA World, Man Could Temper Hurricanes

London Demands U.S. Fed Bailout of the Whole Bloody British Empire

Hurricane Irene Will Further Destroy Weak USA

The Only Option: Who Is Ready To Lead?

NY AG Expelled for Standing Up to Wall Street

Obama Lied: US Forces in Libya

Fight Is On in Germany to Defend Constitution

Terror Over European Banking Implosion: Fed to the Rescue

Bundesbank Slams Euro Bailout Policy

Impeach Obama: US Boots Are on the Ground in Libya

NATO's Post-Westphalia Overthrow of Qaddafi

Obama Blocks Criminal Charges Against Wall Street

The Truth About Dodd-Frank Banking Reform

Hankel: The Euro Will Lead to Social Explosions

Impeach Obama for Permanent War Policy

Is Netanyahu Provoking an New Arab-Israeli War?

The Takedown of Glass-Steagall Unleashed Wall Street To Bring You Hyperinflation

The Second Greek Bailout Is Collapsing Before It Has Even Been Ratified

Obama Is Finished—Get Him Out Now!

We Need a Radical Change in Thinking, If the Planet Is to Survive

German Professor Hankel Attacks EU Bailout

Evil Bernanke's "QE3," As Fed "Dissenters" Slow Him Down

Franco-German Insanity Prevails, as Sarkozy and Merkel Call for European Governance

Are Bankers Advising How the EFSF Could Become a Full-fledged Bailout Bank?

Food Speculation Going Wild

Bernanke & Geithner Frantic Over Unstoppable Trans-Atlantic Financial Collapse

Kentucky's Perry Clark Continues To Take The Offensive

Urgent Appeal for a Global Glass-Steagall

Union Support for Senator Perry Clark

The August 15, 1971 Turning Point

Obama In Meltdown; World Financial System Set To Blow

Grassroots Support for Call to Impeach Obama

The Empire's Rule in Africa: Disease and Starvation

Meltdown Madness Sweeps the Planet

Full List of Co-Sponsors for Glass-Steagall

Emergency Trans-Atlantic Call Gains Wide Global Circulation

LaRouche Opening Remarks, Private Luncheon

British Riots: A Sign of the Breakdown of the System

Washington Times Prints Call to Impeach Obama

Close Attention To LaRouche in Russia as Crisis Intensifies

Galbraith Calls "Super-Committee" a "Junta"

S&P's: The U.S. Must Follow The British Model

G-7 Swears to Hyperinflate Without Limit

State Sen. Perry Clark, Calls Upon Obama to Step Down; Congress to pass Glass-Steagall

Obama Likes S&P Downgrade; Thieves Fall Out Over London-Directed Coup

A Trans-Atlantic Call For Emergency Solution to the Present Global Breakdown Crisis

European Leaders In Panic

British-Run Coup Continues

ECB welcomes Obama's "Governance" Coup

Big Banks on the Verge of Imminent Collapse?

ECB Announces Liquidity Injection, Purchases of Bonds

Eurozone on the Precipice

Statistical 'Economics': The Fraud of the $1 Trillion Deficit Cut

If You Plan on Surviving, Then Plan on Fighting

LaRouche: Moody's Must be Crushed!

Obama's Hitler Coup Signed Into Law

Obama's Coup Follows Path of Hitler's Enabling Law

A Vote for the Debt Deal is a Vote for Treason


July, 2011

LaRouche on Kucinich's Call to Downgrade Standard and Poor's

Bankruptcies, Wall Street, and Glass-Steagall

NFU Head Tells Congressmen: Pass H.R. 1489

LaRouche on Radio in Birmingham, U.K.

800,000 African Children May Die of Starvation

Clarification on Obama Executive Order Against Organized Crime

Obama-Boehner Debt Game Dooms U.S.A. If Not Stopped

Horn of Africa Food Crisis: Oligarchic Population-Reduction Policy in Action

LaRouche: Jail Bernanke, Geithner And Obama

Time for Bullshit Must End: It's Glass-Steagall or Die

Mass Strike Hits Israel

Spree of Shootings Occurs Throughout US

Hillary Clinton Arranges US-North Korean Talks

LaRouche Warns of New 9/11 Type "Reichstag Fire"

Preliminaries On Norway Terror Attack

Will the Markets Blow on Monday?

Glass-Steagall Activists Have More Fun

Without Glass Steagall, Chaos and Assassinations

Obama is Headed for the Door

LaRouche to Obama: Keep Your Promise, Mr. President

Fascist Compromise Sought in Debt-Ceiling Drama

Italian Parliament Passes Austerity Budget

Bank Stress Tests Reward Bailouts, Point to QEIII

Obama Plays Hitler in Debt Ceiling Talks

Increasing Support for Glass-Steagall


End of the Line for the Euro

The Fight For Glass-steagall This Week Is Ours To Win

British Wars of Destabilization Spread Hunger in Southwest Asia

Uproar Against Obama's Assault on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security

Spain's "Indignados" Discussing Glass-Steagall

Greek Crisis Pretext for Installing EU Empire?

List of Obama's Impeachable Offenses is Growing

Second Glass-Steagall Bill introduced in U.S. House

Obama Destroying Social Security Last Straw for Leading Democrats

Bipartisan Patriotic Opposition to Obama's Unconstitutional War in Libya Grows

Madrid "Indignados" To Take Up Glass-Steagall


Final Shuttle Launch: Let It Not Be the End

National Farmers Organization Publicizes Glass-Steagall

Reid Forced to Drop Kerry Libya Bill; Now Comes Impeachment

"Indignants" Call Europewide Meeting

Messages to Obama: We Americans Don't Accept Emperors

Israeli Strike on Iran Coming this Summer?

Obama Threatens the Military

British Deliver Death Threats to U.S. Economy Over Looming Debt-Ceiling Crisis

Police-State Crackdown on Greek Population

Another Day Closer to Armageddon for US States

June, 2011

Senate leaders betray their trust:
IS IT NOT TREASON? By Lyndon LaRouche

Greek Parliament Passes Austerity Program

Angelides: The Real Causes of the Economic Crisis? They're History

The Senators Did Not Grasp The Reality
By Lyndon LaRouche

Pyrrhic 'Victory' for Libya Resolution in Senate

States Head Into Breakdown in July

The Road to Dictatorship: Hitler's Enabling Act

EU Commission Sets Stage for Food Riots

A Turning-point in current history:

Articles of Impeachment Prepared For Obama

No Place To Hide From Economic Breakdown

A Qualitative Shift in the Mood in the U.S.

Tuesday hearing on Libya War Powers Issue

Riots This Summer: Will This Give Obama the Pretext for Dictatorship?

Obama Backers Plan Hitler-Like Coup

House Declares Obama an Outlaw, Refuses to Authorize Libya War

Obama's Violation of U.S. Constitution Assailed in House Debate on Libya War

LaRouche to Congress: Impeach Obama for Violating Constitution

Papandreou Wins Vote of Confidence, More Calls To Leave the Euro

LaRouche: The General Forecast

Kerry And McCain Introduce War-Powers Resolution Enabling Legislation

Obama White House Caught In Planned Massive Dirty Operations Against LaRouche

LaRouche's Glass-Steagall Vs. Rahm Emanuel's fascist "Infrastructure Bank"

9th Symphony Inspires Spanish protestors

Obama Persecutes Whistleblowers to Hide British Coup Against U.S.

Brutish Oligarchy Tells World's Poor: Many of You Will Die Because of High Food Prices

Obama By-passed Justice Department over War Powers Act

Is Obama Trying To Exclude "Humanitarian Intervention" from War Powers Act?

LaRouche: Obama Could Now Be Facing His Watergate

Constitutional Consensus Emerges In Congress

Boehner Tells Obama: Congress Can Cut Funds for Libyan War

On the edge of impeachment

Constitutional Consensus Emerges In Congress

LaRouche: Obama Is Now Facing His Watergate

Documentation: Food Price Controls Now!

87 Percent Support Glass-Steagall in New U.S. Poll

Berlin Daily Attacks WBGU as Unconstitutional

AFL-CIO Votes Support for Glass-Steagall Bill

Dodd-Frank: The Best Argument For Glass-Steagall

Three State Attorneys General In Serious Investigations Against Mortgage Fraud

The principle of the flank: VICTORY OR HELL

China's Major Ratings Agency Downgrades Bernanke's Helicopter to Junk

The Solar Storm Threat to America's Power Grid

Still No Greek Bailout in Sight

Chile's Volcanic Eruption Still Wreaking Havoc

US Tornado Survivors Succumb to Deadly Third-World Disease

Bailout Genocide: Fed Feeds Deadly Food Profiteering

German Constitutional Court To Hear Case Against Greek Bailout

US State Budget Massacres Underway

Obama Threatens Germany: Bail Out Greece's Creditors

National Farmers Union Requests An End to "Excessive Speculation"

FDR'S 1942 Declaration on Price Controls

FDR'S 1942 Declaration on Price Controls

Still No Bailout for Europe; Glass-Steagall Is Only Alternative

European Metal Industries Attack EU Deindustrialization Policies

LaRouche: We Demand Emergency Food Price Controls Now!

Obama and G20 prepare Capitulation on Food Speculation

Growing Alarm at Blowout of Eurozone

The Next Weeks' Battle for Glass-Steagall—the Lessons of the American Revolution

While British Pursue Global Genocide, Deadly New E. Coli Bacterium Keeps Spreading

Rim of Fire is Burning

China Tracks Down Europe's Killer E. Coli Bacteria

Obama Shows Us He's Nuts

Will Bibi And Obama Bomb Iran This Summer?

Which Is More Deadly, the Bacteria or the Take-Down of Health Care?

Kaptur On Glass Steagall At House Budget Hearing

Some American Bankers, Both Good And Evil, Call for Glass-Steagall

Two New Signers on Glass-Steagall on May 31

Housing Collapse Now Worse Than During The Great Depression

Crop Damage Worsens in American Heartland

Obama Forbade Job-Creation from his First Day in Office

Demonstrations Swell to 100,000 in Athens

Obama's Joplin Remarks Require His Immediate Removal

LaRouche: New "Share The Pain" Policy

May, 2011

Only Glass-Steagall in U.S. Can Break EU Dictatorship

Austerity Only Begets More Austerity

China Saved Thousands By Predicting Major Earthquake

How 'Your Bail-Out' Landed at Rikers Island

Congressmen Oppose Funding the IMF for European Bailouts

Italy: Earthquake Hits the Earthquake Commission

Obama Fawns Over the British Empire

Hurricane Forecast Issued for Atlantic Basin

Team-Obama Snubs Mississippi/Ohio Basin

Huge Damage to U.S. Crops and Food Supply

Amid Destructive Weather Obama Shuts Down Space Observatories

Obama Promises Missourians "Comfort" and "Prayer"

Glass-Steagall Drive Intersects Expanding Mass-Strike Ferment

Obama: Make America Subservient To The British Empire

Tornado Kills 116 People

Obama and Family To Defect to Suckingham Palace This Week?

Republicans Will Go Down In Default

With DSK Out of the Picture, Panic Soars

LaRouchePAC TV Catalyze Break In Earthquake Precursor Research

Warnings in Germany against New Bailout

Will Latest Chilcot Revelations On Iraq War Sink Tony Blair?

Nobel Laureates Refused To Sign Away Nuclear and Carbon Power

Glass-Steagall Emerges Among Youth Demonstrators in Spain

Behind the Strauss Kahn Soap Opera: A War Is Raging Over the Collapse of the EMU

Murder of Princess Diana Back in Headlines

Murdoch's Fox TV Features EIR in Coverage of Diana Murder Film

Glass-Steagall Would End the Debt Ceiling Panic

...Then The River Flooded, and They Got Nerobama

LaRouche in the Middle of Breaking Developments in Britain

In Response to Uri Avnery

LaRouche: Ron Paul is Off The Wall

Schellnhuber's Bertrand Russell Moment

"Finland" Agrees to Back "Portugal" Bailout

Without Glass-Steagall, There Will Be Mass Killing of Americans

Climate Skeptic Takes on Schellnhuber/WBGU

New Orleans Braces for Second Great Disaster from Obama

Angelides Presents His Report to Senate Banking Committee

Only Glass-Steagall Will Stop Green Genocide

If Everybody's Borrowing, Where's the Money Coming From?

Fannie Mae Again Taps Taxpayer

Europe Playing "Hide the Bankruptcy"as Fascism Grows

Japan: Decision to Close Three Nuclear Reactors Draws Fire!

British High Commissioner Dictates De-Carbonization to Malaysia

Emergency Session Talks Greece Out of Debt Restructuring—For How Many Days?

As the Pyramid Bursts

Only Glass-Steagall Can Defeat British Monarchy's Religious Genocide Cult

Obama's Satanic-Twin 'Science' Advisors

Rebuttal of WBGU: THAT WHICH COULD NOT BE SUSTAINED, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

No to Global 'Gleichschaltung'

Germany: The Model For the Club of Rome?

Obama Basking in Osama Demise

The Real Authors of 9-11 Are Still At Large

Germany: The Model For the Club of Rome?

Obama Policies Make Tornado Relief and Recovery Impossible

White House Threatens Retaliation Against Newspaper

New Egyptian Government Moves Towards Food Self-Sufficiency

April, 2011

Fierce Stormwave Spreads Vast Damage Across 14 US States; 295 Dead

Storm Damage Threatens World Food Chain

Haiti is "Drowning in Sewage": Obama's Killing Spree

Obama Shuffles Deck Chairs on His Sinking Ship of State

Even Pelosi Knows: Obama is Stark-Raving Insane

Post-Easter Mass Strike Report

At Town Hall Meetings, Angry Americans Lash Out


Congressional call for Glass-Steagall

Central U.S. Reeling from Lack of Preparedness for Rainstorms—What About Earthquakes?

LaRouche: "Don't They know That Bernanke Is Crazy?"

Why Doesn't Obama Tell His California Supporters the Truth?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Earthquake Threat: Obama Fiddles While Other Nations Prepare

Benedict XVI: Man is No Mere Product of Random Evolution

Obama's Haitian Genocide Grows

Doppio Croce: IL GIORNALE,
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

More Support for Glass-Steagall in Italy

Tremonti Wins the Current Round

A Reminder To Associates by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

More Signs of Obama Cracking Up, and Still More To Come

LaRouche Becomes Issue in British Liberal Attack on Tremonti

"Geller Set Science Back By Ten Years"

London Launches Robert Geller Against Reality

Glass-Steagall Legislation Introduced into US Congress

Mass Strike Expands in US

1,000 Earthquakes in Arkansas Since Last September

Yemen Near Break Point as Fighting Erupts Between Rival Army Factions

Playing The Great End-game,
By Lyndon LaRouche

We Need a Reorganization of Government on National Security Grounds

Icelandic President Send Strong Messages to EU Imperialists

LPAC's National Campaign, By LaRouche

Iceland Again Votes Against Bailout

Obama Will Now Order Budget Cuts "On the Backs of the Poor and Disenfranchised"

Seismic Threat Level Heightened

Bankrupt British Imperial Interests Running Coup Against Putin

Nerobama Boasts of "Biggest Annual Spending Cut" in U.S. History

We Are Making History

Hearing Exposes Ugly Realities of U.S. Unpreparedness for Coming Earthquakes

Impeachment Bill Against Obama over Libya Invasion

While Obama Destroys NASA, Russia Speeds Up Its Own Moon-Mars Project

Japanese Scholar Warns U.S. on Lack of Earthquake Preparedness

9/11 Indictment and Unanswered Questions About Saudi Prince Bandar

New Ethiopian Dam Project

U.S. Homeland Security Demand Government Back Science to Protect Population

Earthquake Hazards-Reduction Suffers from Further Underfunding

Obama Attacks Keystones Of America's Defense

March, 2011

Humanity's Challenge

Haiti Case Study for "Rim of Fire" Mobilization

Plenty of Sparks on the Rim Of Fire

House Budget Cuts Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Funding

Hitlerite Big Lies about Fukushima: What's the Truth?

India Plans Three Projects To Study the Solar Maxima

Another Satellite Down—This One Measures Solar Wind

Verdi Inspires Mass Strike in Italy

Decision To Cancel Seismic-Tracking NASA Radar Satellite Was Made Top Down

Seismologists Say Chile Could See Another Big Quake Soon

Are We Within Sight of Being Able To Predict Earthquakes?

Tens Of Thousands Of Protestors Surround EU Summit

Mass Strike Ebbs and Flows

Peruvian Geographer Points to Solar Activity as Cause of Earthquakes

US Geology Experts Warn of Earthquake Dangers

British Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn Forecasts Earthquake Between March 23-27

Russian Academy Scientist Points To Solar/Lunar Role in Japan Quake

Rim of Fire: Repeat Event Still Threatens Japan

Anomalous Fish Behavior Points to Earthquake Danger on US Pacific Coast

If Ireland Asserts Sovereignty, Bye-Bye Empire

Libya Crisis: The Dysfunctional Obama Presidency

Irish Debt Unpayable—Will It Use Its Debt Bomb?

India Has No Option But To Use Fission Power

Not All in South America Are For a British Orchestrated Dark Age

Clean Break With The Culture of Extinction!

Japan: Fearing Nothing But Fear Itself

Teachers, Students Lead Mass-Strike

Earthquakes, the Sun, and Japan

Teachers, Students Continue to Lead the Mass Strike Surge

Humanitarian Catastrophe Unfolding in Bahrain

Michigan Mass Strike Grows, as Elsewhere

Dems Still Lack the Spine to Remove Obama

CFTC Won't Say Whether It's Investigating 85% Food Inflation

Mass Strike Ferment Level Rising in Wisconsin, Elsewhere

Euro Parliament MP Muscardini Files Question on Angelides Report

Sinn Fein: "Bondholders Must Pay Their Own Gambling Debts"

Security Nightmare for Obama's Rio Trip

The Issue is the Pacific Ring of Fire

This Robust Japanese Nuclear Power

Financial Tsunami Ahead: About-Face Before It's Too Late!

Protesters Have Shaken up Yemeni and Bahraini Rulers

LaRouche: Japan is to be Praised for its Courageous, Sane Response to Catastrophe

Ted Rockwell on Fukushima: It's Not About Radiation, It's About Seawater

Academician Velikhov: This Is Not Chernobyl

Japanese Nuclear Engineers are Stabilizing the Earthquake-Hit Reactors

Echoes of 1989 In Mass Action in Dresden

Bad Banks Now Go To Hell

Signs of Mass Strike Emerging in Arabia

The Mass Strike Wave Mounts Across the U.S.

Mass Strike Updates from Germany

Calls for Debt Audit Point to Illegitimacy of the Debt

Mass Strike Takes Lansing with Suprise Attack; New Protests Target Wall Street

LPAC to NASA: "This Revolution Has a Need for Scientists!"

Volatility In Entire Middle East And Maghreb Is On The Rise

New Prime Minister In Egypt Has Backing Of Protesters

"Tyrants Beware: The Mass Strike is Here!"

German Mass Revolt Against Biofuels

Obama Emphasizes That He Is the Teachers' Real Enemy

Wisconsin Protests Continue, Governor Threatens Unions with Layoffs

Gerry Adams' Post-Election Statement

Confronted by EIR, ECB President Admits He Has Power To Intervene In Commodity Markets

Mass Strike Spreads to US Social Security Employees

Ohio Republicans Press Forward, to Their Own Doom

Blair Made Deals To Arm Gaddafi

Secretary Clinton Suggests That US Prosecute Qaddafi on Lockerbie

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

IMF Backed Qaddafi's "Ambitious Reform Agenda"

LaRouche: The Proper Way To Oust Qaddafi Quickly

Fine Gael and Labour Plan Negotiating with a Corpse

Teachers and the Mass Strike

Maghreb and Middle East in Mass Strike

The Little Isle of Ireland—Stronger Than The Empire

Nazi Economist Mobilize Against LaRouche On Budget Cuts

February, 2011

The Doom of Quadaffy-Duck

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: There Is a Limit to a Tyrant's Power!

Ireland's Revolution Puts Empire on Notice

National Demonstrations for Wisconsin Workers Draw Hundreds of Thousands

LaRouche: 'They are Picking Qadaffi's Bones Already'

Mass Strike Volatility Spreading Around The Globe

The Mass Strike Continues to Spread and Intensify in the United States

Enraged US Mayors Threaten to March on Washington

Sinn Féin Leading Ireland Past Election Day

German Finance Minister Supports Conclusions of Angelides Report

London's Food Weapon Slams Kissinger's NSSM 200 Hit List of 13 Nations, and Others the World Over

Mass Strike Ferment Spreads, Builds Toward Weekend Demonstrations in U.S.

Papandreou Guarantees Debt Payments While 100,000 Protest in Athens

Madman Qaddafi Spelling Out His Own Demise

Attack On Collective Bargaining: THE NAZI PRECEDENT

World Food Aid Tonnage Drops Drastically Under Obama/London Regime

Blair's Faustian Pact with Gaddafi Comes Under Attack in the U.K.

Urgent Release: LaRouche Democratic Slate Issues National Statement

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Egypt Is Everywhere!

Mass Strike Ferment Continues and Spreads in Southwest Asia and Africa

Sinn Fein Calls For Referendum on Banking Bailout

Mass Strike Ferment Spreads In Persian Gulf, North Africa

Sinn Fein: Break Power of Bankers, Throw off Bank Debt

Governor Refuses To Negotiate As Wisconsin Rally Grows

At G20 Indonesia Demands, 'No Food Speculation'

Sinn Féin: True Political Reform Upholds Rights of a Sovereign Ireland

China Expands Health Coverage, While West Looks to Genocide

Obama on Wisconsin

Crop Destruction, High Food Prices Threaten Mexico with Social Upheaval

One in Six in Today's World Is Chronically Hungry

Circus-like House Hearing Fails To Derail Momentum for Glass-Steagall

The Mass Strike Comes to Wisconsin, Inspired by Egyptian Protests

LaRouche: It's Time to Throw Obama Out of Office in Order to Save the Nation

"Fed Dictator Bernanke Needs To Be Toppled"

Sinn Fein: Burn Toxic Bank Debt or Face Sovereign Debt Default

LaRouche: Slap Controls on Food Prices—Now!

Glass Steagall Resolution Introduced in Kentucky Senate

Russian News Agency Publishes LaRouche Interview

FCIC Report Gains Traction, in Run-Up to Wednesday Testimony

Sign Of The Times: 'Thank God For Sinn Fein And The Elections'

French Presidential Candidate Jacques Cheminade on Hosni Mubarak's Resignation

The Historic Opportunity of 2011!

Just One Small Misstep for London...

Ireland: Sinn Féin Leads the Way

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: The IMF Board Must Resign Due to Incompetence!

Brazil Enters Breakdown Crisis

Wall Street Deployed Neo-cons To Attack the FCIC

Prince Charles Sings to the Plants in Brussels

Wall Street Berserk over Angelides Report

European Central Banks Present Global Trigger Point

China Drought Threatens Wheatbelt, Raising International Food Alerts

Communiqué Issued by Egyptian VP Suleiman after Two Days of Negotiations

Obama White House Icy Silence on FCIC Report

How Can Europe Be Saved?

Imagine What Would Happen If Ben Bernanke Told the Truth

Texas State Senator Responds to Cuts: "Where Is the Outrage?"

LaRouche on Egypt and Obama

China Launching Thorium-fueled Nuclear System

Who Killed the Egyptian Dream?

Sinn Féin Campaign: There Is a Better Way

Angelides Commission Report: A Moral Test

Now, it's Time for Glass-Steagall

Protests Erupt in Mexico, South America

Obama's Targeting of Mubarak Will Blow Up Region

Last Big Bailout Led to Hitler Regime

January, 2011

Food Riots and Hyperinflation Key to North African Uprisings

Revolt in Egypt: Update

Lesson of Angelides Commission Report: LaRouche Was Right!

LaRouche: Tucson and Cairo—The Obama Syndrome

State of the Union: Who Said It?

Egypt On the Brink

The Fed is Also Bankrupt - II

Euthanasia Promoters Backed Down in France

The Obamanation: Obama's State of Disunion

German Medical Association Rejects of Euthanasia

Louisiana Realtors Pass Glass-Steagall Resolution

Spain, Spain, and More Pain

Adams: Ireland Has To 'Punch Above Its Weight' and Let the Bankrupt Banks Save Themselves, Not at Ireland's Expense

Ireland the First Government to Fall; Sinn Fein Stands Alone Against IMF-Mandated Cuts

Spanish Government Prepares To Bail Out the Savings Banks

Massive Airport Bomb Explosion Staggers Moscow

Ireland's Austerity Government to Fall

Ireland: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: A Lesson for Obama

Stampede for Scarce Food, or Oust Obama and Restore Glass-Steagall

London Bridge Is Falling Down: The New Irish Jig

New York Times Calls For States To Tear Up Constitution

Cowen Forced to Call March 11 Irish General Election

Brazil Interest Rate Hike to Boost Inter-Alpha's Carry Trade, as Inflation Soars

Scotland Herald Editorial Calls for Glass-Steagall

Commemoration of T-4 and Other Nazi Victims in Germany

The Knives Are Out, Behind Threadbare Curtain of "European Union"

New Rounds of Food Shocks for U.S., as Futures Markets Gambling Rips Through Food Chain

Euro Collapse Getting Closer: ICB PRINTING ITS OWN MONEY

"To the Tunisian people, after the fall of Ben Ali"

The California Sink-Hole: Budget Cutting Doesn't Work!

Past His Expiration Date, Brian Cowan Vows to Stay On

LaRouche: Who's Eating You?

'Lost Generation' Left Vulnerable by Destruction of Mental Health Care

Anti-euthanasia Activist Reports "Nazi-like Climate of Fear" Preventing Reports of Hospice Killings

Sarah Palin Attacks "Blood Libel"

Dail Debate: Bailout for Bankers Gambling Debts Is Economic Treason

Will a New Middle East War Erupt This Week?

Haiti One Year Later: Obama's Genocide

Candidate Diane Sare: The Mustache Stays On!

Media: Climate of Dictatorship for Anyone Who Opposes Nazi Health Policy

British Lead Black Propaganda Charge After Arizona Shootings

LaRouche: To Blame Sarah Palin for the Shooting of Rep. Giffords is a Crime

Invitation to LPAC Jan 22 Webcast

Britain's Plan to Break Up Africa Further Gains Momentum

Glass-Steagall is a Principle that Can't be Sensed

New BueSo Video Exposes Attempt to Revive T-4 Euthanasia Murder

LaRouche Responds to E-mail on Glass-Steagall

Obama/Berwick Spur Assault on 50 Million Poor on Medicaid

Speculators Have Field Day, Food Prices at Historic High

Gibbs "Jokes" About Replacing the President

Face Off with Outgoing White House Spokesman on "Kevorkian" Care Bill

Gerry Adams: "No Irish Citizen is responsible for paying off Allied Irish Bank's debts"

Just When You Thought Obama's Bank Bailout Was Over

A Fuse Within a Fuse, or Who Would Buy Debt from a Spanish Bank?

UN’s food rapporteur De Schutter: China became a model for food self-sufficiency

New Nazi-Era Graves of Hitler's T-4 Euthanasia Victims Found in Austria

Nuremberg Trial for Those Who Cause Starvation for Mankind!

US State Budgets Are In Major Meltdown

Republicans Join Obama to Savage Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

LaRouche Candidates' Slate to Revive America

European Debt Bubble Set to Blow this Month

Attacks Against Obama's "Murder By Decree"

Sir Donald Berwick, Obama's T-4 Pointman, was Knighted by the Queen for Killer Policies

New Year's Day Bombing in Egypt Portends Increased Sectarian Tension

New Year's Eve Bombing in Nigerian Capital

"Oregon Nazi" Blumenauer Takes Credit for T4 Plan

British Agency Buys Up Unit Managing Obama And Blair

Fascist Rohatyn Preps for Banker Takeovers of Cities and States

Hungary Looks to China To Escape Clutches of IMF

LaRouche Replies to Email on the Financial Collapse

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