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2009 News Archive


Charge that London's Iran "Weapons" Dossier is a Forgery;

Talk of an Israeli Strike Against Iran

Harry Reid's Nevada Has the Nation's Worst Housing Collapse

Putin Targets Speculative Capital As British Financial Warfare Loomse

London: U.S. Constitution Must Be Set Aside on Health Care

Sen. Ben Nelson and the Mass Strike

Kesha Rogers Files for Congressional Campaign

Londonistan: Northwest Bomber London Pedigree Further Exposed

Emergency Message from LaRouche: To What Are You Loyal?

China Will Maintain Its Right to Develop, Premier Says

Economics Is Key Factor in Iran Uprising

Korea Is "Full Steam Ahead" on Nuclear Power

Iran Repeats Nuclear Fuel Exchange Agreement

Russia and Japan Discuss Solving Territorial Dispute in Order To Cooperate on Development

Russia's Role in Space Must Not Be Forgotten, Putin Says

China Plans an Ambitious Year in Space

Obama's White House Behind "Perpetuity" Clauses in Nazi Health Bill

Only Four Powers Cooperation Can Avoid Middle East Trigger for WWIII

Expanded Medicaid Falls on Already Bankrupt States

LaRouche on U.K.'s NICE: These Bastards Will Hang for Their Crimes

Reid Did It! Nazi "Eternity" Section in Health Bill Put in Secretly Behind Closed Doors

Putin in Russian Far East to Promote Development

Sudan and Chad to End British-Fomented Hostilities

Harry Reid: From Hitler Health Care to Britain's Iran Cockpit

New York Times Tries to Rewrite Supreme Court Ruling

Nazi Reid: Impeach Him for Crimes Against Humanity! Indict Him!

LaRouche's Reply on the British Empire

Obama's Health Bill is an Attack by a Foreign Enemy

Strengthening of Japan-India Relations Would Strengthen the Four Power Cooperation

India and China Are Making Serious Efforts To Enhance Mutual Cooperation

Senate Health Bill Denies Patient the Right of Appeal

London Praises Health Care Bill As the "Most Consequential Vote in the Senate for More than 40 Years"

Commercial Real Estate Collapse Looming For 2010

Facebook Emerges in Pattern of Attacks in Italy

China Launches the Fastest Train on Earth

Reid Health Bill Gives IMAB "Death Panel" the Right To Deny Life-Saving Drugs

Ezekiel Emanuel Gets the Genocidal Health Cuts He wanted—in Life-saving Medical Technology

Attempted Airline Terrorist Bomber Has London Connection

At Least Some Senators Will Have To Face the Voters

India-Russia Collaboration in Nuclear Reactor Manufacture Furthers Four-Power Cooperation

Fateful Weeks Ahead!

Unlimited Bailout For Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac

10 Million American Workers Hit Hard By... Government Seasonal Adjustments!

Work for Black Teenagers Has Just About Disappeared

Obama's Offer to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Has Met with Opposition Within India

Fannie and Freddie CEO's to Get $10 Million in Bonuses? 'Take It Back!'

Goldman Sucks' Blankfein Is Named Parasite of the Year

Palin Sticks to Her Guns on "Death Panel" Charge

Time to Bankrupt Goldman Sucks!

The 'Reid' is Done

Bernanke Exits Now: National Banking

The Coming Three Weeks Are Predetermined By Dynamics: Implement the Measures I Propose, or We Lose Humanity

LaRouche Demands Harry Reid Resign!

Unemployment-Benefits Exhaustion and Record Foreclosures are Build-up to January Explosion

Germany Reaches Climate Goals:Destroying Its Economy!

Bernanke Exits Now: National Banking

The Coming Three Weeks Are Predetermined By Dynamics: Implement the Measures I Propose, or We Lose Humanity

LaRouche Demands Harry Reid Resign!

Unemployment-Benefits Exhaustion and Record Foreclosures are Build-up to January Explosion

Germany Reaches Climate Goals:Destroying Its Economy!

Thierry Meyssan: Global Warming Swindlers Already Gave Us Y2K — Gore

Sarkozy Still Chasing Global Warming Chimera; LaRouche's Diagnosis

Obama Program 'A Bust' — Will 2 Million More Homes Be Taken in 2010?

Geithner Vows His Titanic Won't Hit a Second Iceberg

Senate Proves why Obama's Health Bill Must be Defeated at all Costs

Summer Shields Supports U.S./Russia Rail Development

Nigel Lawson on Idiocy of Obama and Gordon Brown

Democrats Lose One as Parker Griffith Jumps Ship to Republican Party

2009 Turning Point for Indian-Russian Ties

Prince Charles Will Have A Bigger Legacy Than His Nazi-Loving Uncle Edward VIII

Commission Rules that Queen's Finances Must Be Revealed

Green Assholes Try To Threaten China

British Go Ballistic At Copenhagen Outcome; Brown Threatens Global Fascism

LaRouche: Obama and His British Masters Are Losers

India and China Reiterate, Development Is the Core of Climate Talks

Don't Be Brainwashed by the Press on Health Care

LPAC's Obama Mustache Continues To Inspire Fight Against Nazi Health Care

Her Majesty's Evans-Pritchard: Germany's Merkel a Terrorist Target

Financial Times Threat: If Health Care Doesn't Pass, "The Obama Administration Will Be Pronounced Dead"


Lies Have Short Legs, or The Emperor's New Clothes in Copenhagen

Kapitsa's Son Calls for Rejuvenation of Russian Science

Britain's Greatest Defeat Since the American Revolution

The British are Licking their Wounds

Danish Schiller Institute Chairman Tom Gillesberg on Russia Today

Obama in Copenhagen: A Mad Hatter in Wonderland

Helga Zepp-LaRouche on the LaRouche Show: Copenhagen Failure Opens Window of Opportunity

Larry Summers Gambled Away Harvard Billions

Obama Fails Utterly In Copenhagen—Once Again!

China and India "Cement Ties" At Copenhagen

Summit Collapses; Obama is Now Political Dead Meat

Greenpeaceniks Get Through Security Barrier At Danish Queen's Dinner

Sticking To National Sovereignty Led To The "Copenhagen Disagreement"

Denmark's Saxo Bank Predicts Chinese Yuan Will Fall in 2010

LaRouche Declares Victory! Now the Recovery Must Begin.

John Train's New Green Mujahadeen

Rep. Barton Defends China Against De-Industrializers

LaRouche Representative in Italy Interviewed By Radio Padania on Berlusconi Attack

From Copenhagen: The Final Hours of the Summit

"Rambobama" Kicks in Doors to Rescue Copenhagen Fiasco

China Youth Daily Covers LaRouche Youth At Copenhagen Summit

Under Strong Pressure From Her President, Hillary Clinton Said...

Prince Charles Accused of Pushing His "Quasi-Environmental Feudalism" onto Government

On the Subject of the Pathetic Bernanke

Support for Obamacide Crumbles as Broken Reid Pushes for Vote on Christmas Eve

Obamacide Meets Further Resistance

Why do We Call Susan Rice a Racist Anglophile? Because She is One.

LaRouche: Obama a Mere Stooge for Larry Summers and Susan the Riceist

Revolt Inside American Physical Society Against Climate Fraud

IPCC's Santer Admits Fraud

Russian Researchers Expose British Climate Fraud

The Bottom End of Obama

Greenpeace in Copenhagen: "If There Is No Solution, There Will Be Violence"

Wall Street Crooks Appear With A Carbon Cap On

Medvedev Meets Russian Scientists; Attacks Political and Money Climate Game

Does the Queen Deserve the Edward VIII Treatment?

Obama Goes Bats Pushing Health Bill

Italy: Was Berlusconi's Assailant Alone?

Schiller Institute/EIR Seminar to Nations at Copenhagen: Just Say No!

Senators McCain, Cantwell Introduce Bill to Revive Glass-Steagall Standards

Senate Opposition to Bernanke Confirmation

Others Zero In on Evil of UK Optimum Population Trust, After LaRouche PAC Expose

New Moves to Restore Glass Steagall as U.S. Law

Prince Charles Wants To Take Your Food Away

The Incredible Shrinking Obama Presidency

Summer Shields on Copenhagen Summit

Security Source: Berlusconi's Security Collapsed

Argentine President Targetted with Death Threats

National Sovereignity Grows as the Sticking Issue in Copenhagen

Weekly Update: 15th December, 2009

Peterson Commission: We Must Cut Millions of Throats

Brits and Neo-Cons Respond to Obama "Just War" Speech: Demand Confrontation with Iran

Prince Philip's Nazis At Copenhagen

Blair to Copenhagen: Forget the Details, Just Go For Genocide and World Government

Who Pulled Berlusconi's Security?

Obama Earns Praise of Genocidal WWF For Oslo Speech

Meadows Gives A Hint: Food Shortages and Lethal Viruses Will Do the Job

Berlusconi Injured In Manchurian Candidate Attack

Blair to Copenhagen: Forget the Details, Just Go for Genocide and World Government

Give Them Ex-Lax

Is Your Bank on Drugs?

LaRouche Plan: Defeat British Genocide

LaRouche: Holdren's Proposal for a 'Planetary Regime' is Worse than Hitler

Brown-Nosing for Global Fascism

LaRouche says McGovern Op-Ed Reflects Traditional MacArthur, Kennedy View

Hitler-Like Thuggery Deployed at UN Conference

Genocide! Who Are The 3 Billion Individuals, Who Are To Be Eliminated?

European Union Peddles Tobin Tax and Bribe Fund To Seal Copenhagen Genocide Deal

Exclusive Interview: "The Greens Are a Very Sinister Movement"

Historic Isherwood Webcast Throws Down Gauntlet to British Empire

LaRouche: The Question Is: Who Has the Guts and Morals to Defy This?

Tweaking The Dead System: Congress Demonstrates Its Incompetence

Banks Demand Bone-Crushing Austerity as Risk of Sovereign Default Grows.

Chinese Spokesman Throws a Zinger at Obama Climate Czar

British Admit: Copenhagen Is All About Genocide

Meadows: Forget Copenhagen, Just Kill 'Em Now!

LaRouche: The Question Is: Who Has the Guts and Morals to Defy This?

LaRouche Youth Movement Congressional Cadidates to "Educate" Mass Strike

Martin Durkin Sees Oligarchs and Nazis behind Copenhagen Agenda

Chinese Keep Up Attack Against Obama's Todd Stern

Obama Lies Again! And, Again!

LaRouche to Copenhagen Resistance: "Stick to It! Screw This Thing Up! Destroy It Now, and Get Rid of It!"

Obama Is Making Afghanistan "His" War

China and India Expand United Front Against Copenhagen Insanity

Obamas Todd Stern Attacks China; China and India Tell Him To Sod Off

China Launches Worlds Fastest and Longest High-speed Rail Line

LaRouche Movement at Copenhagen: Stop the Genocide Agenda and Go With the LaRouche Plan

British Expose True Intention of Copenhagen: Population Reduction

Sensenbrenner: No New Laws Will Pass in U.S. Until Scientific Fascism Ends

Mexico Has Sold Its Soul

Kucinich Drafts Resolution To Withdraw from Afghanistan and Pakistan

Paul Craig Roberts Compares Obama to Orwell's Big Brother

Sarkozy's Thin Layer of Paint Peels Off

Legally Binding Climate Standards in Same Category as Adolf Hitler's Decrees

LaRouche: Is The President Sane?

Smoke & Mirrors Department: Bank of America Repays TARP Funds

Backlash Against Obama's Failed 'Anti-Foreclosure' Plan

Some Truths About Afghanistan

Moscow Called Washingtons Bluff on Afghan Drug

Britain's Copenhagen Depopulation Summit Is In Disarray

Paul Volcker: Derivatives Have Not Produced Anything Good

Greek and Spanish Downratings Escalate Euro Crisis

No Afghan Victory Possible Without Opium Eradication

India and Russia Expanding Cooperation in Asia-Pacific

Copenhagen: The Crime of Mr. Sarkozy

Restoring the Glass-Steagall Act

Polish Environment Minister, Resigns During Copenhagen Conference

Lord Monckton Blasts Climate Hoax In "Russia Today"

Open Letter to Ban Ki-moon, Signed By 150 Climate Researchers, Demands Real Evidence

Kesha Rogers Denounces Global Warming Fraud as Imperialist Genocide, Offers Alternative

Webcast Excerpt: Break the British Empire

Every Woman Counts, Except in a Financial Crisis

Do You Really Want a World Dictatorship?

Summer Shields announces candidacy for U.S. Congress

Al Gore A Poet? He's An Idiot

Chinese TV Commentator: More Coverage of Climate Critics

Lord Monckton: Russia's Democracy Superior to Britain's

Brits Launch Full Court Press In Defense of Genocide

Are Greek Riots Used Once Again to Hide Euro-Zone Breakdown Crisis?

A Step Forward In India-Russia Nuclear Cooperation

EPA Claims Dictatorial Genocide Powers For Obama

"This Is Ugly; This Is Evil; This Is Unforgivable"

Prince Charles Genocide Tour to Copenhagen

British Empire Cracking On March to Copenhagen

Fascist Obamacare Still Facing Growing Opposition Among American People

In the Era of Sovereign Defaults

Fed Chairman Bernanke Is An Anti-FDR Fascist

Afghanistan Withdrawal "Etched In Stone?"

A Revelation for Pearl Harbor Day

LaRouche: Defund the EPA, Defend the Constitution

Royals' Genocide Planned for Copenhagen Gets U.S. Foreign Aid

Silent Night: A Copenhagen Story

Strategic Shift in India-Russia Relations

Danish Parliament President Openly Speaks Against Main Climate Change Goal

France and Germany Called On To Save Defaulting "PIGS"

France Social Kettle Close To Blow-Up

Copenhagen Eve; Danish Parliament's Chairman Publicly Attacks Climate Change Agenda

Reported Unemployment Falls, Due to Statistical Factors

LaRouches Make Video Addresses to Moscow Anti-Globalist Conference

Let the Earth Live! From the Clash of Civilizations to Their Cooperation

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Europe Must Reject Empire, Choose National Sovereignty

Lakesha Rogers Announces for US. Congress: "The Future of NASA—Mars or the Scrap Heap"

LaRouche: Shut Down the Fed; Bernanke: Shut Down Social Security and Medicare

Russia-India Expand Civil Nuclear Cooperation

Outside Climategate Investigator Appointed at University of East Anglia

Obama Afghanistan-Pakistan Policy "Won't Work"

Nations In Default Have No Choice: It's the LaRouche Plan or Die

In Denmark: Researchers Debunk Global Warming and Sea Level Rise

British Take More Beatings On the March to Copenhagen

LaRouche Forces Deal a Stunning Defeat to Queen Over Climate-Change Legislation in Australia

Is There a Rebellion in Canada, Too?

Japan Takes Desperate and Ineffective Measures

What the 'Climate-gate' Emails Don't Say

China, India and Other Nations, Threaten Copenhagen Walkout

IPCC Pushes "Eat Less Meat" Final Solution

China Has a Dearth of Nuclear Engineers

The Era of Sovereign Defaults Has Arrived

British Monarchy Bares Its Asse(t)s Around the Globe

The Queen's Commonwealth Is Expanding—Even as She Shrinks

Franco-Russian Seminar Brings France Close to the Four-Power Orbit

Collapse in Japanese Government Revenues As Yen Soars

LaRouche: Bernanke Must Resign Now!

China to EU: Currency Is Not the Issue, Stop Denying Technology

NY Times Editorial Started Firestorm Versus Rahm Emanuel

Bernanke Declares War On U.S. Constitution, Asserts Primacy of Global Central Bankers

LaRouche Endorses Anti-Trust Prosecution of Monsanto

LaRouche's Weekly Editorial: A Queen in Check!

Queen Elizabeth: It's Time To Take Back Global Leadership For London

The Dubai Crisis of Financial Europe: The Copenhagen Horror!

The Problem Ain't Dubai. It's London!

LaRouche: Brits Declare 'Thumbs Down' To Obama In New York Times Lead Editorial

Brits Remind Obama Who's in Charge

Specialists Are Missing the Point about the Norwegian H1N1 Mutation

Queen Elizabeth II Weighs In on Climate Control

The Climate Summit in Copenhagen Must Be Cancelled!

Senator Webb Tells Obama no Binding Agreement in Copenhagen

Dubai Leadership Visits London Prior to Announcement

Marc Faber Sees Big Financial Bust Leading to War

Senator Inhofe Warns that Administration May Push Fascist Cap and Trade Through EPA

Dubai Default—The Entire System Is Crashing

Indian Prime Minister Goes to Moscow, Pursuing Nuclear Cooperation

Russian PM Putin Organizes French Cooperation On Energy

Obama Has Become The Inconvenient President

Hunger Crisis Spreads Throughout Los Angeles, Stretching Social Safety Net

Prince Philip Orders Obama to Copenhagen

Central Bankers Out To Destroy Currencies

Basement Class Series, Moon-Mars Economics, part 7 More Death Recommendations From The Government Task Force

Amidst Hallucinatory Upswing Fantasies, German WestLB Creates Bad Bank

Orszag: 'Are We Really Cutting Medical Care? Check!'

Obama Accelerates British-Driven Land War In Afghanistan

LaRouche: Disintegration of Obama Presidency and Russia-China Agreements Drive London To 'Plan B'

We Know Your Views on Carbon Dioxide—Where Do You Stand on Genocide?

"Iraq: Investigation Into Lies of Tony Blair"

Obamacare Disrobes—Killer Economists Excited Over Death Panels LaRouche Activist Confronts CDC Flu Ventilator Rationing "Ethicists" As Hitlerian

Gore Flees in Panic from Chicago Book Signing

Ever Wonder Why The British Empire Hates LaRouche So Fanatically?

Putin: Russia Must Develop 'Science-Intensive Sectors'

LaRouche: Copenhagen Summit Must Reject London Genocide Policy

LaRouche Webcast Invitation: December 3, 2009

Shift To The Pacific: The Historic Mission Of The United States

LaRouche: The Green Issue Is The Core Of All The Genocide

Hackers Expose Climate Change Hoaxers Lies and Conspiracy

Murderous Mammogram Denial Would Be Mandated Under Obama Health Bill

Have We Got An (Underwater) Deal For You!
By John Hoefle

Obama Returns from Asia, Realities of his Nero-Complex Sink In

New Mammography Guidelines Have Democrats Backpedaling

After Health Vote, Will Congress Survive the Mass Strike?

Is Panic About to Hit the Commercial Real Estate Sector?

Tremonti in Beijing Pushes New "Bretton Woods" Treaty

China Southeast Asia Inititive Extends to Nuclear Power

Yakunin Briefs U.S. Officials on Russia's High-Speed Rail

Mass Strike Wave Hits California Campuses

Growing Congressional Democratic Revolt Against Obama Policies

Green Energy: Genocidal, and It Doesn't Work, Either

Rallies Oppose Shutting Community Hospitals in Former Steel Towns

China-Zimbabwe Deals Show Potential for World Development of LaRouche's Four-Power Agreement

Danish Government Wants Population Control in Climate Agreement

British Puppets Shamelessly Pursue Genocide

No Compromise With Hitler

Economists Give Cover To Obama's Hitler Health Plan

After LaRouche's Nov. 11 Webcast, It's Hard To Find Anyone To Defend the Alleged "Recovery"

DeFazio Calls For Replacement of Geithner and Summers

Where President Obama Got His Moustache

Conyers Tired of Saving Obama's Can

LaRouche: The Moustache Stays!

Mammogram Decision Spotlights Obama Health Care Genocide

Doctors, Politicians Blast Muderous Mammogram Decision

North Korea Ports and Roads Part of Northeast Development Push

Russia and Singapore Sign Investment Agreements

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