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Brigid McCullough
Brigid McCullough I am originally from Sydney and have lived quite a few years overseas in a few countries--the Netherlands, Canada, USA and the UK-- and I returned to Australia in 2002. I'm 48 years old, married and have two adult children and my first grandchild on the way. The last 6 years I have been self-employed in a small advertising business in the rural area of Darwin, along with my husband and son. My daughter and son in-law are living in Brisbane.

During my years travelling I honestly thought that Australia was better in areas of corruption than many other nations, but looking deeper, this is not the case. When a government employee (sent interstate) can be paid over $300 a day, plus a living away from home allowance, simply to collect soil samples from under a government building, I wonder where is the accountability for the expenditure of taxpayers' money?

By contrast, we've been fighting to grow our business each year but it's becoming harder due to the likes of Fair Work Australia imposing ridiculous extra costs and restrictions. I have tried to employ a large section of employees with disabilities in the hope of giving them extra money and self-worth. Constant restrictions from Fair Work has left me with no choice but to let them all go, which I believe is counter to the supposed purpose of "fair-work". When I lived in Northern Ireland I worked with the community to develop the Dungannon Integrated Primary School and I was involved with the trial disability role-out scheme here in the Northern Territory. I want to see the disadvantaged given the opportunity to be active participants in the community.

I'm an outdoors type of person who likes swimming, camping, yoga and I enjoy rural events. My first contact with the CEC was through doing distributions for a local candidate. Reading some of the material and speaking with the candidate has led me to believe the CEC's policies are the way forward. I have seen the physical economy collapsing and nothing in place to bring it back up, nothing but infighting between political party members whilst they claim a large salary at the same time. There are no proposals for envisaging a better future and a great sense of anger and hopelessness is building in the general population. The CEC does have a plan to build a better future for everyone--the common good principle--and a program for how that can be done. I'm fighting to bring that program about.

My first grandchild is coming along and I want a real future for him or her, as well as for the next generation of young Australians.

PHONE: 0416 272 241

How to Vote

Vote 1 for Brigid McCullough, with the minor parties and independents next, major parties last.



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