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Meg Thornton
Meg Thornton I am a widow of 13 years, live at Ida Bay in the Far South part of the beautiful Huon Valley of Tasmania and am involved in the Tourism Industry with active participation in volunteering on tourism and heritage committees and promotion of the area.

I lived in country NSW before moving to Tasmania nearly twelve years ago, and have always been actively involved in community and family life. I was the only girl with 8 brothers born to hard-working parents who lived through the depression. We had a wonderful country upbringing based on loving family life full of activity on a small farm, competition sport, joining the Junior Farmers and actively participating in shows as exhibitors. I was also a finalist in the ABC Radio speaking competition.

Four years of general nursing training was followed up by a year of obstetrics in “the big smoke” which prepared me for a wonderful lifetime career of assisting new humanity into the world, caring for the sick and disabled and being privileged to comfort in their departure to the next life.

I married, had two children and worked with my husband on a small irrigation farm in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and in his building business, as well working as a nurse mainly at nights or evenings, always fitting in with all the activities. This continued when we moved to the far south coast of NSW. I spent 28 years nursing, including as Director of Nursing (DON) for a number of years. Sport, fishing, church and local community involvement have given me a full and varied life.

Unfortunately my husband John became ill and passed away leaving me with wonderful family and grandchildren. On a visit to Tasmania a by-chance encounter with a heritage attraction in need of love and attention prompted a move and thus began the most challenging and educational time of my life. I continued nursing in the little coastal town of Dover until two years ago at which time I retired. I had the good fortune to encounter the Citizens Electoral Council five years ago and this was the beginning of my real education, discovering that much of what I had been taught was at best, incomplete, and in some cases just plain wrong regarding the history and politics of Australia and the world.

The fight for our National Sovereignty still continues today against the free-trade Trans-Atlantic financial system which is controlled through the City of London/Wall Street bankrupt “money power”. In the past, King O’Malley, John Curtin and Ben Chifley fought courageously against this same “money power”, giving us the old government-owned Commonwealth Bank, which helped build this great nation without capitulating to the powerful elite, who today are once again demanding austerity and debt. We see health care, real science and education, as well as our farmers and small businesses being eroded and this is criminal.

Together with my fellow Senate candidate Steve Kucina, I will be fighting to revive that almost-forgotten concept of “the common good” by advocating the re-regulation of our banking system, and supporting the re-introduction of National Banking and credit creation for full employment and progress.

These words from “This Southern Land of Ours” by the great Australian poet Charles Harpur are my inspiration:

But the present only yields us naught
The future only lours,
Till we have a braver Manhood
In this Southern Land of Ours.

Let us build a greater nation for our children, grand-children and great grand-children.

PHONE: 0428 383 262

Go to to show you how you can do your part in this fight for your future.

Stephen Kucina
Stephen Kucina I'm 62, married, live in Riverside and have two adult daughters; one is still finishing off her studies and the other is living in England where she's providing social support and administrative assistance to immigrants. Gems and minerals have always interested me and while I practice organic gardening and believe in alternate health remedies, I also like to follow the footy. Reading conspiracy theory topics I find intriguing and is probably what led me to cross the street many years ago and talk to a CEC organiser who had an information table set up in Launceston. My scepticism and mistrust of government has grown over my 39 years in a 'secure job' working in the field of telecommunications. It seems that today very few young people have the same opportunity to obtain a 'secure job' -- the days of a 'job for life' are gone.

What vision for Australia's future governs decisions where young people are charged $100,000 to obtain a degree? We should be educating more scientists, engineers, doctors, researchers etc if we're serious about building a real future for Australia. These days the government is more concerned with screwing the little guy for his very last dollar. Family farmers are being done over which undermines our food security and the idea that young people will be able to afford a home of their own is evaporating as fast as the global financial system is unravelling.

I have never considered myself to be an outgoing, in-your-face person which is how many politicians appear to be, but my concern for the future of my family and the country left me no choice other than to stand with the CEC and be counted. The CEC is fighting for the little guy against the multi-national megabanks and corporates who are stealing the future from our youth. I wholeheartedly support that fight: to expose the fraud of the banking system and call for it to be reorganised before the next global financial crisis erupts and; to mobilise the nation around real nation building projects.

Everyone should join this fight, votes are great but action is better. I'll be the number two Senate candidate for the CEC behind Meg Thornton in Tasmania.

PHONE: Enquiries call: 1800 636 432


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